Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders)

Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders)

Yakibest.com: Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders) : Electronics

What are yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh wi-fi 6 system with built-in zigbee smart home hub 3-pack features?

  • Whole-home wi-fi 6 coverage – an eero 6 3-pack covers up to 4,500 sq ft. With wifi and supports wifi speeds up to 500 mbps.
  • Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering – eero’s mesh wifi technology optimizes for your space—so you can confidently stream 4k video, game, and video conference across your home.
  • More wifi for more devices – wi-fi 6 supports faster wifi than prior standards and permits 75+ connected devices.
  • Set up in minutes – the eero app walks you through setup and allows you to manage your network from anywhere. Plus, free customer support is available 7 days a week.
  • Connect to alexa – eero 6 doubles as a zigbee smart home hub, making it easy to connect and control compatible devices on your network with alexa.
  • Gets better over time – automatic updates bring the latest and greatest in eero wifi while also helping to keep your network safe and secure.
  • Easily expand your system – with cross-compatible hardware, you can easily add eero products as your needs change.
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Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can eero replace my comcast modem?

The eero is a router, not a modem. So you still need a cable modem to use the eero. However, the xfinity xb7 gateway support wifi 6 and includes the modem, so if you already rent an xfinity gateway, you can upgrade your gateway for free to the xb7 and get most of the functionality of the eero.

Is there a wifi performance difference between the router and extender?

I pay for a gig and i normally get 925mbps up and down when testing. Since my router and extension is less then 30ft away, the speeds for both are pretty close. It is just my wife and i, and we have many devices, but we normally only stream 4k on one device, and rarely a hd video conf at the same time. This is why i normally get great performance. If we had our kids with us, the performance would definitely be different.

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Do i need a smartphone to download the app or can i download to my computer to get started?

There is no web interface. You must use the eero app on phone or tablet, but it does not need an active celluar plan (works fine on my ipad with no cellualar, just wifi).

Will the extenders connect between each other to boost thje range or will only connect to the main router? Daisy-chaining or not?

You’ll get the best speeds if the nodes are laid out such that each satellite node connects to the main router node connected to your internet modem (e.g. The router node in between the other 2), but they can communicate in any combination of hops, depending on your layout and the fastest node-to-node connection (called backhaul). If you have the ability to connect the nodes with ethernet cables, you’ll want to go with the 3-router option, since each router has 2 ethernet ports for this purpose. The extenders do not have the ethernet ports available for this option. If you use the 3-router option and use a hard-wired backhaul (connect via ethernet cables), this will give you the fastest speed possible from all of nodes, no matter your layout.

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Does this work with spectrum?

I have spectrum and they installed a new router. I did not see the 2.4 & 5 g separately. This caused my 2.4g electronics not to work. They had to go back to old router with 2.4 & 5g listed separately.

I have no desire to link this to any account or manage it remotely. Can this be done without an account?

You have the option to link the required week acct to your amazon account, but that’s not required. The eero acct is required to download the app to your phone to setup/ manage the router.

Is this backward compatible with my existing eeros?

Yes, however it is important to note that in every network, you must use an eero with an ethernet port on the back so you can connect it to your modem.

Eeros that can be used as a gateway are the eero, eero pro, eero 6 and eero 6 pro. Once your gateway eero is installed you may use any combination of eeros to setup your network.

All eeros are compatible with each other no matter when they were released.

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Will new eero 6 work with older eero systems or do i have to replace all old eeros for a new eero 6 compatible system?

Yes, but keep in mind the older version of eero’s don’t become wifi 6 just because they’re combined with the newest model, they would still operate as 802.11ac

Is the tp-link deco x55 better than eero 6, more ethernet ports and faster speeds?

Yes, the deco x55 has 3 ethernet ports per unit which means you can connect more devices via ethernet like smart tv and gaming console. It also supports ethernet backhaul. You will get more stable wifi if you can connect the deco units via ethernet cables. The eero 6 (1 router + 2 extender) only has 2 ethernet ports in total as the extenders don’t have any ethernet port which means it doesn’t support ethernet backhaul. Regarding the speed, the x55 is ax3000 while the eero 6 is ax1800. You could get faster speeds with ax3000 if your devices support wifi 6. Btw, the deco x55(3-pack) have 3 routers, any of them can work as a router. Basically, you get more benefits with similar budget.

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I have the eero pro with 2 beacon extenders. How easy is it to replace my old eero with the new one? And can i still use the extenders?

If youu have the new eero pro 6 i would change it out with the pro you have and use the older one in place of an extender. If you don’t have the pro 6, leave the older pro as the main. Only the pros have tri band. The new eero 6 (not the pro) allows for more device connection.

I still have my original eero system from 2016 and love it. Is there anything this new eero 6 provides that my current system does not?

Much faster transmission than your old one … I upgraded and its worth the cost to me

A verizon wifi jetpack will be compatible also ?

