Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100

Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100 : Pet Supplies

What are yakibest basics dog and puppy pee pads with leak-proof quick-dry design for potty training features?

  • Dog and puppy pee pads for indoor, outdoor, or car use; ideal for puppy training, assisting senior dogs, or travel
  • Includes 100 regular size, standard absorbency pee pads for puppies and dogs
  • 5-layer construction with absorbent core that turns liquid into gel on contact
  • Quick dry surface with built-in attractant helps aid in potty training
  • Plastic border on all 4 sides to prevent overflow
  • Leakproof plastic lining to keep floors safe from damage
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 22 inches (lxw, overall); 19 x 19 inches (lxw, center pad); 1.5 inch border
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Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100 AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100 : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Does this pad come with the puppy?

I ordered these puppy pads, and they do not come with a puppy.

Would this pad work in a pet carrier? We will be traveling for up to four hours with kittens.

Yes these work, but would slide around with the animals movement.

Can anyone compare these to the top dog xl pads from petsmart? I’ve used those for years & they recently changed and are not as absorbant as the orig.

Sam’s club sells the best pads i’ve ever used and i’ve been using them for 5 years now. Haven’t found any to compare. 120 for about $17. They sell them on amazon …. They are member’s mark.

Can i use this as a lining in my guinea pig cage?

I have use similar ones and they make cleaning so much easier! I’m not sure why people keep saying you can’t use them. They make the exact same thing for guinea pig cages…… The only difference is it’s a picture of a guinea pig on the cover instead of a dog…… It’s been safe for ours.

Do the pad have chemicals on it?

I believe they do. While no ingredients are on any of the packaging, the packaging does say it has a ‘puppy attractant.’ however, my hyper-skin – sensitive dog has had no problems with these pads. I highly recommend them.

Are these pads scented?

No there not, but the pads are not very good. My dog would pee once and it would spread out on the whole pad.
I found good ones at target

Does these leak

I’m so sorry to say they do! I have a very aged kitty. They leak through and over the sides. Just spend the extra $ for a better quality one or use one pad atop the other w/ a lot of newspaper underneath and be prepared to mop, mop, mop. 🙁

What is the difference between carbon vs. Standard

The carbon helps dry faster and keep odor such as urine under control, the carbon pads also help hide the yellow urine spots vs the regular pads showing & smelling more and taking just a little longer to dry… Imho

In what country are these made?

Most of these pads are manufactured overseas mainly in china… That is not to say they are not manufactured in the us.. Because my pets do not eat them, arms are not exposed to them longer than a day, i myself was not too concerned…i threw away the package so i am not able to identify a manufacturer for this particular type of training pads. Sorry

Is gel toxic and what is in it?

These pads, (and diapers) typically use a super absorbent polymer originally developed for the diaper industry, it is capable to absorb 400 times it’s weight of water (it is not a gel until it gets wet) now also used in agriculture. It is not toxic. Google super absorbent polymer to learn more.

My aging cat misses the litter box, will this work with cat urine?

I have not tried it for my cats but i dont see why it wouldnt. It’s still urine just much more potent. I would lay a few down around the litter box or wherever she/he is going. But i was not impressed by these pads so i would lay down a few layers if you decide to buy these.

Is there a grey carbon pet training pad that is not treated with a pheromone/attractant?

I don’t know; but any added scents are too subtle for my reasonably keen nose. The carbon is sufficient to prevent urine odors, too (provided the pad is changed in reasonable time). My cat uses these faithfully.

How do these compare with costco ones? Thx!

They dont compare!! Kirkland ones are much better!! We use at least 200 per week. So we know.

I have a 14 year old lab that can’t always hold it while we are out anymore. Are these big enough for a 60 lb dog?

I have been using these for 2 months now for my 9 year old mixed breed with age/bladder problems and have found these pads fantastic. Super absorbent and plenty big enough for my 110lb. Pup. I was spending a ton of $ on other brands and these are just as good

My ig is older & has started peeing in her sleep. Can i put this in her dog bed or is there some reason she wouldn’t like sleeping on it, scent etc?

My dog has the same problem and i use these in his bed. I put the pad underneath a cover that goes around the bed and he doesn’t even know it’s there.

I want to put under a litter box for a cat; she occassionally urinates right on the edge and urine leaks under box. Will attactant scent be a problem?

