Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant

Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant

Yakibest.com : Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant : Electronics

What are wireless security camera features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • E1 wifi camera captures video in super hd at a resolution of 2304×1296 (3 megapixels), and with 8 infrared leds, it can see up to 40ft in the dark.
  • Motion-triggered recordings can be uploaded to reolink cloud (7-day free storage). Motion clips can also be saved to a micro sd card (up to 128gb, not included). Supports 24/7 monitoring when connected with reolink nvr.
  • Just plug it in and connect it to 2.4 ghz wifi. Up and running in minutes. Rotate 355° horizontally and 50° vertically. See every corner of your home with easy pan and tilt control on reolink app or client.
  • Using the free reolink software, you can see live-streaming remotely. With the built-in mic and speaker, you can hear and speak through the security camera.
  • Support alexa/google assistant. Hands-free control of your indoor cameras with your voice. Note: 2-year warranty.
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Wireless security camera details:

Product dimensions

2.99 x 2.76 x 4.21 inches

Item weight

7 ounces

Item model number



Reolink digital

Country of origin


Product guides and documents

Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this camera come with a mount so it can be mounted on a wall?

The included mount can really only be mounted to the ceiling. If you mount it to the wall, the camera will be facing the floor. This is fine if you want to monitor a pet door, but not for monitoring a room.

I just want playback occasionally, can i just get a sd card or do i need nvr also ?

Hello, there. Yes, you can have an sd card for storing videos. Then you can turn on the ‘overwrite’ button, so the new recordings will automatiaclly cover the old ones when the sd card is filled up. An nvr is not necessary if you want playback occasionally.

Can i view stored images from the sd card online or do i need to take the card out and place in a separate device like my pc?

Hi, there. Sure, you can view stored images and videos from the sd card via reolink app on your phone or reolink client on your pc. You could go into the software and refer to the ‘playback’ module so you’re able to watach all of the videos and images saved in your sd card. For detailed instructions, please contact us anytime via amazon message.

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Can you turn off the ir leds for night vision on this camera.

Hello, yes, you can turn it on/off via reolink software.

Is there a private mode? I mean an option to turn the camera off without unplugging it, so no one can watch though the camera until i turn on again?

Hello, we are afraid we haven’t designed such a mode yet. We will forward your request to our r&d people and collect the similar requests from our other customers to see if we can schedule a change in the future. Please stay tuned.

Will the camera continue to work after the wifi and/or power goes out and comes back or does it need to be reset somehow?

Yes, it will re-connect when wifi and/or power comes back. No need to reset.

Is the basic plan always free or only free for the first month?

Hello, the basic cloud plan is always free for our customers.

Can i view the camera on the google home app on my cellphone?

Hello, there. Yes, e1 camera works with google home and you can have live view there. But first you need to update both the camera and the app into the latest version. For detailed instructions, you’re very welcomed to contact us via amazon message.

I travle will it connect to a wifi thats password is only 5 letters or numbers?

Hello, the camera has no compatibility issue to the wif password which is only 5 letters, but please refer to this link to check the wifi requirement for this camera: https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039199533.

Does motion detection work in darkness?

Hello, yes the wifi camera works with ir lights to allow the camera to detect motion even in the dark. If you need more help, you can contact us via amazon message.

Free cloud storage?

Hello, reolink provides a free 7-day cloud service for this camera. For further info, please check this article https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000775303-introduction-for-reolink-free-cloud-plan

Are there any 5v/1a power adapters on amazon that are compatible with the reolink e1 series? What’s the spec/size of the tip?

Hello, if you want to purchase a power adapter for e1, please check the link here: www.amazon.com/dp/b07w44666g. But i’m afraid that it’s out of stock for now, please stay tuned for the replenishment. And the size of the plug is 2.5-0.7mm.

What are the pc requirements to install the reolink client? Can videos be saved to the pc?

Hello, the system requirement for installing the reolink client is windows 7/macos 8.0 or later. And yes, you can save the playback videos to your pc. Please kindly refer to the link for details: https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/900005264383

I need to monitor my daughters at home now that they stay home 24/7. No recording necessary, just to check on them at any time.is the one i need?

Hello, there. Yes, you can get the e1 camera for monitoring your daughters. When connecting the camera with the network, you’re able to access the camera locally and remotely and watch live view anytime and anywhere. For more information, please contact us via amazon message.

Can i get installation thru amazon?

Hello. Sorry that we don’t provide installation service now. If you need installation instructions, please contact us by amazon message.

La camera funciona fuera de us?

Si, funciona correctamente, no hay funciones de nube para almacenamiento por pago, pero con una tarjeta sd funciona correctamente.

Does this camera connect to an iphone?

It connects to the camera via the reolink app

Does this send you a notification when the device hears sound?

Hello. No, this wifi camera can only support motion detection. It can send you a push notification if the camera detects motion.

How far down does the camera pan? I need to put it on top of a high dresser and pan down to floor. Thanks.