Its a mifi device with no ethernet out put. Eero needs an ethernet input to work. So in short, no it’s not compatable.

Does the ‘extender’ eero have the built-in zigbee hub, as well?

It’s my understanding the main one you plug into the modem has the zigabee hub, not the extenders. But since they all work together all the same when it comes to using the network for other smart devices.

What internet service provider does this work with ? I have verizon fios.

It works with fios. And you can remove your fios router if you have fios internet only. I do and did that. If you have fios tv too, need to keep the fios router. Eero has instructions on their website.

Is this works with at&t fiber ?

Yes – i have at&t fiber 1gb service. It’s fast and consistent with my eero pro 6 routers. Be sure to set it up properly with the at&t fiber router.

Whats the difference betweeb the option with two extenders vs the one with 3 routers? Do i need to have wired connection for all 3 routers?

The two extenders cannot be hard wired to the router, but can only be connected wirelessly. The three routers can be set up the same as a router + two extenders, having the router connected to your modem, and the other two routers connected wirelessly, or the two ‘extender’ routers can be wired to the router. If they are wired to the main router, the wifi speeds at these ‘extended’ points will be almost identical to the main router. If they are connected wirelessly, the speeds at the ‘extended’ routers may only be 1/2 the speed of the main router. (the same is true of the wireless extenders, the speeds for those may be 1/2 the speed of the main router.)

The eero6 router alone says that offers up to 900mbps, this three pack with the router and two extenders says up to 500mbps. Can you clarify?

The reason you are seeing the two numbers is due to wi-fi. Dual band wi-fi, which these routers are, has a theoretical maximum speed of 500mb/s though i have seen up to 600mbps on dual band. If you move up to a higher end wi-fi device (the eero6 pro, or a gamer focused router) they can push a theoretical max of 1.2gb/s however very few wi-fi cards can handle that max. The max you will likely see whether the router can handle 500mb/s or 1.2gb/s is ~570mb/s assuming all conditions are perfect and your data connection can handle that speed (unless you have a wi-fi card that is designed for 1.2gb/s.) the router itself can handle 900mb/s.

I am not sure about the androidcentral quote on this question as these routers will not handle the 1.2gb/s theoretical maximum.

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Can i connect my tv directly to eero to make it wired and not on wifi?

Yes, the main gateway has 2 ports. One must be connected to the isp modem. The other can be connected directly to yout tv for a wired connection, if you want. Or, connect it to a multiport switch for multiple wired connections.

I have eero 6 with 2 extenders, i still have a dead spot where i have an ethernet cable access, should i buy an eero 6 router and add it vs extender?

I believe if you buy another router and add it to the 2nd ethernet cable you will end up with 2 different zones needing 2 different passwords. This defeats the mesh system. But another extender for that area.

Will it work with verizon’s new home 5g?

It’s a wifi router.

Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Yakibest eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack, one eero 6 router + two eero 6 extenders) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
So many things you need to know

When you are considering spending almost 300 bucks for a router, and there are so many brands and models of them trying to lure your attention, you need to have some real facts. And that doesn’t mean reading about how fast or slow it is in somebody else’s house. Who cares? You don’t live in their house and every single thing you have connected to wifi and ethernet in your home is different from someone else who is no more of an expert on routers than anyone else. Before i give you some real life facts i will get right to the bottom line and that is there is only one way you will ever know how a device like this can and will perform in your home and that is to buy it and try it with your own computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, tv and everything else that is common in today’s home place. Remember, if it doesn’t work you can always send it back and get something else. And with this device you may end up doing that. On the other hand, this might be just what you’re looking for.

What is it

okay i’ve called it a router, a term the maker is trying to avoid. And that’s not a bad thing because eero isn’t exactly like 95% of the other routers out there. It’s important to know a few things about them. Other than eero being a common estonian and finnish first name, they are a company founded by a couple of dudes in their apartment in 2016 and then bought up by amazon in 2019. If you are reading all those reviews posted prior to the november 23, 2020 ship date of this new model eero 6 you are probably reading about old obsolete products and you should stop reading those right now. This is not the same item. Same concept yes but what’s inside is night and day different. Under its new owners the game plan here is that this device should be two things – simple and safe. To that end they have done some remarkable things i’ve never seen before and some things that maybe aren’t so stellar. What am i basing that on? I’ve been in the industry for a quite a while now and part of that included hands on installing and using at least two dozen current model routers that i bought with my own money and are sitting in my storage room. The word simple isn’t one that usually comes to mind when talking about these things, in fact it can be the exact opposite. Unfortunately a lot of these devices are either made by old line networking companies that don’t get what life is like in the first quarter of the twenty-first century or by offshore companies who do well at making stuff but not so well designing it for real life needs. The other word, safe, isn’t normally associated with routers either – usually that’s a function of the computer or smartphone and not needed for non-smart devices. In today’s world there is some logic in nipping unsafe bad stuff before it even gets into the air in your home, which is why eero has gone to great lengths to build protection right into their hardware.

