Yakibest Fire HD 10 inch tablet, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, powerful octa-core processor, ready for downtime anytime, latest model (2021 release), Olive

Yakibest Fire HD 10 inch tablet, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, powerful octa-core processor, ready for downtime anytime, latest model (2021 release), Olive

Shop the olive 2021 Yakibest Fire HD 10 tablet with 1080p full HD display and 64 GB with a powerful octa-core processor and a design made for portable entertainment.

What are yakibest fire hd 10 inch tablet features?

  • Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 3 gb ram. 50% more ram than previous generation.
  • Long-lasting 12-hour battery and 32 or 64 gb internal storage. Add up to 1 tb with microsd (sold separately).
  • Brighter display – vivid 10.1′ 1080p full hd display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels. Fire hd 10 is almost 20% brighter than samsung galaxy tab a8 (2022).
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected – download apps like zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done – check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like microsoft office, onenote, and dropbox.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass. As measured in a tumble test, fire hd 10 is twice as durable as durable as samsung galaxy tab a8 (2022).
  • Split screen – all-new feature for fire os that shows two compatible apps, like facebook messenger and prime video, open side by side for easy multitasking.
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Yakibest Fire HD 10 inch tablet, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, powerful octa-core processor, ready for downtime anytime, latest model (2021 release), Olive AMAZON

Shop the olive 2021 Yakibest Fire HD 10 tablet with 1080p full HD display and 64 GB with a powerful octa-core processor and a design made for portable entertainment.

Looking for specific info?

Are adds only on lock screen or do they randomly pop up when using an app?

I’ve had at least six kindle fires with ads, including three hd 10 ones. I have this newest one, too. If it didn’t state there were ads in the description, i would have never noticed there were any. They are strictly on the lock screen, the first screen you see when you turn on the fire. That’s it. There are no more anywhere. There are no pop-up ads. If you asked me what the ads were when i turned on the fire, before unlocking the screen, the vast majority of the time i could not tell you. Save some money and get the fire with ads!

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The description says google play store not supported. Does this mean that amazon prevents it from running or merely that they don’t endorse it?

I have sideloaded the google play store on 5 of my own tablets and probably 1/2 dozen or so friends tablets. Lots to read on first go…from there you can get it done in 15 minutes or less just by having the website handy and knowing which tablet you have.

Don’t install it with microsd inserted, lean towards apps in amazon store first, but look to google store if they don’t have it (which unfortunately is quite a bit).

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I have the last 10” tablet so is this new one worth getting?

I’ve had a lot if kindle fires, right now i have the same you do. I purchased the newest one for my grandson for christmas 2021 & once i checked his out i deciced i’ll be upgrading to the new one. First thing i noticed is lighter which is big for me since i take it everywhere. Also the newest imo has better design; it has same screen size 10 and more screen, there isn’t that 1 inch black edge that puts has.
Amazon is amazing and easy with almost every return. My advice get the newest if you don’t think it’s worth it you can always return it.

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I would like to trade in my old kindle and apply toward this new one. I want to use my old til i get my new. Can i apply trade in $ and savings befor

Previously i bought a upgraded fire with a trade-in on black friday. I was able to use the black friday sale price and whatever discount i got from the trade-in on the same purchase. On prime day i traded in another fire because the $20 gift card for the trade-in and the 20% coupon plus the sale price made it irresistible. I didn’t need a new fire. However amazon refused to honor the 20% off and told me i can’t combine offers anymore because that’s their terms of service. Customer service was no help. The guy who said it’s a scam about the trade-in and the coupon is right . I would just drop it except he wireless charger i have doesn’t work to charge it and it didn’t even come with a cord so you have to run out and buy a usb – c just to charge it and then the videos keep crashing requiring hard restarts and the book freezes when reading a book so it’s impossible to maintain your concentration on the storyline.

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Can i disable alexa?

Yes. Do that in settings.

