Yakibest eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi router | Fast and reliable gigabit + speeds | connect 100+ devices | Coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft. | 2022 release

Yakibest eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi router | Fast and reliable gigabit + speeds | connect 100+ devices | Coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft. | 2022 release

eero’s first Wi-Fi 6E system – eero Pro 6E supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, resulting in lower latency across your network, even for non Wi-Fi 6E devices. eero’s fastest system yet – Supports network speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, when using both wired (up to a gigabit) and wireless (up to 1.3 Gbps) client devices.

What are yakibest eero pro 6e mesh wi-fi router | fast and reliable gigabit + speeds | connect 100+ devices | coverage up to 2 features?

  • Eero’s first wi-fi 6e router – eero pro 6e supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6 ghz band when using wi-fi 6e devices, resulting in lower latency.
  • Eero’s fastest router yet – supports network speeds up to 2.3 gbps, when using both wired (up to a gigabit) and wireless (up to 1.3 gbps) client devices.
  • More wifi for more devices – network coverage up to 2,000 sq ft and support for 100+ connected devices.
  • Experience the eero truemesh difference – eero’s patented truemesh technology intelligently routes traffic to reduce drop-offs and dead spots.
  • Set up in minutes – the eero app guides you through setup and allows you to manage your network from anywhere.
  • Gets better over time – receive automatic updates to help keep your network safe and secure. Online security and additional network management features available via a separate subscription.
  • Built-in smart home hub – eero pro 6e works as a smart home hub so you can control compatible thread and zigbee devices with alexa. It also doubles as a border router to facilitate connections with thread-enabled devices.
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Yakibest eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi router | Fast and reliable gigabit + speeds | connect 100+ devices | Coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft. | 2022 release AMAZON

eero’s first Wi-Fi 6E system – eero Pro 6E supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, resulting in lower latency across your network, even for non Wi-Fi 6E devices. eero’s fastest system yet – Supports network speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, when using both wired (up to a gigabit) and wireless (up to 1.3 Gbps) client devices.

Looking for specific info?

Does it work with older versions of eero pro or will it degrade performance if mixing with older eero pros?

They will work fine with the older versions. But if you have a 1gig internet connection, the older ones will be slower. The new 6ghz band makes a real difference on faster internet connections

Can i connect this to an existing xfinity router in order to set up a second wi-fi network?

Hi there! You can set up eero using your existing xfinity router and utilize both networks. That said, we would recommend putting your xfinity equipment in bridge mode and utilizing the guest network feature of your eeros. This would ensure there is no interference between the xfinity and eero networks. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to eero support.

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Does it have an ethernet out at each module? Lutron hub requires wired ethernet.

Yes, each module has (2) ports, a 2.5 gb and a 1.0 gb port. I use the 2.5 gb port as an ‘in’ and the 1.0 gb port as an ‘out’.

I have eero second generation hub with 4 nods, if i get this do i have to setup all my devices again?

No, adding eeros to your network will not cause you to have to set up your devices again. Adding additional eeros to your existing eero network will not create a brand new network.

Does this offer a guest network?

Yes, we added a guest network for our airbnb guests to use.

In the 3 pack, are all the nodes the same hardware? What do i need to order if i want a 4th node?

For pro6e all 3 units are the same hardware. All eero devices are compatible, you can always add another eero to your system, even across models.

Will this work with ring products?

Eero is compatible with all ring products. If you’re having trouble setting up a 2.4 ghz-only device, you can hide 5 ghz temporarily through the eero app. Hiding the 5 ghz band will ensure that all of your devices connect to the 2.4 ghz band to allow a smooth setup. Please note that hiding the 5ghz band is temporary, and will be automatically re-enabled after 10 minutes. This is to ensure the successful setup of your 2.4ghz devices, and then re-enabling 5ghz for optimal network performance on compatible devices.

If you have any additional questions, eero support is always available to help out!

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Does this product support vlans?

Hi there. Unfortunately eero does not support vlans. However, we do support vlan tagging.

I just moved into a house with fiber. At&t installed a bwg320 modem/router. Does the eero pro 6 work with this system.

