wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red

wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red

Yakibest.com : wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red : Beauty & Personal Care

What are wet n wild silk finish lipstick| hydrating lip color| rich buildable color| raging red features?

  • Purse pride – new improved formula and packaging
  • Rich, creamy , buildable color that feels like silk on the lips
  • Item package width: 1.524cm
  • Always cruelty free: wet n wild is 100% cruelty free, & always has been. We also carry vegan makeup & tools such as foundation, nail polish, contour palettes, lipstick, makeup brushes & more

wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red AMAZON

Yakibest.com : wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

What color is ‘will you be with me’?

I bought one at the store, tried it on at home then went back to the store and bought out every one in this color. It’s got a tiny bit of frost to it but it’s not ‘frosty’ – it’s a very subtle pink/mauve that can be played up or down with any combination of lip gloss colors. I love it for just running to do my errands in the daytime. Now i’m having trouble finding this shade at the stores, i want to buy a few more

Can you find lipstick from wet & wild # 550a?

Do you know the name of the color by chance? Thank you

Is this similar to my longtime favorite shade 505a ?

This lip stick the best among all the lip sticks that i’ve been using. Shines and last long.

Shimmer colors of wet n’ wild lipstick

Please check amazon website for additional color list

They sent me the wrong color


Is this product any good?

It’s a beautiful color but it doesn’t last long. If you don’t mind reapplying over and over then it’s fine.

Is it vegan? (i know that wet n’ wild is vegan, but the product itself)

From everything i see on google yes it is

What is the color name for 3705?

Please check amazon website for additional details on color from this product

I am very long


I wanted wet n wild 521 fuchsia.

Beautiful. Moisterizing, does not wear off in 1 hr. Or 2. Up to 8 hours on your lips.

Have you ever seen a therapist/shrink?

For like 15 years.

Is this product 533d?

533d is cashmere. It used to be 541b. Have been using this color for years.

Where is product is made?

Wet’n’wild is a global company with multiple manufacturing facilities over the world.

Hi is this color a light to medium pink shade or is it a dark dark color cuz i just recieved 1 yesterday and the color is a terrible dark dark color ?

Dark pink,but it feels go on the lips

Please tell me which stores in orange county carry lipstick #562c ?

Not in this region

Why is same lipstick different color cost more

Depends if its discontinued or it could be sold by different sellers.

Do you have wet n wild lipstick, color cashmere (5330)?

Please check amazon website for additional information on color

What is comparable to 547a

I used this lipstick for years. It is my favorite.

Is this 527b?


Are your lipsticks vegan?

Hello, thank you for asking a question about our wet n wild silk finish lipstick black orchard. Unfortunately, our silk finish lipstick’s are not vegan, but our mega last matte lip color in cherry bomb is and falls in the same burgundy family. Please note, cherry bomb does have a more purple undertone. Another vegan option is our perfect pout lip color in shade 99% chance of wine which is also in the burgundy family. Thank you!

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wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red AMAZON

Yakibest.com : wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Raging Red : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great inexpensive dupe for clinique black honey almost lipstick.

Everything old becomes new again, thanks to tictok. Young women are bringing the universally flattering clinique black honey almost lipstick back in the spotlight! This wet and wild lipstick is very, very close to the black honey color at a price of under $1.00!!! What can you get for under a dollar these days!? Even dollar tree prices went up! The color is very flattering to all (i’m pretty pale, even though i still have a slight tan from summer) and it doesn’t feel gross on your lips. I tend to get very dry during the day due to medication and my lips are the first thing to get so dry that i’m very bothered by it. I should invest in lip balm stock with all i apply over the course of a day! Lots of lipsticks make the dryness worse, so i tend to stick to tinted balms. The color of them fades super quick though. Wet and wild brand seem to work well for me. I’ve tried most of their products and have great success with them all! This lipstick is no different. It isn’t super moisturizing, but it doesn’t dehydrate my lips more and the color doesn’t last through dinner, but it gets you to lunch! Try it. You won’t regret it!

5Expert Score

I ordered shade black orchid and it’s a lot pinker and brighter than i expected, the pictures shown are after i blotted it with tissue as i’m using it as a lip tint. I ended up putting some black lipstick over it and blending it to get the shade i wanted. This is more like a tinted lip balm rather a lipstick which is great for the price!

5Expert Score
Black orchid is my go-to color

This is great as-is or with a touch of black lipstick to blend or line your lips. Just be sure to use the black orchid first as i don’t mind my black lipstick getting mixed up, but i always use my colors first so they don’t get blended up with other colors in case i just want to use it plain.

5Expert Score
Pink frosted lipstick

I use it over many different color lipsticks. I’ll also use it alone in summer. It’s a sheer pink and i like the fact that it’s frosted. Because company’s are making matte and creme lipsticks and frosted is not popular i try to have as many as i can for this very reason.

