XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision

XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision

Yakibest.com : XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision : Electronics

What are xvim wireless wifi light bulb camera features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [wireless connection & easy installation] – xvim bulb security camera supports 2.4ghz wifi (5ghz wifi is not supported). 2.4ghz wifi is more stable and the distance of connection is longer than 5ghz wifi. The wireless light bulb camera can be mounted on the e27 light bulb base (100v~240v) without any other installation steps. Bulb cameras are not waterproof, please keep it in mind.
  • [pan/tilt capacity & remote access] – xvim security light bulb camera rotates 355°horizontally and flips 90°vertically, allowing you to control the viewing angle of the camera via the app to achieve 360°observation. Remote access of the wireless camera makes it possible for you to remotely view the surveillance screen in the camera via the mobile app whenever, wherever.
  • [motion detection & real-time alerts] – the wireless security camera adopts a high-sensitivity motion sensor. When the bulb camera detects the motion after connecting to the internet, it will record the motion and notify you through the ‘homeye pro’ app, letting you know every potential in the home danger.
  • [two-way audio & smart storage] – bulb security camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, it’s practical for you to have a conversation with your family anytime through wireless light bulb camera. Wifi bulb camera supports micro sd card storage (not included) and cloud storage. It’s of great convenience for you to view, play back and download recordings in real time from the ‘homeye pro’ app anytime, anywhere.
  • [infrared night vision & high quality service] – 3mp hd light bulb camera shows you clear and smooth real-time video, entirely be free of graininess and blur. The wireless security camera supports infrared night vision, providing clear night vision images to keep your property safe. If you have any questions during installation and use, please feel free to contact our customer support.
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Xvim wireless wifi light bulb camera details:

Product dimensions

7 x 4 x 4 inches

Item weight

9.1 ounces



Country of origin


XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision AMAZON

Yakibest.com : XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does the light bulb ligh turn on

There is an infrared light on the camera for night vision, which will automatically activate whenever the light is too low. But the bulb camera does not have led lights temporarily, and we will launch the led version of the bulb camera soon.

How do i set this up on multiple devices. Have it on my phone, but having trouble getting the device set up on am alternate phine ad well

Hello. When you have successfully connected the camera to your phone, share the qr code in the app sharing screen with your alternate phone. Select share device when adding the device, scan the qr code with your alternate phone, then the camera screen can be viewed in your two phones at the same time after a successful scan.

Mine came with an adapter cord. I can’t find a place on the camera to plug anything in. Help?

The bulb camera does not need to be plugged into a wire. You can mount the bulb camera on an e27 bulb base. You also can use the bulb socket, screw in the bulb camera and plug it in the power base.

Does anyhave a link for the sd card, thanks

The bulb camera supports up to 128gb sd card storage. You can find it by using ”128gb sd card” as keyword.

How to set on time– 9 pm (21:00) to 4:30 am (0:430)? Nothing in instructions on that.

Hello, the camera does not currently have this feature.

The image on my phone and google chrome is upside down. How do i adjust it with ptz.

Hi, if the camera’s image is upside down, you can click ‘settings>basic settings’ in the app and turn on the ‘flip up-down’ button>save’, then you can flip the images.

How do you install sd card?

You can follow this video to install the sd card.

The ‘z’ in ‘ptz’ is for zoom – this camera has none. So the description is deceptive and inaccurate – right ?

No it’s not inaccurate, mine has zoom

I want to install this on my outside garage mounted lights. Does power to them have to be on at all times? I never really use the outside lights

Yes, there is no battery in the camera, so it should be powered up for use all the time. The bulb camera can be used directly screwed on the e26 bulb base or plugged into an adapter for use in an electrical outlet.

Can someone please provide the link for the app on an android?? I found one on google play but it doesn’t load??

Hello, you can search for ‘homeye pro’app on ‘google play’ and then download the app.

Will this work to see through a window? If in an inside socket but facing outside to see out window?

Hi, the camera can record outside through the window during the day, but not at night.