Hello, the e1 camera could pan 355°and tilt 50°.

Let’s say i am in a different country. Can i check it from there?

Yes , as long as you can check your email

Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wireless Security Camera, Reolink E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera for Home Security/Baby Monitor/ Pets, Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Can't beat it for the price

I already have several solar powered wifi reolink cameras placed around the outside of my house. I am currently in the process of replacing those with reolink poe cameras for 24h recording. I purchased this pan/tilt indoor wifi camera to monitor entry ways from inside. The setup on this indoor wifi camera is pretty much identical to the solar powered wifi cams that reolink has. The difference is this one plugs into mains current.

Works well with the windows client and the android app. The pan/tilt has about a 1 second delay and the pt motor is very quiet. Keep in mind, this camera does not zoom. It has the ability through the app to set security points. So you can click a button and the camera will automatically pan/tilt to that specific point.

The max resolution is 2560 x 1440 at 4096kbps or about 1/2 megabyte per second of recording at 20 frames per second. There are several other resolutions, frame rates and bitrates. But suffice to say, the quality is not bad. But like most cmos sensors, you do have some motion blur, especially in low light. The night vision is pretty good.

The camera’s wifi data connection ability in side my house through one wall and one floor, is almost 4 times faster than the highest bitrate video. I tell you that because i want you to know that you will likely be able to view live video at the best quality the camera can record. When transferring a recorded video file from the internal micro sd card to my pc, i get about 1.8 mb per second. In other words, if i were to download a 1 minute recorded video from the camera to my pc, it would take 13 or 14 seconds. Not super fast but also not crazy slow.

I think this camera is a good deal and i plan to buy me 2 or 3 more.

5Expert Score
Works good

Make sure you order the small mem card for this also so you can keep 5 days backed up. But so far so good. For the price and how easy it was to install i gave 5 stars. Ive had it 6 mos now and i use it when im at work to see my baby play.

5Expert Score
Must buy!!! Love this camera!!

I run a doggie b&b/daycare where i give my clients access to the camera for peace of mind and they can see their pup 24/7. I’m able to do this cause or reolink – never had an issue w it myself or a client. So reliable as long as your wifi is. Connection is a breeze (takes my clients less than 5m including downloading the app) & it helped me add a feature that alot of places don’t giving me a business advantage & at am amazing 1x buy-can’t go wrong.
*i’ve only used it indoors. Only neg is the speaker sounds under water when you’re speaking through it so no way to know if you were heard well but so far so good.

5Expert Score

Buen equipo. Aun tiene poco tiempo de uso pero se ve buena.

5Expert Score
Great camera and great value

I have had a reolink solar powered camera for a while to watch for ‘critters’ under my deck that would try to tunnel under my sun room. I could catch them before they did any damage and the built in siren feature seemed to irritate most raccoons, opossums, and groundhogs and they would just turn and walk away. Not so much afraid but just irritated.

I decided to take an extended trip to a beach house and needed some sort of ‘do it yourself’ security. I could hide a few valuables but if somebody came in for an extended time they probably could find and take anything they wanted. Things can be replaced but while traveling loosing a computer or other items would be very inconvenient. Knowing how the reolink devices worked i looked and found this camera. After comparing with others for features and price i decided this camera seemed like a good solution.

If you need it you can even use the remote pan and tilt option to look around if the wide angle view is not sufficient.

I have been very pleased with the performance of the camera and the iphone app. The camera has a built in siren or custom audio and push notification to the phone. When i leave the house i set the push notification and siren on and if somebody enters the property it will alert me within a few seconds and start the siren. With the cloud option (free for one camera or paid for more) the video triggered by motion will be captured even if somebody tries to disable the camera. Beyond the cloud option the camera will also capture videos to an sd card.

I had a question about setting the options to turn on the features i wanted when i left the house and wondered if iphone shortcuts could activate any options. It was a few touches to find the options and turn them on or off. I could not figure it out if shortcuts could help so i asked reolink with a support ticket. In a couple of hours i got a reply and said that shortcuts would not work but there was a feature called scenes that could help. Sure enough i created two scenes, one to arm the camera motion sensor and siren and one to disarm then. I replied with a thank you and suggested that maybe an iphone shortcut could be used to activate a scene and again in a couple of hours they replied and said they would pass on the suggestion to their development group for consideration. You could not ask for more. Their support was very knowledgeable and quick and went beyond just a simple answer.

If you are looking for a reliable camera with a very useful assortment of features at an excellent price you should consider reolink products.

5Expert Score

I hung this in my home. It was so easy to set up. Once it was set up it was even more easy to monitor my home. I love that it records when motion is detected and not a solid stream that you have to comb through. Well worth the money.

5Expert Score

Works great for the price. Get a micro sd card.

5Expert Score
Great little camera!

Great value and even better quality, especially night view! Very easy to set up!

5Expert Score
Gd feal

Easy to set up

5Expert Score

Absolutely love this camera! Setup was easy, simple to follow the instructions in the app. This does not configure with 5g wifi, so keep that in mind. Picture is clear, and the live feed only has a very slight delay. Very happy with this product.