You likely need to put your eero or your current router in bridge mode. Meaning, one becomes an extention of the other vs each creating their own wifi network. I’m not sure on your at&t system specifically, but this is how i set mine up with starlink & it works great

Do i have to have alexa? I do not want alexa just the router.

You can set it up without alexa just like i did. Plus this router is not also a smart speaker, if you connect it to alexa you can just give the router commands… But like i said, you don’t have to connect it to alexa.

Does it send my private traffic data to amazon for marketing analysis?

If you have not opted for amazon integration then no data will be shared.

Does the pro 6e offer a bridge mode? I have an existing ubiquiti router i do not want to replace. I just need to replace my existing access points..

Yes it does

Gateway pro 6e is not getting full speed from modem. Had pro 6 and it was working fine. Any thoughts why? Fios gigabit.

Is your modem plugged into the left side port of the 6e? I believe on the 6 & other eero models both back ports support the same speed however on the 6e the left side port accommodates higher speeds up to 2.5 gig.

So this 6e 2022 model does not have apple homekit router for sure?

We have no plans to offer apple home kit’s router functionality on eero pro 6 e and eero 6+. We will continue to fully support other apple home kit features.

Both eero 6+ and eero pro 6e feature a built-in zigbee smart home hub, making it easy to connect compatible devices with alexa. So you can control certain lights, locks, plugs, and more—without the need to buy separate smart home hubs for your connected devices. Your eero works to connect your zigbee devices, so you can save cost (and space) with a single hub.

Eero also support thread, a networking protocol designed for supporting low-powered devices. This includes smart locks, doorbells, fans, thermostats, and more.

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Does this eero 6e two-pack support ethernet backhaul? Can i connect the satellite to the router via ethernet cable?

Yes, it can be attached to a router with ethernet. I’m not sure about back haul as my router uses passthrough.

Why it’s much cheaper on eero official website than on amazon ?

I’m not sure. The one from eero was shipped by ingram micro; they are a distributor. I imagine that it is just that one has a sale and one doesn’t. Amazon had their for sale for prime members for about a week around july 4.

Does the eero pro 6e have a guest option and what bandwidth does it broadcast on?

It does have a guest option, which uses both the 2.4 and 5 ghz frequencies.

I want to extend my existing network using my existing network name and password from a hardline in a distant part of the house. Will this work?

Hello no it will not extent your existing network, eero works as it’s own network. Once you set this up as it’s own you will never go back to the old one

How do you keep the devices cool while it’s running?

Eeros have an internal heat sink that will keep them at a good running temperature. To make sure your eeros don’t overheat, you’ll want to place them on a hard surface in an open space, away from any windows.

Are there plans for this device to support matter when it releases? I see it supports thread and zigbee, wasnt sure if they had plans for matter


Yakibest eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi router | Fast and reliable gigabit + speeds | connect 100+ devices | Coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft. | 2022 release AMAZON

eero’s first Wi-Fi 6E system – eero Pro 6E supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, resulting in lower latency across your network, even for non Wi-Fi 6E devices. eero’s fastest system yet – Supports network speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, when using both wired (up to a gigabit) and wireless (up to 1.3 Gbps) client devices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Been with eero since the beginning! (2017)

Let me start by saying i am not a social media influencer for eero, nor do i receive any compensation before writing this review. Around aug 2017, i walked into a best buy in georgia to purchase yet another linksys or netgear system for my 3100 sq ft home. The dead spaces and dropouts were unbearable. A gentleman for the company stopped me and told me about a new product called ‘the eero system.’ i was skeptical but desperate at that time, so i spent $475 on the three-eero system. In the picture above i took today, you will see a photo of one of the original eero next to my xbox x system. Back in 2017, i loved it so much that i went back and bought the fourth one. But yes, the original eero is still working. Last month, i replaced three original eero systems with the new 6e system because data speeds are changing.

This is the best system i’ve ever used. The speeds are incredible, especially the newest product, eero 6e. I do not ever see dropouts or dead spaces. The outstanding feature of this product is the whole home mesh capable of moving devices from one eero to eero as you move about without any interruptions. We have 5g speed from att, so our download and upload speeds are constantly over 900 mps. I ran a speed test while writing this review and posted it as evidence. We have thermostats, lights, doorbells, security cameras, games, garage door openers, refrigerators, tvs, etc., all connected for a total of 67 devices. The eero app is highly intuitive and responsive. Eero sends updates and keeps you informed constantly. Because of limited finances, i could only afford the three eero systems, but eventually, i will replace the fourth one connected to my xbox game. No other wifi product will enter our home but eero. It is an excellent product if you review the product placement guides, follow setup procedures and use it properly. Eero pushes out updates in the early morning if you don’t manually update it from the app, so you are constantly protected.

