Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

What are yakibest fire tv 43′ 4-series 4k uhd smart tv features?

  • Brilliant 4k entertainment – bring movies and shows to life with support for vivid 4k ultra hd, hdr 10, hlg, and dolby digital plus.
  • Scenes that leap off the screen – 4k ultra hd, hdr 10, and hlg deliver a clearer and more vibrant picture with brighter colors compared to 1080p full hd.
  • Fire tv alexa voice remote – press and ask to find favorite apps, movies, and shows, plus check the weather, sports scores, and more.
  • Watch what you want – stream over 1 million movies and tv episodes. Watch favorites with subscriptions to netflix, prime video, disney+, and more.
  • All your entertainment in one place – watch live and free tv, play video games, and stream music.
  • Smart and always getting smarter – fire tv adds new alexa skills, features, smart home capabilities, and voice functionality all the time.
  • Connect all your devices – use the 3 hdmi inputs to connect to cable or satellite and video game consoles. The hdmi earc lets you add audio equipment for enhanced sound.
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Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

Looking for specific info?

Can i turn off alexa from listening?

I just wouldn’t buy an amazon smart device if you’re worried about it.

With the alexa app you can review everything that’s been heard and recorded (my recordings), and then delete them. Fair warning: you do this and alexa goes back to misunderstanding half of what you say.

I don’t use google or apple or samsung or any other smart home system, so i don’t know how their privacy works, but i think alexa is relatively easy to control.

Btw, if you have facebook installed on anything in your home, then you probably shouldn’t waste time worrying about privacy: you have none.

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Does this tv have built in bluetooth

The trick is that the option for “settings” is available in two different locations, so if you’re not looking under the right “settings” options you won’t see “controllers and bluetooth.” “settings” is available from the home screen on the tv, or via the gear icon on the controller; they’re not the same.

Can this be wall mounted? I don’t see any standard vesa style mounting holes on the back.

You will need mounting hardware if you are mounting to a used vesa mount: four each m6-1.00 x 15 (10 too small (for my set-up) and 20 longer than you need but works).

Can i add roko to my amazon fire tv

Why? Just load your apps on the tv.

Who is the manufacturer of the tv?

This worked for me to pair my tv with the dish remote. Tcl and it turned out to be third try. For those that are trying to pair amazon tv with dish remote.

What is the measurement between the legs on the 50 inch tv?

They are angled outwards. So its 29′ in the back and 34′ in the front

Can you turn off blue screen light when not watching tv?

Yes. Just set the the led behavior in preferences to off

How far are legs apart on the 50”?

35 inches apart, 2 1/2 inches above the stand,,,,,,,just enough room for my yamaha cd player to slide under the tv.

The on/off button and remote receiver are center on the bottom, i learned this when i put my wallet down on the cd player and blocked the remote signal

Does the tv include an on-screen program guide for ota tv?

Yes. Click the tv icon button on the remote

Does it have wifi ?

Yes. 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi is built in, as well as ethernet.

Does this tv support hearing aid ?

I found that the tv will support the tv ears hearing enhancement. You connect the tv ears transmitter thru the optical connector and then go into the settings (wheel icon) and select i think it was pcm or pmc. Then it worked correctly.

Is there a way to turn off or dim the light at the bottom of the tv?

That’s strange..i don’t have that huge size power on light being projected to a clear block like that!!..very small and dim.!

Can you download and use the youtube tv app

Yes you can get the youtube tv app

How is the sound on it?

My 14yr old sony bravia still outputs much, much better sound quality than this 50′ tv.

One massive difference is priorities: visual aesthetic over acoustics.

My old tv has the speakers aiming the same direction as the picture: i.e. Directly at the viewers. It’s an lcd but it’s heavy, and the speakers have big magnets.

My new 50′ fire tv has the speakers behind the panel, facing downward, so all i see on my stand is screen. No massive bezel or speaker panel, which looks great, but is just a disaster for anyone using the tv on its legs rather than mounted.

The sound reverberation off of the stand surface causes a muffling at best, and at worst actually causes a noise cancelling effect so that raising volume does nothing.

I’ve tried placing some ceramic plates under the speakers to channel the sound toward the viewers and it helps quite a bit. Looking for a less janky solution.