Fire won’t turn on. It’s charged. I’ve pushed the button for 40 sec. It’s just a blank screen. What’s wrong?

Mine does the same thing. If i turn it off completely, it takes forever to finally come back on unless i put it on the charger, unlike my older 8′ kindle. The other thing that makes me angry is that i cannot download and play any steam games on it, and apparently i cannot play any indiegala games on it either. I don’t use google, but it seems that too is not allowed. And now i’m having problems getting the overdrive app from my local library to download ebooks and audiobooks although it works fine on my older 8′ kindle.

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Does this version allow for use of amazon free time for kids and to set up kids profiles like on the fire tablets made just for kids? I want to share

Yes about free time and you can have individual set ups for each child in household by name.

How come i ordered my fire tablet 32gb but it shows 25.78gb internal storage?

It’s likely to be because the native apps on the device use some memory. I did not notice that mine had this issue.

Can you get procreate the app on this tablet?

Procreate is an ios app only. It works with apple systems, not android or amazon fire.

How long is charging cord?

You can also use a usb c charging cord as well if you want longer

Can i read my kindle books

This is what i love my kindle fire tablet. I can read books, watch movies, play games, enjoy special interest channels through amazon, with subscriptions. I like the reader features on the tablet.

Can i write notes and highlight on kindle books?


What is ‘without lock screen ads’?

Amazon sells this tablet two different ways: with lock screen ads, and without. With lock screen ads, every single time you open or unlock your tablet, an ad will load before you can continue on with using the tablet. If you buy the tablet without lock screen ads, you don’t have to deal with this issue. It costs $15 more (at the time of this writing) to get the tablet without ads. My previous tablet was a fire 8, and i bought the cheaper version that contained ads. They became very annoying. When i purchased this fire hd 10, i bought it without lock screen ads. I would recommend purchasing without the ads!

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Will i still need my cell phone to connect this fire tablet to wifi, when not at home? Will all my apps from my current fire tablet automatically tran

Assuming you’re not somewhere that offers wi-fi, then yes you would need your phone. The tablet does not support cell tower access.

Amazon does transfer the apps to the new tablet. However, there may be some that you will have to manually load. The version on your old tablet may not run on the new one.

I’m wondering why this tablet is advertised as ’11th generation’ when on the actual tablet under ‘device->about fire tablet’ it says 10th generation?

I also have this issue and contacted support about this. They apologized and offered to get a replacement. Well, the replacement came and looked and behold….its still a 10th generation even though it says 11th generation on the box. Counted amazon again and my call was disconnected. Looking on amazon, a fire hd 10 10th generation doesn’t even exist. The generations go by odd numbers. So its either a huge oversight or false advertising.

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Will the 11 generation finally have a flash for the camera ?

No flash is present. You can verify that for yourself by looking at the rear image in the ‘technical details’ section of the product listing.

Why is it taking amazon developers so long to disable device dashboard rather than force user to deal with icon on jome screen and take up resources

Feature added about 6 months ago…doubt there are plans by amazon to remove it.

Can i download microsoft teams in this tablet?

I had no issues downloading microsoft teams.

I have a basic fire tablet no hd gifted to me years ago. Will my subscriptions to newspapers etc transfer to this tablet?

Yes as long as you use the same email adress

Is there a slot for regular earbuds with cabel, not wireless ones?

Yes – does have a headphone jack.

