Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow

Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow : Health & Household
Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Product description amazon basics microfiber cleaning cloths, non-abrasive, reusable and washable – pack of 24, 12 x16-inch, blue, white and yellow from the manufacturer amazon basics

What are yakibest basics microfiber cleaning cloths features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Ultra soft, non-abrasive microfiber cleaning cloths will not scratch paints, vinyl, glass, finishes or other surfaces
  • Effectively cleans either dry or with liquid cleaners for streak-free and lint-free results
  • Absorbent cleaning cloths soak up eight times their own weight
  • Pack comes with three different towel colors (blue, yellow, and white)
  • Rinse and reuse the durable, washable cleaning cloths 100’s of times
  • Imported; 90% polyester/10% polyamide construction
  • Each cloth measures approximately 12 x 16 inches
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Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Has anyone compared these to the ‘zwipes’ sold at amazon for the same price. Suggestion on which to buy??

I prefer zwipes. Amazon basic clothes, the yellow and blue colour will come off in the washing machine and stain the white and each other. The colour stains are pretty bad. The edges of zwipes are stronger

What size are the cloths?

The size of the clothes are about 11×15′ from what i measured but the product includes a listing of 4x10x13 inches. Meaning that amazon’s listing is refering to the size of the stack of cloths altogether when purchased.

Can these be used as a replacement for a swiffer pad?? Thanks!

For those that use them on swiffers, how do you keep them secure/attached to the swiffer?

What are these cloths made out of? And anyone know the gsm?

To help clarify gsm: the standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics is grams per square meter, usually abbreviated as gsm.metric measurements are generally the most common place but some clothing items are still marked in imperial weights (oz or oz/yd2 = ounces per yard squared)the important thing to state here is that all of the terms above are measurements of weight, specifically the fabric weight when talking clothing. For example a t shirt may be listed as 185gsm and another may be listed as 5.5oz the outcome is that these are basically the same as 5.5oz = 186 gmsyou can work out any conversion of oz & gsm by using the following calculation 5.5oz x 33.906 = 186.48 gsm 185gsm / 33.906 = 5.45oz

Has anyone tried using these on firearms?

Personally i wouldn’t unless you wash them several times. Even now i see fibers after i use them. Not very many but they are still around. I would suggest using coffee filters for the firearm.

Where are the cloths manufactured?

They are made in china. But they really are great for all kinds of uses – especially for cleaning glass!

Do you use them wet/damp or dry to dust? Which is more effective?

Both. For quick dusting i use them dry. For a good cleaning – damp. That’s furniture, countertops, baseboards, you name it. When i use it damp, i always follow with a dry buff. Love them! My house has never been cleaner!

I am trying to go paperless in the kitchen and want to know if these are safe around food and to use in the microwave?

They should be fine, but i can’t think of any reason to use them over standard dish towels.

My cloths came with instructions to wash by hand and air-dry. Why does the description say they are machine washable? They shrunk by half when washed.

I washed mine in cold (i do basically all my laundry in cold) and tossed them in the dryer. There was slight shrinkage (about half an inch in length and width), but they are soft and very absorbent.

Are these lint free?

Yes. They are lint free. We use them to clean and polish the car, window cleaning, and dusting in the house. For the price, they are a good deal.

How big is each cloth?

The ones i have are 12′ x 15′. I assume that’s the standard size. Love these cloths! 🙂

Are they washing machine safe or do they need to be hand washed?

I have thrown them in the washing machine, no issues. But i’d suggest getting different towels, these themselves aren’t that great of a product.


I’m sure they would work for eyeglasses, probably quite well actually. I use them for cleaning and have used them on mirrors with ease.

Where are the cloths manufactured?

They are made in china; but, they really are great for just about everything!

I assume u can put these thru the wash?

I put mine through the wash, but they do bleed. My white towels are now a light green. They have dyed other items that were accidentally left in the washer, so run them alone.

Are the tags easily removable (so they don’t scratch the car paint)?

The tags will come off very easy but it isn’t the tags that scratch the paint.

Are these cloths soft enogh for cleaning musical instruments like guitar, sax etc.

I love these cloths. Yes you can use them to clean musical instruments. I clean just about everything with them. I give them 5 stars!

Can these be used for applying danish oil or stains to wood or would it soak up all of the oil?

I have used the cloth to apply and remove orange / lemon oil to wood furniture. It worked well. I am not sure how it would work for a stain as they are absorbent.

What are these clothes made out of? Why are they cheaper than other microfiber clothes?

The weight of the microfiber is much less than others.

Do these cloths work work on stainless steel surfaces?

They work really well. They don’t leave any fluff. I just cleaned my stainless appliances the other day with a spray cleaner and these cloths and they looked perfect. Always wipe in the direction of the ‘grain’. Hope that helps.

Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable – Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and Yellow : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works great

When i opened the package, i was a bit hesitant because the towels are thin. I washed and dried them before using and they washed well in cold water. Right out of the dryer, no excess lint which is great. I have been using them for everything. I put all the white one’s in the drawer with my kitchen towels and use them to dry my glasses/dishes. No water spots and the towels dry quickly. I use the blue and yellow one’s for cleaning everything else such as furniture etc. So far, i love these microfiber cloths and they have held up to multiple washes so far and come out nice and clean just with cold water. I will definitely purchase these again and highly recommend them.

5Expert Score
Get things cleaner without paper waste!

I have autoimmune arthritis and carpal tunnel. Why am i saying this when reviewing cleaning cloths? Because one of the things that causes me the most pain is scrubbing. I am always looking for the best tools to get things clean with the least harm to me, the environment, and my wallet. These cloths are the mainstay of my cleaning caddy because they make deep-cleaning everything so much easier!

I use the white cloths in the kitchen, blue in the bathroom, yellow everywhere else. The mircrofiber picks up dirt from all surfaces without damage. It’s great for streak-free glass and mirror cleaning. Cleans tubs, showers, grout, and tile. Gets toothpaste off the faucet and leaves it sparkling without scratching. It cleans walls without removing paint, gets dust and pollen off blinds, and is great for cleaning spills on hardwood floors. Need to clean more of a floor but don’t want to mop? Put this over your mop head and wipe things up. I keep a stack of these ready to go under every sink, and i carry a few when kayaking to wipe my glasses, mop out bilge, whatever—just don’t mix the two up!

When i have used one of these, i throw it in a bucket hanging in my laundry room, keeping the white cloths with cloth napkins and dish towels, and the others with my washable mop heads. Once a week, i clean them on sanitize with detergent and a bit of bleach. I like to hang them to dry outside for a crispier surface, by they dry fine in the tumble dryer too.

I have these on subscribe and save, with a new pack every six months. I literally do not buy paper towels now, because there is no need. At all. Did i mention these are great on stainless steel? Clean, no streaks or fingerprints. Clean your woodwork or baseboards with them too. Need to apply furniture polish? Got you covered with these! Kids cook something on the stove and leave a baked on mess? Wet one, put it on the mess, leave it for a few to soften, then wipe it up. Oh, and because it’s a cloth, cleaning wire shelves or behind a tap is easy—just wrap it around, give it a little back and forth, and done!

Oh, and if you are so inclined, take a clean one of these, soak it, put it in a baggie, put in a dab of isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer, and freeze. Flexible cold packs that don’t over-chill tissues for the win!

Seriously, these are great. Heck, you can even put roll them around a paper-towel tube and have them on your holder. They’ll stay put, and instead of automatically grabbing a paper towel, you’ll grab these instead.

After all this enthusiasm, please know that i loathe cleaning. That i can give some cloth all this hype for something i hate doing should say it all!

5Expert Score
My wife loves them!

I ordered these for my wife, as she was looking for reusable microfiber towels. I know diddly about these, but she is absolutely thrilled with these towels. We have had them for a few weeks, and she has laundered them several time without loss of performance. She is glad i ordered them.

5Expert Score
Pays for itself

Rather than constantly using paper towels, these dish cloths are great for wiping up around the sink. They have great absorbency. I also use them for dusting. When i have used several of them around the house, i just throw them in with the next load of laundry and they come out like new. I highly recommend this product.

5Expert Score
Easy to work with

It works wonders while i’m trying to take the streaks off the stainless steel refrigerator – it washes great and i use them all the time

5Expert Score

Great purchase, value and quality! Though be careful opening your package. Though folded they do not place them in bags or anything protective, i tool a box cutter to open the package and damaged the top most cloth.

5Expert Score
Nice cleaning clothes

I cut these up and use them as erasers for my students hand held white boards. They work great and are easy to clean.

5Expert Score
Very good quality for the price.

Use it as a sweat rag for exercise and use it for cleaning off iphone screens and smart devices. Works well.

5Expert Score
Bye bye windex and every other soapy product you've ever owned!

These cloths are the most amazing and versatile cleaning product i’ve ever used! I had no idea when i bought them how many things you could clean with them and how many cleaning products they would replace. Here’s a sample. They can easily replace:

*paper towels
*windex, glass plus, etc.
*comet, ajax (except in the worst cases)
*mr. Clean magic sponge (they work exactly like magic sponge on light grease buildup)
*all kinds of soap/cleaning products

using just water with these cloths, you can clean so many things that used to require soap and water. Like a greasy stove, or the grease build-up in your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

The real trick to keeping your house clean is to clean often before the dirt and grease have a chance to build up. But when you have to use soap – it really discourages you from doing it too often because everything turns into such a big job. Like, would you really clean your microwave after every couple of uses? No! Because it’s too much work to clean something that’s not that dirty yet. You have to use some kind of soap with water, then you have to use more water and a few more minutes to rinse away all the soap. So most people just wait until it’s dirty enough to make all that work worth it. But with these, you can literally clean after every use. Just wet one, and wipe the microwave down one time (10 seconds max)… And you’re done! The end result: the microwave is never dirty!

