Yakibest Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black

Yakibest Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black

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What are yakibest basics 2 slice features?

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  • 2-slice toaster for toasting one or two slices of bread at a time; 6 shade settings accommodate individual preferences
  • Extra-wide slots for bagels and thicker slices; each slot measures 5-1/4 inches long by 1-1/4 inches wide
  • Bagel setting for toasting just the cut side; frozen setting for defrosting bread; cancel function ends the session at any time
  • Extra-lift lever for safely removing smaller pieces; 37-inch power cord (when routed out the back); cord wrap; removable crumb tray (located in the back)
  • Buttons illuminate to indicate selected settings
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Yakibest Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

Looking for specific info?

Does it interface with alexa?

No, but if you honestly need alexa in order to make toast…you’re burned already.

Is the toaster deep enough to fit a standard slice of bread all the way to the top?

So far i’ve toasted many brands including big texas toast and canadian white bread and they all fit perfectly. Absolutely the best bang for your buck.

I just bought a similarly priced toaster from walmart in a pinch and it has smoked every time i used it since i got it. Does this do that?

I’ve had this toaster for over a week and haven’t had any type of smoke come from it. We toasted frozen waffles, bread and bagels. So far, a great choice for the price.

Is it made in usa?

I originally thought it was made in the usa as well because i searched for ‘made in usa’ and this one was on the list. However, i have trust issues so i read the description and found it was actually ‘made in china’!

How tall are the slots? My bread machine slices are six inches tall

A commercial slice of bread fits perfectly. Doesn’t even show over the top. Should work o.k.

What color is this toaster?

Silver.. So silver it’s almost mirror colored.

Is this toaster cool touch to prevent burns?

No. It gets hot after the first two pieces of toast and after the second two pieces it gets very hot. You cannot touch the sides without getting burnt.

Does the toast slots have holders that adjust from bagel to thin toast?

The toast slots are large, for bagels, and do not adjust. In addition to a knob which turns/adjusts from 1 to 6, there are three power settings: cancel, frozen and bagel.

Does this toaster have a safety auto shut off?

When the toasting time you set is over, the toast pops up and the toaster shuts off.
If you want to stop the toaster before it has finished, press the cancel button.

Is tis toaster stainless steel throughout? This question is for the manufacturer. Thank you

I’m not the manufacturer but i own one. It is not stainless throughout. It is lightweight and works perfectly every time.

How long is warranty on toaster

This toaster sucks. I don’t know how long the warranty is. I’m throwinh in the trash.

Is automatic or not when the break done? How is clean? Easy or not?

It is automatic and it has a small tray you can pull out to clean out the crumbs. Very easy!

Can you put glass on this?

It’s not the purpose of a toaster to put glass on it but you can do whatever you want as long as the glass if resistent to heat and you handle it safely. If i were you , i wouldn’t do that though..

Does the toaster require a 3-prong outlet for the cord?

No this toaster doesn’t require a 3-prong outlet but please know this toaster does not toast evenly. My toaster consistently toasts one side of whole grain bread (what we would deem regular width) significantly darker that the other side.

Does it float? There’s nothing i enjoy more than cinnamon buttered toast in my bathtub.

Unfortunately the toaster will sink when tossed in the tub. If the unit is plugged in, however, it will deliver a once-in-a-lifetime, heart-stopping experience. My advice? Buy a rubber ducky and smear it with cinnamon-infused butter prior to bathing.

Does the removable crumb tray pull completely out of the toaster?

I couldn’t tell you. It didn’t work when i got it, but it wasn’t expensive so i just threw it away.

Hard to push lever down

No. It is not hard to push lever down.

Does this come with a plug good for israel? (220v)

Never been to israel but if they have the same electrical set up as the rest of europe then no it will not work they have 220 volt system we have 110 volt system.

What is the wattage of this toaster?

I have no idea. The toaster i received doesn’t toast bread evenly. I would never buy one again.

How hot can this get?

As hot as is needed – it gives you a dial to get to whatever temperature you want (+ a unfreeze option). I find the highest burns toast – so – very hot

Yakibest Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very nice toaster

Very well built. I’ve used it for bread, bagels and frozen waffles and it works great every time. It is heavier and built much better than the cheap big box stores have to offer.

5Expert Score
Excellent service. Very pleased.

Excellent service. Very pleased.

5Expert Score
Works great.

Makes toast well and it looks good sitting on my counter. Big win!

5Expert Score

Gets the job done

5Expert Score

Works good for the size.

5Expert Score
Great value


5Expert Score
Best toaster, great price!

This toaster was a gift for a special family. The recipient is thrilled with how nicely it toasts her bread and bagels. The size is great for a compact space.

5Expert Score
A basic functional toaster

As simple as it gets. It has the usual cleaning pan for crumbs at the bottom making it easy to clean. Find your favorite setting and toast your days away.