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Can i hook up ps4?

Yes it’s easy

Will this tv work with a ceiling mount? I can’t see the drilled holes on the back of the tv in the advertising photo.

The 4 mounting holes on back come with screws in them.

Does the 4 series support wifi?


Where can i get the manual? Amazon listen!!!

You can’t to be frank…that is one of the big negatives about this tv, no documentation on how to setup and opperate the darn thing…it comes with a ‘quick start’ guide that tells you almost nothing, and you are supposed to follow prompts…that’s all…

El ps5 funciona con este tv?

Claro, con cualquier cable hdmi, aun que recomiendo uses hdmi 2.1

Can this tv be well mounted?

Yes, this tv does have the mounting holes in back and is not very heavy. You would need to get the proper weight rated for whichever size model you get. I used this tv mount stand, looks beautiful!. Https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b08rhxhmz3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s02?ie=utf8&psc=1

Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV 43′ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Good, if on a tight budget

Update: (5 stars)
7 months in and we’ve had zero problems with this tv. Our fiber internet provider updated the wi-fi equipment in our house and this fire tv is now able to pick up a 160 mbps typical signal strength. The quality of the picture is actually slightly better close-up now, though from several feet away, it’s just as good as before.
No complaints thus far – a worthy investment. Upping my rating for the trouble-free operation!

Original review: (4 stars)
I wanted to upgrade our 12- and 17-year-old tv’s and have been researching all the options. I used rtingsdotcom to compare performance, as well as online reviews, and it wasn’t easy. It seemed that unless you were spending big bucks, rtings always had issues.
In the end, i went for the 65′ vizio m65q7-jo1 for the main tv. The ratings were pretty good and the value seemed good at $699 with an oem 3-year warranty from my local membership warehouse. So, far i’ve been very pleased with it.
This tv also allowed me to have a reference point for the rtings reviews. Knowing what they said about the vizio compared with what i saw, i was able to use that to gauge other tv’s against my needs.
These first gen fire tv’s aren’t rated at all highly. However, when the 43 inch fire tv was on sale for $259 with a free echo dot, i decided it was worth trying. The smaller tv is used almost exclusively by my wife to watch food network and hgtv (!) from a distance of about 13 ft. She doesn’t care about smart features and sits almost square on to the tv, slightly down and to the right in a brightly (daylight) illuminated ‘sunroom’, just off the kitchen.
After unpacking the fire tv, i immediately mounted it on a stand. (perlesmith universal tv stand – table top tv stand for 37-55 inch lcd led tvs). The included fire tv feet would be too wide for the cabinet’s shelf. The required mounting screws were already in the vesa mounting points, which was great! No searching around for the right thread and length screws.
On powering up the tv, amazon had it all set up with my wi-fi password and amazon account. Somewhat scary, but understandable, given that we have echo dots all around the house. So it automatically updated the firm- and soft-ware and was ready to go! The screen was looking good with no defects. Interestingly, the tv comes with just a short, get-up-and-run pamphlet, with no manual. I searched online and found a pdf, though, being an engineer, i was able to just go through the menus and quickly understand the systems. Other’s might struggle. Vizio actually has the manual built into the tv’s menu.
We use chromecast with google tv and stream youtubetv on both tv’s, as well as my daughter’s tv, while she’s at college. I didn’t even bother to check out the fire tv apps and immediately installed the chromecast.
I had trouble with the chromecast remote. Google doesn’t list ‘amazon’ or ‘fire tv’ as options for the remote codes. I knew from research that the fire tv is a tcl rebrand and tried that remote code offering. It sort of worked but wasn’t good enough. The volume was slow to respond, unless right up close to the tv. The power worked but didn’t work to turn on the chromecast once it had turned itself off. The input selection was also problematic. After much trial and error, i got the chromecast remote working correctly using the settings shown in the photo.
I also found that i could connect the fire tv remote to the chromecast. There’s a video on yt on that. The fire tv remote connects via bt to the chromecast by long pressing the home button to go into pairing mode. You do have to hold the remote right next to the chromecast itself to get it to connect to the fire tv remote. It’ll come up as ‘ar’. Once connected it works perfectly but has to be disconnected to do anything with the tv settings. In the end, i just disconnected it and use the google remote.
I have found that my old tv’s had much better reflection handling. Any reflections were very muted. The modern tv’s all seem to be more reflective. The fire tv is a little worse than the vizio. You can see that in the photo. Fortunately, where my wife sits, the windows are out of view on the tv screen and it’s only with a black screen that the reflections are an issue. On the vizio, i keep the curtains drawn over the window directly behind me.
Brightness is as rtings said; not that bright. I found the best picture setting was dynamic, with cinema mode, noise reduction and dynamic backlight off and standard white balance. This gives the brightest picture and the nicest color saturation. The tv works well in the room during the day. The cinema mode resulted in a noticeable soap opera effect, which i don’t like.
The display panel washes out very quickly as you view it off-center. At 40 degrees to the screen, the colors are not at all good and faces start to look a little gray. The vizio is similar, but not as bad. Both are best viewed from directly in front.
With 4k content, the picture quality is actually pretty good. I have no complaints. However, really close up, you can see artifacts and a white ghosting around objects. This is especially noticeable on non-4k content, where the close-up image also seems out of focus, with lots of artifacts. However, from a 6ft distance, the image isn’t bad.
I watched some old 1980’s bergerac episodes and the picture quality was quite acceptable with my picture settings.
I do see that news text on the screen is not as well defined as on the vizio. In the photos, you can see the fire tv letters’ edges are rougher and less defined on the fire tv compared with the albeit a larger and quantum dot vizio.
if you are on a tight budget, i think the amazon fire tv is a viable option, but i certainly don’t recommend you buy it above $280. There are likely better options out there for a few dollars more.

