Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50

Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50

Buy Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50: Suit Hangers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Yakibest Basics Slim: Product description an amazon brand. From the manufacturer amazon basics

What are yakibest basics slim features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 50-pack of hangers with velvet surface and notched shoulders to prevent slipping
  • Ultra slim profile to maximize space in your closet
  • Sturdy design can hold up to 10 pounds
  • Ships in certified frustration-free packaging
  • Package including 50 hangers: 2 x 15 pieces +2 x 10 pieces
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Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50 AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50: Suit Hangers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Are these hangers sturdy enough to hang pants on the bottom without sagging down?

Pants don’t sag and they don’t slide off. However, you have to be careful removing pants — if you jerk or drag them downward the hanger will break. Lift them off and you’re fine.

Can the hook part rotate?

Mine rotate. These are the only hangers we use

Are these colorfast? Can you use these for hang drying without staining your clothes? Thanks!

I have never had a problem even with wet white shirts. I have gray and black original joy mangano hangers-a little more expensive and the amazon basics in black and hang wet clothes to dry with no problem. The originals are a little tougher – never had one break – two of the amazon have just snapped in my hand not from heavy clothes but over all they are great.

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Do these keep clothes from slipping off? Especially shirts that sit on the shoulders?

I have been using velvet hangers for years now and they are great at keeping clothes from slipping off, even my slippery-er clothes. They really do work well and are gentle on clothes too.

Do the tops of the hangers turn to hang garments facing out for display purposes?

No. There are not swivel hangers. You can purchase these in a swivel top tho.

My closet is full of sweaters (at least 50%). Will i have bulges in my shoulders? Are they heavy enough for women’s jackets.

That’s what’s so great about these, no bulges in any clothing. They’re perfect for everything. I have my entire closet full of these. Use them for tshirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, dresses, etc. I can’t recommend them enough & you will gain about 50% of your closet space back just by using these!

How do these hangers work for petite sized clothing?

They’re fine for my petite clothes but if you have delicate fabrics or light colored fabrics these hangers will coat them in black felt dust. I ordered a bunch and washed the hangers first but i was covered in black felt dirt afterward… Super glad i realized they shed dust before i put my clothes on them.

Re rotating handles, some say they do turn, others say they don’t. Can we get a definitive answer from the manufacturer, please?

If you grab the velvet part with one hand, then grab the metal hook with the other and force it to turn, it will. If you keep turning, it will keep spinning and will not unscrew out. It has no screw threads. Sometimes you will feel a faint ‘pop’ sound before it will turn, meaning that it broke some king of light seal but the hangar is not broken and the hook will not fall out it will only turn with a bit of force. Once turned, you can align them back the proper direction and they stay facing that way well versus loosely spinning, which is good. I am happy with the way the metal hook functions on the hanger. The velvet end tip part of the hanger itself will break off easily though.

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Do these prevent shoulder bumps?

They do- the angle of the hanger is better shaped to the shirts than the triangular plastic ones. It fits my m/l shirts perfectly without any bumps

What size is the hanger.?

Regular hanger size. Great hangers. Glad i got a lot of them. Good looking and and even the slipperiest garments stay put.

Will the hangers work with polo shirts to keep shoulders on shirts from bulging?

They seem to work very well, the shoulder is rounded

Is it just me or are the hangers too wide? It feels like all my shirts dont fit well.

Hmm, i’m a size small and i really like them. I got rid of all my plastic hangers and replaced with this type. I find that the curvature of these don’t show as many marks on my tops.

Can the hangers hold/support the weight men’s jeans?

I put my jeans them with no problems this far. However given the thinness of the hangers i hold my breath, and more so be careful when removing the jeans as they feel like they will break.

Do these shed on light colored clothes at all?

There was black fuzz everywhere and i wiped them with a damp cloth and the cloth was black. I’m afraid to put my clothes on them.

Do they break easy? I go through hangers fast.

No, these seem fairly robust considering their thinness. They are not made from that very brittle plastic that breaks easily. I shall be ordering more shortly so that my whole wardrobe is with these hangers because i’m very impressed, as you can get so much more into the wardrobe and they ‘hold’ the clothes in place on the hangers brilliantly -no slipping!

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Can anyone give an update as to whether the hangers shed black fuzz?

They don’t shed black fuzz, but it’s easy for fuzz to stick to the hangers. It’s not that noticeable to the point where it’s a problem though!

Does the black velvet attract/ show lint?

I have had my hangers for quite a while now and i have not experienced them attracting or showing lint. You will be happy with your purchase.

Does the ‘velvet’ rub off on your clothes over time? I have read that it does on the similar hsn ones?

I haven’t notice that it does, but i only use them for clothes that fall off other hangers. The’re not good for cotton or anything that’s not slippery fabric. It’s just too tricky to get them all lined up. I do laundry for 4 people, and we hang most of it, so when i’m hanging 50 things and each one takes 3 or for times longer than it should it’s annoying.

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What is it made of?

I’m not entirely sure, but they’re incredibly flimsy.

‘usually ships in 1 to 3 months’ is this accurate?!?

It was only a couple of days

Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50 AMAZON

Buy Yakibest Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Silver – Pack of 50: Suit Hangers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Helps keep things from slipping

Just like the title says, i love these hangars because they keep my blouses up and prevents them from slipping off the sides, particularly for wider ones. It bugs me when i pull out onenshirt and its by a slippery other one that just falls and crumples when i grab the adjacent. I hate hangars most of the time but these are pretty great. I used similar ones all through high-school too.