Yakibest Fire HD 10 inch tablet, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, powerful octa-core processor, ready for downtime anytime, latest model (2021 release), Olive AMAZON

Shop the olive 2021 Yakibest Fire HD 10 tablet with 1080p full HD display and 64 GB with a powerful octa-core processor and a design made for portable entertainment.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Pre loaded

So i am not a comouter savvy person so this tablet came pre loaded with what i needed. This does connect to the internet using a button called silk. It has wi-fi . My only problem was getting a keyboard to blue tooth still having trouble as the connection will terminate for no reason but if you dont require and external keyboard then then touch keyboard works good. It also had a separate button that connected to email for logging into yahoo which was super helpful. Its got netflix button too so you just need to log in. You will need a google account so that’s you can save sign on for different websites. The battery lasts about 2 days so far. It also orientates so if u turn it sideways the screen also turns sideways. If u just need google search and yahoo mail and to watch movies. This is perfect. I am still unclear if i have to pay for word and if this 365 package for microsoft programs is only a trial or not? But i need this to edit my resume too apply for jobs .i have not used the camera feature much yet but i tested it does work. The screen size is sufficient for holding in your hand and typing using touch screen. Lightweight amd then. I would suggest getting a case since i already dropped it several times. I have having trouble with it not allowing pop up windows. I dont know how to fix it and i messed up my zoom job interview.

5Expert Score
Kindle fire tablets are for all ages and all walks of life! Highly recommended!

This is my 3rd kindle fire since 2012. The storage on this one is phenomenal! My previous one had very little storage and i had to keep uninstalling apps, books, etc. Now i have all my apps and there is still room to spare! I know you can always expand storage with sd cards but not having to mess around with that is simpler for me. The touch screen is very responsive not to mention the visual quality! Better than some tvs and pc monitors!
Battery life is also another huge perk! I find myself needing to charge the kindle fire every 2-3 days! This is with moderate game play, a video call or two, watching a few movies (or shows) and reading books. On top of utilizing it as a planner!

Another major perk is the portability and internet access. This was a selling point for my mother in law! I am able to take this with me to dr appts. Not only for entertainment while waiting in the lobby but you can access your patient portals and share things like visit summary notes from other drs, test results, etc! This feature has come in handy many times! You can even conduct televisits with wifi access!

There are so many features i haven’t even touched on! If you wanted to monitor your own screen time or even have children and need parental controls. You can monitor usage, device content, and so much more! One time my daughter took hers to school without permission and my husband was able to locate it and lock it from home. You can also set off an alarm!

I highly recommend! Kindle fire tablets are for all ages and all walks of life!

5Expert Score
Awesome tablet still going strong

Love, love, love this tablet. So much that we gifted one to a relative over a year ago and the tablet is still going strong. The video color saturation is excellent, and the screen is not so vulnerable to scratches – no screen protector needed so far. Battery lasts a long time and charge up is relatively quick. One tablet has side-loaded apps from google play, meaning gmail and chrome can be used instead of the default mail and silk browser programs. Also, when streaming video, there is no delay – everything plays very smoothly and in hd-like quality. If it breaks, i’ll buy another one. It’s that good! (ps, i paid the $15.00 to remove the ads, and that stopped the occasional freeze-up that would occur when first waking the tablet up. Well worth it for that reason alone, but secondly, no more ads period!!!)

5Expert Score
A *huge* step up from my old kindle.

My need is a small form factor tablet-thing that i can surf the web, read books, do email, watch movies … Just incredibly convenient. The battery life is *outstanding*. Sure, an actual tablet can do those things, and more — but an actual tablet costs a lot more and the battery won’t last as long.

One of the ways that it achieves long battery life is that it is a ‘single processor’ … It can really only do one thing at a time. You can’t watch a movie and play solitaire at the same time, for example; you can’t split the screen. If you need to multiprocess, then don’t buy this. But it does exactly what i wanted it to do, and it does it *extremely* well, and for a very good price.

5Expert Score
Bought for art

I draw a lot and recently most of it has been digital art made on my phone. I saw a lot of videos of people using tablets to draw and i’ve had a fire tablet before and loved it so i got this one and it’s been amazing so far!
I’ve charged it only once since buying it, used if for a whole day and it still had a lot of charge left, like in the 70%-60% range. Video quality is great too, when i wasn’t drawing i was watching some old shows i used to love on prime video and the picture quality was great.