Note: eero notified me that the original eero would not receive updates as of sept 30, 2022.

Who cares? I got five great years of service from it and have nine days to replace it.

5Expert Score
Super easy and works quite well

Worked pretty hard to finally choose this product. It really came to somewhat future proofing and affordable. I got this during prime days so fairly discounted. I went from old apple airport routers. Honestly, in terms of performance they do pretty similarly between the old router and the new router. The thing that i have noticed the most is the consistency. The performance that i get out of these seems to be pretty consistent they over day, even after months, of use. I think beforehand my apple routers were more consistent too but the age and current throughput of 4k streams has caught up to them.

The amazon routers were pretty simple to set up. However, i got kind of confused when adding the second router as a wired secondary router. It had me set up a second router and honestly was kind of confusing.

The speed is very consistent again that relies on my internet speed being consistent but i have 1gb fiber and usually hit 3-400mbs in most places in my 2000sqft home.

After months of use it seems to handle my traffic very well and i actually love that it shows me when a new device connects to my network.

From a security standpoint these are just as secure as any and i talked to my works it department and this was one of the few recommended routers.

It also comes with cat 6 cables i wish it was a little easier to to find that information on the package or documentation i ended up buying one elsewhere just to find that was redundant.

Overall excellent router would recommend!

5Expert Score
Upgraded an eero pro 2 system to the 6e setup and loving it.

Lightning took out a couple of my pro2 and some switching equipment so i figured it was time for an upgrade. Picked up the 2pk pro 6e setup and connected them via 2.5g networking without issue. While my iphone 13 pro max doesn’t support wifi 6e, it did benefit from the wifi 6 feature. I have over 200 wireless devices at the house and was able to maintain a pretty stable 700mbit wifi connection. My laptop has a wifi 6e chipset in it and it’s blazing fast, like 1.7gig in the same room with the router. I have a 2.5gig connection through at&t fiber but once you get up past a gig speedtests can get a bit funky.

Overall, i’m extremely pleased. The zigbee feature leaves a little to be desired (limited to alexa connections, adding routines is a pain). It’d be nice if there was a web/app interface specific to the zigbee setup so i could setup basic rulesets and timers without having to do it through alexa. I didn’t buy it for the zigbee stuff though, i wanted the 2.5gig port and wifi 6e feature.

Note, i’m using these as wireless access points only connected via 2.5gig nbase-t networking to my main multi-gig firewall (also nbase-t). To get the most out of these aps you need at least a 2.5gig (nbase-t) or better network switch, a multi-gig firewall (or use the built-in firewall) and multi-gig internet.

Overall, very pleased.

5Expert Score
Excellent coverage

We got this system to upgrade our google wifi system. Often times, if you aren’t in the same room as the google devices, you’d automatically be pushed to the 2.4ghz network (10-20mb/s). If you were in the same room, or could selectively pick which ap you were connected to, you could get better speeds on the 5ghz network (100-200mb/s).

Seeing as we have so many devices on the network now, and it’s continuing to grow, it was time to upgrade.

Enter the eero pro 6e…

I got the three unit kit to cover our home. I spaced the units separately apart in a triangle pattern, and ran a dedicated line to one of the aps (from the main router to a bedroom ap). Not only has our coverage drastically increased, but the 5ghz channel coverage improved 100x over google’s system. Our outside devices have had absolutely no issues since upgrading (ring/nest).

The coolest part about this entire upgrade is wireless 6. Not only does our setup give us 6 coverage in every room, our newer laptops and phones all utilize this network. This means i can achieve faster wifi speeds than an actual cat5 run (switch equipment hard capped at 1gb/s). Speed tests have frequently given me 1.1-1.5gb/s for a single device over wifi, which is un heard of!

