Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans – – Yakibest.com

What are yakibest basics smart a19 led light bulb features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Smart upgrade: control your amazon basics smart light bulbs using your voice or via the alexa app, no more turning on/off each individual light switch. Create custom routines to schedule your lights automatically at sunset and sunrise or change colors of your lights for a movie night with family, party with friends. Works exclusively with alexa. Not compatible with google assistant, apple homekit, smart things.
  • Simple to set up with alexa: screw in the light bulb, open the alexa app, and get started in minutes as you get notified ‘ first light bulb found’. Otherwise, you can add the smart bulb directly from alexa app. No hubs or 3rd party apps or skills required. For zero touch set up experience, check ‘link device to your amazon account to simplify setup’ during checkout and get started with your smart bulb in no time. Note: amazon basics smart light bulbs work exclusively with alexa to be set up with 2.4ghz wi-fi only.
  • Transform your space with brilliant colors: create your perfect mood by choosing from 16 preset color selections and brightness levels from 5% to 100%. Have best moments during holiday festivities or gaming with friends or movie nights with family with different colors. Just say ‘alexa, set the hall lights to purple’. Note, bulbs are dimmable via app/voice control but not dimmable via a mechanical switch
  • Control from anywhere: control your smart lights with alexa app even when you are not at home e.g. From your car, office, gym. Feel secure by making your house look occupied even when you are away by creating an alexa routine to schedule lights to turn on and off automatically.
  • Group control: create groups in the alexa app to combine lights together, allowing you to control lights by each room, or all of your home lights with a single voice command or via app. When it’s time to sleep, just say ‘alexa, turn off the bedroom’ or use the alexa app to turn off the bedroom lights at once.
  • Suitable for every room: upgrade your home by adding smart lights to every interior space, including damp locations like bathrooms.

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans AMAZON

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans – – Yakibest.com

Looking for specific info?

What colors do these change to?

sky blue
cool white
daylight white
soft white
warm white.

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Can these be used in outdoor fixtures – eg sconces or a lamppost?

I’m not entirely sure and wish the packaging on smart bulbs would indicate this type of usage, but if it’s an enclosed sconce/fixture, i don’t see why not. I have a regular smart bulb (works w/alexa) in an enclosed fixture by my front door mounted directly onto the house and so far it’s been working fine.

Do these lightbulbs work with the homekit app or only with alexa?

This product is designed for use with alexa

How can i share access to the light bulb with a family member to control with their phone as well as my own?

The family member would need to download the app on their phone and then be added by you in the account settings. You could also share login information and an email address.

Works just the bulb & alexa or does it need a smart plug?

It does not need a smart plug. Just screw it in the socket, follow the instructions to connect to alexa, and you’re good to go.

Will this smart bulb be able to work in a fan with multiple light bulbs? If i only use one smart bulb? Or do i need to make all 4 of them smart bulbs?

It should work in a fan with multiple light bulbs, but my understanding is that you will only be able to control the one smart bulb through alexa – you won’t be able to control the regular bulbs. To control all of the light bulbs, you’ll need all of them to be smart bulbs.

Can i use these lights outside? It’ll be in one of those glass tubes for the driveway

Being used out doors i think it would lose the effect of being color changing as i would thing it would be to open of an area for it to really be seen and enjoyed.

Can the bulb be in an enclosed fixture with frosted glass, or does it need to exposed to work on wifi/alexa?

My bulbs are under frosted glass ceiling fixtures. They work just like regular light bulbs, but alexa turns them on/off and changes the colors.

What is the bulbs mac address? I need it to connect it to my wifi

No idea check the booklet or the bulb

Can you control this with app only and not voice control?

I use these with the alexa app which gives me both options. They can be controlled by voice command and/or with the app controls on my phone. I can also control them through my desktop pc with the alexa for pc app but some features of the phone app haven’t made it into the pc app yet. Voice control is not the only option. But you do have to have the alexa app on your phone to set it up and to use it. I am not as familiar with apps other than alexa but the ones i have seen (google home) seem to operate the same.

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Do the bulbs require an active internet connection to control them with the alexa app, or can they be controlled on a lan without internet?

They are bluetooth ready but you need a hub to control any smart home item.

Why can’t i buy more than three bulbs linked to my account?

You can. Just multiple times

Do i need to buy an echo device in order to use these bulbs?

No, you can use an alexa app on your phone.

I figured out how to make the multi color bulb rotate colors automatically. You say ‘ alexa, set a rainbow timer for(however long) on the (bulb name)?

Yes, your alexa should also be able to help you set timers for your lighting.

What is the equivalent wattage of this bulb to an incandescent light bulb? How many watts?


Will this bulb have a normal light setting?

It has a white setting. So i guess the answer is yes.

Will these connect to the ring alarm system?

Very good

Can i use this with 220v in europe?

According to the base, the bulb is rated only for 120v. So no, this bulb will not work in europe unless you plug the lamp into a converter.

What is the lifespan of the bulb?

Years. Like 15 of them

Amazon is one of the foundational partners in csa and matter. Where is the matter certification for these obsolete devices?