5Expert Score
Great for the price

Amazon fire tv 43′ 4-series 4k uhd smart tv.

Why i bought:
price for 4k hdr 10 capability. Wanted to upgrade from a 1080p yard sale samsung 32′ in the bedroom. Hard to beat 46% prime day price reduction!

picture, (for the price) atmos from disney+ and amazon prime video
ultra clear picture even when sitting 3′ from screen.
Firmware update fixed bright standby light issue (can now be turned off entirely, which is crucial for a bedroom tv).

hulu app won’t do atmos (yet). Picture is not nearly as good as high end 4k tvs, but still is decent in a darkened room. Fairly flimsy plastic legs are questionable supporting the weight of a vesa shelf and canton metal center speaker. Like all amazon gadgets, this kind of locks you into the alexa/fire ecosystem. I had to buy a new yamaha surround receiver to work with the modern copy protection scheme all new 4k tvs have now.

Wish list:
as long as i’m wishing, dolby vision, better legs, nextgen atsc 3.0 tuner. (what features it does have is nearly a miracle for the ultra low price though)

for amazon:
great first try into the entry-level 4k market. I’d love to see you top the available features in your follow-up to the 4- series, while keeping the price low.

Biggest surprise:
how nice everything was at the price point.

I installed too many apps at first, causing lag in the operating system. Better since i ‘cleaned house.’ interface can glitch, leaving you with a blank screen or back at the home screen.

Value for money:
for 1/5th of of a grand on sale? You betcha!

Other thoughts:
if this is going into a very bright large room, or going to be viewed from extreme angles, you might want to spend more.
For my use in a dimmed, indirect lighting, direct view with a yamaha aventage 5.1.2 system for sound, it is the ideal bedroom setup. When viewed from 3 or 4 feet away, you get close to a movie theater experience, even with ‘just’ a 43 inch screen.

5Expert Score
Liking it so far!

Mounting it was extremely easy (although i had my dad do it but he’s got all the carpenter’s tools; a stud finder, power drill and socket wrench set will do that). It’s very light for such a large tv but still pretty sturdy and well designed. It has more hdmi ports than most newer tvs out there, big bonus, as well as optical, usb and ethernet ports.