While i was a little concerned that there was no actual web interface to manage the system (seeing as it’s a router and this is kind of given), the app is actually that bad. I’m a network engineer, and all of the tools that i need are available to me within the app. I actually don’t mind it; but still wished there was a web gui.

5Expert Score
Eero is my hero! You can keep your orbi's and linksys and all the rest.

Don’t be concerned about buying the eero ‘cuz it worked when other ‘high end’ systems didn’t. I was originally concerned about buying the eero, you know … Fud! But now, i’m a hardcore convert and feel no shame admitting it. Eero is a great system and i’ll probably be adding a lot more units to cover the outdoor areas of my house, too.

We have a huge house (11,600sf) and i as trying to add a bunch of ring solar wifi security cameras, so i started with a netgear orbi quad-band wifi 6e mesh system (rbke963) and after that failed to impress, i installed the linksys mx8503 atlas wifi 6e. However, i returned them both because they weren’t good enough. Neither even comes close to the coverage (signal strength) of the eero pro 6e and the eero setup was easier than easy compared to both the orbi and linksys. Gone are the days of ‘plug and pray’ and the eero engineers deserve a lot of attaboys for this implementation. I’ve also been able to place the eero ‘satellites’ twice as far apart compared to the orbi and linksys and the eero signal strength is easily twice that of the others. I bought 6 units, but only need 3 to cover the entire house, so back go the 3 extras go along with the beacons i bought just in case.

Ultimately, the eero system had no problem finding my ring cameras whereas the orbi and linksys couldn’t detect them when they were in the next room! I don’t know about eero customer service as i didn’t need it, but netgear (orbi) didn’t send a single acknowledgement to any of my three attempts to contact them in the manner they instructed. Sometimes all you can do is vote with your feet.

5Expert Score
More than enough coverage for our 2,500 sq. Ft. House

Works great in our 2500 sq. Ft., two story home on a 0.3 acre lot. We have an ‘up to 400 mbps’ spectrum cable internet plan, and i am consistently getting over 400 mbps download speeds throughout pretty much the whole house. Even when standing 30 yards away in our yard i’m still getting around 300 or so. We previously tried the netgear nighthawk ax1600 mesh system, and the eero blows that out of the water for speed and reliability. The only nitpick with the eero is that the app, although good, doesn’t have quite the number of features or information that netgear’s app did. That being said, netgear’s customer support was nonexistent. Although i’ve yet to need support for my eero, i have yet to have any problem with an amazon product that amazon’s customer support would not resolve to my satisfaction yet, and i don’t expect that would be any different with eero. Definitely worth the price if fast, reliable internet is a priority for your household.

5Expert Score
Great router, stable, fast, easy to setup and manage.

This is a great system. There is a lot to know about wifi and the bottom line is most people just need a fast, stable and secure wifi system. This eero 6e system checks those boxes and more.

First you have to be aware that all of these systems grossly overstate the square footage that they cover. Yes, maybe in an open air environment with no walls and no interference they could cover that much area but they still lose speed and bandwidth as you get further away from the mesh point or router.

I purchased four different systems and compared them all. Arris surfboard promax 11000 3 pack, ampli alien single router, eero pro6 3 pack , eero pro6e 2 pack and 3 pack.

First of all, hands down i found that the mesh systems provided better speed and bandwidth across the board, especially the outlying areas. Having a strong signal is vital to maintaining bandwidth and speed. Just because you have coverage does not ensure your speed.

My home is 1 story 2000 square feet. There is no doubt that having 3 access pints made a difference in performance. With three access points properly placed around the house we are mainting speeds similar to being within 10-15 feet of the router itself. There is virtually no loss at outer distances. My cameras, sprinkler system, and all wifi devices respond quicker and operate more smoothly with three access points. I used systems that said they cover 5000sq feet and still did not cover my home as they only had 1 or 2 access points.

Eero pro6e 3 pack performed the best across the board for me. I can easily shut any device off and schedule downtime for any specific device as well. Setup was simple and easy and using the app and managing the network is intuitive and well laid out unlike some of the systems i tested.

Remember… Try to keep your access points in an open area. Having certain items close to the routers definitely effects the range and performance. Good luck. I took a very long trip to arrive at this destination but i am happy with where i arrived. Thanks eero pro 6e.

