Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites

Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats Chicken and Waffle Bites 12oz : Pet Supplies

What are yakibest brand – wag treats features?

  • Proudly made in the usa, 100% of ingredients are sourced in the usa
  • Farm-raised american chicken is the #1 ingredient
  • No added poultry by-products; no added corn, soy or wheat, no added artificial flavors
  • Feed as a treat; training aid or reward for your dog. Feed as a whole piece or break into half or smaller size bite sized pieces
  • Net wt.12 oz (340g) of chicken and waffle bites in a resealable bag to preserve freshness
  • Satisfaction guarantee: we’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385
  • An amazon brand
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Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats Chicken and Waffle Bites 12oz : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Does anyone know if these come in chocolate flavor? My dog can’t get enough chocolate

For all the people saying that chocolate is bad for dogs is sort of true but it’s only raw chocolate that is toxic to dogs i have always given my dogs chocolate and they are totally fine nothing wrong. But the raw chocolate it can totally kill dogs. I would recommend making your own chocolate dog treats.

I am not able to purchase these. They only add to my cart

Maybe they are out of stock at the time you tried to purchase.. I hope you figured it be situation out and you’ve got your treats.

Are they smokey or sweet smelling?

They are sweet smelling. My finicky dog loves them.

Are these treats soft or crunchy?

They are not real soft, they are chewy and can be broken into pieces easily!

How many calories per waffle?

The company says there are 36 kcals in each piece. One of the great things about these treats it that it is very easy to break them into into smaller pieces with just your fingers, so, offering a half wafer/waffle can work well. To keep the waffles soft, be sure to reseal the package. My dogs love them–even the older finicky one.

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I adopted a toothless 12 y.o. Minpin , are these soft enough?

No, they are not quite soft enough. I would suggest a freeze dried treat & food. Primal is awesome food and they have treats as well. Thank you so much for adopting that dog, you’re good people.

Are the waffles soft?

These will bend a ways before breaking. They’re not soft and fluffy like bread, but appear to be chewy.

How are the chicken&waffle bites made? Freeze dried or baked

Baked. Dogs love them.

Where can i find an expiration date? They arrived very dry.

Good question! I needed a magnifying glass to find it! It’s on the back, below the feeding guide and it’s in black so it is hard to find!

Approx how many cookies are in the 6oz bag?

I would guess between 20 – 25 & they are pretty large & can be broken in half! Also they are squishy & chewy!

How many calories are in each piece/ each treat?

Each treat is approx 36 kcal / g

I ordered three, but only received two.

We’ll contact amazon to get your money back or have them send you out another one.

How many treats per container?

The treats are in a bag. Depending on the bag size you get a lot.

I see that the ‘chicken is sourced from the usa’, and that the ‘treats are made in the usa’, so what other countries are involved? Who packages, logis

It’s distributed by amazon.com services llc seattle washington.

What is the fat content?

The packaging does not show the fat content in grams but says it is 5.0% hope that helps

What is the size of these bites ?

The bites are about 1 3/4′ square, but they are very easily broken into smaller sizes just with your fingers. My dogs love them.

How do i stop this order?

Not sure once it is shipped hard to cancel. Just return it when you get it.

Isn’t titanium dioxide bad for both animals and humans? Europe has banned it already.

I don’t know. You might check with your vet.

What are the size dimensions of each wafer?

It’s about the size of a 50 cent piece.

Are these waffles considered a main source product.

Not sure what you mean by ‘main source product’ but these waffle treats are just that. It’s a dog treat not meant to be a dog’s main source of food.

Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest Brand – Wag Treats Chicken and Waffle Bites 12oz : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My dogs love these soft treats

It took a couple of days, but when my fur babies decided to give them a try, they loved them. They are a soft treat, which i love because my yorkie is 3lbs, 6 yrs old, and has had back teeth pulled. She can enjoy these as they are easily broken up. My maltese is 10lbs and handles them well. No upset stomachs, no choking or vomiting. They are made in the usa, and no corn, soy or wheat!

5Expert Score

Always looking for healthy dog snacks. These are expensive my, but worth it. My pups have digestion issues and i have to be careful in choosing treats. They loved these and they didn’t have any problems after eating them.

5Expert Score
Great treats!!

My dog drives me crazy for these treats. They’re nice and soft and they break into small portions easily without making a lot of crumbs and she really likes them. Thank you. She’s 15 and i feel good giving her these treats.