5Expert Score
Quality i've come to expect from kindle fire!

I’ve owned a few kindles now from the very simple first generation black and white reader to an older kindle fire color to this one and the quality is always top notch. In fact, my old black and white one is still my go to fav for reading in the bright sun and it’s about 10 years old now and functions perfectly. I’ve come to expect this top notch quality from amazon’s kindle fire!
This one certainly has not disappointed me either. The screen is huge and beautiful. It’s been wonderful for streaming movies and playing games and i was also able to very easily follow a youtube tutorial for adding the playstore and kodi. I haven’t experienced any slowness/lag or unexpected shutdowns etc. That you may expect from other tablets, even after a few modifications to help it better suit my media consumption.
This tablet meets all of my needs and more!

5Expert Score
I love my kende’s

I love my 10 inch kendle’s yes i meant plural because i have three of them i enjoy all three of them at least have two working at one time watching a movie on one and playing on the other while one is charging i’m legally blind so that the larger kendle work well for me longer battery life because i usually kill a kendle in a year and mine have lasted over a year so far so they are working really good the volume is louder and they’re awesome

5Expert Score
Great tablet

My fire hd 10 is just the perfect thing for me. There is do much i can do with it to keep me entertained while waiting in doctor’s offices.
I transferred all my kindle content to it and with the super long lasting powerful battery i can read my books longer than the 2 hour limit i have on my old kindle. I have surfed the web, zoomed my grandkids and taken several clear sharp photos. Since it was a recent gift i have not taken advantage of all it’s functions yet, but soon will.

5Expert Score
Problem solved!

Edit: our tabled said delived when it did not arrive for anotger 48 hours amazon shipped a replacement. The orginial tablet arrived i canceled tge replacement. Turns out it was de- registered as stolen, and had to return. We were given the bkack friday price, and fair trade credit on the new one- my husband loves the bigger screen . My wife ordered this tablet for me as a replacement for the tablet that died. She did not have it pre-registered before it was shipped. She had figured that i could register it to our amazon prime account once i had received it. I tried using the email, phone and password associated with our account. The tablet kept saying the email, phone or password was incorrect. So i even changed our amazon password to try to get the tablet to recognize the account. It did not solve the problem. Evidently the tablet is defective. Guess we will have to send it back.

5Expert Score
I finally switched from kindle paperwhite

I had bought and replaced a paperwhite and did not think i wanted a kindle fire at all. However, my kindle white was glitchy–would freeze up randomly and took awhile to reset it. I finally got tired of the hassle and bought a kindle fire. It does have more glare than the paperwhite, but it is so much faster. It is larger and slippery to hold onto so i bought a case right away.

The only real problem i have is that a lot of apps don’t work…even if they show up in the app store. I was hoping to use my fire instead of my android for certain apps, but i guess not.

4Expert Score
Excellent amazon based tablet with some amazon centric issues

I got this tablet after trying an apple ipad and the microsoft surface go 3. So, i can say from my standpoint i like this fire hd 10 better than the other two tablets for a couple of different reasons. First of all the cost is a significant difference from the surface go 3, and if you are not a member of the apple community the apple ipad is extremely difficult to integrate into your android based ecosystrm.

The fire tablet has much similar form factor to the surface go 3. The screen is very colorful, detailed and bright. It is responsive and logical to get around on. The one little issue with the tablet is it’s amazon centric software and apps that are difficult to work around. So, if you like the amazon web browser and are happy with it’s email and other apps you will be very happy with it as it comes to you. But, if you are one of millions who prefer google chrome as your browser and associated apps like gmail and google drive you will have some work to do to get those apps on this tablet. It’s not impossible but it is not for someone to do that does not have some comfort in downloading some apk files and executing them to get chrome on the tablet. There are a couple good tutorials on the web that explain how to do this. So, if it wasn’t for this hassle to get other apps on the fire hd 10 i would give this product a solid 5 star rating.

