Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight

Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Exercise & Fitness Hex Dumbbell, Hand Weight for Strength Training, 15 lbs, Black : Sports & Outdoors
Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight: Product description amazon basics rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight from the manufacturer amazon basics

What are yakibest basics rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 15 pound individual dumbbell weight with a solid cast iron core for exercise and strength training
  • Ideal for use in fitness classes, home gym or workout area
  • Hexagonal rubber-encased ends help prevent rolling and promote stay-in-place storage
  • Non-slip textural grip for reliable, comfortable use
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4.5 x 4 inches (lxwxh) with 1.38-inch grip diameter; weighs 15 pounds (sold individually)
Photos: amazon.com
Categories: Sports & Outdoors

Yakibest basics rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight details:


‎amazon basics


‎black & silver

Item weight

‎15 pounds


‎cast iron, rubber

Product dimensions

‎12″l x 4.5″w


‎15 lb

Handle material


Number of pieces


Item package dimensions l x w x h

‎14 x 7 x 6.4 inches

Package weight

‎6.8 kilograms

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎11.3 x 4.5 x 0.04 inches

Brand name

‎amazon basics

Warranty description

‎one-year warranty


‎black & silver

Suggested users



‎amazon basics

Part number


Included components


Outer material




Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Exercise & Fitness Hex Dumbbell, Hand Weight for Strength Training, 15 lbs, Black : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

What is the difference between the 15 pound weight and the 30 pound weight? They look exactly the same except for the numbers on them.

The difference is that the one labeled ‘15’ weighs 15 pounds—and the one labeled ‘30’ weighs 30 pounds. It’s a picture bruh, of course they’re gonna look the same. C’mon now…

Are the 20 pound dumbbells in sets of two?

Misleading. It is only one when you add it to the cart. This is what the initial information showed…
Visit the amazon basics store
amazon basics rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight
amazon’s choice
for ’20 pound dumbbells set of 2′

Does this come as a pair/set? Or do i have buy them 1 at a time?

I will be recieving a set of 2!!!! Why? Because it says at the top of the listing: ‘amazon choice for “15 lbs dumbell set of 2”’. You should see this at the top of the listing. I also have a screenshot of this. I originally recieved one dumbell, but i called amazon customer support and they sent me an additional weight because of the statement “15 lbs dumbell set of 2”. So if you want 2 dumbells then call customer support!!!!!!!!!

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What company (in china) manufactures these dumbbells?

The same company that manufactures walmart’s ‘everyday essentials’ rubber encased hex dumbbells: ‘balancefrom.’

When i order these if i order ‘1’ is that 1 dumbbell or 1 ‘set’ as in a pair?

1 is for 1 dumbell only, you have to purchase 2 separately for set

What is the handle diameter, the width of a 10lb dumbbell?

Fits around my small female hand

How can i be sure this solid cast iron dumbell provides reliable performance?

Mine was not cast iron – one of my 30# dumbells cracked and it was concrete on the ends (the middle piece does seem to be metal) coated with metal of some sort.

To be fair i’ve 2 sets of these and 3-5 people a day abuse them (dropping them on each other, plunking them down on the shelf, kicking them around) and they have held up fine for the past 2 years. The one that did crack was replaced no questions asked in a couple days.

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Do you come two pieces or one piece as the picture؟

This is only one piece.

Is this dumbbell actually painted black as shown in picture and not gray as most other db’s of this type?.

It’s off black, or a very dark grey.

Will amazon ever sell these in heavier increments than 40 lbs?

I don’t work for amazon, but my guess it the shaping charge would be much higher for weights over 40lbs. My 15lb weights came by usps. I believe weights over 40lbs would need to be handled by ups.

What are the overall dimensions of the 30 lb. Version?

Overall length:
13 inches
hex width:
5 and 3/4 inches
hex length:
4 inches
handle length:
5 inches
handle width:
1 and 1/2 inches
those are the dimensions i got. Hope it helps.

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What is the circumference of the middle of the grip in inches; please only answer this if you know?

4 3/8 in.

Two for 36.99?

No, only 1.

I am looking for a pair of 15 pound dumbells. Is this product available?

More than likely!!!

Environmentally friendly materials? Does it smell bad?

Idk about environmentally friendly but the smell does not bother me, i don’t really notice a smell, product is exactly what i was looking for, hope this helps

One of the heads of my 35s wiggles about 1/8”. Is this normal or should i send it back?

Mine does not wiggle at all. I would send it back.