What i like

first off please realize that this page has changed a few times to correspond to different configurations they are making available and the one i evaluated was a prerelease sample of the basic model 6 (not the pro) which included the main base unit and two satellite units. That’s pretty much all you get other than the power transformers and a tiny card that tells you that you have to download an app to set the thing up. There is no other way to set it up other than downloading their app , which is one of the first differences from what you may be used to. The setup process can go pretty fast, that is it would have been fast if they would have included better instructions, a topic i will touch on later. Unlike the old days the setup is almost completely hands off, the hardware configures almost everything automatically and hardly asks you anything. In other words you do not have to go through that tedious process of updating the software and firmware, it’s all done for you. After a few minutes you are up and running and if you wanted to you could walk away and never touch it again. There is one solitary status light that glows a few different colors then settles down to a soft white all’s well indicator and you can turn it off completely if you don’t like it. You can’t make a mistake plugging it in because other than the power cable there are two identical ports which are both self configuring ethernet input output ports, you attach your modem to one and optionally a hard wired ethernet device to the other, although most people will never use it. If you’re like me and have any devices that demand a hard wired configuration you can always add a switched ethernet hub. After you’re done you can go back into the app and tweak some things but nowhere near as many as even the cheapest entry level wifi router you may have owned in the past. There are also some performance graphs that are simple and easy to understand and a heavy handed pitch for their safety and security upgrades.

Then there are those things i didn’t care for

i didn’t have any issues with the lack of customization this product offers, i think for the vast majority of homeowners it has everything we need. But there are some things that were frustrating. The first was the total lack of setup instructions included with the device. You get the three components (lacking any kind of protective wrap), the power cords and the tiny card that tells you to download the app. They even show a website address. But they don’t tell you that you absolutely must use a smartphone with an active cellular data line that meets certain specific criteria to use to install that app and use it for the setup. And the only way you will ever know any of that is after you set the thing up and go into the obscure help section that consists of many thousands of pages. I tried using my ipad and got a message that it was doing something but it didn’t tell me what. After a half hour it finally timed out and said the installation failed but not a word about why. After i tried the only available option which was to try again and wasting another half hour i tried to contact tech support. No surprise, they don’t have phone support but their website promises instant response. I filled in the information and waited, and waited and waited and 24 hours later i still didn’t get an answer almost a week later. By then i had figured out on my own that maybe i should try using my smartphone and the installation took all of about five minutes. The problem here is that not everyone may have a brand new phone that meets their strict criteria and maybe this is being installed somewhere where the user doesn’t have a smartphone at all but wants wifi internet. The short answer is that you can’t do it, period.

Frustration two comes in when the next thing is that they want to send you an email with a secret code to prove that it’s really you but the first time that process failed and i had to do it again.

If you are protective of your privacy this may not be the product for you – unlike the majority of routers you have to give away a ton of private information and agree to just as many contracts and legal stuff just to use the hardware. I will never get how sending someone all my private information is helping them protect my privacy.

Finally there’s the issue of the subscription service, and it’s no small issue at all. Like many other companies eero is looking to build a continuing revenue stream of having you pay to subscribe to all but the most basic of the so-called safety services you paid almost 300 bucks to get in the first place. I am very aware of the firewalls, virus protection and other safety hardware and software i have built into my computer and other devices and i will make my opinion clear right now that i don’t think i need anything their suite of services offers. In fact i know so. I read through it all (something one in a million people will do) and the vast majority of it is typical of the san francisco penchant for someone in a windowless room deciding what is safe and moral for me to view, for example barring me from viewing anything that shows guns or violence – but yet they won’t answer why it’s okay for them to sell video games that require a router that are all about guns and violence. In fact their entire so-called secure suite seems to be aimed at blocking everything i should have the good sense and choice to view or not view as i please.

Fortunately i think you can use their hardware without paying a monthly subscription fee, right now i am sampling it so i can update this with more information later. Over and above that $30 annual basic suite they offer an advanced security suite that as far as i can see adds primarily the addition of encrypt me, ipassword and malwarebytes for a whopping $99 a year subscription. My opinion is that most people choosing this product for simplicity’s sake would have little knowledge and thus little interest in a vpn app like encrypt me, would question the value of paying for a password manager when there are so many available for free, and the reality is most people’s devices are probably already protected by a very good antivirus program already. Note that i’ve used the word opinion a couple of times and i mean it, i’m not saying my opinion is what you should do any more than i am not saying a word about what internet speeds i’m getting in my home, because you shouldn’t care about my or anyone else’s speeds, they have no impact on you at all.

