Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack

Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack : Office Products

What are yakibest basics sheet protector – non-glare features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 200-pack of sheet protectors for organizing, storing, and protecting 8.5-by-11-inch sheets of paper
  • Made of clear pvc-free polypropylene (0.05 mm thick); non-glare finish for transparent visibility and a professional appearance
  • Top loading for easy insert and removal; ideal for project info, work proposals, school reports, and more
  • Pre-punched holes down the side; easily add to any standard 3-ring binder (no need to punch holes in the paper inserts)
  • Measures 9.8 by 11.5 by 1.8 inches; backed by an amazon basics 1-year limited warranty

Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Can they hold 2 pages without wrinkling?

Yes. I’ve put up to 10 pages in them without wrinkling.

How are sheets packaged?

The sheets were packed in a corrugated carton ‘flat pack’ (a little like a pizza box, but stronger), 200 pieces per carton. They are stacked in sets of about 50, alternating sides to allow the group to stay flat.

Can these fit comic books

I have no comic books but they do fit standard print paper

Fits a4??


Not mm thick, but feeling wise, how thick are they? I want one that isn’t glynn to easily flop over or tear

This is a little firmer than saran wrap. Very flimsy but doesn’t tear easily.

Do you have sheets for 1/2 size copy paper (approx 5 x 7)?

Don’t think so-maybe office supply would stock that size!!!

Do the pages go in easy? I bought some from dollar general as a starter but u have to fold the sheets to get them in and they dont go in easy

Pages are perfect for three-ring binders. Go in easily

What sizeare thease

Typing paper size

I need a sheet protector 8.5′ x 12′. Where can i get these?


Are these protector sheets acid free?

I don’t know—they look nice–keep new pillows clean….

Made in china?

I used them to make a loose leaf binder cookbook for my kitchen keto recipes. The are plenty good, and yes they are made in china, according to the label on my box.

Would mounting stickers stay on the back of it if i were to use to mount my art?

They aren’t very sticky.

Are they nonglare


Can these sheet protectors hold 9 x 5 inches paper? If not then can you please send me the link to sheet protectors that can, please?

Yes, they can, although it will be tight on top

Do you have sheets for 6 x 8 pokemon cards?


Are these safe to use for photo storage?

My answer is no… Not for pictures printed on photo paper, because photos will stick to the plastic insert over time, be hard to remove and or destroy the picture. However, photos that are printed on regular copy paper and let the ink dry thoroughly, can be stored in those plastic sleeves.

Never received item and not sure who or how to contact?

Go to your order page

Are they weather proof?

Sheet protectors not inherently weatherproof regarding water as they are open at the top to allow pages to be added and/or exchanged. Also, regarding aging in sunlight, i have no experience as all my uses have been in binders or similar for indoor use.

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If they’re relevant

Are these protector sheets acid free?

They are pvc-free, if that helps.

Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Yakibest Basics Sheet Protector – Non-Glare, 200-Pack : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Slim, lightweight and durable

I create teaching notebooks with master copies of beading patterns that i have purchased, torn from magazines or printed from the internet. After 20+ years of collecting all of this paper, i have used a lot of sheet protectors to hold from one to 12 or so pages. These are lightweight (more pages per book), sturdy and easy to open for placing the paper(s) inside. They are also economical using the 200 sheet size.

5Expert Score
Light weight protection, textured, does what i needed

I am using these for everything in my kids’ notebooks this year (they are hard on their school things). So far they have been perfect. Comes in a sturdy box which i keep all the unused ones in. They are very lightweight, and probably if you have something critical or something that’s going to see heavy, extended time use you will want something heavier. However, for using for unit notes that then can be disposed of at the end of the semester they are perfect. The anti-glare is a textured surface, and it works well enough. An excellent value for the money invested.

5Expert Score

A little thin.. But works.

5Expert Score
Good protectors for the price

These are a little thinner than the heavy duty ones i’ve been buying from staples. For the difference in price, i am thrilled and they serve the purpose for sure.

5Expert Score
Durable and sturdy!

I honestly put everything i buy to the test (89% of the time unintentionally). Working as a equine handler, mother of 3 daredevils and well living the life ‘it’s always something’ can lead to broken everything at the worst possible time.
These things held up without much of any noticeable marked!! Crinkled slightly till i shove a paper in. It comes out visibly clear and basically unscathed. 10 stars

5Expert Score
Great buy

Great buy for all the ones you get in it totally worth the price great value and durability

5Expert Score
Thin is in!

Thin enough to bound more together. This helps alot since space and budget is at a minimum.

5Expert Score
Great buy for a very reasonable price

I have lots of counted cross stitch project charts clipped from back issues of needlework magazines that needed to be organized. I wanted non-glare sheet protectors to tone down the shine from the magazine pages and this 200 count box fit my needs at a very reasonable price. They are not heavy duty and that’s a plus so the large loose leaf binder they will be stored in won’t get too terribly heavy to handle. Would buy again.

5Expert Score
Exactly as expected

Works well. Covers the pages. What more can you ask for?

5Expert Score
They work well

I bought for my daughter for school this year. So far, no complaints.

4Expert Score
There is still a glare…..

It is just a dull glare. To be used in conjunction with a piano lamp. Somewhat helpful but glare is not totally eliminated

4Expert Score
Thought it would be thicker…

I am not sure if i read the specs right, but they are very light weight. They work though, and the price was great. We will see how they hold up on the long run

4Expert Score
Good value

The product did what i expected it to do at the price i could pay. I needed lots of economy priced sheet protectors for a school project and these did the job.

4Expert Score
Great buy for the money!

I’ve used a number of sheet protectors over the years. These are as good an economy style as i’ve ever seen and at a far better price! I would order again.

4Expert Score
Polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride?

I really like this product. . .but when i went purchase a new supply i noticed something on the description that dismayed me. Under materials it lists both polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride.
Polypropylene is an inert plastic and a good material to use for storing documents and photos. Polyvinyl chloride is not a material to use for documents and photos, it will eventually turn them yellow and brittle.
Under the description, second bullet, it states, “made of clear pvc-free polypropylene”.
Having used 10 500-pack boxes for my research and photos, i’ve sent a message to amazon to clarify what their product is made from. Will update this if/when i receive an answer.

4Expert Score
They work – they protect paper

We got these to hold sheet music. They work. They are a bit flimsy, but for the money, they are just fine.

4Expert Score
Shame on me – check first

In wanting to preserve my grandmothers recipe book i decorated her book. Then decided to give it fresh new page protectors. Shame on me for assuming they are all created equally. As you can see in the pictures above the pages protrude past the cover of the book by a good 1/2 inch. Very disappointing being i thought i completed this project till now.🥴

4Expert Score
Suppose they get the job done

Very thin and flimsy feel but they’re holding up ok in my recipe binder. Don’t care for the text on the side with the holes. Always prefer versions without logos. No glare but the plastic itself isn’t as smooth as other cheap sheet protectors. I’d buy them again though because i can’t find anything even close to this price.

4Expert Score
Not good for dry erase

They are fine, but be aware that they are not good for dry erase due to being textured. I was not expecting that. I guess that’s what the anti-glare is but i just didn’t realize it. I use these to put charts in and then check things off with dry erase markers, etc. So not the best for that type of use if that’s what you’re looking for.

4Expert Score
Basic sheet protectors

Ok sheet protectors. It was delivered without being placed inside an envelope or box to hold the sheets which is a bit inconvenient – nothing major, just inconvenient.

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