As far as interface, super easy. I used roku previously and this was not a huge leap. It connected to my amazon account automatically and i had my three other streaming accounts hooked up in minutes. But it walks you though the usual setup the first time you power it on: language, all first time updates, a choice of apps or tv channel searching (can be skipped then added later) and then goes directly to the home screen where you can add what you like. Very simple and easy to understand. It doesn’t take forever to load when switching apps; it almost instantly just takes you to where you left off when switching between them. Absolutely love that feature. It does power down when idling on still screens too long but waking and resuming is quick too. The picture and audio settings are a breeze to tweak through the remote. The sound and picture are just right as well; the sound is crisp and balanced and the picture has easy defaults or can be customized. I always turn down the backlight because they always tend to be brighter than i like but it was simple to find. Switching to inputs or new apps is one-button; you don’t have to keep backing out to get to another quickly.

Honestly very impressed. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles so i like when the things i do need a tv for are simple and seamless. It’s super easy switching between tv and three gaming consoles. Easy to add a html splitter and take advantage of more devices on one input if needed.

I’m the first person i know to get a fire tv so it was a gamble, but it definitely paid off. Very worthwhile to get a mount if you feel confident installing it (you can always pay for installation if not). It’s a great tv to take advantage of newer game consoles. Personally, the omni series had a bunch of stuff i didn’t need, so if you just need a tv for streaming and gaming, the 4-series doesn’t disappoint.

On a side note, i saw some reviews about a ‘bright blue standby light’ that no longer exists as of this review. It’s a softer whitish light and not very bright. If a standby light does bother you at night, invest in black electrical tape. I’m not sure why people drop so many stars over minor personal issues. If you do happen to have pet peeves about electronics, it’s always best to research before you buy! And yes, companies do read reviews and see customer suggestions so nitpick away to improve their products. Either way, i have no complaints on what i ended up with.

5Expert Score
Not really a 5 star tv but definitely a 5 star value.

We have a handful of tv options that i have upgraded over the last couple years. We have a 65′ lg c2 that is our go to and a 55′ sony bravia that is a close second. However, i needed to upgrade our bedroom tv and i needed something smaller and just couldn’t bring myself to pay what i had paid for the others (both were well over 5x the asking price here.) when i found this tv for $299, i was skeptical but gave it a go. I have to say, i am pretty impressed overall. Here is what it is like to use:

the software is pretty quick. I attached a video so you can see it. Honestly, it is just as fast as either of our high end tv’s and i think the menu is almost certainly better than the lg that is pretty messy. Alexa integration is good as well. All and all, finding something to watch on any streaming service (they are all here and available including appletv+) and switching up to regular tv is simple to navigate.

The picture is also pretty impressive to me. Both of our other tv’s have much richer colors and deeper blacks. Watching this and than running down to the lg is especially telling. It isn’t close. The lg is just brighter, crisper, and darker when it needs to be. That said, amazon has a good screen here. I am no expert but the colors appear natural. The 4k here is very sharp. While only 60hz, for just regular tv, i don’t miss the faster processing of the other tvs much. I did switch the picture from standard to ‘movie bright’ which smooths things out a bit. I don’t care for my movies and shows to all look like soaps. Just too realistic. Also, i was very concerned about sound here. Cheaper tvs tend to make a save here. Sound isn’t rich but this tv gets loud. Plenty loud. No need for an additional sound bar unless you want to listen to music or really enhance your movies.

Overall, i am just really impressed by this tv. Like a lot of other amazon tech (fire tablets, ear buds, etc) this tv punches way above its price tag. While our other tv’s are dynamite, i do question if they are worth the difference on price after this experience. It is also worth noting that amazon has recently released a higher end micro led fire tv that starts at $799. This also sounds like a good value but, for me, $300 for this 43′ is just a tremendous value. Buy with confidence. Well done amazon!

5Expert Score
So happy!

We hunted for a tv for months, but didn’t want a smart tv. Tried two non-smart ones, for tv only , and were very disappointed in just about every aspect, from picture quality to sound to set up.

Finally decided to try this fire tv at such a great price point. But figured that it would be disappointing.

What a wonderful surprise! The set up was incredibly easy. Carefully packed, perfect condition, the legs and remote in the top of the styrofoam and tv easy to remove. Unlike the others, this one was light, even in the good packaging. (43′ was the perfect size for our room).

We started by just setting up for tv, no internet, no apps. It was so quick and easy– basically, ‘no, no, okay.’ manual only; we didn’t want alexa and that was fine. It worked great–looked perfect, sound quality was good , no distortion or buzzing and volume at 50% was already very good i don’t know why anyone complained it couldn’t go loud enough. The settings are easy to adjust (we get rid of ‘action/motion smoothness’ but didn’t really need to adjust brightness, color, etc. All really good, right out of the box.