So it says free delivery by tommorow its tommorow and you haven’t shipped it yet will this be arriving late?

If you see your arrival time has past, amazon is great at problem solving and resolving your delivery issue.

What’s the heaviest dumbbells in amazon basic

Im searching for 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 lbs dumbbells.
This seller’s limit is 50 lbs unfortunately.

I need 2 of these dumbells. Do you have 2 in stock??????????????

This company, should have plenty in stock coming from a customer. & when purchasing it should say wether they’re in stock or not.

Why does the link say you can buy the 30 pound dumbell for $16.99 but there is no option for that price after clicking on it and going to the site?

It means it’s either false advertisement or they no longer have that option. Only what’s left in their inventory.

Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Rubber Encased Exercise & Fitness Hex Dumbbell, Hand Weight for Strength Training, 15 lbs, Black : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
~1.5yr review | full set, still looks and works as if new

– took a year but built the whole set (10 – 50)
– nothing beats the versatility of a good set of dumbbells
– stinky and oily first few days (no big deal for me)
– look like new 1.5years later with nearly daily use
– follow gym etiquette and treat them right, they will last forever
– did not confirm their weight

full review
back story
as was the case everywhere when covid hit, my mma gym shut down.

Previous to that closure, i had barbells and plates that i’d accumulated through the past couple of decades.

But when the everything closed, i quickly found myself missing the variation and breadth of exercises that you get at the gym vs the barbell setup i had at home. Almost immediately, i ordered a cable machine but still felt like i was missing a bunch of exercises.

4 months later, in july of 2020 i found these and ordered what i could — at that time only 10 & 20 pounders were available. That order was just shy of $95. Expensive but seemed like a somewhat fair trade given that i had cancelled my gym memberships, not knowing what was going to happen or for how long places would remain closed.

They trickled in as they could over the next month.

I would check the site daily to see if any more had become available for sale. Most of the time they would come with a warning, stating that there were none in stock but would be shortly and charges would appear on cc until they were shipped. I’d pick up a pair as i saw them available.

April of 2021 (almost a year after i purchased my first pair), i bought the elusive 50 and 35 pound pairs. The last two i needed to complete the 10 – 50 pound set (incremental by 5lbs).

The dumbbells
hiit, being able to switch weights instantly to finish a set out to complete failure, flies and reverse flies, single arm lifts for core strength, etc. Nothing beats the versatility of a good dumbbell set.

Yes, some were oily and had a rubbery smell when they first arrived. I would cut the box top, remove from the plastic bag and let air outside for a couple of days. I’d then wipe down with a cloth and place on dumbbell rack. These two things were never really an issue for me.

After a year and a half of almost daily use, they look and feel as they did when i first got them. Please note, that i follow gym etiquette. I don’t let them slam against the floor (drop), i don’t bang them against each other, i re-rack when done, etc. The highest they ever dropped is from bench after doing chest press (will drop lower my arms by my side and l and these roll off — as anyone would at any gym). They do fall on mats, or carpet. They’ve never dropped on concrete, brick, rock, or similar.

Take care of them, and they will last you forever.

there are a few reviews that tested the weight to verify how close they were to their stated weights. I haven’t checked mine. Honestly, up until i started to write this review i hadn’t even thought about it. I’m no professional body builder. I need resistance and these seem to be doing a very good job at it. Maybe if i get a calibrated scale in the future i’ll weigh ’em and update this review (but doubtful).

5Expert Score
Cheap, smelly and good.

Overall, i really like the 25lbs dbs. As others have stated, they have a strong rubber odor but that doesn’t really bother me so not a negative in my book. Ergonomic grips are good and consistent and they look well made (no obvious blemishes). I weighed them and both where decently accurate (24lbs 14oz within 0.5% of stated weight; 24lbs 7oz within 2.5% of stated weight). The price is where they shine and at $1 per pound they are hard to beat.

5Expert Score
Decent dumbells

I bought these in sets from 10lbs to 30 in 5 lbs increments. Overall i’m pleased. Their a bit stinky and a little oily but it goes away. I’ll be buying sets of 40s and 50s next. Only the 50s are cheaper?

5Expert Score
Looks great!

They look great. Has a strong rubber smell but that will go away. Fyi the weights have a black substance all around them so if you’re working out with them on your living room carpet, put them on a workout mat or another surface or wipe them down first!

5Expert Score
The smell isn’t that bad

People complained about a strong smell. But it smells exactly like rubber. (it only lasted 2-3 days) no different than walking into a tire shop. And all weights smell the same. Nice quality and less expensive than going to your local academy

5Expert Score
Great for workout !!

