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What are yahtzee features?

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  • Dice-rollin’ battle game
  • Includes 5 dice and shaker
  • Yahtzee comes with 100 score cards
  • Shaker doubles as a storage case
  • Great family fun
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Yahtzee AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yahtzee : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

How many sheets are in the pad?

It comes with 80 but what you can do is take one of them copy it in your printer and print out more

I need the replacement dice cup for the yahtzee game can you send it to me?

You can find generic cup and dice sets sold on here and ebay for around $3 or $4 and costing less than buying a whole new yahtzee game would cost.

Does this come with the board?

No board at all with the game.

What’s the color of dices? I prefer original ones


Why didnt i receive the black and red dice ?

I received all dice with my purchase.

Does this come with white or black dice? Two different versions are shown in the pictures.

The original yahtzee comes with white dice. The manufacturer has done versions with black dice and other colors, but the traditional game comes with white dice.

Do they have sheets that have large print for easier reading?

It isn’t any larger than this print.

Does a cup come with it

Yes, the cup and dice and scoring cards are included, just as shown on the box front.

Can i buy more than 3?

Yes, you can.

$39.89 seems excessive for shipping. Is that right?

It’s a small box and lightweight. I have prime so did not pay for shipping, but maybe $15 at most since it’s not a flat. Books can be be $6-8 if you have to pay. $39.89 sounds like a fed ex overnight for that size and weight.

Is this a complete & new yahtzee game?

Yes it is complete and new if you are buying the games that are listed as new.

Does this dice shaker make noise? I am looking for a small container to shake the dice in that is super quiet for use on an airplane.

When we don’t want the noise of the plastic shaker cup, we just don’t use the cup, shake the dice in our hands.
I also have one from many years ago when the cup was cardboard. Not too noisy!

What is this game about?

Each player rolls 5 dice they have to fill in the score card each roll. For example the first roll produces three 1s and 5 and a 6 they take the 5 &6 re roll them result a 1 and a 3 they roll the 3 for their last chance if it is a 1 they place 50 points on the score card for yahtzee, if it is another number they place 4 in the ones score place. You fill in the appropriate score each roll if you cant put your roll in a line, a zero is placed there . The instructions are included in the game set. Fun easy game

How many pads?

The standard game comes with one score pad, and when that runs low you can order extra packs of just the score pads by themselves. Hope that helps!

How cheap that it no longer include the rolling tray and dice holder. How very cheap?

I’m 62yrs young, and been playing as long as i can remember. And never knew it had a rolling tray. That must have been before my time. And it does have the dice holder. I paid $14 for mine. And $8 for the the extra pads.

How large is the print?

Don’t know since it was sent as a gift to arizona. Assumed it was okay for children ages 7-12

I got through my childhood without playing yahtzee. I am on the oldish side now and looking for a game for my hubby and me is it easy to learn.

Yahtzee is very easy to learn and to play. My wife and i are older and we play yahtzee nearly every evening.

Is this made in china ?

According to our particular box, ‘made in usa with dice made in china.’

Does this product come with instructions?

Yes, the product comes with very clear instructions in english.

How many can play?

A score pad and one set of dice comes with the game. You can hand out as many sheets to players as you would like and they can pass the dice around so you could have two or a whole bunch

Yahtzee AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yahtzee : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A great game

I love this game. It’s easy to teach and play. It’s fun for all ages. It’s easy to pack for travel, but you need a good surface to play and you don’t want to lose the pieces. You can’t go wrong with this classic.

5Expert Score
Family fave!

Introduced my six year old to this game and he absolutely loves it! Melted heart momma!

5Expert Score
Most fun and simple game ever

I love this game! It is so simple yet so much fun. What you were really buying are the scorecards. Other than that it’s just five dice and a container. Super fun to have for groups of people

5Expert Score
Fun and easy game to play

Family game

5Expert Score
We love this game. Fun and easy

Great game for family

5Expert Score
Family game night

When my son comes home from deployment we have family game night. Yahtzee is one of our favorites

5Expert Score
Love this game.

Absolutely love this game.

5Expert Score

Yahtzee is very fun.

5Expert Score
Great product.

Great game to have for when the grandkids visit and are bored.

5Expert Score
Perfect for family

Family high on vacation! Easy to pack, fun to strategize or just wing it!

4Expert Score

Fun for everyone

4Expert Score
No es según ilustrado

El anuncio decia yahtzee multicolor. Lis dados eran normales, blanco y negro. Me quedé esperando el multicolor.

4Expert Score
Like the old yahtzee better

Didn’t like the odd shaped dice holder and cheap dice. Not the same at all.

4Expert Score
Not a thing


4Expert Score
Love this game!

This is another favorite family game! The only thing i don’t like about the newer game is the cup used to throw the dice. The dice get stuck in it because it isn’t really a cup anymore.

4Expert Score
Nice dice

Purchased solely for the 5 dice than realized i could have just bought dice separate from the game. Lost a few dollars on the whole thing, surprise bonus is the scoring pads can be turned over and serve as a great space to write down your favorite quotes or a list

4Expert Score

Fun for all

4Expert Score
Shaker cup sucks

Took one star away because the shaker cup is awful.

4Expert Score
Family game

Was given as a family game. Great family game and lots of fun.

4Expert Score
For older kids and adults

My grandchildren are 11,9,8,7,&6. The younger ones found it boring because they usually couldn’t figure it out to begin with so i would recommend playing with kids 12-14 and adults. My 11yr old and i had a great time. As far as traveling, the dice make it easier to lose pieces and write results for keeping score.

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