5Expert Score
Its a toaster that toasts

Yep, its a toaster. Works well but the higher toast levels toast it way too much. Seems a bit flimsy but is good for my occasional use (1-2 times a month)

5Expert Score


4Expert Score
Great value for the price.

Works well for bagels and bread alike. Adjustable temperature controls make for a perfect piece of toast. My only issue is with cleaning. The recessed area surrounding the slots is a pita to clean. It would be a better design if the entirety of the top were flat.

4Expert Score
It makes toast

It was easy to use and made toast! The temp controls are easy to set!

4Expert Score

It’s a relativelively easier to clean toaster that fulfils its function in a no frills manner

4Expert Score
Like it


4Expert Score
Toaster – low quality

Toaster will not stay on. Worked for 1.5 with low use

4Expert Score
Good deal for the price

Let’s be honest… You are here because you want a cheap toaster with no bells or whistles. If you want something with a touch screen… They make that. If you want something that can sing to you while your frozen waffles are cooking… They probably make that. If you want a cheap toaster that turns soft bread into darker and crunchier bread… This is your toaster!

When you first unbox this you are going to have to open a window and let it cook off those weird chemical smells. Thankfully, the instructions will tell you just how to do that. Some people say it smells like chemicals, i say it smells like more money in my wallet and less spent on a fancy toaster.

In regards to how well it does the thing where it turns bread into toast. It works! The temperature settings are kinda arbitrary and it’s usually a guessing game. I have found 2-3 makes a nice golden brown slice of toast. It also has settings for bagels and frozen things, if that’s your cup of tea.

It’s built cheap, it smells cheap, and it has every bare minimum feature you could ever want. But you know what? It makes pretty good toast. And for $24 i really can’t complain.

turns bread into toast

can’t turn toast into bread

4Expert Score

Decent basic toaster. It works but it doesn’t toast evenly. I put two slices of bread and one of them is always more burnt than the other

4Expert Score
Regarding smell

Some reviewers have complained about an offensive smell. I agree that upon initial testing it gave off an extremely strong and irritating smell. So i place in the garage and turned the heat selector to 6 and let it do it’s thing without any food in it. Afterwards whatever caused the smell had burned off the offensive smell was gone. It was after this experience i decided to read the manual and it plainly explains how to turn on the toaster for a few times without food in it to remove the smell. My only addition to manual would be to do this out of the house like in the garage as the odor is quite strong the first time you use it. I’ve learned my lesson: always read the manual first!
Now it works just fine without the smell. We are quite happy with size and features.

4Expert Score
Works just fine: review update

I usually tend to spend a lot more money on appliances than the $18 bucks this toaster cost. I had an old toaster from (i think) the 50s i’d been using for many years, but the narrow slots and shallow depth were for a bygone era of smaller bread slices. The amazon works great: the slots are plenty wide and long (i haven’t tried toasting a bagel yet, but i would imagine it fits without any problem), and i find that the toaster browns evenly and well on a fairly low browning setting. The sides stay cool (which is more than i can say about the old 50s toaster).

In other words, if you’re in the market for a two-slice toaster that will do all of the most common tasks required of a toaster, this is going to work just fine and certainly doesn’t break the bank.

Update: when i wrote the above i hadn’t tried toasting english muffins (so i’m subtracting a star). Well, it really isn’t all that great for these. I find that even using the darkest setting and the ‘bagel’ function (which only toasts one side), it takes more than one try to get the muffins brown. All in all, it takes a good 7 minutes to toast an english muffin, which is too long in my book. Toaster works great on bread, but if you like to toast english muffins you might want to keep looking.

4Expert Score
Great economical basic small appliance

Because i’m widowed and live alone, i often end up wasting bread. I am extremely sensitive to dairy products, and most commercial breads, english muffins and rolls today contain dairy products in some form (buttermilk, powdered skim milk, whey, casein, etc.) apparently all these dairy ingredients are added to improve the texture, but can be problematical for those with milk allergy or sensitivity. The bread products i do buy must be either totally dairy free or kosher. I buy most of my bread from the local health food store, and it’s expensive compared to supermarket brands. (i am not at all sensitive to gluten, btw). So i typically refrigerate breads and english muffins and toast them when they get a little dry or stale. Not a big deal, of course, but i simply want to make toast–no fancy features needed. This is my first time buying an amazon basics product, and i’m pleased with it so far. The toaster seems to have a somewhat narrow profile, so saves a little on counter space. The plastic exterior stays fairly cool (which might be important to those with little kids) and it toasts evenly. I like the feature of the toast or other product popping up higher than is usual with most toasters–again, if one has kids, one doesn’t want them sticking a fork or other conductive utensil down into the slots to dig out the toast.) what remains to be seen is whether this very economical appliance will conk out after a few months of normal use…not uncommon with cheap appliances, and sometimes even with expensive ones! But, so far so good.

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