I needed a weight increase for my at home workout and this did the job. I put it on my scale to make sure the weight was indeed accurate and it is. Since it is a rubber weight it does have a ‘scent’ once the box is opened. The smell lasts a few days.

5Expert Score
Exactly as described

This item is perfect. On a scale it weighs exactly 15.01 pounds and it is made well. Durable rubber bells and a solid handle. Perfect for a quick at home or office lift

5Expert Score
Its a dumbell

Not sure what a review would be for this since it is just a weight, it weighs 15lbs and you left it up and set back down. It does have that rubbery smell to it though.

5Expert Score
Nice 15 lb dumbbell

Fast shipping, well packaged, i purchased 2 as shown in pics. As expected.

5Expert Score
Amazing! Don’t listen to bad reviews

This item was 10 pounds it was good and it looked pretty and packaged correctly there was legit no broken pieces and yeah definitely recommend

4Expert Score
Other than a pronounced rubber odor, no problems with the two 20 lb dumbells i purchased

I purchased two, amazon basics, 20 lb dumbbells. Both were delivered at the same time on 10 september 2022. Each was double boxed in size appropriate boxes, bubble wrap enclosed, with solid foam packing strips that ensured minimal movement. Kudos for excellent packing jobs.

A rather strong rubber smell, mentioned by a few other reviewers of this product, is present on both dumbbells. I sponge washed each dumbbell with some dawn dish washing soap immediately after unboxing them. Then towel dried them off. The washing did little to nothing to alleviate the rubber odor.

The dumbbells will reside in a well ventilated room, and maybe the odor will fade after a while. But i am deducting one rating star for it.

I weighed each dumbbell on two, different model, tanita digital scales, . Both scales are consumer grade versus laboratory precise. I weigh myself on each scale just about every day. The scales usually agree with each other. Otherwise, they’re normally within .2 lb (3.2 ounces) of each other. Each scale displays weight in .2 lb / 3.2 ounce increments.

On one scale, both dumbbells weighed 19.8 lb (9 kg) each. On the other scale, one dumbbell came in at 20 lbs and the other at 19.8 lbs, which is close enough for me.

If nothing else, i’ll make a habit of not always using the same dumbbell in the same hand all the time.

In summary, other than the rather foul rubber odor, which isn’t a deal killer for me, i’m content with this purchase.

4Expert Score
No frills but solid – just beware they come dirty

These are near identical to most other rubber hex dumbbells. I know because i’ve purchased multiple brands over the last year, based purely on price, and the only noticeable differences are how they stamp the weight designation (“50 lbs” vs “50” for example) and slight variations in the grip knurling.

This is a four star product. What would make it five stars? Beware:

these dumbbells, and not just this brand, come dirty and they will stain your clothes. Always wear dark colors when you use them. I have tried cleaning them with a cleaning agent and a rag and you can go over and over the rubber and still see dark residue left on the rag. It’s a pain in the rear to have to clean these dumbbells but you have to do it. If they shipped clean i would give them 5 stars.

There are sometimes noticeable defects in the surface of the black rubber. See my photo. This doesn’t affect performance so i didn’t knock off any stars.

4Expert Score
Great, but difficult for small hands

I have tiny, child-sized hands, and i have difficulty gripping these dumbbells. That being said, i feel like they’re high quality and would be great for someone with better grip strength and bigger hands. I’m looking forward to having them help me with my grip strength.

4Expert Score
Greasy but great

Has some sort of film to it but you can just wash it off, easy for my grippers, 11/10 very cool

4Expert Score
Good quality dumbell

Easy transaction, fast shipping, and 100% as described in post. Would do business with in the future:)

4Expert Score
Not bad value for price

Only negative is that the rubberized coating is very thin. If the weight even lightly taps another weight the coating gets chipped.

4Expert Score
Great product & fast shipping!

Great product and exactly what we were looking for! Best price as well!

4Expert Score
Paint comes off on the end of the dumbells

Make sure to wipe down the ends of the dumbells… Black paint comes off so if u dont want to stain your pants/shorts make sure to wipe down the ends of the weights

4Expert Score
Good weight – rubber was not cured, so it stinks and leaves marks

I like the handle and the form factor, only issue is rubber isn’t setup fully. This causes black marks and a strong rubber odor.

4Expert Score
The title said it was 2 ea.. But i only received 1

I love the weight it is easy to hold and great to work out with

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