A few days later, we set up the rest. Again, so easy! Wireless network–quick and easy, no problem with password. Tried it without signing into amazon account—again, like with just using it as a tv–that was a definite option, to use it without linking them.

Then to amazon sign in which also was quick and easy. Activating the apps, using it for everything we wanted–streaming, prime videos, youtube, tv…it all worked so well, far beyond what we expected. When you figure in the price, it’s really an amazing deal. The pixel-peeper in the house couldn’t even find anything wrong with the picture quality; likewise with the sound. 1080 hd and 720 sd both looked great–noticeably better with higher resolution, but still good either way — haven’t tried 4k (or ultra 4k) yet, but may upsate afterwards. (max res supposedly 3840 x 2860, but haven’t tried it.) we’re really happy
as is. (and all so easy, includng navigation.)

this is a fantastic value. Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
A masterfully designed television set

Right out of the box with the help of the on screen directions i was able to set this up and use it within two hours.i move slowly and worked with the videos to make sure i was doing it correctly.i am 78.my samsung tv blew and i had numerous choices but found amazon to be the best product for me.i am still getting to know it and understand many things i don’t but was happy to have a light easily assembled(putting on the legs, and plug ins such as internet)and everything i hoped happened and it worked. Great product with alexa voice. Activation.

5Expert Score
Nice upgrade

I had a 40in tv in my living room that was about 7 years old. I wanted to upgrade to a bigger, better smart tv without breaking the bank. I ordered the 55′ amazon fire smart tv and i was very impressed with the picture quality and the simple set-up. It took me about 15mins to mount it to the wall and another 15 mins to set-up the tv, expect about 10 mins of that time to be software updates, which is hands free.

5Expert Score
No more waves!

I’m updating my review, as amazon’s amazing outreach support team has saved the day. Apparently there is a fix for the wavy picture, and the tv works perfectly fine now. The picture is great, functionality is great, sound is great, and it even looks great playing zelda:botw on switch. Now that the wavy picture is gone, this is an excellent tv for a great price. Thank you amazon!

Previous review:
i ordered the first tv, then noticed that the picture would be wavy – most noticeably during dark scenes. It happened frequently, and became pretty annoying. Worked with the ‘fire tv department’ of amazon’s customer service, which was a nightmare – unlike all of my previous dealings with amazon’s standard customer service – and they sent another tv. This one did the exact same thing. At this point, i decided that it was more hassle to replace it (and they wanted me to return it, then pay almost $100 more to re-purchase the exact same tv!!), and i’ve decided to keep it as a bedroom tv. The rest of the functionality is fine as a secondary tv, so if you want to pretend that you’re underwater or ‘under the influence’, then it’s a good enough tv if you can get it at a discount (prime day, for example). Otherwise, save yourself the trouble and keep looking and get something that won’t drive you mad.

5Expert Score
Beautiful picture but not for seniors

Got this for my gramms, she’s 80, to replace a smaller 42′. She loved this because the closed caption was too small on her original set. Took a while to setup. Got her favorite show setup. All good. 11 pm, calling me in tears and frustration because alexa did something to the channel, can’t get the channel and another channel is playing in spanish. 45 minutes to talk her thru getting back to hdmi input. 40 days of calls saying she’s gonna throw the remote thru the screen because it keeps getting messed up, even though it’s a nice picture. Finally my brother disconnected it and put her old monitor with hdmi back to the xfinity box and she’s been happy since. The set is great for features, but not seniors who get confused with electonics. Amazon should consider a senior mode, for people who have a set top box with hdmi, that let’s you disable all the menus and options other than volume. The tv is still sitting in her hallway since i can’t return it.

5Expert Score
Wonderful new tv

I’m impressed. After my delivery was dropped by wal-mart due to a strange mix up, i found a fire tv for a great price. It came early, after a difficult dr. Visit. I was able to get it up and.running easily and spent a very relaxing evening watching tv on a wonderful big screen. Thank you for being great to.deal with.walmart may be good at mass merchandising but they earn a zero on delivery and customer service online.