4Expert Score
Good system

I’m giving this a 4 because i bought 4 cameras. One i had to send back because when the ir lights came on it was overheating and going into reset mode. This of course set of my motion alarms and it got frustrating. But all in all a good system.

4Expert Score
Great little camera

Camera was really easy to set up. The app works great. For the price, it’s well worth it. Picture quality and sound are great. I have not yet purchased an sd card, so am only able to use the basic features at this point. It works for keeping track of my dog when i’m not home though.

4Expert Score
Nice camera!

Picture quality is very good. Night vision is great. I use this camera to keep a eye on my animals when i’m not home. Will be getting another one!

4Expert Score
Pan over to reolink and no need to tilt your head.

It’s a 3mp camera giving you a bit higher quality then 1080 but not 4k – i don’t think you’ll miss it. The wyze pan and tilt is a worthy camera to consider for sure but if you are purchasing it here on amazon, the price is cheaper to buy the reolink pan and tilt.

I loved how well my outdoor reolink camera with solar panel works so well in my backyard that i’ve decided to stay with them when i added another camera to my security system. For smart home features, this camera works with alexa and google so however you set up your smart home, you can utilize it without worry.

The pan and tilt system feels a bit laggy when you try to use the app to control the movements but it works and the lag is probably due to the communications between the app to the camera via wifi. The motor used for the pan and tilt sounded cheap and feels like it may break if you abuse the feature but i don’t think anyone actually will be using it much for that.

I do wish they offered a bit wider lens so i could see more of the area but i can live with the camera’s view as i rather want clear video instead of the warp wide angles lens view form the fisheye lens effect you might get on some cameras.

I also wish they could do more than 15fps but it still looks smooth enough that i can live with it for the price of the camera.

The 3d hnr feature could do alot better as it really doesn’t seem to work that well between the darker garage compared to the bright outdoor sunlight coming in. However, when i look at the black and white video from the night mode, i can see so much more details then i normally have been able to see in other cameras.

The motion sensor sensitivity feature is a nice add on and you can reduce or increase the sensitivity to the amount of movement. I was getting so many warnings at night when i had something fluttering past the camera lens – like dust particle or small insect. It’s been reduced and i hardly get the warnings now that i played around with the sensitivity to a level where i’m happy that i can feel it’ll warn me of any activity i should know about compared to false alarms.

The camera comes with a mounting kit but you can’t mount it to a wall. It’s to mount to the roof or floor base securely. If you want to mount to a wall, you’ll have to find a kit somewhere.

I do love that this camera allows you to store clips free on their cloud server for several days as well as letting you save locally on a sdhc card. The app works pretty well and i can review clips of any activities that the cameras have recorded. I can view individually or as multiple windows on the screen which is a nice feature. As for playback of recorded clips, it does take a couple seconds to load compared to viewing an activity on my google nest cams. (note that the company only allows for 1 camera to have cloud storage for free)

4Expert Score
Good little camera

My only concern; there is a little round white dot that is on the upper right corner on the screen. I can’t figure out what is causing it.

4Expert Score
The video is excellent

Pretty easy to setup. The video quality is excellent. The audio isn’t very clear and fades in and out but not a deal breaker. I am still purchasing another for a family member. This is a 4.5 star you will like.

4Expert Score
Great product

Great product and value. Fast shipping also

4Expert Score
Simple to use and it works

I am a newcomer to security cameras, so i was looking for something that was easy to set up and simple to use. For me, the picture quality is pretty good, but the photos are not as sharp as they could probably be with a “professional” piece of equipment. A lot of people are complaining about the motion detection being too sensitive, which i would agree with, but those alerts paid off for me this week. I was at work and the notifications were nonstop, like usual. Well, one of those notifications alerted me to someone entering my apartment. It turns out that a couple of the maintenance men in my complex decided to enter my apartment without my permission and prior notice. If i wasn’t completely sold on this camera before, i definitely believe in it now! It’s done what i needed it to do: help me keep an eye on my cat and my apartment. It picks up sound very well (i’m able to hear my neighbor stomping and banging objects) and the “talk” feature seems to work well. The one feature that i wish was available (maybe it is and i didn’t read the instructions well enough) would be the option to view the video as “picture in picture” on my phone. I would love to have the video on the screen as i’m reading email, texting, or any other activity that one does on their cell phone. Other than that, this was a great buy.

4Expert Score
Great camera for the price

I was at little skeptical on this camera due to the low cost but wow am i glad that i purchased it. The image quality is incredible and the features on the pan and tilt are also great. The software allows you to mark an alarm.area and starts recording the moment it detects someone or a pet going into that area
i would highly recommend this camera
if it came with a usd card it would be great. I hate to buy other items just so i can get the main item to record.

4Expert Score
Totally recommended

This camera doesn’t not work on windows 8, but they have great after service and technical support. Totally recommended!!!

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