5Expert Score
I can get 600+ mbps over wi-fi 6e which is fantastic!

This eero 6e device is used in a home network and it is plenty fast but not perfect. I received 600+ mbps both down and up but i get 17 ms pings with the internet eero 6e router plugged directly into my at&t 1,000 mbps fiber gateway and me testing within 5 feet of it. Over ethernet, i get 3 ms pings plugged into the same gateway along with 940+ mbps both down and up so there is something there that needs to be optimized, i just haven’t had the time. Nothing should be stopping this eero 6e system from reaching 1 gbps and 3 ms pings over a 1 gig fiber. I need to test with another wireless device, like a pc, instead of my samsung galaxy s21, which is 6e rated though.

5Expert Score
Very easy and strong

I have a rather large house 4600 sq ft and i had an orbi mesh system with three satellites and the main unit. That’s what it took to cover my house and they are supposed to have one of the best wi-fi systems out there. This one eero came with one less than the orbi but the eero covers the same amount of space with one less unit and the signal is strong everywhere. I was doubtful whether or not i was going to have to buy another extender to cover the house but really pleased that i didn’t need it. Very happy with the purchase. I highly recommend this router wifi system. The only negative is that the main router part only has one jack for a lan cord.

5Expert Score
Consistent and reliable

The eero pro 6e was easy to install. In my case, i was migrating from an earlier version of eero pro, so i was able to convert all of my device names, categories, etc. My only issue was with my cable modem, which i had to reset via my internet providers app. I don’t have any problems with devices connecting to eero pro 6e, but in some cases 5ghz capable devices connect at 2.4ghz initially and after a day or two switch over to 5ghz. There is no problem with performance, but just something that i noticed.

Overall, the eero pro 6e works as expected. I get better wifi throughput with eero pro 6e than i did with eero pro. I haven’t tested whether eero pro 6e provides access further away from my home, but all of my outdoor devices (e.g. Cameras, flood lights) connect without any issues.

4Expert Score
Bridge bridge bridge

I am not one for writing reviews as of late, but i feel that this is a must for those of you like myself just getting into mesh systems and wanting the best of the best or least wanting something worth the money. Let me start of by saying that this is my first mesh system. I returned it one week after owning it. Why you ask? Because it went on sale for $200 cheaper a week later after i purchased this past august 2022, so i returned it and immediately purchased the exact same setup for the sale price. Now that that is out of the way, lets get into the brass tax.

I have over 100 smart devices, bulbs, led strips, switches, plugs, tvs, way too many gaming systems, tablets, phones, blinds, fans, garage door, sprinkler, speakers, 10 variations of echos, computer pcs and macs, in my 1 story attached garage 2000 sq ft home of concrete stucco hurricane code. I purchased the 3 pk this past august of 2022. Now is it overkill? Maybe. Prior to this i purchased several wifi range extenders just so i could reach my outside landscape smart bulbs, and my driveway smart lights and my smart sprinkler rachio. Needless to say that was a fail, the price of those extenders were fairly cheap and that was the definition of you get what you pay for. I was barely getting 15 down and 1 up with those extenders by my smart sprinkler panel that is attached to the outside of my home.

I decided to take a dive into eero and go all out and get the pro 6e. The first couple of days i was getting speeds of 500 down and 40 up. Then things started to get a little crazy. Mind you i set them up at the farthest corners of the house and have one in the garage as well. As the week went on devices started slowly disconnecting and wouldn’t work. Lifx anything was totally useless, and so were the nanoleaf panels. Shortly room by room the wiz bulbs started to not work and then eventually the govee anything and roombas as well as sonos speakers. Everything started to not connect to the network. I have one eero set up next to the modem/router combo from xfinity in the center of my 2000 sq ft home serving as the gateway and each of the other two are over 500 feet away.

At this point and you might be thinking to yourself that is one expensive failing range extending system. At least that is what i was thinking. So i called amazon customer support and i was transferred to an eero tech who got me through the process of hard resetting each eero and only having one connected. He advised me that having more than one in my 2000 sq ft home was overkill and i was clogging up the highway of bandwidth. So shortly after i got off the phone with tech support, i was thinking to myself….wait what? If that were true then why were all my devices working flawlessly in the beginning when i first set them up a week ago?