Should you buy

my home is longer than it is wide and my wifi signal has to go through some mechanical equipment and a kitchen to get to my entertainment center, which has an adverse effect on the signal. In the other direction is my office which has a lot of walls between it and my router. I was getting ready to run a cable and hardwire both ends of the house to help solve this situation but this seemed like an easier solution – now i have one extender at one end of the house right next to the tv and the other in close proximity to my office equipment, much of which is wireless. I tried the previous products that used an extender you plugged into a wall outlet and they don’t work for me. They did in the old days when our devices stayed static but when i walked from one end of the house to the other with my phone i had to log out of one account and log in to another to continue. With eero everything is seamless, the extenders smartly and automatically connect to wireless devices and when a device travels it hands off from one extended to another without a glitch. While i am very technical i don’t like to overcomplicate things and i found the setup and configuration of this product to be amazingly simple. I don’t think the people in sf are on the same page as the rest of the country in terms of what their privacy needs are and what they feel they should be told they should be protected from so i’m leaning right now toward not continuing with their secure subscription after the 30 day trial, which by the way i think is too short for anyone to make a useful decision on. I can’t tell you if you should buy this or not, but i hope this information has helpful. And if this sounds like it’s right for you i encourage you to try it and not be talked out of it because someone else didn’t like it. Good luck, i will give this an update after a month or two – no review for such a product can be very useful a few days after it’s introduced, mine has already updated itself three times in the 24 hours i’ve had it.

5Expert Score
Coverage over speed

I have an approximately 2,000 square foot house. My main router has to be on one end of the house on the top floor. Before the eero, this always meant i had to live with some dead zones within my living area, mainly at the opposite end of my house and on the deck behind our house. The eero’s wireless mesh network is able to deliver wifi to a much larger area of my house than a single router could, and did not require me to drill holes in my wall to hard-wire something. It does so at the expense of network speed for the devices that connect to the satellite eeros, rather than to the main one. That seems like a fair trade-off to me, however, because network speeds are fast enough for me, and because most of the areas where speed is lower are the areas that i either had spotty wifi connections, or no wifi connections, before i had a mesh wireless system.

#### comparison with my old router

my old router was a tri-band 802.11ac router that cost about as much as the eero 6 3-pack. In many respects, it was an excellent router. It was fast and offered very good coverage throughout the house, but its reach did not cover my entire living area. (note: the eero 6 is a wifi 6-capable device, but i am currently running all devices on 802.11ac or older wifi specifications. I expect to get wifi 6-enabled devices next year, and i know my network will be ready for them.)

the regular (non-“pro”) eero 6 system is designed for homes with internet speeds of up to 500mbps. I currently have a 400mbps connection. Before and after upgrading my router, i ran a bunch of speed tests throughout my house. With my old router, i maxed out my internet connection in about half the house, but had much lower speed further out, and the connection dropped to nothing or almost nothing at the side of the house opposite my router, and outside on my deck. With the eero, speed tests are up to 400mbps for devices connected to the main eero unit, and up to 200mbps (and down to 40mbps) for devices that connect to one of the two satellite units. The coverage area is much larger, however.

The eero is just as fast as my old router in the same room that the main eero base unit is in. In other rooms of the house, where the eero is obstructed by multiple walls, or is wirelessly hopping from on eero to another, my average speeds are half that (200 mbit) or one tenth that (40 mbit). The thing is, even when the speed is compromised (due, i suppose, to the connection hopping between the eero devices) the wifi is still fast enough for what i use it for: video and audio streaming and the web. I can actually use my iphone and my computer in the backyard, with internet speeds that are fast enough for streaming video and music, so, in a sense, that is a 100% improvement over what i had before.

In my household, we have at least twenty wireless devices connected to the eero at any time, in addition to five hardwired computers, including a home media server/nas. We stream video, audio, and do video conferencing much of the day. There are a lot of packets going through my network, and the eero has routed and transmitted them without a hitch.

#### the hardware

all three eero units are identical in appearance, though only the base unit has ethernet jacks. They are much smaller than any home router i have had before, and look completely unobtrusive. They are designed with a slanted and sloped top, to discourage you from putting anything on top of them. They cannot be wall mounted without some kind of bracket, which is not included. I found the design to be a little more limiting than i had expected, because i had to found tabletops to place each unit on; i couldn’t place them in hallway outlets like the eero beacon.

The “main” eero unit is a router, but, unlike most home routers, it does not contain a built-in switch. That means that you can connect one, and only one, device to it via ethernet. If you connect several devices to your current router via ethernet, you have two options with eero: either (1) run the eero in bridge mode, using your old router to route packets, or (2) buy a relatively inexpensive unmanaged switch to sit beside the eero base unit, and connect your hardwired devices to that. I chose the second approach because i already had a switch.

In the past, many of my wifi routers have “flaked out” after a while, probably because they get too hot for too long. I noticed that the main eero unit gets warm, but not hot, to the touch, but only toward the bottom, where the circuit board is. I don’t think it gets warm enough to “fry” the electronics eventually; i certainly hope not.