4Expert Score
Took some tweaking, remote is not very responsive

Wanted to replace the 43 inch tv in bedroom, as the viewing distance is longer and makes the smaller tv not as enjoyable. With the narrow border, this 55 fits where i felt i might need to stop at a 50 incher.

I immediately hated it and was ready to put back in the box and ship it back, but just took some setup and resetting as mentioned below. Seems like a keeper.

Well packaged (my older ones didn’t come with a thick cardboard piece protecting the screen front, this one did, might be standard now).

Pulled old tv off the wall and removed the mount. Had to reuse the vesa mount screws as none are provided in the new tv. With it being much larger than old one, it weighs about half. Power and video connectors are on opposite sides, so had to do a little rewiring.

Once up on the wall and all plugged in, the fun begins. At least 30 minutes of updates once connected to wifi. However remote is only about 20% functional, even after it got a 3 minute update. Find out how to re-initialize remote to tv, and it works better but tv doesn’t think there is a remote. Eventually after doing it a few times it sees the remote, and all buttons function.

Picture quality for hdmi input was very bad, and trying to change setup with remote not functioning was a trial. Once remote worked, i could go into setup and select movie (auto was very bright, lots of compression artifacts) and it looks great.

This tv (i know, it is a firetv) is very app/streaming centric, but once i found the setting to default to last input, and that is 99% of the time hdmi1, then it behaves like i want, turn on and display my input, not the apps home screen where i have to use the tvs remote to clear it and show input in hdmi1. I mainly use the remote for my satellite service, and rarely use the tv one, but since it is also the streaming apps, i will use it, and it adds yet another alexa mic to do things from, tv related or not.

Tv can be slow sometimes to turn on (it turns on reasonably, but doesn’t show what is on the input for a while), again thought the remote was misbehaving again, it was just taking time to show anything.

Sound is better than old tv, none of them are real great, i do have a sound bar but i can use this tv with out for watching news and normal shows (not action movies or things with lots of audio like music).

I haven’t tried casting to it (way easier to find stuff on a tablet with a keyboard then send it to the tv) and am getting my apps set back up, but the apps seem better than the firetv stick, some of the video on hulu stutters with it, not with the tv.

4Expert Score
Purchased to replace 10 year old sony lcd


i purchased this tv based on the price and reviews as well as being part of the amazon fire family. I have had it set up for almost a week now and am enjoying it quite a bit.


my wife and i have used amazon fire tv devices for years now and it’s nice not needing a stick or a cube to access the fire interface. The menus are quick to load and responsive with content loading quickly and easily. (note: this tv is used via ethernet connection in conjunction with 300mbps download cable internet).


packaging was secure and kept the tv from damage in shipping. There was a small dent and tear in the box upon arrival but the 1 inch thick corrugated cardboard shield protecting the screen kept the tv from receiving any damage. The tv arrived within the 2 day prime delivery time. The box was the store shelf box and was not a nondescript plain shipping box so anyone seeing the delivered tv would know what it was. Fortunately, my wife was at home to recieve the delivery so she asked the guy to place it in our garage for her.


setup was as easy as advertised. Connecting power and a few cables (ethernet, hdmi, hdmi earc, etc.) and it was up and running. An update was downloaded and installed immediately and after a rapid automatic restart, the amazon account setup opened on screen. Since we have an account, i just paired it to my account and selected to import all my account settings. Done and running.

I mounted the tv to a raised stand bracket we used for our previous tv and was pleased all my existing harware worked for the new tv. The mounting holes on the back of the tv fit with the universal mounting bracket i already had and the harware worked flawlessly. Bonus!


i paired this tv with an amazon suggested soundbar (sony hts100f 2.0ch) and was delighted with how easily they paired up and that the amazon fire remote controlled the soundbar immediately without any code cycling or other shenanigans. In fact, i didn’t even bother to put the batteries in the sound soundbar remote.


going from a 10 year old lcd 1080p tv to a 4k tv was a vast improvment in picture. I pulled up disney+ and started book of boba fett to see how it displayed the dark scenes in that first episode. After messing with the brightness and backlight settings a bit i had a picture i was extremely happy with. I checked the show info and saw i was watching in 2160p and marveled at the difference between my previous 1080p experience. With a 2tb data cap though, we’ll have to watch our 4k streaming consumption.


this tv has 3 dedicated hdmi ports and an hdmi earc port. It has ethernet, usb, optical audio, etc.) i also use this tv with a home theater pc connected via hdmi and was delighted with the resolution upgrade while using the tv as a pc monitor.