This product carries the works with alexa badge.

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans AMAZON

Yakibest Basics Smart A19 LED Light Bulb, Color Changing, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 60W Equivalent 800LM, Works with Alexa Only, 1-Pack, Certified for Humans – – Yakibest.com

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Kids love them

I recently purchased the amazon basics smart a19 led light bulb and have been extremely impressed with its performance. Not only are the bulbs energy efficient, but they also provide excellent lighting quality.

One of the things that i love most about the smart a19 led light bulbs is their compatibility with the echo dot (3rd gen). My kids have a lot of fun using their echo dots to control the lights in their rooms and have even set up routines to turn the lights on and off at certain times.

In addition to the convenience of being able to control the lights through voice commands, the smart a19 led light bulbs also have a lot of other useful features such as the ability to dim the lights and set schedules.

Overall, i highly recommend the amazon basics smart a19 led light bulbs to anyone looking to upgrade to a smart lighting system. They are easy to install, energy efficient, and provide excellent lighting quality.

5Expert Score
Works great after some configuration updated 1/8/2023

Install was pretty easy and selecting a ‘specific’ color/routine seems to work. But if you want to cycle the colors a routine didn’t seem to do that. The routine that came up was completely different than others i’ve setup. Some folks say to ‘cycle’ the colors tell alex to ‘set rainbow’ and set a timer. I never got it to work after several attempts. The packaging/instructions don’t say anything about this option. Maybe just me, but i build my own computers so i’m pretty techy.
Update – ok, so after some more searching i found this. Seems you have to say the command ‘exactly’ in this manner. I now have it working. It will cycle through all colors.
To set a rainbow timer, say, ‘set a 5-minute rainbow timer with [device name].’ rainbow timers work with any color-changing smart light connected to alexa. When the timer starts, the light cycles through the colors of the rainbow. Note: rainbow timers only work with timers that are at least 2 minutes long.

5Expert Score
Great value. Easy setup.

I couldn’t believe how quick it was to set these up. They integrate seamlessly with the alexa app.

I’m a late convert to home automation. Amazon makes it so easy to integrate these lightbulbs with echo show and dot.

The alexa app lets you create routines. Like when i say “alexa, goodnight”. It turns off all my lights except the one in the hallway. I have that set to dim to 10% and turn red. Makes a great night light. Then, when i say “alexa, good morning “. The hallway light goes up to 50% and changes from red to soft white. Alexa then tells me the time and the weather for the day.

I just love how easy amazon makes it for an old guy like me to jump into home automation.

5Expert Score
I will be buying these for the whole house…

Instantly turned the living room main light into the perfect ambient light fixture. It can be warm, bright, red, blue, whatever color you want (almost). You can also set it up for automations to come on at a certain brightness in the morning and then have it ramp up the brightness periodically until it reaches 100%. Perfect to not scorch your eyeballs when having your morning coffee and news, and by the time you have been up for a half hour or so it has automatically brightened itself. Then, you can have it turn off when the sun comes up. Very cool, pricey but worth every penny. I want this convenience throughout the whole home! Highly recommended!

5Expert Score
Easiest to set up!

There are cheaper smart bulbs out there that will work with alexa but they typically require the download of a third party app, signing up for an account with their company, giving access to your personal information, enabling the skill on your phone and then, after all of that, they will only work intermittently requiring going through a big headache to get them working again.

This alexa smart bulb practically set itself up…after screwing it into my light fixture i opened up my alexa app and it was already there.

I was up and running within literally one minute of opening the package it came in!

It has worked flawlessly so far and i will absolutely be buying more of them!

5Expert Score
Let there be light…

And there was light. Very nice light. I have been using six of these bulbs for a couple months and have found them to be dependable and fun to work with. They are in the living room, bedroom, and office. I sometimes turn the bedroom blue — very sexy! True, they don’t provide a million shades of color, but how many people need such a thing? I have found the color options to be more than ample. I also have an amazon smart plug which controls the outdoor christmas display (on at sunset; off at 11:00).

The alexa app provides the control, which through routines you can set up. For example, i have one ‘alexa, goodnight’ which turns off all the house lights and turns on a dim bedroom night light. Alexa responds, ‘goodnight, sleep well.’ the night light turns off at sunrise. I must say, the sunrise and sunset functions are extremely accurate for your precise location. Good stuff! Very flexible and fun to work with. I highly recommend the amazon basics bulbs and smart plug. Go to it!

5Expert Score
Awesome smart bulb

Very good for the price! Not the brightest led bulb, but strong enough for a desk. Love how i can change the colors easily or turn it on/off with just my voice. The brightness is also adjustable!

You don’t have to install another app either; as long as you already have the alexa app. It’s super simple to set up. I just had to screw the bulb into my lamp and my alexa app automatically detected it so it was already set up for me. No additional steps required. However, if it didn’t auto-detect, you can scan the qr code it comes with in the alexa app and it’ll help quick setup for you

5Expert Score
Absolutely perfect smart light bulb

It took me awhile to get on the smart home bandwagon, but now i could never turn back. These light bulbs are perfect for a bedroom, living room, etc. It was very easy to install and even easier to use. You can use your alexa device or phone and easily turn it on, off, or change the color. I thought it was a fantastic price for how well it works. If you already have the amazon and alexa apps, the installation will take a minute or two and you’ll be on your way to an easier life.

