Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack

Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack : Office Products

What are yakibest basics hanging file folders features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Recycled hanging file folder (25-count) for neatly storing and organizing documents
  • Letter size accommodates papers measuring up to 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Made of kraft paper, consisting of 100% recycled fiber with 60% post-consumer fiber
  • Includes 25 1/5-cut plastic tabs and label inserts; rod tips for secure hanging and smooth sliding
  • Aqua color

Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Do the tabs stick straight up or lean back?

Depends on the tabs that you buy. I bought the angled 3” ones and they lean back enough to read them.

How far apart do my rods need to be spaced for the hangers to fit? What is the distance between the center of the hooks?

12 1/4′

Are the tabs the same size as typical hanging file folders?

Yes the tabs are the typical file size

Can these be folded to have a flat bottom so they hold more?


Where are they made?


Are the rods metal or plastic?


What color is the inside of the black folders? Is it white, grey or black?

We didn’t get black folders

What is the length of the tab insert? 2”, 3.5”……..

2” long. They are 1/5 tabs.

I have a drawer that measures 16 inches from one hanger to the other, will this fit?

No, it fits from 12′ across.

Do hanging file folders come smaller then letter size ?

I am sorry, i do not know the answer to your question. I would call an office supply store in your area and ask if there is such a thing. Happy hunting.

The width of my file box is 13.25”, will these fit?


How do you attach the tabs?

The folders have slots and the tabs have “wings” you slide into the slots. After a month of use, they seem durable and not going anywhere unless you pinch the tab out.

Are the black folders dark black or a faded black?

Mine is grey.

Are the folders floppy?

Normal paper folders

How many inches is the width from hook to hook?

13.44′ overall. The folder is 12′

Is there a downloadable template so you can print on the labels?


Are the dimensions accurate? From end to end, are they really almost 13.5 inches?


Are there separate pencil dividers like the single one that came with the file available to purchase


What is size of basic hanging file holders? My file cabinet is 12 inches wide.

Not sure that you are correct in saying that your filing cabinet is 12 inches wide. Normal cabinets (exterior) is 15′ wide with the hanging drop file being sold measures 13′.

Does this come with the labels and tabs?

Yes it does.

Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hanging File Folders, Letter Size, Aqua, 25-Pack : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Adorable and affordable!

They look exactly like the pictures and work great! I would recommend getting for any office space! Can’t help but live the color options as well!

5Expert Score
Exactly as expected

5Expert Score
Keeps classroom assignments tidy.

Purchased at the request of a first grade teacher who uses them to sort and store assignments throughout the year. Nice to have a pretty color choice for a commonly used product.

5Expert Score
Nice and neat

Love these. Bought the white files for inserts and it’s so nice and clean when i open up the cabinet

5Expert Score
The color is better than anticipated

I love these! They are the perfect color of teal. Couldn’t be more pleased.

5Expert Score
Not enough to do an alphabet and wrong size plastic label holders!

This first is on me, i didn’t read that it’s only 25. But who doesn’t package enough to do an alphabet? I guess that’s one way to get you to buy two sets and waste the 24 extra folders. Whatever.

The plastic lable holder size thing is just weird. In all my time working with office supplies, i’ve never seen this before. 25% of the plastic label holders are the wrong size. As in shorter or longer than the supplied cardboard lables. Several could not be used as being way too short to actually fit in the slots or so long they buckled when put in the slots. And you get no extras. 25 folders. 25 plastic label holders. Which would be fine if they were all usable. Probably made in china. That probably also explains why there’s not enough to do an alphabet.

5Expert Score
Solid item for price

Kinda flimsy but for the cost it’s to be expected. They work great for my small file folder organizer.

5Expert Score
Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!

Love the color together.. Very sturdy and durable.

5Expert Score
A must for organizing lots of craft paper

I have been organizing my craft room and i have so much craft paper i got these and the file folders and used them together so they won’t bend ( that’s always a fear of mine ) and it works great . Also what i did if i have small pieces i put them in front of the colored folder easy access. Purfect way to get to them . I also store my vellum this way too.

5Expert Score
Good quality

These folders are nice and sturdy and get the job done in the filing cabinet.

4Expert Score
I just wanted hanging file folders. Was that too much to ask?

Look, i get it. Complaining about file folders should be the least of my concerns. We’re a year into a pandemic that has killed over two million worldwide. We have crazy people murdering innocent people at day spas and supermarkets. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. But, i have to admit, in the mist of world chaos, when one decides to use the time to start an organizational project, it really feels like a big deal when amazon sends you file folders that are bent and don’t maintain their shape.