A few snags:

1. On day 2 i was unable to get the tv to respond to the remote to turn on. I used the physical power button in the bottom middle of the tv to start it manually and the remote functioned fine after that. Since that, the remote has functioned flawlessly to turn on the tv. I have no idea what caused the initial issue.

2. I left the tv set to hdmi 1 (htpc) when i shut it one night and the next day when i powered on the tv, the screen was flickering white noise and wouldn’t bring up my windows home screen. I used the home button on the remote to get back to amazon’s fire interface and then switch back to hdmi 1 (htpc) and had no issue with the picture. I have not been able to repeat this issue so am unsure what may have casued it.


despite a few odd snags, i have been extremely pleased with my experience with this tv so far. I belive the manufacturer is tcl and is considered a lower tier manufacturer but i haven’t noticed any inferior features or quality in picture or sound. A wonderful experience on the whole. The two snags were the only thing keeping this from a 5 star review. I would say this is more like a 4 3/4 star review.

4Expert Score
Cannot integrate amazon tv with dish network except thru two remotes, amazon and dish.

Most tv manufacturers provide codes to dish network and direct tv so that everything on the tv can be operated with one remote . This amazon fire tv does not. You will always have to use two remotes to turn tv on, control sound, change channels etc. It is a pain having two remotes. Tv is fine except for this one issue. I don’t see that amazon bothers to tell that to customers. I have chatted with ustomer service and they tell me to use two remotes. I should have bought a sony or samsung or other brand tv and eliminated this irritation. Next tv i will certainly do this and not buy an amazon tv.

4Expert Score
Honest review for everyone

The picture quality is stunning. You can literally see the actor’s pores and wrinkles. The sound quality is great. The product itself is standard. Looks great, feels great. Nothing about it feels cheap or looks cheap. For $259 this 50′ tv was a steal. I’d totally recommend it. If you’re not tech savvy, this might not be for you. I’ll talk about it later.

Physically setting up the tv was super quick and straight-forward. As for the actual user experience/software, set up was also straight-forward and simple.

I will say that the firetv interface is very spammy. There’s a few sponsored banners on the home page. A lot of the recommendations are for prime video — which i have — but a lot of them aren’t free with prime. They’re recommending me content that i have to buy /rent — which makes it feel like i’m being advertised to. Amazon’s self-promotion seems to be a common theme in their fire lineup that just ruins the user experience. If this tv is for an older person, i’d worry that they would accidentally buy these movies and shows.

Luckily for me, i have an xfinity flex box. If you can get your hands on a roku, that’s even better. (i don’t recommend google chromecast). Simply plug your streaming device into the hdmi port. Now you have a cleaner interface plus a nice tv picture quality.

If you plan to use a streaming device instead of the firetv interface, you have to alter your settings. Otherwise, everytime you power on your tv, it will go to the firetv interface by default. Simply go to settings > display & sounds > power controls > power on >last input. Now, it will go to your streaming device on power on.

All that said, do you really need to use a roku or another streaming device? No. It’s really easy to access hbo max, netflix, or disney+. It’s easy to access your installed apps. If you don’t care about aesthetics, you’ll be fine. The home page is just busy, spammy, and overwhelming. If you can handle that, no streaming stick required.

Also, for people with spectrum tv, firetv doesn’t support a spectrum app. If that’s a deal breaker, dont get it.

Also, if want to get the firetv today, you can get it at best buy. Best buy will price match amazon products (sold by amazon; prices set by third party sellers aren’t eligible for price match).

Overall, i do recommend this tv. At its price point, it’s a steal. If i had a reason to, i’d totally get more. Though next time, i’d probably aim for a bigger size.

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Broken but amazon was great!