5Expert Score
Easy to use

This came as a free promotion with the echo 5th generation speaker that i purchased. I absolutely love this bulb. It fits any standard us lamp socket and mine came preset with my home network settings. It is a check box you can select when you order from amazon. You can select standard bulb colors, warm, soft cool white, etc., or if your are feeling 70’s retro you can pretty much change the light color to whatever you want, blue, green, purple etc…

5Expert Score
Simple smart bulb that is easy to use

My daughter likes to sleep with a light on in her bedroom – something more than just a night light. I put a low wattage bulb in her lamp on her nightstand, but it was still too bright. What i would normally do is either throw a cloth over the lamp or point the lamp close to the wall to minimize the brightness. These weren’t the best of solutions, plus the lamp tended to stay on throughout the day when it was not needed.

I have my whole home set up with smart devices and lights so i decided a smart bulb should do the trick here. I decided on this bulb. Installation was really easy. I just put the bulb in the lamp, opened the alexa app on my iphone, and it automatically found it. I then set up a routine where it would turn on the bulb and set the brightness to 1% at her bedtime, and then turn it off one hour after sunrise. This does the trick and solves both my problems.

The other thing i like about this bulb is that it is warm white with a light temperature of 2700k. My eyes are very sensitive to light temperature, and i hate lighting that is above 2700k in temperature.

My only complaint so far is that i can’t seem to find where to tell the alexa app to have the bulb connect to my iot wireless network. I purposely keep all my smart home devices on a separate iot wi-fi network for security reasons. I will keep playing with the app to see if i can figure out how to get the bulb on a different wi-fi network.

Overall, i recommend this smart bulb, especially considering the low price and the ease of use.

4Expert Score
Great value, just two small complaints

Fun little light. We bought one and decided we’re going to change all our light bulbs to these now. Lots of colors to choose from, and super easy to install and use.

2 small complaints though: 1) it lags sometimes when we try to change the colors/brightness 2) it lags by like 1 second when we turn it on with the light switch for some reason. We noticed this right away. These aren’t a big deal though obviously. Just little things that might bother some of you.

4Expert Score
Not the best

Hooking this light bulb up was a nightmare. Then i turned it off and moved the lamp a few days after and now it won’t connect to alexa at all. Plus it’s 12.99 if i want to buy another one too. Just a la carte. I’m gonna go with a different brand for cheaper that will do the same thing.

4Expert Score

I received my light for free, apart of a bundle. I decided i was going to purchase a bed side lamp specifically for this light and i am happy i did so. It is the perfect night light as you can tell alexa to turn it on/off as you please. You can also change the color of the light to your satisfaction while also being able to dim it. Pull the trigger and turn that old plain lamp into a fashion statement!

4Expert Score
Nice basic smart bulb

I got the the amazon basics smart bulb in soft white. It’s a convenient and easy to set up. The price is comparable to other bulbs i see. I do wish this had more features but it works well if you’re someone who has/uses the alexa app or alexa enabled devices. It’s dimmable, can be set on a timer, and can be turned off from your phone if you forget before leaving the house.

Keep in mind, if you don’t have any amazon appliances this is basically a regular lightbulb. You can’t just say “alexa turn it in blah blah blah”. It only works when commanded through the app or echo, show, dot, etc.

I had no issues setting it up. One tip though; when the app asks you to scan the qr code, scan the one on the booklet not the box.

4Expert Score
Instalación difícil

Seguí paso a paso las instrucciones que vienen en la caja y cuando pedía escanear el código qr para finalizar la instalación se quedaba un largo tiempo pensando para al finalizar decir que hubo un error desconocido. Después de varios intentos siguiendo las instrucciones decidí usar la opción manual sin el código qr y pude lograr la instalación. Menciono que el código qr vino incluido como un fragmento de papel dentro de la caja, se supone su función era hacer mejor la instalación, para mi la hizo frustrante.

4Expert Score
Works well

The qr codes for all of my bulbs were upside down. Just make sure to flip them if yours aren’t scanning correctly in the app.

4Expert Score
Great! Just a little hard for me to set up

Took like 30 minutes for it to find my phone and it keeps disconnecting from my app. Other than that though it’s great and sosososo convenient

4Expert Score
Ok light bulb

Good but it difficult to pair to alexa but it works and eventually paired

4Expert Score
It’s alright.

Bright. Connection is like any other smart light bulb. Alexa and router about 20 feet away from light, but it’s having some issue with the basic routine to turn on at sunset and turn of at sunrise. At time i find myself telling alexa to either turn on or turn off, when it should be automatic with the alexa routing setup. I have a different bulb elsewhere and no problem with routine.

4Expert Score
Works great as a nightlight

My son has tepuble falling asleep in total darkness. He likes that he can chante the color depending on his mood. I like that i can turn it off at night without having to enter his room, as well as adjust the brightness if hes on the edge of sleep

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