5Expert Score
Doggo approved

We gave these to our doggo before finding he was allergic to chicken.
These were a great treat and he loved them. We’d still get them if he wasn’t allergic.

5Expert Score
Great treat

The dogs love them, not to hard to chew. Nothing like a biscuit which my older dog doesn’t like

5Expert Score
My dogs love these things so they’re great for picky eaters

I’ve tried so many different treats and most of the time my dog doesn’t give a reaction. These treats have caused her to run to the closet with anticipation. They make her happy so they make me happy

5Expert Score
Our dogs favorite treat!

When given a choice, my dogs choose these perfectly sized treats every time!
Don’t hesitate to purchase!!

5Expert Score
Dog got tired of them quick

My dog loved the first few times but then lost interest.

5Expert Score
My little demon loves it

I have a mini chihuahua and he loves these more than he loves me, if i need him to come i just have to grab the bag and he’ll come a running. He is a picky eater, i’ve been through 3 different dry foods, 2 different wet foods, and 5+ bag/boxes of treats, but he’s obsessed with these, almost to the point that i want to take a bite just to see what’s so exciting… He prefers these over human food!!!! So i highly recommended you try them, and for those with picky fur babies good luck…

5Expert Score
My picky eaters favorite treats

So i have an elderly poodle who is so dang picky. It’s not that he won’t like something right off the bat; it’s that he gets bored of eating the same things over and over again. So when he likes a treat for this long (i’ve been ordering them for about a year) i know it’s something special. I have never met a dog that doesn’t like these treats even the pickiest of the picky. The ingredients seem good, but i am no expert on dog nutrition. I wish they didn’t add unnecessary coloring, but it doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on my dogs.

These treats have come in handy for not only being an amazing reward while training, but now that my senior dog is getting older he has less of an appetite. When he doesn’t seem interested in eating i break one of these up over his food and it entices him enough to eat a few bites of his food at the very least. Never stop making these treats. I don’t think there is better out there!

4Expert Score
Started as good but now some dry(light colored pieces)

Have these on subscription. They started out great for 1-2 years. Now recently we’ve noticed dry pieces in the past 2-3 bags. Not real issue, dogs still eat them, but something is up. Let’s see some qc

4Expert Score
She loves them!!

They are so fresh and soft when we received them. She’s a small dog so i give her a half one. It has quality ingredients .

4Expert Score
My doggie likes this treat

Good ingredients my doggie likes as an alternative treat.

4Expert Score
I was shocked that my 2 dogs like these

I have a chihuahua and a poochon, both are rescues & older now, between 13 yrs. & at least 13-14 yrs.
They are both real picky! For some reason i thought i’d get these bites figuring i’d be tossing them or giving them to my neighbors dog. But to my delight, they do like them.

4Expert Score
Our great danes love these, but…

Our giant dogs go crazy for these. Absolutely lose their mind over these bonkers! We will let them pick between these and dried sweet potatoes or chicken, they pick these every time. It’s adorable and i love that they can look forward to eating something as we don’t give them people food and with their diets they are limited to what they can eat for allergy reasons. When i saw these i was excited to find them something to break up their monotony. The 4 stars…these, whether it’s 1 treat or 4, gives them the most horrendous gas! I mean wake you from a dead sleep, throat gaging, eye watering gas. I am not exaggerating in the least. We actually lost sleep because my husband and myself would be choked out by it. They are danes, they are gassy, this is a whole other level. It also causes their stool to be soft. We stopped giving these and their gas cleared up and they are back to hard stools. We’ve been buying these for a little while now to know that these are the culprit. Would love to continue to give these, but for now once the last bag runs out we will begin our search again for something that is easier for their digestion.

4Expert Score
Dogs love these

They come in fresh and moist. It is very soft. My dogs go crazy for it

4Expert Score
Made in usa

My picky eater loves these treats!

4Expert Score
My dogs love these! They break easy to give in smaller pieces and never stale!

Dogs go crazy when they see this bag!

4Expert Score
Made dog sick

Every time my pit bulls would eat these, it would make them vomit. My cockapoo did well with them though.

4Expert Score
My doodle liked them!

My 5 month old doodle enjoys them! Its just small shaped waffles 🧇 inside i guess with chicken flavor added . My puppy likes them & id recommend

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