We set it up when we first got it in july and i noticed a very thin turquoise line but thought nothing of it as it seemed to be a good in the plastic screen cover and we put it away 5 min later. We placed it in the den closet in its box until we found a tv stand to match our furniture.
We finally set it up on our new stand and the turquoise line was now accompanied by several lines of different colors. I’ve ordered 3 tvs from amazon in a few months and they have all been cracked!!!
…..i really should have checked better.
It didn’t initially look to be cracked but i can see how the blue line i first saw was the beginning of an inside hairline crack that became worse.
Since we bought it on july and it’s now oct, i am out of the return period but since it was the inner screen that was defective the manufacture warranty covered it!
Thank you amazon!

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Great tv for the money when you get it on sale

I bought this 55′ tv on prime day for $285. For that price, this tv is amazing! If you must pay the full price, i would look elsewhere because there are better tv’s for the money. That being said, i am extremely impressed with the picture quality. I am not a tv snob. I have never owned a high-end tv, so i cannot really speak to how it compares to the oled tv’s on the market. The tv that this replaced was a 7-year-old insignia 1080p 50′. I think, for the general consumer, this tv is more than adequate.

I did not really like the fire tv os that came built into this tv. I am already part of the google assistant ecosystem. I have google assistant speakers and a few nest hub’s around my house already. As well as a nest thermostat. I gave the fire tv os a fair try, but i really just prefer the chromecast with google tv that i was using previously. The one thing i really liked about the fire tv os was the live tv guide. It gives all my ota channels a nice guide just as if it were cable. Plus, it integrates all my streaming channels from lots of different sources. I think that is probably the only thing i will continue to use the fire os for.

The speakers on this tv don’t sound that great. They are passible, and they sound better than the ones on the tv in my bedroom. I would still highly recommend a sound bar. Fortunately, we already had a vizio 3.1.2 sound bar. I was able to connect it to the tv with the hdmi earc port and it works flawlessly.

In conclusion, i would highly recommend this tv to anyone. It has great picture quality and some cool features for the money. Especially if you can purchase it for a discount like i did. Perhaps, if you must pay the full price, shop around and compare with some other options.

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First unit was doa, amazon customer service solved the problem easily

First time i ordered a tv on-line. The unit arrived, then after i mounted it on the wall, i turned it on and it was a blank screen – dead on arrival. I spoke with two awesome amazon reps. The first made it easy to set up the exchange, and the second rep arranged a pre-paid ups label for the return. Lesson no. 1 – turn on the tv before you mount it on the wall — duh! Second, the default return shipping label is not pre-paid, but an easy call with the amazon rep fixed that. Finally, i love the tv and its controls. It’s light enough for one person to handle it easily, the picture and sound quality are great, and it was easy to set up all of my streaming services that i had on my old fire-stick. Thanks!

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Great tv, bad operating system

The picture and quality are good. The price was unbeatable. Speakers are weak. Fire tv part is bad. Constantly putting in passwords. Some apps have hard time loading. Ask alexa to go to fox, you’ll never get there. You will have to type that one in. I had to hook up apple tv to the tv. I also have a roku tv with no complaints.

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Had a random black flicker.

Original review: screen randomly flickers black at times. Maybe my delivery driver roughed it up i’m not sure but this flaw makes watching anything on the tv an eyesore! Save the trouble and buy a non amazon brand tv and pay for better shipping update: after leaving my negative review a amazon representative got into contact with me and informed me a update might be needed to get rid of this black flicker. So i updated the tv and now there’s no black flicker. Overall for being one of the cheapest 50’ 4k tvs on amazon this thing is pretty good. Decent picture, at times the tv’s running so smooth it looks unnatural. Only giving it a 4/5 because it’s kinda hard to find the update section in the settings menu because there’s like 3 different settings menus lol. Overall it’s a good tv and i’d recommend it to anyone if you want a cheap but a good quality 4k tv, just make sure the software up to date if you’re having any issues!

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Solid tv with great image quality- some quirks in the software

The tv is great definitely, snappy to use and jump between apps. Alexa voice works decently and i have few complaints. The tv does have issues with netflix and some other apps on occasion, and force closing the apps could be easier than they make it. Overall this tv is a great upgrade for just about anyone, and the only limitations you should worry about are ones that other reviews point out, such as how they (obviously) don’t support chromecast (this is amazon’s product not google’s) and a few other small caveats.

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