#### the ios app

i knew, from heading ads for eero on podcasts, that eero has an smartphone app for administrating and monitoring the network. I did not know that using such an app was the _only_ way to administer the network. I am a home networking nerd, very familiar with the web-based admin tools of numerous brands of home routers, including open source firmwares such as dd-wrt and tomato—so this actually tripped me up when i was trying to re-create the static ip addresses of my nas and app server. I assumed i could log into the admin page of the router, find out what ip address those devices ended up at, and then log into them over the network. I have found that wired devices do not always show up in the connected devices list in the ios app. This can make it hard to find what ip address they are connected to.

I use the ios app, which is attractive and pretty easy to use. You should know that you tap the top section of the “home” tab of the eero app to see all your eero devices and manage them—it isn’t immediately obvious. Setting up the eero system from the app was simple, and the app lets you monitor your network, and turn off the light on top of each eero if you want.

Unlike almost every router i have ever used, the eero’s default ip range (at least in my case) is The “.4” part surprised me, and required me to update some devices that had fixed ip addresses in the range.

#### eero secure

the eero comes with a free, 30-day trial for eero secure. It is an optional service that may be useful to you. I don’t plan to subscribe because i already have a similar service that i am happy with. I could see it being useful, however, especially due to the tight integration with the eero app and eero hardware.

5Expert Score
Fast internet, fast setup

I’m incredibly satisfied with how easy the eero was to set up. It quite literally is plug and play, even if you’re setting up a mesh with multiple units. Setup took no more than fifteen minutes, of which ten minutes was figuring out where to place the eero’s in my house for maximum coverage.

One thing that really took me aback was how compact the units were. They’re much smaller than a typical router, approaching the size of wifi range extenders. This made them convenient to place in all kinds of locations.

The app has a nice intuitive interface, and all the settings were pretty easy to find. It would’ve been nice to have a desktop client, though the app already does most of what i need. I appreciate how the app lets you manage your network remotely, meaning you don’t actually have to be connected to your home wifi to see its status.

Internet speed exceeded my expectations, and despite having a wireless backhaul, speeds stayed consistent pretty much anywhere in the house, no matter which eero i was closest to. Every now and then, i’ll have a device connect to the “wrong” eero, and speed would noticeably drop, but that just required toggling the wifi off and back on to fix. For the first time, i’m able to work from home and videoconference pretty much anywhere in the house without worrying about dropping the connection.

Since i already had a router, i opted to set up my eero’s in bridge mode. As far as i can tell, the only thing you lose out on is homekit, which i didn’t mind. One of the most underrated features on routers and aps is the ability to turn off the leds, and i was pleased to learn that eero had that option. It’s the little things that matter sometimes.

Overall, i’m extremely satisfied with my purchase, and i’d happily recommend them to others.

5Expert Score
So much better than the stock optimum router!! Big difference!

I have to say, the eero router is excellent! Here’s the story: the stock optimum router that was included with our service was absolutely useless and cheap! The wifi would cut out many times throughout the day for no reason, constant lag spikes during gaming, and speeds was not consistent at all, mind you we live in a small apartment. Multiple optimum technicians came and changed the router 3 separate times, and i don’t know if it has to do with the model they keep giving us, or their just made really cheap, but all 3 routers had the same issues and it was really annoying since we work from home that we have to deal with constant sudden dropouts all day, all night. Optimum customer service didn’t do anything at all to help us, like usual… So we had to take matters into our own hands and decided to get this router on amazon with seeing all the 5 star reviews, and to be honest we were very surprised at the performance of this little device. Setup was super easy thru the app, it was just plug and play with our optimum router and same username and password. No lag spikes, no cutouts, very smooth performance! If you have an xbox series x or ps5 or a gaming pc, this router is great for gaming. Even though this was $90, this was totally worth every penny! Especially if you have optimum and are having the same issues we had with our 3 stock routers, this will really

5Expert Score
Quick, easy, thank you

My parent’s house, i came in to help them update their system. They had alexa echoe dot items and i read this would work well with their system. Also there are mac computers in the house. A brother of mine reported that this mesh unit would work seamlessly with mac.
I dreaded disconnecting their old internet router etc to replace it with a mesh unit, but i read this would be quick and easy. My main fear was my father is so dependent on his cable tv and computer web link up. If i messed up i was braced for the grief he would dump on me and he might complain and moan until he would be connected again.
Fortunately all instructions were really simple. I watched youtube videos on it as well and as i have read other posts on here this truly was the easiest set up i have ever had to do before. I am not a computer genius so i am thankful for simple. This made the whole process go quickly and easily. About 45 minutes to set up all 3 pieces for me. It really could have been faster, but i double and triple checked my steps as i went along, but no hang ups at all in the whole process.
Plus the software/phone app for it has excellent tools to help manage your safety and internet use down the road.
I did not rate the tech support, because as i said no problems. No help was ever needed

5Expert Score
The best!

