Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone

Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone

Yakibest.com : Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone : Electronics

What are wireless otoscope ear camera with dual view features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Ultra thin 3.9mm camera – are you wondering why your ear is itching or irritated? This visual otoscope is the perfect tool to inspect your ear. It is high definition and movement-sensitive; you can clearly see everything in details
  • Better inside view & safety protection – the 70 degree angle design fits better with human ear structure, creates a wider angle view, and helps users see inside the ear more clearly. With the specula and the led lights, users can check their ear with full confidence & safety in mind.
  • 2 view modes & smart ear side selection – there’s a full-screen and a split-screen modes. In full-screen mode, you can see images in real time. In split-screen mode, you will get clear and straight comparison between the earlier image vs. Real-time view.
  • Wireless & overheat protection – we built the wifi inside the otoscope ear camera to simplify our design; our overheat protection brings maximum comfort for users.
  • Save your time & money – you can easily capture images & videos, send to your doctor for quick and professional consultation. You also can use this scope to inspect your ears, nose, skin, hair, oral cavity or your pets.
  • Compatible with iphone & android – our wifi otoscope works well apple ios, android phone or tablet. Download the free app ‘smart endoscope’ from the ios app store or google play store.
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Wireless otoscope ear camera with dual view details:

Product dimensions

6.26 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches

Item weight

0.64 ounces


1 lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Feng rao

Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Where can replacement specula be found?

This device comes with 6 different ear picks (two different lengths) and 3 adapters that go into your ear. Nothing else is mentioned and no link was provided for additional parts.

How come smart otoscope app doesn’t work?

Dear customer, if the app’smart otoscope’ doesn’t work, please try ‘bkwifi’ app. Or you can message us for more help. We will help you till it is solved. Contact us anytime, please.

How long does it take to charge prior to first use! Had it plugged in for 4 hours and still won’t turn on.

Dear customer, usually, it might need 1 hour to full charge. Actually when it is charging, you can see the indicator light (near the button) flash. When full charged, the light will flicker-free. We think you should send message to our store and send us picture, we will figure it out, and help you to solve it.

Are there replacement ear protector covers available for purchase?

I have found the pediatric speculums in my office (standard size) work fairly well.

Just opened this. The bk wifi picture on the app is pure black and i tried reinstalling and it’s the same smartotoscope is to blurry to see.

Dear customer

before open the app, make sure you have connect the wifi, and then open the app. If the picture is to blurry to see, please contact us via amazon, we will take care of this.

Can it use 220v power to charge?

Dear customer
you can use the 220v power to charge.

Hello, i have the app and have connected to wi-fi, but the picture is not showing up. Is there anyone i can call/email for help?

Don’t know. What i’ve found though is to make it work you have to connect the scope to wifi then launch the app. On my android phone, it is the only thing that can be connected to wifi while it is being used.

Can you use with standard disposable specula?

Dear j. Ruff, yes this otoscope can use with standard disposable specula, the tip of this otoscope is 3.9mm, can well fit with the specula.

Some accessories broke due to a lot of use, do you know where i can buy a replacement?

For the black protect cover, please refer asin:b07hmpnqxl
for the ear spoon: b08bnwy9hz

I posted something here earlier about it not working i tried everything from deleting and reinstalling. Can the seller please message me? Please!?

Dear customer,
could you kindly contact us via amazon message, without order id, we can’t find you. Contact us, we will always be here to help. Thank you

What is this otoscopes resolution?

Dear janisjoplin, the resolution is 1920*1080

I need to get more tips. Mine got broken. How can i get it?

I believe that you could order just the standard tips and they would fit, or contact the company and ask.

Ios bluetooth will not connect w the device. Any suggestions before i return??

I didn’t use bluetooth, it had its own wifi you have to connect to and it disconnects as soon as you leave the app or turn off the otoscope

Can’t get picture on my motorola phone?

