Yakibest Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

Yakibest Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Neoprene Hexagon Workout Dumbbell Hand Weight, 10-Pound, Navy Blue – Set of 2 : Sports & Outdoors

What are yakibest basics neoprene workout dumbbell features?

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  • Dumbbell hand weights for exercise and resistance training; ideal for fitness classes, home gym, or workout area
  • Includes 2 navy blue dumbbells, each weighing 10 pounds (20 pounds total)
  • Neoprene coating for a secure, nonslip grip
  • Printed weight number on each end cap for quick identification
  • Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling away
  • Product dimensions: approximately 8.6 x 4 x 4 inches (lxwxh)
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Yakibest basics neoprene workout dumbbell details:


‎amazon basics


‎navy blue

Item weight

‎20 pounds

Product dimensions

‎8.6″l x 4.02″w


‎10-pound, set of 2

Handle material


Number of pieces


Item package dimensions l x w x h

‎10.4 x 8.9 x 4.9 inches

Package weight

‎9.19 kilograms

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎8.6 x 4.02 x 3.6 inches

Brand name

‎amazon basics

Suggested users



‎amazon basics

Part number



‎10-pound, set of 2

Yakibest Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Neoprene Hexagon Workout Dumbbell Hand Weight, 10-Pound, Navy Blue – Set of 2 : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

Are the weights themselves solid steel under the neoprene?

The ‘brutto’- weight of one 1lb-dumbbell is wb = 460.9g. To know the volume i put it in the pyrex measuring cup with 800ml of water – the water level becomes 890ml (this measuring is not exact but i’ve what i have) – so v = 90ml one ml of water is 1cm3. I prefer cgs-system (cm – g – sec), not si. To guess the metal i’ve to take away neoprene volume vm = v – vn. In assessment of geometry i replaced two hexagons with their corresponding circles and all round squares with straight angled ones. I guess neoprene is h=2mm thick including gaps. Vn= ~ h x 4 x (3.14 x d1^2/4) – 2 x (3.14 x do^2/4) + 2 x 6 x yo x zo + 3.14 x do x z = 0.2cm x 3.14 x 4.3cm^2 – 3.14 x 2.4cm^2/2 + 2 x 6 x 2.1cm x 1.6cm + 3.14 x 2.4cm x 8.6cm = 0.2cm x 58.09cm2 – 9.05cm2 + 40.32cm2 + 64.84cm2 = 30.84cm3 . The weight of the metal is the ‘netto’- weight wo = 454g. The density is: d = wo / vm = 454g / (90cm3 – 30.8cm3) = ~7.7g/cm3 – the cast iron density is: d(fe) = 7.87g/cm3. I could congratulate myself with a pretty good guess that the metal inside this 1lb-dumbbell is a kind of cast iron. Though stainless steel is in the same range but i think they took the cheapest variant. So probably if neoprene is not hermetic enough then the iron inside this dumbbell could rust. I wiped it dry after i submerged it in a water. I don’t think that my sweat would penetrate and humidify that iron to rust unless it’s already did rust which i doubt. At least i know for sure that it’s not lead (pb) inside. It’s not a copper (cu) alloy which is heavier and much less cheap. Thanks, china!

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Is the grip on these easy for small hands?

I guess how you react to the size of the grip depends on the size of your hands. But larger grips are easier on your hands. I find the narrow grips on non-coated weights hurt my hands, especially at higher weights. I prefer the larger grips.

How can i order the stand alone?

Don’t order the stand. It’s the most terrible design for a stand ever created.

Where are these made?


How do these compare to the amazonbasics vinyl dumbbells? Why do both products exist?

The neoprene material is a more no-slip grip than the vinyl.

Hi i wish to buy two x (5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb & 20lb) weights. I would need two stands. How do i order?

Do not want anything shipped from china

Isn’t this 15 lbs set of 2. So its total combined weight of 30 lbs? But, in the description it says 10.82 lbs.

You may be referring to a different set. This set of weights has 2-2lb pink; 2-3lb purple; and 2-5lb lime green weights.

The photo is pink and the description is pink, yet when i put this in my cart, it says orange. What color are these?

Hello. My weights arrived pink.

Do they have a ‘shiny’ finish? Thanks!

No shiny finish. They are easy to hold on to.

When will you have more?

When there is more

How much is shipping on 1lb weights

Free shipping you just need to buy some more items with it sometimes to make the delivery reasonable. I like siad before amazon prime works with free delivery

Have all these problems ever been corrected by manufacture yet ?

