Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black

Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black

Buy Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are yakibest basics foldable metal platform bed frame with tool free setup features?

  • Platform bed frame offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a mattress; no box spring needed
  • Includes a twin size platform bed frame made of durable steel with a black finish
  • Folding mechanism makes the frame easy to store and move in tight spaces, like up stairwells and through doorways
  • Designed for sleepers up to 250 pounds
  • Provides under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of about 13 inches
  • Fast, easy setup; no tools required
  • Product dimensions: 75 x 39 x 14 inches (lxwxh); weight: 26.3 pounds
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Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Length of twinkle?

If you mean the length of the twin it depends on which one you buy, which i didn’t realize until after purchase. The 18-in high fits a standard twin mattress properly but the 14-in high is too long! After sending both back (found the 18-in too high for my 9 in mattress) i now see in the actual photos it shows the real measurements. The 14-in is actually a twin xl but amazon has it mislabeled. The box mine was in also was mislabeled as a normal twin.

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Is this frame squeaky when in motion lol (im serious)

My frame was not squeaky until one of the screws came loose. Now it squeaks in that spot. However if i’m on the other side of the bed it does not squeak. I have had mine for 2 years now

What is the total weight it can support? I’m about 230 lb and my girlfriend is about 165 lb.

Regularly have about 750+lbs on this bed frequently, 3 big dogs(80+lbs each) and two adults and a heavy memory foam mattress, no structural integrity issues,cramped for space of course

Has anyone attached a headboard?

Fyi re: the recommendation to use the zinus headboard bracket: i just attached the zinus smartbase headboard and footboard brackets. They mostly fit, however, because the legs on the amazonbasics frame are not all the way at the end of the frame like zinus’, only 2 out of the 4 screws are able to attach the headboard brackets to the bed frame. My headboard touches the floor, so i think it’ll still be sturdy enough to stay connected, but be aware that if you go this route as you’ll only be able to use half of the intended connections for attaching bracket to frame. It’s also a little tough to get the screws in, but you can do it with some wiggling. The sleepmaster model that others referred to does not seem to be for sale anymore.

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If i buy a king size, can i turn it into 2 twins instead or does it have to be put together as a king?

U can i got a queen size and u can either screw them together as one or leave seperate

Can you place a memory foam bed on it without a box spring or plywood?

Yes you can. We have a king size memory foam mattress and no box spring and it works very well.

Does the frame fold up for storage?

I purchased a twin size. It folds to 38′ x 39′ by 3′ deep.

Can you separate the frame for two twin bed ir is the frame attached together

Yes. It is 2 separate pieces that are bed together with screws.

Can you put a headboard on this frame?

I was able to but only because i drilled two small holes in it to attach the headboard to the frame

How long does it take to set up?

Literally took about 2 mins. The legs simply fold out and snap into lock. Then u simply use the long wing bolts to attach both pieces together as one. Super super easy.

Can i add a box spring to this?

Yes you can add a box spring, just don’t roll off the bed ever……..

Will this work with an air mattress?

Absolutely ! That is the very reason i purchased mine. It is the easiest ever to assemble. Open the box and your 50% done !
Sleep tight ………

Is this okay for a casper mattress?

Works for our leesa

Has anyone used a bedskirt with this? If so, which one and did it work?

Used a regular one from walmart and works fine

Can you use an inflatable mattress on this fram?


Exact under-bed-storage space measurement horizontally (to middle bar)? And can a box of height 13.75 in fit under?

For the 14′ model: on relatively good condition carpet, items 12.5′ high can slide under smoothly from sides only, due to the fact that the frame presses into carpet with a box spring and mattress on top.

Queen frame dimensions?

The frame fits my queen size mattress just fine. The frame sets up in less than 5 minutes very solid with no squeaks or rattles after several months.

Can the king be made into 2 twins?

It is split into two separate halves and you can certainly choose to leave them apart for twins if you want.

What keeps the mattress from sliding right off the edge?

I don’t have this one but i have a similar king size bed frame. I wondered the same thing but my mattress (the best mattress ever made – 12” memory foam that i purchased on amazon for next to nothing) never moves on it even for adults unless we intentionally move it. In other words, we can do whatever in the bed (toss, turn, etc) and it will not slide but if i am making the bed, i can easily slide the mattress to put the sheet on. I think the weight of your body prevents movement (and i’m not a huge person, 125 lb). I love love love my frame and mattress.