Dear customer, this is wifi otoscope.
First, you need download the app by searching’smart otoscope’ on the google play store. Or scan the qr code on the guide book.
Second, after install the app, you need connect your phone with it via wifi
last, set up the otoscope and open the app, you can see the live image and take pictures or recoed vedio as you want.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by sending the message.

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Where do you buy the disposable covers? The black ones.

For the black protect cover, please refer asin:b07hmpnqxl
for the ear spoon: b08bnwy9hz

Does this work if you have no wifi connection?

Dear customer, it is wifi otoscope, it need wifi to connect the phone and take photos or record video, very ease to use.

Will this work on a windows computer ?

Dear david, this otoscope can work on phone and tablet(not suitable to computer), easy to set up , convenient to use. If you insist to buy otoscope compatible with computer, we recommand you this usb otoscope https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b07kpslprw

Where can i purchase specula for this otoscope? Standard size from medical supply company has to be held on during use…

Dear customer, we are now not selling specula dependence,if you want some speculas, message our store, we will send you some free speculas.

I only get a black screen in both the smart otoscope and bkwifi apps. I’m connected to the device via wifi. What do i do?

Please download the free app ‘smart endoscope’ from the ios app store or google play store.
For any question, feel free to contact us support@scopearound.com, or 888-887-8990丨mon.-fri. 9:00-5:00 pst(us)

Does this camera lag when in use? Example: is it slow or does it freeze up when you use it?

The app freezes sometimes

Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Android and iPhone : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works great so far!

So far everything works! I had one day where it just did not want to connect but it eventually did. As far as them having your information, in between uses i just go to my settings and turn off access to everything. I only have it on during use. They need access to your pictures because they put them in your album as you take them. When not using the appt, turn off access (i do this for other apps like instagram too). My son was really focusing on his ears and since he is non-speaking we weren’t sure if we should be worried. He wouldn’t let the doctors touch his ears or look in them, but we used this and since he could see what was going on, he’s let us in. Now we know, it’s just wax and they must be itching him. He even requests the device when he feels uncomfortable now, so that he can see what’s going on in there. It’s perfect!

5Expert Score
Perfect for helping sick kiddos!!

This product is amazing! I was planning on just buying one of the old school otoscopes. I’m soooo glad my husband found this instead. We have gotten sick every month since last june – we’ve had everything from covid, to rsv, to some strange respiratory infection that almost killed my husband and i… Our 3 kids under 5 got very very sick. I thought maybe they had ear infections from being sick so much so we ordered this. At first, i thought it was overkill but after getting it all set up (downloading the app) and using it! Holy! I love it. I pull it out now for each sickness. It’s as big of a medical staple in our home as humidifiers, tympanic thermometers, and bandaids.

It has multiple little pieces to attach on the end that can help remove earwax build-up safely. We have used this for our kiddos and it has been a life changer for cleaning out their ears. I let the kids hold the phone and watch on the app (they love it and will hold still for the cleaning). I thought the app would be annoying – nope! It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use. No bugs or issues. And it lets you take pictures!! This is sooo important – because you can take this into the doctors and say “hey, i just got this picture of my 2 yr old’s ears. Is this an infection?” they can check it out – but they can also look at the picture you got and talk about what they see! It’s sooo helpful. We were able to catch multiple ear infections in my 2 yr old (who showed none of the signs – no ear pulling, no avoidance of food, etc.). He was just sick.

I honestly can’t think of any cons. It’s been a great help. Simple to use. Holds its charge on the battery. My kids love it. I love it. Just buy it. You seriously won’t regret it.