What problems? We have not had any problems with this purchase.

Hi, we ordered this product on 12/19/19. It is stating that it won’t arrive until 1/22-2/22/20. No details as to why it is taking so long. Plz advise?

Probably due to too many people ordering the same product.

This is not what i ordered

Send them back then!

Do you have the 60lb weight set

Sorry not i said the house

What metal are these made out of?

Neoprene is of high quality rubber over metals, i believe.

I want to order a pair of 12 lb weigjts

I just help you you have to more on this site for better product .don’t just look at one item kinda seach through your seach bar on amazon on your account and see what your like…some lf you have prime get big discount and free delivery on any item just put in a good feed back or word for me and i will continue to help i can

thank you,
nicholas ruff

Why don’t they make a 4-lb? I doin’t want to have to use two 2-lb. Weights.

They do, they are $17.98 for set of 2

Why did my set come without stand?

Ive bought individual sets and did not expect a stand to come with them.

When will these be available?

Sorry, have to ask amazon…..walmart is a good option

Yakibest Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Neoprene Hexagon Workout Dumbbell Hand Weight, 10-Pound, Navy Blue – Set of 2 : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for home gym

These are perfect! Aside from the weight being great and liking the color, i love that they’re so easy to grip. I have like the sweatyest hands ever and i can actually hold on to these! It’s amazing!

5Expert Score
Picture perfect

I love these. Exactly as pictured and the texture of the weight is very comfortable and easy to grip. They do not hurt my hand or make me feel i need any gloves.

5Expert Score
Easy to build!!

Love my weights and the fact it came with a nice set of different weights and even something to hold it for that prices was great! Exactly what i was looking for.

5Expert Score
Couldn’t find locally but they ship!

It’s hard to believe you can ship weights while remaining profitable! They are the same weights you are used to. East purchase!

5Expert Score
Good addition to my home gym

The dumbbells are exactly as pictured. Durable neoprene cover. Good value.

5Expert Score
Great product

Exactly what i was looking for

5Expert Score
Cheap way to get a home workout in

Easy to use, likely cost more to ship than it did for me to buy

5Expert Score
Life changing

I was using the mcdonalds app, making an order for a couple quarter pounders, and nuggets. That was when i saw an ad for amazon and these weights popped up. That is when i turned my life around.

5Expert Score
Good product

I bought these because (1) they were cheaper and (2) to start adding a little weight training with my daily workout routine. They get the job done and i have no complaints.

5Expert Score
Love it

Exactly what i was looking for

4Expert Score
Rather thick grip

Fine except that the grip is very thick for a dumbbell. The picture shows my old 15lb steel dumbbell. The grip measures 1 1/8 inches thick. The new 20lb dumbbell has a grip that is almost a half inch thicker (1 5/8 inches thick). This can really make it difficult to hold on through a rep for a person with small hands (say, a lady or the former president of the united states).

4Expert Score
These are great.

Easy to assemble the stand. Weights are nice to hold. Perfectly good purchase. Would buy again.

4Expert Score

We love to our dumbbell weights, except that one screw was missing from the assembly.

4Expert Score
Cute color and came quick

Easy to use, one pound weights. Comes assembled of course. Smells though, and came in a beaten up box.

4Expert Score
Good value from warehouse

Basic dumbbells, they were packed well from supplier. Fyi, if had to do it again, would have bought the other style, steel handle, dumbbells which i did buy for heavier, 10, 12, weights. The 8lb and over steel grip circumference is better for small hands.
The rack is ok but cheap plastic that i would not have purchased separately.

4Expert Score
Comically large but effective

These weights serve their purpose, but the 20lb weights are a bit large and bulky for a female. The handle is actually thicker than my 25lb weights. I do enjoy the grippy coating and for the price they’re good for me, but i imagine they may be difficult to grip for someone with smaller hands.

4Expert Score
Look used

Although the size is perfect and the weight is great, they arrived looking like they had already been used by somebody because they are dirty and have gouges in them.

4Expert Score

No assembly required they are quite easy to hold. I like the color.

4Expert Score
Flimsy plastic holder

The weights are nice but the holder is flimsy plastic.

4Expert Score
Great dumbbells

The pair of 10lb dumbbells are great quality. I wish they had a different shade of green for them as the shade they selected is unattractive.

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