I’ve had multiple routers through the years, but this is the best one i’ve used. I’m not tech savvy, but the setup was relatively easy. (if you’re remotely tech savvy, this will be a breeze!) you do need to use the app for this. It was particularly helpful in determining what i might have done wrong and how to correct it.

I have multiple devices in the house; some use 2.4g and 5ghz. It easily distinguishes between them, and everything runs smoothly. Some routers make this claim – i’ve had them – but they couldn’t connect, or when they did, it was for a fleeting moment. The range is also quite good. I have a treadmill in the basement on the opposite side of the house, and there are no issues. Whereas the previous routers would occasionally hiccup.

Once a device connects, you can give it a name to see all the devices. You can name them and group them into categories – personal, entertainment, home, etc. You can also see when any device has recently been online. When family comes over and accesses the network, i can give each device that connects a name, ie: janes – iphone, tommys ipad. I like to know who’s trying to connect in case it’s someone who shouldn’t be!

I love eero security+ – it’s a paid subscription service but well worth it. I balked at first, but after a free month, i couldn’t imagine not using it. It provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports on how much data was downloaded and uploaded, the fastest download and slowest upload. However, the most eye-opening was seeing the number of ‘scans, threat blocks, and content blocks.’ reports are provided on each device.

I highly recommend this router, without hesitation!

5Expert Score
5-10 minute set up and away you go!

Simple set up. My only problem was that you need to unplug your current modem (no wifi) then use their app via cell phone reception or another wifi to activate. I have at&t and zero cell reception at home – so i had to go to a neighbor and borrow his wifi to activate.

Switched all my devices to this new network and so far very fast – almost 300 which is what i pay for – and no more dead spots.

When going thru the steps i got ‘could not connect’ or similar and simple touched ‘try again’ and everything worked. This happened twice. Gotta be patient as the color of the lights change – get a glass of wine and just chill. ‘a watched pot never boils.’

small and stylish.

Fyi – i have cablevision altice 1 – and in prep for the install of eero – they swapped my modem for the newest version at no charge.

5Expert Score

Bought this to have stronger internet signal in garage which is 70’ from house. I already had a little bit of signal but not enough to run a security camera. I have purchased a few other items trying to achieve better signal with no success. More expensive router, wifi booster, etc. They didn’t work. I was told i had to run ethernet cable to building to get the signal i was looking for, and that was from our internet service tech. I wasn’t going to pay for that, and the hassle of running it was not for me.
My mother in law said they bought these and they worked good for them. I bought the units and man are they great. They are fairly easy to set up, and they never disconnect. I am really glad i purchased these and i would suggest them to anyone wanting to move their internet signal to another part of their home.

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Thanks to eero 6, i finally get internet in every corner of my house

This system could not have been simpler to set up and once i figured out the best place for the extenders, i now have internet access throughout my whole house. No dead spots at all, like i did with the cable modem/router placed in a central position (well, as central as i could get). For reference, my house is 2800 sq ft spread over 2.5 stories. My modem and the eero hub (router) are back in my 2nd floor bonus room ‘office’ where they belong, one extender is on the 3rd floor where my husband is currently wfh, and the other extender is in a 2nd floor bedroom at the opposite end of the house from the hub. I tried putting that one on the first floor, but because of construction (beams, studs, etc.) and noise interference from kitchen appliances it actually works better on the second floor because it’s directly above the family room where a lot of internet is used (phones, tablets, occasional laptop, roku). I see a lot of complaints about download speeds, but i get the 200+ mbps that my internet plan advertises and that is more than sufficient. When i was using the spectrum-provided router that’s built in to the modem. I got 50-75 mbps at best on wi-fi, 125 mbps with an ethernet cord. The extenders don’t always get the highest speed, but they still get over 100 mbps (close to the ethernet hookup with the spectrum router). Also, at any given time there are 13 active devices on the system – more when my older daughter is home from college or my husband is using the 3rd floor printer and/or his personal laptop. We have a roku on every floor and none have issues with buffering anymore.

The units themselves are unobtrusive, especially if you get the brackets amazon sells (see photo). I like that you can turn off the led light, which i’ve done on the one that’s in the bedroom. I have a number of wireless phone chargers and i can’t use any of them in the bedroom because the led indicators are too bright. The only thing i would caution is making sure the hub is placed on a hard surface with ample airflow/ventilation around it because it does get a little warm. But as i mentioned before, it’s small and nicely designed so even sitting out on my desk it doesn’t take up much space and looks attractive (see photo).

The app is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate. There is nothing that comes to mind that i’ve had problems with as far as the app is concerned. I do find it hilarious that i can shut off everyone’s internet from anywhere because i have the app on my phone, but that’s just my twisted sense of humor. Seriously, it is nice to have that feature in the instance that my younger daughter needs to focus on schoolwork and i can shut off her access if necessary. I haven’t had to do that yet because just the threat is enough to keep her on task. There are also other parental controls that you can set, but i have a 17yo at home and a 20yo at college so that’s not really a thing i need.

