Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery

Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery

Buy Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders
Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery: Product description amazon basics 4 pack cr2032 3 volt lithium coin cell battery from the manufacturer amazon basics

What are yakibest basics 4 pack cr2032 3 volt lithium coin cell battery features?

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • In the box: 4-pack of cr2032 3 volt lithium coin cell batteries; replacement for br2032, dl2032, and ecr2032
  • Device compatible: ideal for watches, calculators, key fobs, apple tv remotes, and other small electronics
  • Designed to last: 8-year leak-free shelf life
  • Easy identification: engraved with battery model for quick identification
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Yakibest basics 4 pack cr2032 3 volt lithium coin cell battery details:

Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

0.78 x 0.78 x 0.1 inches; 0.1 ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

4 lithium ion batteries required.

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Amazon basics

Country of origin ‏ : ‎


Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

What’s litium? Is that some new element?!

It’s the lightest known metal and it can also lighten your mood. Lithium, atomic number 3, is an element of many uses. It’s used in the manufacture of aircraft and in certain batteries. It’s also used in mental health: lithium carbonate is a common treatment of bipolar disorder, helping to stabilize wild mood swings caused by the illness. Lithium has a flashy discovery story — literally. A brazilian naturalist and statesman, jozé bonifácio de andralda e silva, discovered the mineral petalite (liaisi4o10) on the swedish isle utö in the 1790s, according to the royal society of chemistry (rsc). The mineral is white to gray, but when thrown into fire, it flares bright crimson.

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Style of battery not listed

I think that the battery itself would say that it has a vintage preppy kind of calculator vibe but honestly, i think it really comes off as too it geeky.

It’s a small battery of the kind listed (cr2032). It works in things that require that size of battery.

What is it made of?

The most common materials are a licoo2 working electrode, lithium counter electrode, and lipf6 electrolyte. The electrodes are separated by microperforated plastic. There is also typically a polyvinylidene fluoride binder introduced in an n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone carrier. The casing is steel, with an unspecified nonconducting material separating the positive and negative parts of the casing. Just curious? Why do you want to know?

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Arelr44 the same as sr44

Lr44 is alkaline. Sr44 is silver oxide. And no silver oxide is not an ‘older version’. The silver lasts longer. It also has longer shelf life. A silver oxide button cell is rated as 1.55 volts. An alkaline cell is rated as 1.5 volts. Both cells have alkaline electrolyte. The silver cell has silver oxide as the positive electrode. The alkaline cell has manganese dioxide as the positive electrode. Both cells have zinc as the negative electrode. Pull up ‘button cell’ on wikipedia and you’ll find all you ever wanted to know about button cells. And, by the way, lr44 and sr44 are indeed interchangeable.

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Is this the same as a dl2032 battery?

Yes, same compatible with amazon basics cr2032

Can anyone check theirs to see when they expire?

I checked my battery package for an expiration date and it was difficult to find. At that is does not say expiration date per say but there is a date stamped on the back of the package 08-2027. I am assuming this is the expiration date. I hope this helps. I have not tried the batteries yet.

Why can’t these be shipped to hawaii? I’ve ordered amazon aa, aaa, c & ds before.

Because they are lithium not alkaline. These are two different battery chemistries with different situational behaviors. Lithium is not permitted aboard commercial aircraft.

Do these last very long?

Not all. Save your money

Can this replace cr2020

This is a cr2032 battery. My batteries which needed replacement read cr2032. I would say only replace with the exact size you need so you don’t risk the wrong size/power.

What is the shelf life of these batteries?


Is this a replacement for lr41 ???

No. The lr41 battery’s size (7.9mm diameter and a 3.6mm height) and voltage (1.5 v) are totally different than of these ‘cr2016’ coin-cells.
These ‘cr2016’ batteries are much wider in diameter (20mm), are much thinner (1.6mm height) and are double the voltage (3 v.).

Made in china?

Yes. It says so on the package. (isn’t everything?) i will say, however, that the initial voltage was above 3.0v and so far it’s lasting nicely in a security system remote control.

