Yakibest Smart Plug, for home automation, Works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device

What are yakibest smart plug features?

  • Amazon smart plug works with alexa to add voice control to any outlet.
  • Certified for humans – struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it’s actually simple.
  • Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.
  • Simple to set up and use—plug in, open the alexa app, and get started in minutes.
  • Compact design keeps your second outlet free.
  • No smart home hub required—set up routines and schedules through the alexa app.
  • See tips on saving energy and estimate your light’s consumption with the alexa energy dashboard.
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Yakibest Smart Plug, for home automation, Works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device AMAZON

Yakibest Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.

Looking for specific info?

My keurig has a toggle switch. Will this plug work, or does the appliance have to be turned on when it is plugged into the smart plug?

I haven’t even installed my smart plug yet and i can already answer this. The plug will turn it on but how would it press the button to brew? Again, i can already say it won’t do that. Another answer mentioned using a switch bot. Okay. So smart plug $10-$15 plus switch bot $20 … Dude, just go buy a coffeemaker with a clock/timer. They’ve been around forever and will both turn themselves on and brew your coffee for you and you don’t even have to make a whole pot. You can get an entire coffee maker for like $25 then use your smart plugs for something else/something that doesn’t already have the ability to turn itself on/ect. 🙂

Does it work with a 5g wi-fi or is like the other one you sell that only work with a 2g wi-fi

So if look under the picture , the caption box states ‘only 2.4 ghz’ . – g-lower case is wan (world area network)-outside your house – ‘g’eneration’ a 2.4 ghz connection travels farther at lower speeds, while 5 ghz frequencies provide faster speeds at shorter range. Whether you choose 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz will depend on where and how you use your wi-fi connection most . Lan wifi (local area network-your house- network) used to be called b,g,n,ac,ax. . Now for simplicity , they are all called wifi 6 (ax), wifi 5 (ac) wifi 4 (n) and so on. The transfer rate of each generation is different ,i.e. Wi-fi 5 max speed is 866 mbps (5ghz) and wi-fi 5 , 2.4 ghz is 300 mbps ,wifi 6 boosts higher speeds , distance from the router , wi-fi signals are degraded by concrete, electric ranges , refrigerators ( insolation) . A/c unit . And showers/bath tubs by the water barrier shield in the wall. As far as this plug – is easy to set up and operate . Open your alex app on your phone , add new device , name , group ,done . It just turns thing off and on (in case you’re wondering)

Do i need an alexa device in the home to control the outlet while we’re away?

As long as you have the app and the outlet is paired with your alexa app, you can control it through the app (no echo device needed).

Why does my smart home plug work on some outlets and not on others? It works fine with my echo when plugged into one outlet, but not a different one.

All of the answers that suggest being on ‘a and b 120 volt sections’ are wrong.
This device works over wifi. That old ‘a and b’ advice is for obsolete powerline systems like x-10.
Any problems are due to wifi signal quality.
The smart plug and echo do not need to be on the same ‘120 volt section.’

Can you put 2 smart plugs in one 2 outlet plate? Older designs frequently will only fit one smart plug.

What would be the reason? You are limited to 15a per smart plug so a splitter would do the same thing leaving the second outlet free. If you had a 20a rated socket and a both 15a appliance and a 5a appliance that would make sense.

Why is this plug the same price as an echo dot? Seems way over-priced for such a simple device.

I feel the same way i only bought this smart plug because of a deal from amazon for 4.99 now that said i have like having it and would pay up to 10 dollars for another one but that is where i draw the line.

Can you plug a 2 outlet splitter into it and control 2 lights with one input?

Terrific question. I have not tried. My experience is that it wirelessly turns whatever is plugged into it on or off. It does not appear to have control over multiple items if a multiple connection is plugged into it.

I have an unreliable isp provided cable router and separate wifi router. Will this smart plug work over wifi when the internet connection is down?

If you put the alexa app on your cell phone, you can use your phone to control the devices via your cellular network. Your individual devices are connected via your home wifi, so that connection should work as long as your router is working. Your cellular data carrier provides the necessary internet connection when your isp drops wan, you still have an internet connection through your cellular provider. You just have to give alexa commands though the app on the cell phone.

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How many smart plugs come in the package? $24 send steep for just one plug!

One plug per package. $24 is pretty steep but it works well. I got it for 99 cent when amazon had a deal. So look out for deals.

Can i use it on flat iron 1200w?

If the flat iron has an always on switch and it is on, yes

Can i rename first plug

Yes,you are able to rename first plug. For example: you can ask alexa: rename first plug to light. You can also rename it on the alexa app.

Can i use this with any device that has alexa?

Hi — i just received my smart plug. I connected it to a power strip. Then i plugged my small electric room heater to it. Alexa automatically sensed it. I said ‘alexa turn on the small heater.’ and voila it’s working now. My concern was/is will the current for the heater be too much for the smart plug? So far my room is not in flames. I did say ‘alexa turn on small heater for 10 minutes’ — so far it’s past 10 minutes and didn’t turn off. I’ll try to do it again and see what happens.

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Is it compatible with iphone app on my phone?