5Expert Score
Great idea but not for my babies

I got this product for my babies, they get sick all the time and it’s just a pain in my butt to go to the doctor everytime i think there is an infection going on in the ear canal just so they can prescribe antibiotics.. After all a mom knows .. Anyhow my pediatrician was ok if i get a device like this to check my daughter’s ears as long as i sent her pictures to make sure i am actually seeing an infection well.. This device works ok, the resolution is good but sometimes you have to get the right angle to get a proper view and try to do that on a baby with ear pain already it’s impossible. Specially since i don’t know the right angles of the ears to get a clear picture , so my daughter she is 1 year old didn’t let me do anything i couldn’t see anything because she would be constantly moving and that’s why i decided to return it. Now my 3 year old stayed still for a little bit longer but it was still very difficult for me to get the right angle for a proper view. I think it’s a must have for bigger kids and for adults though.

5Expert Score
A must have for any parent

This is something every household should have. It’s super easy to use and the picture quality is amazing. The camera is very small so it’s easy to use on tiny ears. Pics can be saved and/or emailed to your doctor to save a trip to the clinic! Definitely something that would make a great baby gift as well!

5Expert Score
Amazing quality, especially for the price

I bought this so that i could look in my own ear expecting an infection. I won’t gross you out with the picture but it was very clear and helped my ent to prescribe the right medication before i could even get an appointment. Yeah the wifi hookup is not the easiest but every phone is different and i figured it out in a few minutes. Money well spent

5Expert Score
Great product

Every parent needs to have one of these!!!
I’m an adult and was going insane w a mysterious substance in my ear. Think of your children not being able to communicate thier ear hurts. Three ent visits later, suction and scraping my ear drum in the office i bought this. I used this paired w a wash product and was able to get it out. The picture is clear, the product is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about inserting it to deep w the ear guards.

5Expert Score

Gotta tell you folks, i’m a nurse practitioner and my hearing has been limited in my right ear this last week. I bought this otoscope and within a few hours i downloded the app and paired the device with my wifi . I could clearly see i do not have a cerumen obstruction, otitis media, or an effusion. This saved me a visit to the doctor to figure this much out. Now to figure out why my hearing is muffled!? I tell you, this device is amazing. If you have problems with the app remove the app and rescan the qr code to start pairing it again. Thank you!!! Be well folks!!!!

5Expert Score
Amazing technology

Okay, i was skeptical at first and actually was going to return because if you search the app from your play store it asks for card info. But if you scan the baroda card inside package, you can download the app for free…now i can check my baby’s ears at home…this is awesome. I’m a nurse practitioner and can also use this to help teach my students.

5Expert Score
Almost perfect. Tool is great- need app tweak

Almost perfect. I just wish it allowed me to label the pics. I want to put a person’s name and date on them in the app.

5Expert Score
Easy for one person to use.

Because i am on medicare and am a user of hearing aids i use the visual results to give me an indication of when i need to go to my otologist to get the obstructing wax sucked out.

4Expert Score
A great device though not perfect

This is such a fun little tool! For a really decent price i get to check out my ear drums whenever i want, which, up until this purchase, i had never seen before! Check out the air-fluid level in photo 9 and the air-fluid interface bubbles in photo 10!
I’ve never had an issue getting my phone to connect to the otoscope and the app works decently well. That said, this otoscope has some quirks/minor issues, but i expected that considering i paid less than $50 for a camera that connects to my phone that’s designed to take pictures within an ear canal.

Here’s the issues i’ve encountered:

1) the otoscope will sometimes distort photos randomly, or change the angle of the photo a bit, without any rhyme or reason. Compare each pair: photos 1 & 2, photos 3 & 4, photos 5 & 6, and photos 7 & 8. Each pair was taken within a minute or two of each other without changing anything other than slight repositioning to better capture the eardrum/improve focus. No buttons were pressed within the app (which let’s you select right vs. Left ear and portrait vs. Landscape mode).
The first 3 sets show the random distortion/stretching, while photos 7 & 8 show the random angle change of ~45° (i didn’t rotate the device between shots; photo 8 was taken less than 17 seconds after photo 7). This photo capturing quirk hasn’t bothered me much. I just take plenty of photos — the majority of them are not distorted. It took me a fair bit to even notice it was happening and a bit longer still to realize that i wasn’t causing it.

