Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive

Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive : Office Products

What are yakibest basics hyper repositionable and refillable adhesive features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Repositionable adhesive tape dispenser with 1 roll included
  • 3-layer construction delivers strong, lasting adhesion
  • Instantly bonds light materials such as cardboard, paper, and more
  • Refillable dispenser; single push button to open cover for replacement
  • Repositionable tape allows users to easily adjust tape on a variety of surfaces
  • Mess-free alternative to liquid glues, glue sticks, or glue guns; no dry time

Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

This is recommended as a replacement for the herma dotto repositionable adhesive, but is archival quality and safe to use on photographs?

Yes creative memories, and disclosure i use it and sell it, but it is like herma dotto. It is dots . It works well. Cm is safe and archival quality.

Where do i purchase the refills? What is the name?

Just found the refills, they are asin b07yf3rp5r

How many yards of tape on the roll?

Approximately 12

To hold down watercolor paper while working?

Yes, the adhesive will hold down watercolor paper.

Could this be used to hold gift items together in a gift box, and then be easily removed?

I would say yes.

How many yards of tape on the roll?

Although i have used this, and love it, i cannot find an indication of how many yards of tape are on the roll. Sorry i cannot give a more definitive answer.

What is the difference between the 2 items of the same non-permanent description. One item is about $3 and the other $5. What is the tape length?

The $3 item is the complete item, while the $5 item is just the refill that goes inside said $3 item.

What non-permanent refills are available? I’m having trouble finding any

I haven’t purchased a refill yet. But i did purchase the amazonbasics non-permanent adhesuve tape. So far, it’s working great.

Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Hyper Repositionable and Refillable Adhesive : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Better than expected!

This works remarkably! Such an amazing product! I can make my own remarkably sticky notes that actually stick!

5Expert Score
Endless possibilities

This dispenser operates the same as all the brands i’ve used in the past. It keeps the tape cartridge securely in place and opens easily when you need to put in a refill cartridge. I love that you can use this with any/every type of paper product to create ‘super sticky’ notes of any shape or size you want. The best part is they stick to pretty much anything you can think of.. And i do mean anything!

I tested it using index cards and regular copy/printer paper. I stuck each one to a cabinet door, then a window, the refrigerator door, the wall, layered them onto each other like they’d be in a note cube, peeled them apart and stuck them on a fabric lampshade and finally back on to the cabinet door.

I’ve had this for a week and have nothing but good things to say about it thus far. If something causes my opinion to change at some point in the future, i’ll update my review accordingly.

5Expert Score
Absolutely a great product and a good price

It does just want it’s supposed to do.a great product snd a really good value

5Expert Score
Easy to use tape runner

I bought this to use on things i didn’t want stuck down permanently. I ran it on the backside corners of photos that i stuck inside a card and they were easily removable. I like that the adhesive is not just one long piece but has sort of perforations (?)… Guessing 1/8th inch (or less) wide. The tape seems thicker than other tape runner tapes but, because of the perforations, it doesn’t just rip the tape when you lift it off the paper, it easily breaks apart at the perforation. Not sure i’m making any sense! I did 1-3 adhesive little strips on each of the photo’s corners. Anyway, i hope amazon basics makes a permanent version of this tape because i really like the width of it (wider than typical tapes). The price here in the us is great (under $4 when i bought it). But, i recommended this to my sister in canada and she said it was over $11… That’s too much, in my opinion (even with the exchange rate).

5Expert Score
Hyper is the key word here!

This is great a great re-positionable, temporary runner. It’s never going to stick permanently, any more than a sticky note will! It’s so handy for temp duty. Sometimes you just need an extra hand, a label on something delicate until the next step – oh, there’s so many reasons.

Make your own sticky notes, tack down something for a bit. The sky is the limit. It hasn’t left residue on my good paper, on artwork, on even craft paper or books. It’s great stuff! I already ordered the refill package for it.

Two thumbs up here!

5Expert Score
Create your own post it notes. This stuff is awesome!

This product actually lets you create your own post its! It’s great!

5Expert Score
As described, works great!

This repositionable tape is perfect for making your own reminders or signs that you want to remove from the surface at a later time. Home made sticky notes!

5Expert Score
Very hapy with this

After having bought various runners in local big box stores and craft shops that were overpriced and made it through 2 scrapbook pages and then seeing the reviews all over the place online was a bit worried about what i was getting. However made it though 4 pages last night and had no trouble using it. I love the wider track and the cover you can flip up when putting away. It looks like it used less than a quarter of the roll too. Very happy with this item.

5Expert Score
Excellent! Just what i wanted!

This product is excellent— it works just as i had hoped. It’s adhesion / stick is perfect for me— better that most sticky notes, but not as hard as the super sticky (which have ripped my papers). This will fix my ‘cute but low stick’ notes, and turn any other small, non-stick paper into a sticky. If it came in a width less than these 15mm, i’d buy that size too. In a heartbeat.

5Expert Score
Didn't believe it

This actually works. Working on family photos and needed to move them around without hurting the backing or the picture. I’ll buy again

4Expert Score
Easy peasy

This re-positionable adhesive has been working well for my projects. It temporarily (and i do mean temporarily) holds items in place and removes easily with zero residue.

4Expert Score
We used for our calendar

Works well

4Expert Score
Work like it should

Price tripled in two weeks. Not worth it

4Expert Score
It broke

It broke and i couldn’t use it anymore.

4Expert Score
Decent lightweight adhesive, good for gift wrapping

This is good for gift wrapping and adhering to lightweight papers. The adhesive is what i would call a medium-light tack, and it holds lightweight paper just fine but heavier papers are a bit iffy. The dispenser is easy to refill, but a bit awkward to hold and takes a little getting used to.

3.5 stars

4Expert Score
Lays down a line of adhesive.

This amazon brand adhesive dispenser lays down a straight line of adhesive – kind of like applying double-sided tape. The dispenser itself works pretty good. There’s a button marked ‘push’ on the side that flips down a little door where the adhesive is dispensed. Press that and you’re ready, just push down with light pressure and move the dispenser across the surface where you want adhesive and away it goes!

I really didn’t have any problems dispensing the adhesive. Just lift off the surface to stop and it does. It is refillable so you just buy the refills when this runs out. The adhesive is not heavy-duty so it’s good for crafts and placing small labels (though not big ones) on letters and packages. A good product that works!

4Expert Score
Handy stuff …

… Once you get used to using it. If you’ve used such before, then it will be a snap. If you haven’t then it will be “okay. Looks neat. What do i do?” the problem is, that question isn’t answered by the amazonbasics group.

It does work and provides double stick glue (this particular product isn’t tape). I haven’t had great luck at the repositioning part, yet.

4Expert Score
Great for wrapping gifts

This is my go to when i’m wrapping gifts for people because you don’t see it so it gives off a really professional gift look, the only thing i’d be worried about it if you use thicker paper it doesn’t hold unless you double up the surface are of where you put it

4Expert Score
A good product

Good product

4Expert Score
Does what it says, cheaper that some.

It is cheaper than most, so it is valuable for the testing of this type of item. Seems to work fine and the tackiness is good enough to hold things for the time needed to position or remove.

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