Yes, my senior cat has the same problem. I put the litter box in a boot tray or crate tray with the pee pee pad under the litterbox but inside the tray. Works great. Cleanup is easy. Protects floor.

When will amazon start selling puppies and dogs?

Agree hopefully never. I hope this question was a bad joke

My toy proodle is 2 years old. Can she start using this?

Yes, we use them for our dogs during the day- they are 3 and 4 years old. We keep them in the kitchen because it has ceramic tile. We put 2 of these down and they use them if they need them. We found that a few pieces of wide masking tape helps hold them in place.

I have a 3 pound yorkie. Do u have to change the pad every time they pee, since it’s about the size of a quarter?

No, you don’t. I have a 6 lb. Morkie (1/2 yorkie and 1/2 maltese) and i usually change the pad after she has peed 3 times. Her pees are larger (about 4′ in diameter) than your yorkie’s.

What pad holder for this product

I don’t use a pad holder….i drop them on the floor…..i’ve been using them for a month and have had no leakage at all. I have 2 little fur babies with grass allergies that are 4 and 6 pounds. I put a pad in 3 different places around the house. Each morning i pick them up and replace them. Other training pads i have ever bought in the last 6 years leaked all over the place and i was scrubbing floors every morning. I wish i had discovered these sooner.

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Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100 AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches – Pack of 100 : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for my elderly dog

I use these for my 11 year old terrier mix who started having trouble making it to the door to tell me she had to go without just going on her way there.

For training purposes, i’ve had her confined to my kitchen with just the pad and bare linoleum for easier accident cleanup.
I haven’t let her have free range of my apartment for longer than an hour or two yet, but she does well using the pad when confined. She does tend to pee on the outer edges sometimes, which causes some leakage, but since it’s on the linoleum, it’s an easy cleanup.

One 50 pack of the extra large, extra thick lasts me over two months, as i usually only have to change it every other day. I pick up the poop in separate poo bags and throw them out to keep the smell down and extend the life of the single pad.

These have been a great help!

5Expert Score
Keeps smell away

I’ve tried various different pads for my not so miniature golden doodle that is close to 50lbs. This is big enough for a medium sized dog and absorbs liquids superbly. It does a great job keeping smell to a minimum and because its black, it is also great at hiding the yellow stains. Some days i dont get to walk the dog at all, so it goes on the pad throughout the day and one pad is usually enough to get us through the day. I highly recommend this especially if your dog is mostly staying indoors.

5Expert Score
Absolutely the best pads

Following other reviews, i ordered these for potty training (female puppy) and an 8yr old un-neutered male chihuahua.
We started with them inside her x-zone pet portable foldable pet playpen (also purchased from amazon & highly recommend) & gradually moved them out of the pen.
Our chihuahua, who has sustained a leg injury, cannot always make it up to the door/outside in time. So we place one of these pads in a discreet area for him.
These are super absorbent. When one of them has urinated which seems like a full bladder, these pads absorb it all. When feeling underneath the pad, it’s always nice and dry.
However, they are not odor absorbing, although at the time of writing, there may be that option. After several hit and misses, we’ve been using these on rotation per amazon’s subscribe program for approx a 1.5 yrs. So, the odor absorption may be available. We’ve just happily added to our subscriptions without checking.
If looking for potty training pads or a weak bladder, i definitely recommend this product. I hope it’s never discontinued. I feel confident in saying these are the absolute best. Almost forgot – they conveniently come in different sizes.

5Expert Score
Great deal for the money

I usually get the ones from walmart…they come 30 to a pack for like $13 and some change. However, i am injured and couldn’t get to the store. My dog was down to his last pad. I saw these were same day delivery so i grabbed them. Glad i did. First, they are a little bit bigger than his regular pads…and they absorb better. Also, you get 50 in a pack for like $16 and some change…can’t be that. From now on, i’m ordering these.

5Expert Score
No leaks, good size

Tried everything for house training in the days before the pup was fully vaccinated and couldn’t walk outdoors. Paper litter got everywhere and the litter boxes weren’t big enough for her to be comfortable. She’s only 20 pounds and 16 inches long, but this breed likes a little room to move around when they do their business. The other amazon brand sxxxxo pads leak really badly—total waste of money. Now i’ve got these in the bottom of a plastic washing machine pan and it works well. Low profile and it’s enough room that she’s not tempted to use the floor when there’s already one pee spot on the pad. No more misses and no more leaks. Now if i can just get her comfortable going outside on the grass…she only wants to go on the pads!