I got the eero 6 system before christmas when it was on sale, but having used it and being so pleased with its performance i would still recommend it at the current price point. It’s still less expensive than several of the other systems reviewed and recommended by c|net. Which, incidentally, is where i found the eero after having looked at the google mesh system and one offered by monoprice.com. I can’t say the eero is better or worse than any other mesh system since it’s the only one i’ve tried, but i can definitely recommend based on my experience with it. If for some reason i needed to buy another one, i would do it in a heartbeat.

5Expert Score

I’ve been reading about these for a while. The guys at work couldn’t stop raving. These are no joke. Absolutely impressive. We have a 2100ft 110yr old farm house; lath&plaster walls, lots of hvac duct & steel water pipes. Set up our netgear in the basement cuz that’s where i ran the coax & cat5 cables to. Netgear wifi in basement was great(250mbs)kitchen was good(170-180)her office was hard wired(400)but good wifi(90-100)living room wifi was “meh”(40mb on a good day), and non-existent on the porch.
The eero router is in basement. “satellite1” in wife’s office, satellite2 in the front hall way by the main stairs to the 2nd floor.
We’re pulling 170+ everywhere on the main floor, 70-80 upstairs in the befrooms(before we had zero), and 90-100 on the porch.
I’m even getting 50-60 out in the detached garage-30ft from the house, almost 50ft from nearest eero thru a couple walls and siding.
Everyone can get online and no one buffers; the boy can stream on twitch, i’m on the roku watching netflix, and wife can do her zoom meetings, and everyone has tiktok running on their phones… All at the same time!

It took longer to figure out where to put the satellites than it did to use the app and set up the network. 30min altogether, probably.
Really impressive, especially for the price.

Cannot recommend these highly enough!

4Expert Score
The good, the bad and the ugly

I have had these units for a while.

The good

the units work as intended, are easy to set up and have a good indicator of operability (white is good and red is bad).

The bad

they do sometimes have bandwidth issues. Unsure if this is due a conflict with other devices in the house. It felt as if my connection was metered. Distances were and interference were minimal. In the evening i was getting throttled to 3-4 mb’s per second but could get near 300 off of my router (narrowing the issue to eero. Conversely in the morning i was flying through data – same device on eero. This led me to…

The ugly (the reason i rated tech support so low)

their software. As i was trying to troubleshoot the bad, options that would have helped understand what was going on were unavailable, due to being behind a paywall. They want $10 a month ($100 for the year) for their analytics on daily or monthly usage (which i was going to check only because i was having issues).

It comes down to whether you agree with their business model. The units look nice and perform well (i don’t often have a problem). I do know i have sporadic throttling after nearly a years operation (trying to investigate) but i, and let me be clear on this, detest their software interaction. Trying to click on anything that feels like information should be available runs into the paywall, while i am trying to figure out what the bandwidth disparity is.

In summary, if i continue to have issues, instead of paying $100 a year to access software, i feel i should be able to use, i will instead look to appropriate that money to a more thoroughly researched wi-fi mesh system.

Since i am using their software to represent their tech support i would upgrade this should the paywall interference be removed.

4Expert Score
Ongoing issues with device- unreliable & customer service was terrible- very disappointed

***edited to reflect experience after issues with the eero. After speaking with the terrible man with customer service, he did help resolve the issue & we have not had any issues since customer service walked me through resetting everything. I am happy with the eero. But the customer service experience was still a very bad one.