The daytime function works great but the night vision is very cloudy and grainy, what might be causing this?

Hello, if the bulb camera is installed in the lampshade, the lampshade will reflect light resulting in unclear night vision.

How much is cloud storage?

Hello, users usually purchase the package of ‘3 days alarm videos’ for 3 months for $14.97, or ‘7 days alarm videos’ for 3 months for $17.97. Click on ‘settings>cloud service’ on the app, there are different cloud storage packages available for you to purchase. But one cloud service can only correspond to one camera.

Recording to sd card? Brand new card. Tested it by walking around in front and checked app no events. How do i set this up without paying for cloud?

Hi. After installing the sd card, reboot the camera. Open homeye pro app>click settings>local storage. If you see the information of sd card, you can click live view>local record , view the video stored in sd card.

Can’t get it to pair. It says it can take 2 minutes but it won’t pair at all. Could it be my wi-fi signal strength?

It could be the problem. Plug it in or screw it in a light base very close to your router. Make sure that the camera goes through an initial start-up(proves that you have a good power source also), and be sure to select your 2.4 wi-fi signal on your phone. Hope this helps

The bulb base i want to attach the camera to faces up instead of down as shown in all the photos. Will i be able to use it??

Yes, you can attach the camera to face up. After screwing the bulb camera into the camera’s configured base, it can be plugged into an power socket for use. And the camera can be controlled the horizontal 355°and vertical 90°rotation angles via the app, you can slide the blue button on the ‘ptz’ page in the app to adjust the camera monitoring direction.

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Can someone explain how to ‘ slide the blue button on the ‘ptz’ page in the app to adjust the camera monitoring direction.’ where is the ptz page?

Hello, you can follow the video to use.

If i buy the camera light what else do i need to be able to use it? Do i need a wifi sd card ?

Hello, you can download the ‘homeye pro’ app from the app store or google play and then register an account. After connecting the camera to the power supply, please add the camera on the app. Click on’add device>wifi camera>next>next>(select a 2.4g wifi with stable and strong signal, fill in the correct wifi password) confirm>confirm>next’, then scan the qr code to add the camera. If you want to store surveillance videos, you need to purchase an sd card or subscribe to a cloud service.

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Paperwork states 64g. Add states 128g

Do you want to ask how many gb of sd card storage does the bulb camera support?
The bulb camera supports up to 128g sd card storage.

Does it work with google home and google assistant?

Sorry, this camera does not support other apps. You can search for ‘homeye pro’ app on ‘google play’ or ‘app store’ and then download the app.

XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision AMAZON

Yakibest.com : XVIM Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, Smart 360 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Security Camera, APP Access and Alarm Notification, Night Vision : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Versatile and inexpensive

Unit was purchased based on reviews and some additional research. While i have cameras outside of my home, i wanted something inexpensive to watch the interior doors for any movement. The included user pamphlet was somewhat helpful but once i downloaded the app, setup became easier. Note that this units wifi works only at 2.5ghz which is not an issue only that it attempts to connect to a 5ghz signal and fails. I briefly turned off the 5ghz signal from the wifi and the unit connected to the 2.5ghz wifi signal. Once connected, you have full control using the phone app(mine is android). Some of the commands in the phone app are a bit confusing but as i tried different functions i became familiar with the commands. You can run the phone app on a desktop using the ‘bluestacks5’ software. All functions of the phone app are compatible with bluestacks5. The unit can be set up under different scenarios. ‘auto track’ is a valuable feature as any movement is followed by the camera. Pictures are crystal clear and high definition. Night vision is also clear although you don’t see the color of objects as much. You can switch to a ‘human detection’ mode vs any movement. I found that any slight movement of foreground and background objects triggered the camera. A breeze that moved tree leaves outside triggered the camera so i switched to ‘human detection’ which worked flawlessly. Motion detection is very sensitive so you won’t miss a movement of anything! The sensitivity can be adjusted. Bottom line, while there is a bit of a learning curve for its use, it is very functional, superb video and audio, and inexpensive.