So i connected the other two and boom all my devices were lightning fast no lag no hesitation. This time almost 600 up on my phone and almost 700 on my pc. Wirelessly i might add. A week goes by and then it starts happening again, i went through the entire reset process disconnected every device reconnected everything and things are back running smoothly. At least i thought. So digging through the web and further investigating i decided to go into bridge mode. Based on eeros software and program design, they are set up to optimize your entire home network every so often, in my case it was one week. However their optimization program in router mode is counterintuitive in my case. This is why all the clients/devices were having connectivity issues.

Now here is where the fun begins because i was going to send these back, because my 11 year old netgear gaming router was out performing this system…until i bridged it. Wow, pc speed is almost at 900 down, and the pc is far away from the mesh systems, phone speeds at about 800. And every single device has not disconnected or dropped and works beyond my expectations. Outside of my house i live on a 10000 sq ft lot and i can go anywhere in my yard and i have signal. Not to mention these things are fighting through concrete stucco and probably more traffic then i35 and i10 combined during construction. Overall 4/5 due to the so called router optimization software they use and the fact that they would have you pay for a sub, which reminds me i need to cancel since their subscription services do not work in bridge mode.

If you are too lazy to read all that here is a short list of pros and cons.
Pros: super fast speeds, easy to set up, app is easy, sleek futuristic clean minimal design
cons: price, takes quite some tinkering on user end to optimize setup, subscription based services

special notes:
1 eero serving as the gate in bridge mode directly connected to the router/modem from xfinity.
My eero serving as gateway has an outgoing powered network switch attached to it.
I have 1.2 gbps with xfinity, just with the one eero pro 6e wired i an getting above 1.4gbps super fast
if you are not savvy with nerdy geeky stuff, hire a pro to optimize your network.
These are worth it and i would recommend even without the sale price.
Invest into a firewall router if going into bridge mode.

4Expert Score
Good upgrade to eero pro but not really for eero pro 6

If you are running a eero pro network and have devices that can take advantage of wifi 6, this is a nice upgrade. I had 3 original pro models running an iot network and 3 pro 6 for general devices. I wanted to upgrade my pro 6 for my general network to take advantage of the 2.5gb network port. (pro 6e have 1 2.5gb port and one 1gb port). Now i have 3 pro 6e for general network and 3 pro 6 for iot network. I also have a 6+ at a vacation condo.

I don’t have device that can take advantage of wifi 6e yet, but expect that will change before long. I do have device that can take advantage of wifi 6. Overall i do see some improvements in performance at distance from any of the access points. I’m running mine in bridge mode with a separate router in front of the eero’s. Wifi coverage is good as expected. I have a 3200 sq ft home and i have plenty of coverage. On average i’m seeing 400mb+ on devices with 1.2gb xfinity cable. If i have pc cabled in i’m getting 1gb from the eero. Overall i’m satisfied.

Install is easy but i did see new issue on upgrading existing eero to new model. When i go through eero append pick4d add/replace eero, i would pick replace. During the setup it would error out saying the new device was not in a good location, even though it is in the same place as the eero being replaced. To get around the issue i had to add the error as new, and then remove the old eero. That requires you to change settings to match the replaced eero.

Outside of the noted install issue, everything else was smooth and stable so far. If you have a original pro model the pro 6e is a worthy upgrade if you have wifi 6 devices and/or need a 2.5gb port.

4Expert Score
Easy install but watch placement of hubs

I purchased the eero pro 6e on the latest sale. I would have waited for an even lower price (e.g. Black friday), but i installed gigabit internet service and my dated apple extreme was no longer sufficient. I went with the 6e though i do not own a 6e capable device yet – but will likely acquire a few in the next 12 months.

Install is super easy with the app and you will have them up in no time. I ordered a 3-pack and placed one on each floor of a 4,000 sqft home. Once connected to the gigabit service i was extremely disappointed: while the gateway router in the basement received a gigabit input, the wireless signal throughout the home was only reaching 150-180 mbit/s down (and up). I talked to the isp and to eero support. The latter was friendly and suggested to move one hub to a different place, but overall no help. Finally, i decided to experiment with the placement once more (only 2 instead of three hubs or totally different locations in the home). That eventually did the trick: you need to be extra careful how you place these. You want them to be 30-40 feet apart (e.g. Not in a central location on top of each other on several floors).

