Yakibest Basics Silicone Baking Mat – Reusable, Non-Stick, 3-Pack

Yakibest Basics Silicone Baking Mat – Reusable, Non-Stick, 3-Pack

Shop Yakibest Basics at the Yakibest Bakeware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are yakibest basics silicone baking mat – reusable features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 3 non-stick silicone baking mats for easy and convenient baking
  • No need for oil, cooking sprays, or parchment paper
  • Oven-safe up to 250 °c (480 °f)
  • Easy to clean
  • 22.86 x 33 cm, 25 x 37.5 cm, and 41.9 x 29.5 cm
  • Do not use the mat when baking foods which are high in sugar such as pepper, onion and sweet potato. Do not put candy ir syrup on the mat before or after oven cooking. Caramelized sugar is difficult to clean and the mat could be damaged over time
  • Use the mat in oven only. Do not use it on any other types of stoves
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Yakibest Basics Silicone Baking Mat – Reusable, Non-Stick, 3-Pack AMAZON

Shop Yakibest Basics at the Yakibest Bakeware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Are these mats pba free?

I don’t know what pba is, but considering they’re not even plastic, i would assume they’re bpa-free at least.

Are these ok to use on an induction cooktop to help pans from sliding

These answers are wrong. Induction does work with silicon mats. You do need to have proper metal pans, but induction does conduct thru the silicon. Have been using them with success to minimize mess on cooktop and prevent scratching from bottom of pans. Would not use them on extreme high setting for a long time. But simmering and normal cooking work fine with a quality mat.

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Can you cut these to fit pan

None of them apparently fit standard pans. I’m cutting one to find out if they can be cut. If you do before me, please let me know.

Are these made in china ?

The description says the country of origin is china.

Are the silicone pads heat conductive?

They are hot when you take them out of the oven. It takes a little while to cool down after removing them from the cookie sheets. They cool down much faster then any cookie sheet. They work so much better than parchment paper, don’t turn brown like the paper. I used them over and over again while making christmas cookies. After cooling, put the cookie dough on the pads, as soon as the oven was empty back in the cookie sheet and in the oven. It made cooking 6 dozen cookies faster because i did not wait for the cookie sheet to cool all the way down.

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Can these be used in a microwave?

It doesn’t say but i wouldn’t.

They get stickie after washing them. Anybody hav ing that issue?

I’ve used & washed these mats several times. I haven’t had any sticky issues. Maybe it’s how you’re washing them- i mean what cleaning product you’re using?

Says up to 480, i had it on 450 and the mat was smoking like crazy! Fogged my kitchen up! Anyone else have this issue?

Smoked at 375 deg as well.

Does anyone know the difference between old standard and new standard option?

No idea. The images look the same. I’ve had mine for about six months and there wasn’t an option when i bought them. They work great.

What’s the difference between the ‘standard’ and ‘old standard’ options?

I don’t know but i use the mats and they’re great. No problems with them and i just bought what was ‘standardly’ online at amazon.

I used these to make wings and they are now greasy and i can’t clean them. Any suggestions?

Use a wash cloth or your hands and plenty of dish soap and grease should come off. I lay it in the bottom of the sink and rub one side (like you’re waxing a car lol) and just flip it over to do the other side. I noticed it doesn’t come clean when i use a scrub brush.

Are these reusable?

Yes that is the purpose of the mats. They are reusable over and over again for more than just baked goods.

Can i use these to melt candy like jolly ranchers?

It says right in the instruction sheet not to put any candy on it.

Ships within 3-5 months? That long?

Noo! It delivers in two days!

Cual es el diámetro de los circulos?

Inner diameter 3cm, outer diamerter 4.5cm.

Because the mat is bigger then my baking pans, would it be okay to cut it?

Don’t cut it!! My baking sheets are waaay bigger than my baking pan/sheet but it worked well for a frozen pizza in the oven, which happened to be a little bigger than my baking sheet!

Can you place a toaster oven on top of these for countertop heat protection?

These are not to be used in heat protection, but they are made to be used inside the oven to keep your foods from sticking to your pans. They do transfer heat.

Will this place be able to change the mail?

Login and change it from usps to ups, fedex, ubereats with click of radio button.

Do these have high resistance? Can i use it under a floor mat to prevent slipping?

They would be perfect for that! Nothing can slip on them. I use mine as placemats and love them. (my partner was putting so many cigarette burns on the table.) they are awesome. 10/10

Anyone tried burning something eg caramel till it’s hard & real black on it? If yes will it still peel off as easy as it didn’t burn?

I have not tried caramel, but melted cheese that burnt on left a slight discoloration and needed water to come off.

Yakibest Basics Silicone Baking Mat – Reusable, Non-Stick, 3-Pack AMAZON

Shop Yakibest Basics at the Yakibest Bakeware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
You need this. Buy it now.

I placed this silicone mat on a cookie sheet, seasoned chicken wings and placed them on the mat. I did not pre grease or use any cooking oil. Popped those suckered in the oven and baked until chicken was cooked to the bone, turning once about halfway through.

Turning the wings was effortless. They slid across the mat like bars of soap, no part of the chicken, skin or seasonings sticking to the mat.