5Expert Score
Great investment

On wednesday, september 28, 2022
i received the camera sent by amazon prime in a single day and my first impression of its poor packaging and protection of its original fragile cardboard box,
began the installation process,
following the instructions in the manual,
i proceeded to download the application from its manufacturer,
following the instructions carefully
with my iphone in about 5 minutes the registration was completed and the camera was ready in the application and started to use it in the desired place,
my opinion of this camera after three days of operation is that having experience with the use of these cameras is that i am impressed by its quality and efficiency,
its night vision is very good in resolution, effective and in its sensitivity when it comes to capturing any human movement.
I recommend the purchase for its simplicity in installation and functionality.

5Expert Score
Best ever wi-fi camera

First of all, the camera is very affordable and easy to install. The photos are really clear during the day and not bad at night. I recently had a trespassing person jumping over my property to go through and couldn’t find a way to catch the person. After chatting with the police, they suggested to install a security system. After hours of researching and trying different cameras i settled with this one. Oh yea! By the way, the customer service is excellent and rapid response. I recommend anyone looking for an easy to monitor security system, this is it. We finally caught the person jumping over my property. I loaded the photo shots to a drive and handed over to the police dpt and guess what! The person was scheduled for a court date as they vandalized my personal property.
If it wasn’t for this camera, who the heck knows what would happens next…

5Expert Score
Amazing, inexpensive security system

I bought two of these, intending to use them outside at locations protected from the rain. But i was about to leave for a long weekend, and decided to install them inside to keep an eye on my home while gone. I’ve installed a number of wi-fi cameras over the years, and this was by far the easiest. Install the app, screw the camera into a light socket, and click add. The glitch i typically encounter it getting the camera to join the wireless network, but this camera joined without any problem. The image was initially upside down, but there is a setting that flips the image.

What really impressed me was how well it works as a security system. At your option, you can set it to send you a notice whenever it senses movement, just like a ring doorbell. The manual refers to this as ‘humanoid warning’ which hopefully means that it will disregard your animals moving around, but i did not test this. And also like a ring, it provides two way communication. The field of view is very wide by default, and since it pans and tilts, you can monitor a large area.

I won’t maintain this setup while at home due to obvious privacy concerns, but this will be standard practice for vacations. I’ve already ordered two inexpensive freestanding bulb sockets so i can place the cameras in more stealthy locations. I appreciate that no cloud storage fees are necessary if you use a micro sd card.

5Expert Score
Porch pirates beware…

This is a great little device disguised as a light bulb, so it screws right into a socket or comes with an adapter for an extension cord. The video quality is great, even at night! With a wide field of view, you can really capture a lot. The set-up was quick and easy using the mobile app. It automatically connected to router and just scan the qr code, and you’re done. I’m really impressed with the pan and tilt feature there are other options bult in as well like scanning and motion detection. I purchased an sd card but would recommend the cloud service as well. 3 months for less than 15 bucks is what i got but there are other packages with greater savings. It’s just very hard to find a negatives on this little guy

5Expert Score
Blown away by this- more than expected at this price

Not sure about the problems others claim to have had, but installation was a snap. Download the app, power up the bulb/camera and a voice prompt from the camera tells you when to connect the app. Couldn’t have been easier for me. I was concerned since i’m using the camera quite a distance away from my router so the bandwidth is limited, but no issues at all. The images have great resolution and clarity with great color in daylight. The nightvision is as good or better than my ring doorbell and i can clearly see detail at over 50′. The camera contols for pan are snappy and pretty responsive. A 3-prong outlet adapter was included in that package, which i used to set up the app, before installing the camera in a socket where i’ll be using it. Great features that all work as expected. Super value. Glad i purchased this one.

5Expert Score
Excellent camera, with gorgeous 1080p video, excellent motion tracking ability! Great night vision!