2) sometimes there is a lag/freezing of the camera view for a second or two while you’re steadily viewing the camera trying to find the best position. The number of lags *seemed* to increase as the battery grew closer to needing to be charged (i’ve only charged it once so far and i’ve currently got 132 photos of my ear drums [so cool!]). The lags are a bit annoying, but not bothersome enough to make me regret my purchase or stop using it.

3) this one isn’t necessarily an issue, just an fyi: after a few minutes, the tip of the otoscope will get warm. Not enough to burn you, just noticeable warmth. This actually provided some temporary pain relief when i had a ear mild infection setting in.

It is so nice to be able to look at my ear drums whenever i’m hearing crackling, or my ear feels plugged, or i have a fleeting painful twinge, and then be able to take photos of what i saw to my doc. I am very pleased with my purchase.

4Expert Score
Very useful. Sometimes connection fails

I have a problem with itching inside my ears due to wax buildup. This product has helped me a lot to see up close where the wax is and clean it out with the sticks that come with the product; however, sometimes the connection of the equipment to the cell phone fails. It always connects, but sometimes it takes a few minutes.

4Expert Score
Great product. Can be blurry.

I have bought several diffrent otoscopes and this has been my favorite. The picture can get blurry and not focus right but i love that it is wireless and i do not have to worry about cords. It works great for what i need it to do. Especially with a family with reoccurrece in ear infections.

4Expert Score
Works well and is nifty

I bought this because both my sons have the worst earwax buildup and i need a better look inside to help clean it out. I’m talking chunks of dried wax. Gross. I bought this and it came nicely packaged and organized. The app was easy to download and use. Though the resolution isn’t the best of all time, it helps me get a good look to find the nasty wax and then remove it. If you want to focus a bit better, just pull back and it kinda clears up the image. Overall, it does its job!

4Expert Score
Good product for the price!

I love my otoscope and use it often. I love that it is easy to use and easy to pair with my phone. Sometimes there is a delay in the picture, but it catches up quickly. Overall, a great product that i definitely recommend.

4Expert Score
Great otoscope! Worth the money!

This otoscope was perfect for my needs. I was able to finally see something that had been stuck in my ear for over 7 years! I removed it with one of those spray bottle ear wax removal kits. I would give it 5 stars but i gave it 4 stars because i was not able to save the videos and pictures to my phone, but they would only save on the app. Also if i turned the otoscope off i would have to restart my phone just to get it to work again. Other than those 2 problems this otoscope is great!

4Expert Score
Great. Use bkwifi app.

Needed a way to look into baby and toddler’s ears that didn’t involve scheduling a doc. Not totally sure what i saw the first few times but felt smart. Then needed it for my own ear infection. Showed the doc my pics and felt smart. Then used scope, ipad, and tweezers to get an awkward ingrown hair on my neck with tweezers. Felt like a sci-fi surgeon. Basically if you want to stick a camera right up to something and get the video image on your ipad and record pics or vids, this thing is pretty cool. If that’s not your goal, then it’s less cool.

4Expert Score
Kind of torn on this.

This is easy to use and set up on my phone. It’s hard to look at the phone and deal with a wiggling baby, also i am never sure if i am looking at the right thing or not.

4Expert Score
Great value for the $

I bought this otoscope on a whim about 4 months ago, just to try one out and the video quality and accessories are good enough, i have no need for anything else. I was able to use the otoscope to safely remove a large clump of wax from my child’s ear. The only thing i don’t like is that the device uses a custom wifi signal instead of bluetooth to transfer images and the app for working with the images could use some work to make it simpler to save photos. All in all, a great value for the money.

4Expert Score
Dont have to wait to see the dr

I love this otoscope. It helps me determine if my child has an ear infection & don’t have to wait to see dr to know if i should be worried or not. It comes with some great little tools for ear wax. I wish the speculum that goes on the end was just a few cm longer to see past hairs in the ear, but overall great purchase.

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