Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack

Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack : Office Products

What are yakibest basics lcd 8-digit desktop calculator features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 8-digit lcd provides sharp, brightly lit output for effortless viewing
  • 6 functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, square root, and more
  • User-friendly buttons that are comfortable, durable, and well marked for easy use by all ages, including kids
  • Designed to sit flat on a desk, countertop, or table for convenient access
  • Warranty: backed by an amazon basics 1-year limited warranty

Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Is the battery necessary? Will it work without the battery?

You might want to remove the battery so it will not leak ever. That is exactly what i would do. So, the question is not as unreasonable, as the first answer may suggest.

How do you turn it off? It has an on button, but i can’t turn it off.

There is no ‘off’ button. Just leave it alone and in a few minutes it will automatically turn off

Typically how long will battery last with casual ( not daily) use?

Had mine for more than 2 years and the battery has not yet died. I use it just about every day. Seems like the solar panel on it is doing its’ job.

Once the calculator is turned back on will it still have the numbers in the memory

No. Doesn’t retain anything after it time’s off. Memory is cleared.

Why is the comma on the top of the numbers instead of the bottom?

The bottom showed the decimal dot. Therefore the thousand separator placed on the top.

Does this have a prop 65 warning?

Looking through the operation manual, i do not see the prop 65 warning, so the answer is no, this calculator does not have the prop 65 warning.

Which battery does it use – e.g., aa, aaa, lr44,…?

Per label on back of calculator it uses one lr54 (lr1130) it’s a 1.5v button cell. It’s solar powered though. So i image battery load is not very heavy.

What batteries does this calculator use?

It is solar so it requires no batteries.

Is there a way to backspace?

No! This is a calculator not a computer!!! Is this question for real!

How tall is the display (numerals) in inches ?

.25 in. (1/4 inch). Hope that helps.

How do you turn the calculator off?

If the calculator isn’t used it turns itself off

Is the display angled up?

Yes, a slight angle upward.

Is the battery included?


What size battery does it require if the one it comes with stops working?

The back of the calculator indicates the replacement battery is lr54 or lr1130.

Will this unit operate without a battery? (yes or no, please)

Yes. There is no battery required as it is solar.

Do i need to buy batteries seperately?

I have only had this a few weeks. So far no needs for batteries….

Is this calculator silent?

No. You can hear when you push on the buttons, but it’s not very loud.

What do i do if i have to add millions ? Not enough digits

It will go to 99,999,999 million, just not go into billions.

Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black – 1 Pack : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
What's not to like???

I had a very old sharp calculator which was very similar to this one except it was in white. I mourn its loss. When i saw this calculator for sale, i knew i would like it. Similar in size and shape and very easy to read display. Solar function is great, and you can’t beat the price. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice calculator with an easy to read display.

5Expert Score
Value for the home desk

The calculator is easy to read and use. Due to the size i can keep on my home desk with no problem. I use the calculator monthly when paying my bills and it’s value is incalculable. Ha i also used it for other reasons and it performed well.

5Expert Score
Great deal!

Perfect for a grade school to middle school kid, try and find a similar calculator for less than $5 any where else, i couldn’t!

5Expert Score
Great calculatii oi r

The perfect calculator at a great price. As part of my job i use calculators all day long.

5Expert Score
It works!

It’s a calculator with big easy to see buttons. That’s what i wanted. It works as it should.

5Expert Score
Love it

Love it

5Expert Score
Use every day

Keep on kitchen table for quick, easy access. Fingers an iphone calculator don’t get along at all.

5Expert Score
Strong dark numbers, reliable

Needed it to take a proctored test, actually turned out to be a nice nostalgic calculator. The numbers are dark and easy-to-read (i remember early solar calculators when i was a kid having faint numbers indoors) and it must have a nice solar panel to be able to represent dark solid numbers indoors in unnatural light! Buttons have a nice touch feel to them, and i passed my test so the mathematical results are presumed to be accurate. A+ for its calculation abilities.

5Expert Score
At last! A basic calculator done right!

I was sick and tired of hassling with the clunky generic calculators that stores have been selling for decades, so i decided to try amazon’s product, encouraged by jillions of 4 and 5 star reviews. Contrasted with the old calculators, which had all the craft and charm of a cheap toy, this amazon calculator has been nicely designed and finely made to be the perfect solution for a calculator that’s compact, has a solid keyboard (no wobbly keys!) and a clearly readable lcd display (nice font, numerals aren’t stretched to unreadability!). All this for about half the price (!) of the retail clunkers from the stationery store. Nice work, amazon!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i was looking for

I use it at work for my job and works perfectly.

4Expert Score
Its a four function calculator

Needed this for an accounting class. It gets the job done and is cheap.

4Expert Score
Simple functions only

For basic functions it works great but it is sequential and not mathematical. It doesn’t recognize order of function. For checking account balancing or dividing expenses it works well. Easy to use and read. I bought two and will use them.

4Expert Score
Exactly what i needed

Bought this when my old calculator stopped working. It is perfect for when my brain doesn’t work.

4Expert Score
Good little calculator

It won’t turn on if you hit any button.. A little small… But works great and good value for the price.

4Expert Score
It calculates

What else can i say? It does the job. Not too big, not too small. Does what you need it to do.

4Expert Score
Why did my husband buy this????

It’s 2022. I’m a bit in shock that my husband bought a calculator when everyone i know has a smartphone with a free calculator. If this was 1986 maybe i would understand. I don’t know what to say about it other than that b

4Expert Score
Works well

Works well. Decent size, and easy to use and read. No complaints.

4Expert Score
Good functional calculator

Just received my calculator. The display is easy to read and the price is great. One reason i did not give it a five star is there is only an on button. The button does not serve as on/off even though it is documented in the instruction manual (section 3. Operation) (3.1 switching the calculator on/off). The only way i can tell that the calculator is off is the display of the last number disappears after approximately 5 minutes. You can then touch the display and nothing will happen until you press the on button. The instruction manual is wrong, it is no an on/off button. It appears the only way to have the calculator turn off is through a time out of no use.

4Expert Score
A little small

It works fine for me at work, but the buttons are a little smaller than i was hoping for.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

We needed an inexpensive calculator for balancing the checkbook, and this works fine. We haven’t had any issues with it and expect it will continue to work well.

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