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How far apart in inches are the metal slats both vertically and horizontally? Some mattresses require that they’re no farther than 4′ apart.

The vertical metal slats are 4 inches apart and the horizontal ones are roughly 10 inches apart. Six legs per frame gives you a total of 12 legs when the 2 frames that make queen are side by side.

Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black: Bed Frames – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Easier than actually making the bed.

I put it off all day—putting this together. It was seriously easier than putting the sheets on and making the bed. You just unfold it and the legs click into place. Got a full, queen or bigger? It comes with screws and you attach the two pieces in the center. No tools even needed. So far it isn’t squeaky. It’s sturdy. My mattress feels great.

Now—as for storage. I thought 14” would be enough. Well it’s not. Most totes are 14” so you need just a little bit more room to be able to store them. My under-bed totes are fine, though. I’d have gotten the 18” but it’s nearly $100 more for 4 more inches. A big price jump there.

So far i love it.

5Expert Score
Great buy for the money.

This item is very easy to assemble; it’s basically assembled…all you need to do is open/unfold it.
The one flaw is the mattress slides around on it. They need to come up with a solution to remedy this situation and i’m sure they would sell more of these. Good height and has space to store things underneath if need be. It hasn’t been slept on yet so i can’t attest to if it squeaks any…hopefully not!

5Expert Score
Pulled off the sofa sleeper mattress and used with this!

I cannot rave enough positive things about this frame… I have an expensive sofa sleeper that sleeps horrible with that bar in the middle of it:(… Saw this this, ordered, and i slept n it to make sure it was comfortable! What a blessing! Ordered an extra 2 “ topper and slept perfect! Now my guest can be assured of a decent sleep! I put the mattress back on the sofa sleeper, folded it up… Then folded this twin frame and slide into the guest closet! Very happy!!

5Expert Score
Works like a charm

This was easy to set up and took no tools to assemble.

I put it inside the rails of a queen bed that only had slats but no center support. The support legs are inside the outline of the stand so it’s 60” wide at the widest point. Fits perfectly and i don’t need any other box spring or bunkie board for the mattress.

Seems well made, i like that the legs lock into place so it seems secure.

The box is a bit bulky and awkward so i’d recommending remove the two pieces and carrying them into place rather than trying to lug the box around when you’re ready to set it up

5Expert Score
Wonderful in every way.

Bought this bed frame in order to sleep downstairs, closer to my wood stove. It is very well made; sturdy and easy to fold up, move, and set up anywhere you need it. What others say about bits of solder snagging the bedding was true for my bed frame as well. I put down cardboard first and that solved the problem. It is not lightweight but i am 72 and i can carry it up and down stairs with relative ease. The fact that it can be folded is a big plus for me; i could put it in the car and take it camping if i wanted to. It is a very fair price as well.

5Expert Score
The best bedframe i've ever owned.

If you need a bed frame, get this one. It is really sturdy.

The one thing that you should know is that, if you get a queen-sized one, 18 inches off the ground, it’s going to come in two sections. These two sections fold out, and they are not connected. I took the advice of another reviewer and i zip tied as much of it together as i could, and i haven’t had any problems. Roughly half of it is not tied together; but it’s still good.

If you use this with a box spring you’re going to be like 3 ft off of the ground.

5Expert Score
Perfect! So easy to assemble

Exactly as described! The best part about it is that there is no assembly all you have to do is unfold and put two screws in! Its sturdy and the bed doesn’t slip around! Perfect for a teenager! We purchased the queen size which is two twins and they screwed together! I love how you can put store boxes or totes under the bed which is great for small rooms! Great value at $88!

5Expert Score
Very sturdy

I’ve purchased three of these bed frames now. My 11 year old autistic son loves to jump on his bed, although he’s not supposed to. He has broken three wooden box frames in the past three years. He’s no match for this steel frame. It takes his abuse without fail.

It’s also very comfortable. I’ve used this frame for my own bed for the past five years, and i haven’t had any problems.