I was so happy when we received the eero, it’s sleek & pretty & worked well too… For the first 2 weeks. We decided on the mesh system since we have a wing of the house that is far away & it was not getting any internet signal but the eero took care of that with the 2nd device & the signal in that wing was strong. We were thrilled that the other wing of the house now was connected. But after 2 weeks, the entire system kept going on & off, on & off. I spoke with spectrum our cable provider first convinced it was an issue with our cable service since the eero was brand new. Spectrum confirmed that the signals were not as good as they could be so they sent out a technician who trouble shot & then our internet worked again for a few days. Issues again so we would reboot & it would work for a couple hours & then repeat the same problem. I spoke to spectrum again & they sent another technician out. The 2nd technician went so far as to put in new lines to the house since he said there could be problem there, he was nice enough to work on this for a good 2 hrs & then said that there might be a problem with some part on the top of some tower so he had a truck come out & change that out. All of this while i’m telling them that it isn’t a problem with the router since the router works when the cable works. Again, everything worked for another 3-4 days & then out again. 3rd technician came out & confirms all signals are good & that there is nothing more they can do so it’s got to be the router so he leaves a spectrum router & has the eero go through the spectrum router. He said if it fails in the next 48 hrs it’s the eero. Within 48 hrs, everything stops working again & i did what the last technician instructed me to do & disconnected the eero all together. The technician had me only use their spectrum router & everything worked. So the problem was definitely the router. Now it could have been the internet service provider as well & the eero may need to have been rebooted etc so i called in to customer service to make this thing work since again, i want this thing to work. Otherwise we have a problem with the wing that needs a boost & no booster we have used has worked in the past. Only the eero has worked. The guy on customer service had to be one of the rudest men i have ever spoken with on the phone. I understand that not all representatives are indicative of the type of service you will get but i suffered with his condescension since i need this thing to work & i had already put in so much time. When i asked him at the end if i run into this problem again how to get a new system. He flatly said that is not possible. So it seems i will have to just pray that this thing does not keep having this problem. It’s been just over 30 days since i bought this thing so outside the return window. The reason for my 1 star is the fact that this thing has caused us insane headaches for several weeks, everyone works from home now & needs reliable internet! Can you imagine the frustration? & then the rude customer service when i called to get assistance & do add insult to injury the fact that i can’t get a replacement. I wasn’t even asking to return. I would not recommend this at all & i would look into another mesh system that has a better return or replacement policy since i understand there are lemons out there which is why i am so irritated that they just won’t replace it with a new one since it seems i got a dud.

4Expert Score
Needs more user access

The eero 6 is a very good out-of-the-box home mesh wifi system. Easy to set up and stable over the long term. Strong, reliable signal and intuitive user interface.

But it’s not without its flaws. For example, i’ve found it very difficult to connect devices which require only a 2.4ghz band. The “pause” 5ghz function doesn’t seem to do the trick. Another oddity is that one or two of my devices routinely are directed to connect to the unit with a weaker signal, and can only be forced to connect to the stronger signal by unplugging one of the eeros.

They really should create a web gui login that allows users more versatility and access than you get through the app. I would like the option to go in and create several different customized ssdi signals. It would be good if users could direct certain devices to connect to a specific access point.

4Expert Score
Eero is a great solution!

Eero is a great product. I use it in my home, my weekend cottage and my summer cottage. I love the interface and how well it self-manages updates, etc.

I wish the built in speed test offered ping response times. The other challenge i have is that if the internet goes down for an extended period at my weekend cottage, the eero won’t automatically reconnect when the internet service is restored. I have to drive there and manually reset the eero for things to start working again.

4Expert Score
Easy and reliable but wifi signal disappoints

I love eero products for their ease of use and reliability! I am an early adopter of their first system and it’s still up and running since 2016. For my travels needs i purchased the eero 6 router that i plugged on the modem/router of the local isp. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide better coverage than the internet provider wifi router . It’s disappointing given we are in a 900sqf apartment…interface is great and easy to navigate but it also makes adding a vpn connection on the router very difficult if not impossible. They work very well in pair or by three but a solo unit proved to be disappointing…

4Expert Score
Only one has ethernet ports

The wi-fi signal is pretty good, haven’t really needed to use tech support at all, and most of the interface is in an app on the phone.

But only one of them has an ethernet port which is the router and the other has no ports, so if you’re like me and need an ethernet port in a separate room you’re going to need to buy another one that does

4Expert Score
Eero really works

I ended up getting a bunch of these devices and placing them around the house. Now we have a strong wifi signal everywhere. The total cost was not outrageous and i was able to do all of the work. Note that we ended up with a single wifi network (subnet) for the entire house. I did not end up with the ‘pro’ versions of these devices. The standard eero 6 boxes were more than enough for us.

4Expert Score
Decent to very good performance

Seems these wifi 6/mesh systems carry a premium in $$. This one seems to be getting the job done well for me. Good range, quite easy for setup. Not getting all the speed i pay for from xfinity here but, the next level in these is simply not affordable. I do resent the huge price differential. I also resent that you have to ‘buy’ the security features. Come on amazon. You can do better here. Otherwise this is a pretty decent product at a decent price

4Expert Score
Morton buildings don't count on signal

I have a steel metal morton-type building that i was trying to extend or get a better signal for my ring camera. The setup was straightforward. When the extender was connected easily until it was moved inside the building. I even placed the extender in the rafters of the building. Still have a weak, intermittent, and slow signal. I spaced the range extenders to be positioned in line and well within the range of each other until i closed my garage door. Yeah, that sucks. Otherwise, i would say this is a good router, but not a great system.

4Expert Score
Definitely an improvement in my home

I have to say that this eero 6 set up was definitely a improvement in my 3200 sq ft home. I have seen the most improvements upstairs. I went from getting about 13mbps to 45mbps (upstairs). Downstairs we get about 120mbps. My cell phone (galaxy z fold 3) when connected gets around 456mbps. I was hoping for more upstairs but i will take it. We have tons of devices from computers, tvs, smart lights, phones, video games, etc so this system can handle alot of traffic. Happy with the purchase.

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