When the food was done, i didn’t have to scrape chicken off of the cookie sheet. Clean up was a breeze.

My grandma is an avid baker who reuses parchment paper until they can no longer hold cookies, rolls, biscuits etc. Shenwas hesitant at first when trying out this sheet on her cookie trays. After the first batch of cookies came out, she said they are just the bees knees. The mat distributed heat and evenly brownes the bottom of the cooking. Nothing stuck and the cookies easily slid off the tray to be cooled and eaten.

I would buy one of these for every family member who uses the oven to cook anything from veggies, meat, pastries etc. 5 stars, definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
I had my doubts these would replace parchment paper

My wife swears by her parchment paper, and you would think i had committed blasphemy when i told her i had purchased three sets of these. I was pretty nervous wondering what would happen. Thus far we have used them for cookies, scones, and sweet potato fries in the oven. Not even the slightest hint of something sticking. I can lift things off with my bare hands – immediately if i want to get burned.

They work perfectly, and her parchment paper has not left the pantry shelf since these arrived. And they are really easy to wash off. Light soap and hot water and they don’t hold any water, so if you feel like imitating a dog you can shake the water off.

Have to admit i didn’t think they would make it in a 425 degree oven, but they still look new. And now she wants to give them for christmas gifts. Guess i got lucky this time.

5Expert Score
Great product at a great price

These are very nice, i’ve had nothing stick to these that hasn’t just wiped right off. They have withstood oven temperature of 425°f.
I’ve always used parchment paper or foil to line my baking sheets, but that has gotten so expensive. These, being reusable will pay for themselves in no time.
To store, i’ve rolled them up and inserted them into a leftover cardboard paper towel core. Just makes it easier for me to store them.
I really needed only 2, but the set of 4 allows for replacement if i ruin one i suppose.
Cannot be beat for the price.

5Expert Score

Used several times before reviewing. These work great … Quality, ease of clean up, cook result! Don’t know why it took me so long to buy a baking mat. Parchment paper sucks environmentally and is not as easy to manage as these mats. Buy these, and add a second to your order for a gift for this great price!

5Expert Score
Works like it's supposed to.

These fit great on my sheet pans. Been using them consistently for the past few months. They’re easy to clean when you put them in the dishwasher, but not so easy to hand wash. When cooking greasy food on them you really have to scrub or soak them or they’ll continue to feel oily. Otherwise, very happy with this product and i’d purchase them again if i need to.

5Expert Score
Bought for induction stove

I bought these to protect the surface of a new induction stove from scratches. These are strangely super grippy. They completely stop cookware from sliding around, not only on the stovetop but also on the counter. They are plenty thick and, so far, are holding up great. These are worth it, even if you’re only using them as trivets

5Expert Score
They just work.

Save time for cleanup! They just work and the pan stays clean no matter what happens.
Use the mat, cook, put the mat in the dishwasher, all done.

5Expert Score

I really like my amazon basic silicone mats. They fit perfectly into my half sheet cookie sheets which measure171⁄4’x121⁄4′ x1′. I use the mats for cookies and bread. The cookies slide right off with nothing left behind. The mats are easy to clean and super durable. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Great product

These baking mats have replaced using parchment paper for all my baking. They are very easy to clean and dry. Very happy with purchase.

5Expert Score
It meet my need.

Loved this product for my macaron business.
I already had a few of these but i had to get more to save time when i’m baking a lot of macarons.

4Expert Score
Not for me

I believe these would do what they’re advertised to do but we find tin foil or nothing at all to be more convenient. When we used these we often ended up washing both the pan and the sheet. It is also difficult to slide your nesting cookie sheets into the cupboard with these in them, and they are inconvenient to store elsewhere. I ended up rolling mine up, securing them, and storing them in a tall cupboard with our water bottles. As it turns out, we don’t use them much.

4Expert Score
Basic silicone mat –

These are great silicone mats for the oven. They work great for creating a non-stick surface to bake on. My only complaint is like all silicone, they are hard to clean and even harder to dry by hand. I recommend hanging them up somewhere to let them air dry before storage.

4Expert Score
Work well in our new ninja toaster oven.

We bought these because family has had success with them. And because our new toaster oven plus is very hard to clean to be we dip pan. These silicone sheets works so well and we cut them to cover the pan. They do get dirty easily and change color in places. Need ideas for cleaning.

4Expert Score
Works well

I left my older one at my daughters and purchased these. Great product and they clean up easily

4Expert Score
Excelente pero se mancha

No puedo quitarle las manchas de grasa

4Expert Score
Buy this mat for food safe

I use this when baking purposes

4Expert Score
Bigger than my cookie sheet

These are nice but not really shaped like a cookie sheet. Too wide

4Expert Score
Work well, but sticky

First thing i noticed was that they were somewhat sticky, even after washing a couple times. They are truly non-stick though. For the price they are a good buy.

4Expert Score
Great purchase

Easy use and does the job well. Saves me on disposable products and cleans well enough. Some foods might leave stains which is fine with me.

4Expert Score
Not terrible

Overall this works pretty well. Was a little difficult to get going. Wasn’t the easiest thing to clean but wasn’t terrible either. Overall it gets the job done

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