This is truly an amazingly easy camera to set up, i set it up and had it recording in less than ten minutes, and the video was stunning in its clarity. Motion tracking was spot on, and the verbal conversation was crisp and clear. The night shooting was as clean and clear as well, the auto-tracking is a nice feature, and motion tracking as well. There are many options to choose from in the settings. There is also a bulb socket included with which you can screw your camera into any handy outlet. I really could not find anything not to like in a camera at this price!

5Expert Score
Get these! Have you seen the price?

These cameras work without any trouble! Quick connect to your wi-fi, instant re-connect if internet goes down and comes back on ( this was tested, as i’m normally 135 miles from the camera location). I’ve been trying locations… One at the front, one in the back and one in the crawlspace! I can monitor the furnace operation this winter. My second one was ordered a week after using my first camera. Range from the router is very good, sixty feet easy from the router location to my garage. The app is easy to use, and you won’t believe how capable the software allows this camera to operate. Pan, tilt, zoom, talk, listen, tracking and more ! At this price point! Love ’em!

5Expert Score
Why spend more, it works great

I was skeptical at this price point. I’m here to say i’m pleasantly surprised, install was easy peasy and it worked first time. The picture is clear and bright in natural light. The ptz feature works well althought it works opposite (up- moves view down, down moves view up) but because my outdoor light hangs down i had to turn the view 180 degrees in settings. Overall for the price you won’t be disappointed

5Expert Score
Great quality at a reasonable price

This camera was above and beyond. The installing was quick. Just had to screw it in and link it up to the app. The app works well also. You can control the camera from the app and also can see live footage from it. There’s cloud storage support but i bought a memory card for local storage of the footage. The night vision is amazing. I can see footage clearly even thought there is almost no light in the area. The motion detecting and tracking is something i didn’t think i needed but glad i have. I tested it out and the camera just follows who ever is in its sight without you doing anything (as ling as you have motiving tracking). Overall great, wonderful product. Highly recommended!!!!

4Expert Score
Solid light bulb camera

I’ve had my light bulb for about 2 weeks and so far so good. The set up is pretty easy once you scan the qr code to your phone. Easy step by step instructions. Once i install the bulb and downloaded the app i was able to get a visual. The picture was showing upside down. This was very annoying at first but reading through comments i was able to find out how to remedy the issue and now the visual is no longer upside down.

The picture you see is very clear. The detection and movement is solid. Cloud storage plans are a bit pricey but sd card does the trick to record video and save. Without sd card or cloud storage no video.
The only issue i had was the bulb itself is a tad bigger than a normally light bulb. So my light bulb globe that goes to my porch light will not fit over the light bulb itself. So now i have to find a light globe with a bigger opening so i can protect the light bulb in bad weather.
But overall i’m very happy with this product.
Customer service is pretty good as well. The company followed up with me twice to see if everything was going well. I appreciated the follow up.

4Expert Score
Exceeded my expectations

This product is surprisingly good for the price. It will follow you and can detect human figures and send you notifications and alerts when it detects things. I got it just to see if it would work or not and was not expecting it to have this many bells and whistles and them all to work well. The only thing i need to do is spend time in the app to get all the settings the way i want. This is a fantastic product at a great price! The picture quality is good and you would be able to get an accurate and clear picture of a person that came on camera. It will also take a picture of the person that came on camera. I will probably order more just because i can always put them in random places.

4Expert Score
Good camera with lacking software

First things first: i paid $30 for this camera. I wanted to test whether a security camera was feasible & useful for my house so i didn’t want to spend very much money. For the price point i’m not surprised or disappointed at all. The camera itself produces a very good quality image. The 2-way mic feature is neat, although the incoming audio can be somewhat difficult to hear. However, the audio from your device out the camera speaker is good.

My only problem is the software of the app. The app kept crashing when i tried to use it on my phone. I did have better luck when i tried using the app on a tablet. The features of the app aren’t the best (for example scrolling through past footage is clunky & hard to pinpoint an exact time & options for motion detection are obviously less than the higher end cameras), but again, it’s a $30 camera.

My overall rating includes the customer service. The company was quick to ensure my satisfaction when the software sent a crash report. I’m impressed with the level of service and priority i received.