5Expert Score
Love love this color!

This color is so nice! Not too pink, and not too brown. Just the perfect combination. Glides on, and lasts long. There is not a thing i would change about it. Been buying this color for a long time, abd this is my go to brand.

5Expert Score
Came through when no one else could

Love this lipstick! They quit selling it in the stores, so i looked here, and not only did they have it, it was on sale!! Very happy with this product!

5Expert Score
Glides on smooth like and feels great like moisturizing chapstick

I love these 99 cent lipsticks from that nostalgic company from my teens that make a satisfying quality product for my now middle aged adult self. I love the way these feel on. Glides on and moisturizes and feels like i’m just putting on my burt’s bees chapstick. The colors are perfect for any age and style. I don’t wear a lot of make up and usually only use a lip gloss but these are nice and creamy and feel great on. I don’t feel like you can beat the quality even with way more expensive stuff and definitely can’t beat a buck! Will have to reapply through out the day but so what. I probably use my chapstick ten times a day. It’s the same thing.

5Expert Score
Color is as shown

Color received was exactly as show, glides on smoothly, ive also used for blush and eyeshadow. Not greasy at all. Very pretty will purchase again in another color.

5Expert Score
I liked it a lot, the color is flattering to my skin tone, i would definitely buy it again

I liked it a lot, the color is flattering to my skin tone, it is very moisturizing and that makes it last for hours. I would definitely buy it again

5Expert Score
Muy lindo e hidratante, pero llegó uno roto.

Son muy lindos, pero los quería para un regalo y uno llegó estropeado.
Cómo se puede ver en la foto, hay uno que, aunque está sellado, llegó roto.
Es una lástima, pues me gustan demasiado.

4Expert Score
Compared 8 colors.. My favorites are…☺

I purchased eight different colors to compare: breeze, pink ice, dark pink frost, cashmere, hot paris pink, just garnet, blind date, and dark wine. If you’re like me you like to see them compared… That’s the first thing i looked for when i was looking at buying this lipstick but to my surprise i couldn’t find them all compared together.. So i’ve done that for you! Hoping it helps!
Also, i’ve never heard of most of the ingredients in these lipsticks nor can i pronounce them.. They all have a hint of fragrance which i didn’t care for but i guess the scent wasn’t overwhelming to me. They do seem to be moisturizing & lasting though.
Two of my favorite colors are ‘dark pink frost’ & ‘dark wine’. The color ‘cashmere’ had a very unique look.. Before putting it on my first thought was that i wouldn’t like it but to my surprise it wasn’t bad at all.
The colors ‘blind date’ & ‘just garnet’ were very similar but i preferred ‘dark wine’ as it was a bit more glossy than the other two reds. ‘breeze’ had a very nice bare look to it (with a touch of gloss) for those days you just want that natural look. While ‘dark pink frost’ had that same natural look with a hint of pink gloss which i preferred. Really for the price you can’t beat these lipsticks!!
My lips are a bit raw now from trying soo many of these in one day.. Applying, removing, applying, removing, applying, etc.. Now they feel swollen & blistered! So i’ve coated them in coconut oil to take the edge off
hopefully this will help you somehow.. If so, it was worth it!!☺

4Expert Score
Colors differ from picture shown

I bought this looking for a medium pink. I received it in a timely manner, but the pink that is shown on the website is not the color that i received. I was sent a much deeper pink. It almost looks red. Not to happy with this product.

4Expert Score
A little waxy

Not a bad lipstick by any means. I like the color, it is really fun, it is a little waxier than i like and is not a very long-lasting product but it is fine for the price.

4Expert Score
Color goes on a lot lighter than it appears in tube

Needed to add an inexpensive item to my cart for same day shipping. Got these for my daughter. She loves them so far.

4Expert Score
Surprised and disappointed

I got this lipstick for a costume and i was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it went on. Color was not as dark as is advertised.

4Expert Score
It worked well

I liked this product a lot, it does smell bad but that’s okay. Not like anyones going to be smelling my lips or anything. My younger sister did unfortunately mess with it before throwing it behind, cap off, behind the fridge.

4Expert Score
It’s fine

Nothing necessarily wrong with it. Makes my lips a little dry but it’s no big deal. Just wasn’t a fan of how the color looked on me personally but the product is fine

4Expert Score

Love the shade

4Expert Score
Pretty color

The price was fine it wasn’t a color i should have ordered for myself.

4Expert Score
This lipstick is worth 10x the price

This lipstick is really great. The packaging is really cheap and will likely break before its used up but the product inside is good stuff. I apply this and it wears better than lipsticks that i paid $10 for. Paired with a wet n wild lipliner and this is all i need.

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