Another very positive factor in liking this tablet is the ability to add internal storage space with an sdhc card slot. Great! This was another factor in my preference for this tablet over the other two. One small issue with this tablet is the apps screen on startup. Amazon will not let you get rid of many of the apps or even hide them if you don’t want them on the tablet. There is one small workaround to this if you don’t want them cluttering up your screen and that is to put them in the ‘utility’ group on the front page. Some of the decisions these makers of tablets make continue to amaze me with their shortsightedness and selfish behavior when it would be so much better for the customer and hence sales of the product to design it for the customer’s benefit, ease of use, etc.

4Expert Score
A very nice tablet for the price

I bought this to replace a defunct ipad and was surprised to see how bright and quick it is. The size is perfect. The only thing i miss is the wide selection of apps that apple provides. I am not able to do quite as much on this one, but it’s great for email, facebook, and kindle, which are the main things i did on my ipad. But i have to use my phone now for accessing more personal apps like medical portals, my bank, online ordering of groceries, etc. The tablet does come with many apps already installed—netflix, amazon.com, amazon music, prime video, youtube, freevee, goodreads, audible, alexa, outlook, messenger, zoom, utilities like clock, weather, etc., and more. There is no gmail app, but you can use outlook to connect to, receive, and send gmail. Altogether, i am very happy with this tablet. I don’t do games, other than solitaire, but it appears that the app store has lots of games for kids and adults. However, if you are someone who can’t live without the synchronized communication among a houseful of apple devices and are able to pay the higher price, you probably don’t want to buy the fire tablet.

4Expert Score
Nice tablet

It is a nice tablet. I hated having to get it, however, as my other ran out of room but otherwise worked fine. I have four or five games i play regularly on the tablet. These were word games so should not take up much space. The rest of my table was filled with things amazon decided to put on my tablet that i could not delete but had no use for.

So i am hoping that this one lasts longer as i feel certain they will continue to put programs on that i have no desire to have and don’t use and make it impossible to delete them. My only complaints with this tablet so far are how easy it is to accidentally download something from the login screen and that it does come with google play store already on the tablet. I have deleted two apps. Numerous times and never once purposefully downloaded them. I think it is how the ad is placed when you put your tablet password in.

The passcode is another thing i do like about the new tablet. With my other, anyone could pick it up and access things. That was one reason i never downloaded any email programs to it.

4Expert Score
Good android-based tablet

This tablet is a easy to use, and more highly functional if you install the google play store, which can be done quickly without rooting because fire os is a fork of android. Do a search to find out the details. I got a thick silicone case for the device, a little foldable stand and a bluetooth mouse, and the package was complete and ready for kindle reading, web browsing, sheet music displaying, and more. Battery life is great. I only docked one star here because the speakers are harsh and tinny and leave a lot to be desired compared to something like an ipad.

4Expert Score
Nice tablet, but…….

Let me start out by saying what i like about this tablet.

1. Good quality battery life
2. Top-notch touchscreen
3. Awesome screen quality
4. Alexa works great

i would reccomend this tablet to anybody who wants a reliable tablet to play games or surf the web. Now, let me state what i do not like about this tablet:

there is only one thing that is wrong with this tablet. I have noticed that minecraft randomly crashes sometimes. I had just downloaded minecraft to my kindle fire. I had been playing for around 15 minutes, when all of a sudden, the screen went black. It had brought me back to the lock screen. So far, this is the only problem that i have had. Otherwise, this kindle fire has been the most excellent tablet i have ever had!

4Expert Score
Best for children. But…

Bought two of these tablets for my children, and i absolutely love them. They’re lightweight, touchscreen responsive, and really nice to use.

The screen is adequately bright, but it’s a bit pixelated. However, this is a minor problem; my children can’t tell the difference.