I think the most practical use for this camera is for somewhere like a car port/screened porch/garage, somewhere high up and sheltered from above. I’m pleased with my purchase, despite some of the software issues.

4Expert Score
Cool security camera w/ a couple of issues

I like this little security camera. It takes really good video in regular and somewhat low light situations. It’s responsive enough and can be adjusted for sensitivity.

I don’t mind that the camera has to be connected to my slower wifi service since it’s something that i can work with. The thing that i struggle with a little is not being able to adjust the light at night. Sometimes it works and i can see my yard but at other times the camera light reflects off my glass lampshad and i can’t really see the part of my driveway that this camera covers.

Anyway, interesting gadget for making me feel comfortable during the day but still needs some work.

4Expert Score
A significance details to make the installation go without hiccups

The xvim wireless wifi light bulb camera was package in a sturdy box including an adapter to plug in a usa three plug outlet type.
After download the app on google play, installed it per instruction on page 4. However, before starting homeye app the instruction neglect to mention a significance detail make sure you are login the 2.4ghz wireless on your android device.
This step will ensure you’ll have a relative smooth process, as the app pull the wireless information from your device to use as default. And there are no way of changing it sort of reset the hardware.
After this thing will go(hopefully) smoothly. The passwords it want is alpha&number only.
Once it is done the quality of picture will astound you at such a reasonable price. The ptz is operated quiet, when the bulb start up the ‘voice’ will be loud. I haven’t change the default on the sound as it’s inside a porch enclosure.
I knocked one star off for not mention the wireless on page 4.

4Expert Score
Fantastic for the price

I am really impressed with this product and all the features. The only reason i docked it one star is because its not compatible with google home. But for the price you cant really beat it. In future versions i think it would be good to include an actual light on the bottom. I have it on my porch, but now i have to sacrifice having light out there. I’m also still having trouble figuring out how to use the micro sd card for recording so i dont have to subscribe. The setup was super easy and intuitive and very responsive. Would definitely recommend for a cheap, easy security measure for your home.

4Expert Score
Very nice ptz wifi camera at a great price!

I first tried to use these outside my house under my soffit but my wifi coverage is limited and even though it worked it was slow to respond. I have since moved them inside and they work great. My daughter recently went away to college and left behind a cat that she was very attached to. These cameras notify her when he comes into her room and lays on her bed or elsewhere in her room. It’s really cool how they track you as you walk by. I’m still discovering what they are capable of but so far i am very satisfied with my purchase.

4Expert Score
Son of a gun to set up – image quality is good

First thing is the setup is a pain. The instructions are written using poor grammar. You have to make sure not only are you connecting the camera to the 2.4ghz network, but your phone must be on the same network during set up. I don’t think it mentions that. My phone is typically on my 5g and my electronic wifi devices use the 2.4ghz.

If you accidentally get your wifi password or network name wrong it won’t connect and there is no prompt telling you why. It just keeps trying to connect. You have to go back and double check then go back to setup.

Overall the quality of the video is pretty good. Time will tell if this works well for me. I may come back here and update later.

Update #1 – quality is still good. The app is confusing and took trial and error to figure things out. I contacted support because my camera lost connection when i took it outside. After several hours of trial and error i got it working. I texted support but they did not respond until the next day. They were very nice and are sending me a second camera for free. I did find out you do have to set up and pay for separate cloud plans if you have multiple cameras.

4Expert Score
Easy set up

Easy set up and great picture during the daylight. The bulb is a little long so doesn’t quite fit inside my lamp but does the trick during the day but due to the beveled edge of my lamp recording at night isn’t poor. The two-way talking is great. Motion sensor immediately send a notification to my phone however it will not record a video unless you purchase a cloud storage package.

4Expert Score
Works well

In general i am happy. I bought it to watch my dog who likes to hang out and sleep on a patio. Its very good when its light. Its harder to spot her at night is she is in her dog house or not. Also its a little delayed when controlling it using my phone.
I would recommend it. Good buy for the price.

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