Mind you while i do think these are sturdy, most of my clothes are also very light. I would not recommend hanging anything heavier than dress pants on them from the bottom part. If you’re using the sides, dresses are supported well, but something like jeans or heavy work pants may make them bow a little.

Overall, for what i use them for and for my wardrobe, i’m very happy with the product.

5Expert Score
Worth upgrading your plastic hangars to these

I love these hangars. They reduce the space on the rod compared to the plastic ones i previously had. I can get more hangars on the rod now. The metal hook also twists so i don’t have to take the hangar out from the garment to change the direction it hangs on the rod. The velvet is great at preventing garments slipping off the hangar. The velvet does make a bit more work to get the garment on the hangar and to make sure it hangs nicely. It is worth it because it won’t slip off onto the floor when moving clothes around.

5Expert Score
Bought 1 box and then anothere….

I watched an organization video and they recommended using velvet as it helps prevent wasting time with trying to loop in all those spaghetti straps and clothes stay on when hung. I also found that the old school plastic hangers were continually breaking from a little weight or force on hangers (when clothes are stuffed together) or when my husband accidentally steps on them if they fall. These velvet hangers have lasted and i bought another box to help organize my husbands side. Very affordable and worth the cost to help me get all the clothes off the floor.

5Expert Score
I love love love them

Originally i’d purchased some from a local retailer but they were sold out when i went back for more. So naturally i came to amazon to find some bd while they are just a tad bit smaller then the other one i honestly wish i’d bought these sooner. Between reorganizing and packing to move i’ve found these to be a great option.

5Expert Score
Keeps shirts on the hanger

I have purchased these in white, black and gray for all the different rooms / kids in my house. They keep all the shirts firmly on the hanger with no slipping. They’re not great for pants but i don’t think that’s their intended use anyway. Definitely recommend. They’re not flimsy at all and are very well made.

5Expert Score
Great hangers!!!

Really impressed with how beautiful they are and none of my clothes are slipping off of them! Very stylish and sleek looking. Would highly recommend. I bought 50 but i may have to order more to replace all of the plastic ones i have! 🙂

5Expert Score
Great hangers!

Very pleased with these hangers! I was concerned they would fade on lighter clothes since i was most of my blouses and shirts then hang them on the hangers wet these have not faded onto any of my clothes yet! So happy. Purchased the pant hooks for them too.

5Expert Score
Best hangers ever! No sliding and hook rotates.

I love these! It took a minute to get used to because the clothing doesn’t slide on easily, but it doesn’t slide off easily either. The hooks are very convenient. They twist so you don’t have to flip the clothing if you hang it in the wrong direction.

5Expert Score
I love these hangers!

These hangers allow me to put more clothing in my closet because they are slim and they hold all my clothes on the hanger with their velvety texture. Lastly, the price was great!

5Expert Score
Wonderful purchase

Hangers were packed well when arrived. All the hangers work as they should. I had been using plastic sturdy hangers but they took up too much room. I changed them all our and now have two more feet of room in my closet. Inexpensive does not equal cheap.

4Expert Score
Good for the money.

I don’t have the problem with the felt coming off like i read in a lot of reviews, however they are not super sturdy, so don’t expect to be hanging anything very heavy on them. I have definitely had better quality ones like this from costco, but i like them though, and they are a good value for the money i think.

4Expert Score
Worked even better than expected

These hangers work great and have seemed to hold up well. I absolutely hate every plastic hanger i have ever tried but i now see why they faded out the felt hangers. They work great for what i wanted. Actually way to well for my taste. A plastic hanger would take about a second or two to hang up, where these take around 20-30 seconds to hang up each shirt since they cling so well to the velvet. I’m not dissing these hangers in any way. They are exactly what i was looking for, they just work a little to well. I’ve had some hangers with rubber on them that i think i’d recommend more

4Expert Score
Great but hook too small

I was looking for nice felt hangers to replace my bed bath and beyond ones but while these look like them, the hook was shaped just a tad small and so can’t slide easily for the rack on our older home. Basically not as good quality as the old bed bath beyond ones but will do if you need something close enough and affordable and don’t have very thick racks

4Expert Score

Kinda flimsy. Very thin and not sturdy. I wasn’t thinking how sturdy they needed to be to support heavy wool sweaters. No problem as i used two together for one sweater and only needed a few. Would not recommend and surprised it is rated as #1 best!

4Expert Score
These look and feel good, they seem to break fairly easily with pressure.

They are beautiful but they are not very strong and broke so i’m just hanging up some clothes on them. I bought quite a few to and won’t be using them because they break easily. If they make them stronger i would happily buy more because i do like the look of them.

4Expert Score
Good price

These are a good price. I only wish they all didnt have the knotch in them. I prefer to hang blouses on a smooth edge.

4Expert Score
Provides additional closet space

Love these hangers!! Gives you almost 1/4 of your closet space back. Clothes also don’t slip off and skinny straps fit nicely in slotted area.

4Expert Score
Velvet hangers

Love the aesthetic look of the hangers. Not sure they make much of a difference in the spacing of the closet. We switched from the plastic hangers to these in hopes of gaining more space but it seems about the same.

I also had 2 hangers arrive broken, so that’s a downside. Not sure if they broken due to quality of materials or during shipping. But for the price of these it was a bummer to have 2 arrive broken.

4Expert Score
Nice but flimsy.

My clothing won’t slip off. The hanger cannot hold much weight or it will break.

4Expert Score
Nice hangers

Nice hangers

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