In the end my perfect placement was: gateway in the (central) basement (no choice here due to where the fiber optics enter the home) and then two routers on the first floor on opposite sides of the house (least interference between the routers and the base). None on the second floor. This gives me now anywhere between 300-400 mbits/s in the entire house wirelessly. You can further improve this by hardwiring the routers to the gateway router if needed.

Bottom line: a bit pricey, but easy to install and providing a great signal as long as you experiment with the placement.

4Expert Score
Very easy set up & functions well. Only complaint is speed.

Using this as a temporary (maybe not) stop gap while i run new cables for meraki aps. I’m in a one story house, but it’s spread out (4,500 sq. Ft.). I got the three pack and have full signal strength and coverage in the entire house and a little bit outside. My only complaint is that while i’m paying for 500 mb/s down, i’m ‘only’ getting between 175 – 220 mb/s in speed tests on the two satellite nodes, even right next to them. Now, i’m a network engineer so i geek on that stuff a bit. But in reality, when streaming to multiple devices and running a relatively sophisticated home lab, i still likely won’t be able to tell a difference (our own office with a massive lab runs on a 50 mb/s ethernet circuit from at&t). Will i eventually run the cable and fire up the full meraki network, maybe. For now, eero has been very easy to install, tune and use with no cabling needed, so i may just use it this way for a while. For the average home with a home office or two and school kids doing homework and streaming, eero is hard to beat from a price/performance aspect. Do i wish i got the full 500? Yes. Is it ‘that’ noticeable? No.

4Expert Score
Simple to setup, tech support non-responsive, no advanced options, beware of paid subscription

I make my living as an i.t. Operations manager in healthcare, so i deal with 50+ sites and enterprise equipment, including firewalls and routers. I like the eero overall, but after living with the system for a month i have to say:

1) i contacted tech support one time because my speed tests through wi-fi were at 20mbit. Yeah, 20. I had a generic “thanks for contacting us, someone will be in touch shortly, in the meantime have you tried?” emails, but never heard from anyone. I few reboots later, the problem fixed itself.

2) subscription services are a big no for me. In my work environment we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a year to subscribe to annual services for enterprise equipment, constant support, and daily security updates. To try and sneak this model into a home router is honestly bs, and not necessary. The paid subscription is optional, but the features they’re offering have been standard as far back as i can remember. My asus system i replaced with eero offered this functionality for free, and then some.

3) system offers great coverage, and is extremely easy to setup. So good on them for that.

4) advanced options? What advanced options… For a $700ish system, i’m shocked at the lack of options that are commonplace in routers. You can’t even login to the device as a web portal. You have to whip out your phone, go to the app, and use its limited feature set there. It’s very clunky and a poor design choice.

5) reboots are problematic, they take a long time to complete (if it ever completes without a power cycle). I’ve noticed changes to network settings that require a reboot, the eero system won’t come back online. I have to manually disconnect power from the primary eero and letting that come back up. Annoying bug that i hope gets fixed in a future firmware.

I got the 3 piece eero 6e pro as a prime day deal at $400. Even at that price i nearly sent it back and went back to my asus mesh setup. I decided not to because i like the boost of 6e vs ac wave 1 and $400 is much more reasonable than $700.

If you know what you’re doing, this system leaves a lot to be desired. If you don’t really know networking/don’t care… This is about as easy of a plug n play system as it gets.

4Expert Score
Finally! I can take advantage of gb internet. Simple, reliable, and fast!

Ok, so i am not one of those it guys who agonize about the bits and protocols associated with routers. I just wanted something to replace my beloved linksys velop wifi 5 router that capped out at 1/2 gigabits per second. My wifi 5 system starts dropping things off the wireless system after about 50 devices are logged in. I know, that sounds like a lot, but every bluetooth key finder, cell phone, alexa device, tv, etc. Connects to your mesh system and takes up a spot. With two teenagers in the house, i was maxed out.

So….this system is expensive. But it allows for 3 frequency bands for access to your router. It switches the bands like a traffic cop directing traffic so the whole thing is pretty seamless. I guess if you read the other reviews, it is not perfect. But i don’t need perfect, i need fast, simple, and reliable.