I know, i know, i sound so petty. I just wish that i could marie kondo my way through this project while i wait for my turn for a vaccine. My damaged file folders do not bring me joy. I even picked purple and teal. For some reason, making a review just makes me feel somewhat redeemed. Heard, even. Understood.

Oh, my goodness. I am a karen! This pandemic has turned me into a karen. I could just exchange them. I could return them all together. But, i am too lazy to adult, so i will complain here [begins to ugly cry] im part of the problem!

They work. They’re functional. But… They are a little bent, so they don’t fit into the file cabinet without out me bending them back a little. They were sent in a box that was just a little small for the hanging files to lay flat. This caused them to lose shape… Like my jeans a year into safer at home orders… [cries again]

i just feel some way about that! Could someone at amazon have said, “i think we need a bigger box?” maybe its not their fault. Maybe that’s how the files came to them. I do feel a little bad for complaining. But, then again, not enough to stop me from writing the review.

I realize now i am projecting my frustration about the current uncertainty of our world onto my file folders. It’s not you, files. Its me! Maybe i’m facing my mortality and stressed about what the files will contain? Forgotten records of my past carefully organized in alphabetical order. That was a lie. They won’t be in alphabetical order. I have three kids on zoom school. You’re lucky i’m putting important family documents in a file folder at all. I mean, sometimes were lucky if i shower. Am i right? I know im right.

Or…or… Just wait for it…after a year, my family – in what appears to have been a single-handed effort – made the founder of amazon the wealthiest man in town, could amazon have just taken the time to bring a little continuity, predictability and consistency to a wife and mother who is very tired, and very stressed out, and just [clap] wanted [clap] to get [clap] organized [clap]!

Im going to be okay. They are just file folders. But, i really needed to say that.
Thank you for letting me share.

Lol xo

4Expert Score
As advertised but i don’t need and can’t return

Great purchase, never used just opened the box made sure it was all good but waited to long to use them thinking a different item i ordered from another company ( stackable storage boxes ) finally arrived was a total bust, not as described and wouldn’t fit these to file, i needed to return both but unfortunately passed the return window, i try not to return due to being so far from any drop off, i really do like these just sucks i most likely won’t ever use them and they will stay in the box ‍

4Expert Score
Flimsy but affordable

More flimsy than i thought they would be, but they’re ok.

4Expert Score
Poor packaging

Overall, these are not bad file folders and they will serve the purpose they were purchased for. However, the folders were unpackaged in a box that appeared slightly too small, causing some of the folders to become bent. Packaging could definitely be improved.

4Expert Score
Not like back in the olden days

I bought the black file folders to organize my letter size scrapbook papers. They are not a ‘true black’ but more like a very dark grey. I knew i didn’t want green or multi color, and this color is fine for my purpose. Just sayin’…. In case you are expecting a deep true black.

It’s been over a decade since i have bought or used file folders so i can’t entirely speak of quality but these seem less heavy duty than the old brand i am used to. I’m not sure these would hold up to every day office filing use, but are fine for general paper storage and light duty use. Does anyone use paper files daily any more?!? Sturdiness is fine for my use.

For sure the plastic tabs are more lightweight than what i am used to using back in the olden days. Maybe ‘they just don’t make ‘em like they used to’ ?? Overall, for my use, they are fine. I got ‘almost black’ file folders to store my paper, didn’t have to risk covid to find them and got my papers organized in a way that i can actually find and use them.

4Expert Score
Missing a folder

I like the product but my order was missing 1 folder. Instead of a 25 pack, i got 24.

4Expert Score
Great folders with small imperfections

For the price you can’t do better, but of you’re expecting perfection you’ll be disappointed. Sometimes glue on the folders, someone’s tops not completely colored in, but for the price worth it.

4Expert Score
Pink amazon basics file folders

Item is sturdy and just as described. Used to organize child’s school items. Only dislike is it doesn’t have organizer label tabs on each folder so minus one star.

4Expert Score
Not like my old ones!

I ordered these to replace the file folders i had because they had lost their shape and started to tear, i had them for 20 years i do really like the color though. My old folders were a horrible shade of green, but these are a great color purple. These folders are thinner and came in a box that was too small, so they were all bent in one direction. I placed them on the floor on the opposite side and they flattened out over 2 days. They perform well as a file folder goes. The tabs are larger than the ones i had before, so they are easier to read and assemble. The folders themselves are ok and will do the job, but they will not last as long as the previous folders i had because the old ones came with a waxy coating which made them exceptionally durable.. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars because they serve their purpose, but they are far from perfect. I guess they just don’t make ‘um like they used too!

4Expert Score

Seems great for what i use it for! Would buy again.

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