Do these get shipped for free randomly? I received a pack in the mail but didn’t order them

I suppose it’s possible they were a sample as amazon does send samples now and again, but when i got a sample it clearly said on the box that it was a sample.

Is this battery compatible with the pokémon red and blue version save state batteries?

Mine all arrived dead and unusable. Don’t waste your money on these.

Le queda a un chevrolet malibu lt 2006 motor 3.5

These batteries fit most of the remote key fobs. Without knowing the key fob model we cannot confirm.

Why do the batteries in a 4 pack say ‘made in indonesia’ and the ones in a 6 pack say ‘made in china’ ? Are they the same battery?

These batteries arrived dead. None worked and amazon dud not replace. You should not but these.

As for your question, my guess it’s they’re made in different countries.

Son para reloges

Son para el control del apple tv

Are these the same as lr44h batteries? I need to replace the battery in my food thermometer by habor and the battery says ‘lr44h.’ thanks!

Yes, lr44 and lr44h batteries are equivalent and compatible. If it helps, i use these lr44 batteries in my window alarms, door alarms, food thermometer, and more.

Is the lr44h the same aslr44

I used the lr44 in place of the lr44h in my bathroom scale. I’m not sure why the h is on there. The fit was a bit tighter than the one i took out, but it did fit in.

Can lr44 batteries be replaced with a 2032 battery

The lr44 equivalent is cr357 (per the sign on the battery display at my local store).

Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
2 years usage critical review also compared with panasonic coin battery

I was earlier using panasonic batteries and the cost was comparatively higher than the amazon brand. I thought of venturing out and used these ones. Have been using them since last 2 years and below are my key observations
1. Long lasting – atleast few months more than the panasonic
2. Great value for money- you get a bunch here compared to at the same price you will get 1 or 2 at target/autozone and other stores
3. Usecases include watches, calculators, car keys, appliances, medical devices etc
final verdict- certainly a value for money and satisfied customer here.
Hope this is helpful!

5Expert Score
It's so easy!

This is the second time i am purchasing these batteries. Used most of the first on my 2016 hyundai elantra, and bought this second pack for my 2020 honda civic. The batteries have a loooong shelf life and can be used on different car makers. You can watch how to videos online if you need the help. Takes 5 minutes and done. I keep one of the spare batteries in my arm rest just in case needed in an emergency.

5Expert Score
Inexpensive, high quality, very consistent and quick shipping. Try these.

I have been impressed in the past with the amazon basics aa batteries so i decided to give these cr2032 batteries a try. I have been using these for several months now in some fairly high drain devices that discharge this type of battery quickly and i have been quite impressed. These amazon basics batteries work as well if not better than energizer or duracell batteries. They are also far more consistent. I have yet to find a single battery that has been below spec in a single package or from order to order. Also if you consider that they are significantly less expensive than better known brands and that they are kept in stock at amazon shipping facilities so they arrive quickly, this is an easy choice.

These are great batteries and are now my first choice over any of the name brands. I would highly recommend these if you are looking for cr2032 batteries.

5Expert Score
Needed it for default car remote

Recently got a used vehicle. Luckily whoever owned it prior kept it in pristine condition and it had both sets of keys and door lock/unlock remotes. One, i was hoping, just had a dead battery and wasnt broken. So went to look at prices of same style battery at a local store and they charged far more for two. So went checking on amazon. I have bought several sets of amazon batteries from double a to triple a batteries and have not been disappointed. They last as long as any other name brand i have bought through local stores in my area. Luckily the remote was not broken. I switched the old battery out with the new amazon one and walla!!! Car goes beep beep

5Expert Score
So many untrustworthy sellers out there for bogus batteries. I believe i can trust amazon on these.

So many untrustworthy sellers out there for batteries. I believe i can trust amazon on these.

In the past i have bought the super cheap brands and have gotten burnt by doa batteries and short-life batteries. I really believe i can trust amazon to control the quality of what they’re putting their name on. So far i have had excellent results from all amazon-brand batteries i’ve purchased.