Fast. Check! On my 1gb service i am getting 0.92 gb or better downloads (which is the stuff coming to me from the internet, like amazon prime video, disney, etc.)

simple. Check! I set up the system in under half an hour, the app made it easy. The built-in zigbee hub allows me to control wireless lightbulbs and stuff without needing another gizmo sitting on a countertop and taking up space.

Reliable. Check! The mesh seems to work well in my 5000+ sq ft home. My signal quality is good throughout the house. I also like that i can check the phone app to see how well all the satellites are connected. My ring doorbells, etc. Connect like a champ without problems.

It checks all my boxes. So far, you have heard nothing but praise from me. So why 4 stars? I like everything about this router except i took away a star because i don’t have much control over the guest network. I like to have a second network for guests to use that prevents them from accessing devices like my pc. The eero has that, but i can’t control which access areas to block off, and have to trust that eero knows best. Call me a nonconformist, but i want to create my own guest network and decide which things my guests can access. I could do that easily with my old linksys velop, and wish i had it here. I am also taking away half a star for the security software that installs itself and then 30 days later asks you to pay for it or lose it. Seems like, at this price point, it should be free.

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Sometimes drops my phone from the network

The product is very easy to install and the interface is very user friendly. Highly recommend in order to get high speed wifi throughout your home. I have two complaints. 1) my wife’s phone and mine does not seem to be recognized on the network. When go into settings it says the password for the network is incorrect. I just have to turn wifi off then back on for a reset and it is good, no big deal there. 2) i have tried multiple times to change the name of things that i have connected to the network so that i can add them to a group and have some control over them, i.e. Kids cells phones or video game systems. The app will not allow me to change the names of anything connected to the network. I have watched youtube videos and used the help on amazon to no avail. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Great stability. Not the fastest speeds.

I love the simplicity of this system. Stability has been rock solid. Only issue is speeds are lacking. I have 1gb fios internet and wi-fi speeds are much lower then my original fios gateway that comes with it. It too is wifi 6. On the back end of things were it lacks in super high speeds which to be honest isnt that big of a deal, it is very reliable. No drop outs. Everything stays connected. The app is super easy to use. If you cant connect to something because it only uses 2.4gh you can pause the 5gh to connect. Overall its a great system. I wish the 2.4gh speeds were not so slow and they could figure out how to increase the 5gh speeds over wifi but for the tradeoff of rock solid performance and stability. I am ok with that for now. I purchased the newest version of these with even faster speed capability but it didn’t improve speeds at all and actually kept losing signal and cutting out. So i went back to these. If your looking for a no fuss mesh system with easy to control app this is it. The wireless backhaul seems to work well too.

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Really good, but could be better.

I installed the eero pro 6e setup to try to get better throughput from my gigabit connection. It worked, but not as well as i had hoped. I see 950+ mbps on the internal eero speed test, so the pipe coming in is correct, but i can never get more than about 450 mbps on any device i test. These are devices capable of wifi 6, and gigabit speeds. I’m not sure what is happening to the rest of the pipe, and there are no utilities to help diagnose that. Other issues i’ve found are that the software is very slow to update, especially if there is a connection issue, and for a “pro” setup, i expect a lot more ability to set advanced settings and do advanced troubleshooting. Also, every once in a while the connection will hang and i’ll have to disconnect and reconnect, or reboot the router. Overall, though, the system was dead simple to set up, and gives consistently faster speeds than my previous velop system…and i got almost half off on prime day, so i’m happy, but i do hope they add more advanced control going forward.

4Expert Score
Easy initial setup but some concerns

The first router setup was very easy. I would say too easy. I am an it person and would have liked to see more administrative control over the network. I cannot control the network and track data flow as i would previous routers. Adding the second router using a hard wired backplane was interesting. There is one 2
5 gbps and one 1gbps port. This means that the primary router can communicate at 2.5 gbps, while all other daisy chained access points will be running at 1 gbps (remember there is only one 2.5 gbps port per router). The wireless signal is pretty strong. I have one access point centrally located in a 2500 square foot house and get great to very good signal throught the house. The second access point will be supplying wifi outside (in a covered area away from the elements).

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