5Expert Score
Great product!!

My pup has cushings disease and frequent urination is one of his symptoms even after multiple walks. I have tried a lot of different brands and amazon basics dog and puppy pee pads are a game changer. They are true to size (xl) and have multiple absorbent layers. No more huge messes, no more leaks, and i am not mopping/cleaning my wood floors multiple times daily.

5Expert Score
Very pleased!

These were a lifesaver. Or at least a floor saver. I received these more or less 12 hours after ordering!my female dachshund just had four babies a few weeks ago and they are already going on the pad. Hopefully i will have them trained by the time they go to their forever homes. I am extremely pleased and definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
Love these

We have 2 small dogs and we use these larger pads for them because they last longer. I leave one down until i see that the dogs have peed several times and them just toss them. I have had no issues except they work to make my work easier.

5Expert Score
Puppy likes them!

Our puppy seems to like these pads the best. Other puppy pads tend to get snagged on her paws, but one these ones, the top layer is tightly woven and doesn’t snag on her paw pads/nails. The pads seems to hold a lot of liquid and have not leaked on us yet (this is our second package). Good quality for the price!

5Expert Score
Love these!

I was using the kind without odor control before this, but bought a box of these with odor control during amazon prime days and i can definitely smell the difference. These will be my go to potty pads from now on. I am very pleased with them!

4Expert Score
Good but small

They work great but they’re small and hard for my puppy to go on. It’s annoying to have to put a bunch of them together to make the right size. I should have read more into them, still does the job.

4Expert Score
Paraplegic-friendly for my pup

It’s done wonders for my disabled dog. If i can’t go outside to express her, this will do the trick without leaving a great mess.

Granted the one thing i do not love is that there will still be a splash zone for clean up.

4Expert Score
Nice and dry

We got a puppy back in march 2022. We, also, live on the 3rd floor. We started using different brands in the beginning, but when we found these we thought, ‘great!’. We could have them delivered right to the door. Well, as she has grown she does go outside now, but we always keep these on hand jic. She doesn’t need them all the time now, but it’s nice to have them in case we don’t make it all the way downstairs. She is now almost a full grown dog weighing in at 56# and has a full size bladder. These pads still catch all of her pee, but they also have a barrier around the outside so it doesn’t leak on the floor. It’s not ideal but it works!

4Expert Score
Definitely keeps your carpet dry!

We have to completely cover our family room floor with pads overnight as our 19 year old chihuahua wanders around the room and frequently pees. No wet carpet the next morning! These pads are certainly waterproof. Because we use so many of them (25 or so) each night, it’s inconvenient that on two sides, the blue edges are folded inwards, (see picture), so we just leave them that way. It’s too much to unfold/unstick 25 of them but it does lose an inch of pad at each side. For this reason i wouldn’t buy again.

4Expert Score
Tight packaging

I use the pads for my very small dogs to go potty when i am away. They are a fair and adequate product however the package was packed or rather stuffed so tightly in the box i barely was able to get them out of the wrapper without detroying a few pads. The sides were folded under and takes extra care to just open the pad to spread out. Other than that they are fine.

4Expert Score
One a day disposable pads

Great value for the price.
1. So far none has leaked, i dispose 1-2 a day with 2 crazy pups.
2. They do absorb the smell and it does it’s job. Only issues is when dogs play around it they tend to bulk up, destroy the inner charcoal layer. This issue will mostly happen if you have a play pen with pups who play alot. I’m sure having it away from them just to potty this will work well for them.
3. My pups don’t chew or bite them compare to other ones which is good.
4. This are great for potty training, i use nature miracle potty train spray and they seem to smell it stil and works so far.
If i could give 5 stars i would to the fact they don’t last long for me. I would go back with the blue one instead which is sturdier and holds a bit more.

4Expert Score
Great product

I would give it 5 stars but the cost is high. Sams has 100 pads for 18.00. I like these better but not worth double the price.

4Expert Score
Training pads

Great for potry training. Easy to use annd clean up.

4Expert Score
Still a good value

The quality and thickness of these pads has gone down a bit in the past several months, but they are still a good value for the amount you get. The blue backing/trim is thinner than it used to be, but they still absorb as long as the dog hits the white part.

4Expert Score
Good for the price

Great for the price, just a tad bit thinner and smaller than advertised

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