Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black

Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black

Buy Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black: Extension Cords – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps: Product description an amazon brand. From the manufacturer amazon basics

What are yakibest basics 10-foot extension cord – 13 amps features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Reliable power: 10-foot amazon basics extension cords for extending power when you need it most
  • For indoor use: designed for use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more
  • Durable design: reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing
  • Easy to use: plug and play design with multiple 3-prong outlets and led indicator lights
  • Additional features: 13 amp/125v power delivery; 16 awg

Yakibest basics 10-foot extension cord – 13 amps details:

Package dimensions

7.95 x 6.5 x 1.61 inches

Item weight

13.7 ounces

Item model number



Amazon basics

Country of origin


Product guides and documents

Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black: Extension Cords – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can this be used outdoors?

The label on this cord says ‘sjt’, so based on the first answer to this question this cord is not rated for outdoor use.

What is the thickness of the wire with the insulation ?


Can this be used for a small laptop that’s on my bedroom desk? Or is it to heavy and not intended for small devices?

It’s a heavy cord but there is no reason it won’t work for a laptop unless you want a more flexible cord.

How many amps can this handle?

15 amps for awg14 and 20 for awg12 (for this length).

Where is this made?


Can these be used outdoors?

I have been using mine outdoors for about 6 months no problems yet. However i do not have my connections exposed to the weather. If your connection will be exposed to rain or snow wrap it in electricians tape or something similar that is waterproof.

Why are power strips 14 gauge and extension cords 16 gauge? This not a good idea, should be 14 gauge extension cords to match up with 14 gauge power

Depends on the load.

These extension cords are rated for 13 amps, using 16 gauge wire.

Most power applications are well under 13 amps, which is over 1500 watts.

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Is this ul rated, weather resistant, and able to be used outdoors?

The ul rating is e325848 sjt vw-1, what ever those #’s mean. I would not have a problem using this cord outside. 16awg so it will carry 15 amps short term but really only good for about 10 amps for any thing other than short term. Hope this helps.

Is it 13 amps or 15 amps? Also what is diam.? Thanks also

15 or 20 amp circuit

Can it be used with a microwave?

I don’t see why not, it is a heavy cord. Check the cord size of your microwave (16/3 for example) and if this cord is smaller, then don’t use it. If this cord is larger, then you will be fine.

Is this indoor use only or indoor and outdoor?

I use it inside a barn. It’s perfect!

Can this be used outdoors? Need a 3 ft cord for some bistro lights on patio. Thanks!

I wouldn’t suggest that wise this cord outside. I don’t believe this is a heavy duty extension cord made for any outdoor purposes.

Where is this product made?


What is the diameter of this cord?


This amazon basic 10′ extension cord is always described singular, but the first ‘about this item’ suggests it is a ‘2-pack’ is it 1 or 2 ?

Mine was a one pack. Single cord.

Can this extension cord be used to connect to electric car charging cable ?

If you have a regular 3 prong extension for the charging port on your car, it will. But it’s going to be really slow

Can i use this on the box of charger for phone an tablet

Don’t know but i wouldn’t.
Pretty heavy duty.

Is this shielded?

I guess you cant see the wires

What are the wiring colors inside that designate hot/neutral/ground (for ceiling fan install w/o junction box)?


What is the wire gauge?


Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord – 13 Amps, 125V, Black: Extension Cords – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Ohh emm geee!

The single, most exciting, mind-blowing item i have ever seen on amazon. I saw this eighth wonder of the world and just had to get it. I will pass it down from generation to generation, a legacy and tribute to the grand majesty of human genius.

Also, my chest freezer now reaches the wall outlet. I was short by one foot. What an aggravation. Works perfectly.

5Expert Score
20 feet to stardom

When you show up at a gig and they want you to set up a few yards away from the nearest wall outlet, this is a lifesaver – especially if it’s an outdoor party and your standard extension cord isn’t quite good enough. I always keep this in my trunk for such occasions!

5Expert Score

Great for when your house was build by an imbecile who decided to build it all by himself and only put two outlets in your room.

5Expert Score
Nice extension cord

I needed a shorter one to plug into a 3 post and this was perfect and great quality.

5Expert Score
Best bang for cable

This cable has lasted me and never failed me, it carries all the load i put on it and is as good as connecting the appliance straight to the wall

5Expert Score
13 amp short extension cord

Just what i needed to plug my refer into so that when our seemingly more frequent power outages occur i can swap to generator power without having to move the unit out from the wall.

5Expert Score
It’s an extension cord

Used it for my gaming pc. It’s an extension cord, works as it should!

5Expert Score
Works as expected

Product was functioning out of the box and still is, very thick and durable

5Expert Score
Heavy duty 3 foot extension

I am running a ups and needed the box moved from the wall a little more. I know you are not supposed to use an extension type cord with uninterruptible power supply, however this works well and causes no heat problems with the ups. Runs just like it did before adding the extension cord.

5Expert Score
Great power cord!

Works liked my original power cord!

4Expert Score
When your power cable is oh… About 3 feet short.

I needed a very short 3-ft extension cable so that i could plug in a room lamp in a specific location, and the closest wall plug just so happened to be 3-feet farther away than the lamp cord. This extension is 3-feet long, so guess what? I was able to plug the lamp into the wall. Problem solved!

4Expert Score
Can now watch tv

It did what suppose to you get what you pay cor

4Expert Score
Extension cord

Not as big as shown but usable only for 110’v

4Expert Score
C cable

For some reason it is hard to connect it.

4Expert Score
Good value

Not as thick as other brands, but the quality is good.

4Expert Score
Goes what it suppose to do

So far so good

4Expert Score
I needed something for my apartment.. !!

I’m using it in my living room right now to warm up my electric throw i own, it knocks out the chill that’s in the air, but i really wanted an extension cord that had many plugs or connectors at one of the ends. This has only the one plug

4Expert Score

Needed it for outside purposes. It’s definitely doing what’s it’s advertised

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Required length which was hard to find

Needed this length and happy to find it.

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