5Expert Score
Used for toyota keyless fob from 01/2021 till 10/2022

Fit the keyless fob and worked for a little over a year and half before i got a warning from my car that is was running low on battery. Not really sure if that’s good for this type of battery or not, but hey, a heck of a lot cheaper than walking into a walgreens, so i’ll take it.

5Expert Score
Seem solid

Whenever i’m looking for a battery for a key fob i typically buy on ebay. Who knows what i’m really getting. Are they counterfeit? Are they old? I went with the amazon basics this time. The batteries arrived professionally packaged and voila: they work great.

5Expert Score
A great value for these batteries.

These batteries are a great value for the money!
They shipped fast.
I needed these to replace dead ones in a vehicle keyfob.
This battery is a perfect fit, and the keyfob is functional again.
Since these replacement batteries haven’t died yet, and may not for a long time, possibly even years, i can only speculate about longevity. But i guess that i just did!
In summary, i am happy with the value and functionality of these batteries. I think that others would agree.

5Expert Score
Great value, normal life

The good:
average battery life- nothing special, but the price to performance ratio beats the competition in my estimation. Very affordable.

The bad:
none- these won’t blow away expectations, but they live up to them and that’s somewhat surprising for an “off-brand” battery.

The verdict:
buy these. They’ll last just as long as most other brands but they come at a more attractive price point.

5Expert Score
Excellent batteries, good value

These batteries are of good quality and last a long time (think brand name battery) at a good price. I’ve used them in all sorts of remotes and key fobs with good results. Excellent value. Would buy again.

4Expert Score
Work in airpods

Airpods do not accept duracell 2032s? I found this out after 40 minutes of working to get a airpod back online. I happen to look on the internet which gave me the information about certain batteries not working. I paid the same for the 10 pack amazon batteries as i did for two name-brand batteries and so far they work perfectly as compared to the namebrand. The only reason i gave four stars this battery has only been in operation about a week in the airpod so i can’t give a clear answer on longevity but i’m hoping for at least one year of service. I will be using amazon batteries for now on.

4Expert Score
Tested strong, shorter than expected shelf life

I’ve used 2 of the batteries so far. They both tested strong at 1.548 and 1.552 vdc. I was little disappointed to discover the expiration date is 12/2024, which is 2 years +3 months. I thought these had a 3 year shelf life.

4Expert Score
Good price for a pack of 10!

I had previously purchased a 4-pack for the family bathroom scale. It has an auto shut off feature and is tucked away so it isn’t turned on by accident.

It’s been just about a year, and i’m reordering. The scale takes two batteries at a time, meaning each pair lasted about 6 months.

From what i’m remembering, these used to last 9 months to a year.

That being said, the scale isn’t new anymore, so this may be more an issue with the scale than with the batteries.

The price definitely went up in a year, for sure, but it actually made purchasing the 10-pack much more reasonable and they aren’t terribly expensive

The fun part was getting a rather decently sized box with lots of air packs in it with just the batteries. A jiffy pack envelope would have been fine, and probably easier. But my batteries were certainly safe from harm during shipping!

4Expert Score

These are exactly what you think they are. Batteries. They work. I bought them for a couple of key fobs. Price is good, let’s see how long they last.

4Expert Score
Pod price

Smaller than i realized. Good value and the tools do what they are designed for. An extra set of carbide cutters ws a nice surprise

4Expert Score
I wish there was an alternative

If only there was a rechargeable variant that sos not suck

4Expert Score
Ridulously hard to pen the package.

Great batteries for the price. ..but the package quatlity is too good. ….so strong, a professional wrestler might consider it hard to open. The package has scissor symbols, showing where to cut. ….which is diffiult as they’re adjacent to each battery, so one blade of the the scissors is impeded. ..and once cut completely, you still can’t get the batteries out.

4Expert Score
Good price

Just received item a week ago so i cannot rate longevity or battery life. But the price was good and it works.

4Expert Score
Good for car remotes

Used in a honda fob. Why spend $3 a battery when these are much more economical? It works.

4Expert Score
I would buy again.

They’re batteries. I got the right size and they worked.

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