And it’s so easy to clean things that used to be so hard. For instance, if you want to keep your stove sparkling clean after cooking a meal that resulted in a lot of greasy splatter… Just fold these twice, wet one side and after you finish cooking wipe down the stove, then turn it over and wipe again with the drier side. Then take a second one that’s dry and wipe one more time. And voila, your stove will be completely clean, no grease or oil left! They’re really amazing. And i love not having to use soap on everything. It makes it so much simpler and quicker to clean.

I actually enjoy cleaning now, because it’s so quick and easy. The trick on cleaning things like your stove is to do it often. I do it every 3-4 times i cook. I should do it every 2-3 times. But the point is to do it often enough that the grease splatter doesn’t have a chance to build up so much that you need something stronger to clean it with.

They are also so absorbent that they’ll soak water right off anything they touch. I even find myself reaching for them when i want to dry my hands quickly – because i know they’ll suck the water right off. They don’t feel as good on your hands as a soft cloth or paper towel does – but they do a much better job at drying them.

They dry very fast too. If i soak one in water, and then wring it out, it will be dry within 3-4 hours.

You can clean all kinds of things with them, from the stove, to sinks to windows and mirrors. I’ve even used them on my eyeglasses – although i’m not sure that’s a good idea as they may rub the various coatings off after a while. But i did it on an old pair so no harm done – and they clean every bit as well as my old eyeglasses spray and a paper towel did. And all you need are one of these cloths and a few drops of water!

They’re also amazing at picking up dust when they’re wet or dry. Just wipe the surface once and the dust is instantly gone.

I’ve found the quickest and easiest way to clean most things from windows to stove tops is what i suggested above for the stove. I take two of them and fold them over twice. Then i wet one side and wipe it all over whatever surface i want to clean. Then wipe again with the backside which should be a little drier. This will pick up all the excess water, which will then make it easy to fully dry with the second dry cloth. Just use it to wipe one more time to fully dry the surface. Seriously, what could be simpler or quicker? I can clean my stove, microwave, dining room table, plus two glass living room tables all in less time than it used to take me to clean just the stove!

I’ve put a couple of these in my shower. And every other morning after i shower, i take one and wipe down the glass doors, then i wring it out and wipe them again. Then i take another dry one and wipe one more time. The doors are spotlessly clean and there’s never any build up from evaporating water. No water spots! In all, less than a minute every couple of days to keep the glass shower doors spotless!

These are saving me a ton of money in soaps and various other cleaning products!

5Expert Score
Great purchase

Great quality purchase. The towels are not too thin. They offer absorbency. I use to clean the car with. Very happy.

4Expert Score
Great to keep on hand for everyday cleaning

I keep at least pack of these clothes under my sink at all times, they are great for wiping down the counters, sinks, tables, etc. They pick up hair and crumbs and the like which is great but getting those crumbs or whatever gets stuck to the cloth can be a pain to get off. I’ll run them through the washer once soiled, and they come out clean and reusable, besides some of those stubborn stuck on bits. Small nuisance, still love these clothes and use them everyday all around my house.

4Expert Score
Great value

I was looking for something decent for cleaning my car and these did the trick. No, there is nothing fancy here and i am sure there are better quality cloths on amazon. But for the money, this was great. Remember to be careful how you wash these!

4Expert Score
Good for dusting wooden furniture

These cloths are very useful for the dusting of wooden furniture. The cloths need to be washed first, with no fabric softener, then dried with no dryer sheets. This allows them to attract and hold the maximum amount of dust on wooden furniture and decorative items. Wash them each time in hot water, with no fabric softener, and dry with no dryer sheets.

They dust well, and are easily cleaned. They soften considerably over time. They work very well’ and are a good buy for the price charged.

4Expert Score
A little smaller and thinner than i prefer

Considering the price, they’re a good value. I use the towels all over the house. They wash easily, are great for window washing. They’re so economical that throwing a really dirty one out instead of washing it doesn’t break the bank.

4Expert Score
Awesome deal!

These are the only rags i use for cleaning and any stain comes out so easily. Love them!

4Expert Score
Packed too tight

The one towel at the top got damaged a bit by the tape because it’s packed too tight in the package. Otherwise, it arrived fine

4Expert Score
Does a good job

A well made item and the right size

4Expert Score
Nice product with low cost

The amazon basics microfiber cleaning cloths did the job of cleaning electronics and used a dry cloth to clean my truck at the car wash.

4Expert Score
Good value for microfiber

They do leave a slight fiber particle residue. We found it was better to wash them all first to lessen the residue. Overall good value.

4Expert Score
Not super absorbent

These work okay, but they are not super absorbent.

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