One thing to note is that there are six legs on the twin size frame. There’s one in each corner, and one on each of the long sides. This is a great place to stub your toe, if your not used to it. I cut a piece of pool noodle and placed it over the leg, which helped greatly.

5Expert Score
Quick , easy. Strong

I have bought a number of these beds. We had furnished apartments and we started replacing all the beds with this. The 18 inch makes it so convent for extra storage. A laudry basket, tote, so many things can fit under the bed.
We bought a full size , 14 inch high to put in the bed of the truck with a canopy over it. Again great storage under the bed. Going to have to do a little adjustment , it is a little to long for the bed of the truck. A single would work too.

5Expert Score
Perfect used inside queen sized bed

Bought a queen sized bed from overstock and didn’t realize it didn’t have enough slats and the manufacture noted it needed box springs. I bought this instead and it fit perfectly inside the bed frame. 5 stars. I was worried it might not fit, but it was exactly what i needed!

4Expert Score
Good for the price. Does what it is meant for

Overall the product meets my needs and was a good price in comparison to other brands. The one big thing i did not like, was assembly should have not required tools. When assembling, you need to adjoin the two separate frames. There are holes in the frames where you attach using two bolts and thumb screws. In theory, very simple and easy. In my case, each frame had holes too small for the bolts. Good for me i have tools and simply drilled thru the existing holes with a metal drill bit to make them big enough for the bolts. No big deal for me and only took a few minutes. I feel bad for the college kid or anyone that does not have a drill and gets frustrated with the assembly. If you are in a bind and in the same situation, easiest thing to do is to get some tie wraps to hold the frame together you should be alright.

4Expert Score

It was easy to assemble. All you have to do is fold down the legs and connect the 2 pieces with 2 screws. The sturdiness is pretty decent since its holding a pillowtop mattress, boxsprings, about 500lbs(between 2 people) and a couple of 5lb cats.
When getting on the bed and rolling over it is squeaky. So that is why i gave it an overall 4 stars. As i have a bed frame that looks just like this one from a different company and it doesn’t squeak.

4Expert Score
Good for space use underneath

I like the one i have now i had it for about 3 or 4 months. I tried ordering a second one for my son which was a bummer because the 2nd one came damaged on delivery had to return it so my so. Didn’t want me to replace or order a new one other than that mines has worked out fine

4Expert Score
Don't give up!

Purchased 2 of these and unfortunately 1 was damaged in transit. Amazon promptly picked up damaged one and replacement was here in 2 days. Super easy to assemble. Hope they’ll hold up over time. Great price!

4Expert Score
Easy to assemble but can't attach a headboard to it

Ordered for my 21 year old’s new apartment. He assembled it on his own, no tools as promised, feels sturdy, there’s plenty of space for storage underneath. The only con was that we weren’t able to figure out how to attach a headboard to it. Definitely recommend for the price, especially if you’re not planning on using a headboard!

4Expert Score
Great purchase

It was very easy to assemble. Has enough space for storage and quality is good.
I wish it came in shorter size, it’s high for an elder to easily use.
Also please don’t use usps for shipping, i had a lot of trouble with them delivering and finally sent it back. But i was sent a replacement later with another shipping method which worked well.

4Expert Score
Portable enough for camping

Great option for getting off the ground in our tent. Easy to assemble and sturdy. Allows storage under the bed as well to keep things tidy. We used a camping memory foam mattress and could feel the frame through the mattress so i recommend adding another layer under the mattress—we had extra camping mats that took care of the issue.

4Expert Score
Wow was this easy to assemble!

Very easy to assemble. I did it by myself and took me all of 90 seconds. I put the mattress on and the sheets. Seems to be sturdy enough. Although we never slept on it (just laid on it to test it) i can see that some of the bars have already bent downward. I am sure it will be fine because it’s minor but it’s obvious that this isn’t a bed for kids to jump on or they will damage the frame for sure. Overall very happy with the purchase despite the few bent bars. If it gets worse after people use it i will update the review.

4Expert Score
Very easy to set up

It is very easy to assemble, but the surface is not so smooth and sometimes will hurt the matress

4Expert Score
The sturdiness could use some work

It’s a great bed but it wasn’t that sturdy and it needs better sturdiness

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