The amazon app store is dull and sluggish sometimes and needs to be more in touch with how modern app stores look. Luckily, i installed playstore and can now use android apps without glitches.

The battery life is excellent. The kids can use it for almost 20 hours at 40% screen brightness. Recharging, though, is funny. You can’t check the battery status when the display is off during charging.

In fact, the device is programmed to turn on when you plug it in. I hope this can be updated via software to allow users to view the battery status when the device is turned off during recharging.

4Expert Score
Great device. Lacks content heavily.

How am i supposed to use this if the apps of the same brand aren’t even supported anymore?
Arrived quickly. Was already set up with my account. I had opted in. I paid extra for no ads even tho the ads are smarter and more enjoyable than apple ads. The recommended screen protector is great. Love it for comics and it has a really cool guided reading mode that zooms in on panels. Very customizable interface on how the device works. Very helpful tips and tricks hidden all over. Do wish the guide was more extensive than four little cards. I wonder what other features i’m missing? What’s weird is amazon app doesn’t even work on it. Its app store is extremely limited and riddled with fake apps so you will end up getting tricked while trying to find certain apps. Its just so weird how amazon apps are not supported on a newest model kindle fire, i have to use the web. It also just gives me blank screens in the alexa app and will not let me connect my spotify account when thats the notifacation i was given. The books stores are all messed up. I get ‘#39s,’ instead of an apostrophes. They also don’t allow you to add to your list unless you go into the books info and then lose all your progress scrolling. Very nice machine for the sale price, but i would never pay 300$ for what i got unless there were more options of apps. Wish this had more options cause it is a very nice tablet for game, reading, music, and movies. Took about 2 hours to charge but i think that may have been a faulty amazon block because the block started smoking. Threw away amazon block and used phone charger. No further issues was done in an hour. Charged in just over an hour.

Edit: amazon had reached out and compensated me for the defected charging brick
2nd edit: amazon his fixed the issue with alexa and amazon shopping app. Thank you team

4Expert Score
Outstanding budget tablet

You simply can’t do better at this price point, and you can always catch it on sale for half price at $74.99. You have to buy the 10′ version because the full hd display is far superior to the smaller versions. At the same time, i can only recommend it to people who fully engage in amazon’s ecosystem. If you use all of amazon’s subscription services (prime, prime video, kindle unlimited, amazon music, amazon luna (does phenomenal job with game streaming), audible) it will be a powerhouse device for you combined with alexa and optional expanded storage for all your songs, books, podcasts, movies, photos, magazines etc. It runs very well with 3gb of ram and noticeably zippier than previous fire tablets. It’s user experience feels premium all the way. I also paid to remove the ads on the lock screen. If the advertising was limited to amazon products/services, it wouldn’t bother me. But constant ads for low grade mobile/casino games ruined the otherwise polished experience.

Don’t be discouraged by the very disappointing appstore. This tablet is an android at heart, and installing google play store involves a few simple steps that anyone can look up and perform in five minutes. Once fully unlocked, it’s just a great tablet experience at an unbeatable value.

4Expert Score
Great basic tablet

Not the quality of a samsung or apple tablet, but works like a charm as a basic 10 inch tablet. Worth the purchase, especially when at half price (which seems to happen on a regular basis – atleast in the us). Fairly easy to side load the google play store as well in order to load a variety of additional apps which are not available on the basic amazon app store. When combined with an inexpensive keyboard cover combo, makes it a no brainer purchase at under $150 cdn.

4Expert Score
Satisfied with product

I was using kindle fire fox from last 4 years, used kindle fire 7 and 8.
It’s been more than month i am using this kindle fire 10hd device, and overall satisfaction is good.
Screen quality is good.
Touch screen is good.
Battery life is above average.
Device build quality material is average – when trying to hold device at side corner, felt like there is slight gap between screen and frame.
Suggestion – kindle fire team may think about the other features that can be included with kindle fire devices.
Overall – satisfied with device in this price range.

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