Depends on the age of your iphone. The amazon alexa app will not work on older ios or android phones or tablets. This plug must be set up using the amazon alexa app. If you have older iphone and don’t want to send big buck for a new one, then don’t buy this. By a gosund plug because you can still load the gosund app on older phones.

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Does it work without ground prong?

All items in the world will work with a 3 to 2 adapter its still power its only a ground thats missing. However should you have a power surge or electrical storm or lightning etc, it will get fried, id recommend a good power strip/surge protector.

My home is older and all my outlets are two prong. Is it safe to plug this smart adapter into a 3 prong adapter?

Yes, it’s safe. It’s no more of a problem then all the other things you own and plug in. If you screw the pigtail on the adapter to the screw in the center of the wall plate, for sure it conforms to code. But i don’t bother to do that either. And you’re not obliged to change your receptacles unless you totally rewire all or maybe that part of your house, which you are not obliged to do. If the house was in code when built, it still is.

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Is this internal only?

When you plug in your light into the amazon smart plug, alex can control the off/on in smart home. You don’t have to manage the light again.

Is there a way to have alexa toggle this outlet on and off? I want to be able to use the same phrase to turn the lights on/off, eg ‘alexa, lights’.

I want to use this with my printer. The printer stays plugged in but off (actually off, not asleep/standby), and requires you to press a button to turn it on. Will this work to actually activate the printer?

Can you give commands for other rooms other than the one you are in?

Yes, using you amazon echo device or your alexa app, you can control any of your devices. Including devices in any/all rooms.

If buy 2 smart plugs for lamps.does alexa turn on both lamps?or can tell her turn on 1?

The alexa app has the ability to create groups. While each device be it a plug, smart bulb etc needs to have a specific label like lamp 1, you can group any set of devices. Thus if you put devices such as lamp 1 and bulb 1 under a group called upstairs and told alexa to turn on upstairs, all devices in that group would be turned on.

This is very handy when you would like to setup zones of devices in your house or if you have a ceiling fan that has 3 smart bulbs, each of which would have to be turned on individually without this grouping feature, place all 3 in a group and all 3 would turn on at the same time.

I gather the alexa app will be coming out with an update where you could instruct it to turn on devices/groups based on your location determined from the gps location of your mobile device containing the app. So as you get within some distance of your hous, the app could turn on lights for you automatically. Pretty darn cool.

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I tried to configure it, but at the end, alexa app shows me this: bluetooth error and couldn ́t finish configuration. What is wrong?

All i can say i had to start over ,,, have my wifi, alexa connected and phone on the same network (later probably not needed). Phone bluetooth should be on too apparently

with the app open, plug it in … Press and hold the button until red light . Alexa found it for me.


Yakibest Smart Plug, for home automation, Works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device AMAZON

Yakibest Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great smart plug to go with echo!

So i’m kind of new to the amazon device family. We just got our echo a few months ago. I’ve been a prime member for over 10 years so i’m familiar with how amazon has changed life as we knew it (for me anyway). I saw the amazon smart plug when i was searching for any brand smart plug that had alexa control with it. It’s been in my cart saved for later for at least a month! I finally decided to just pre order it so that i could review it and hopefully help other people that are like me and have fallen way behind in the tech field. For reference i’m an almost 34 year old mom of 2. This means that my 8 year old stole my ipad, imac, and i haven’t had a computer of my own in about 4 years! So i do everything from my iphone. I’ve had some weird issues with our echo and my alexa app that it will just randomly pause a song so i’m not sure what that is about.
Anyway! I received my new amazon smart plug the day it was released (so glad it’s not like a new iphone or playstation where people camp out ahead of time or do people still do this??). It was easier than i expected but harder than was described in the listing because my alexa didn’t just recognize it.
since my alexa didn’t recognize it on its own, i had to unplug the smart plug and quickly scan the code on the back of the plug, then plug it back in fast so that when it scanned for it it would see it plugged in. After that it was very simple. I was able to plug in my baby monitor and then tell alexa to “turn off plug one” and it turned off! It is so cool!
i think homes will end up being built with these right into the electrical system. Maybe they already are.
with so many different brands offering smart plugs with alexa integration i can’t see myself buying any more than 1 for $25. Too many are 2 for $20. While it’s nice to have the amazon support backing this up, i just can’t afford to fill my home with them at such a high cost comparative to other brands that do the same exact thing.
if you can afford to fill your plugs with these then do! This smart plug is easy and awesome! But if you’re on a tight budget like i am, i would try a different brand first and see if those will work just as well.
Every time i purchase something online, i always check the reviews. I count on others to help me choose the best option. My reviews are always my honest opinion and i try to include photos if possible.
If my review has helped you in any way, please click the ‘helpful’ button below so that i know! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you!

5Expert Score
Very important info on use. Must read.

Wow ! So easy to set up. I didn’t even need to use the alexa app. I asked alexa to add a device, & she said to plug it in & put it in pairing mode. So i pushed the button on this smart plug & waited for it to be in pairing mode. She didn’t find it the 1st time so asked her to add a device again & she found it & called it plug 1.
I wanted to rename it, so i asked alexa rename plug 1 & she asked what name would you like to call it & i said air conditioner 1 & she changed it to that name. I’m using this smart plug to control my window air conditioners that have old remote controls that are worn out. I will use the 2nd smart plug on the other window air conditioner & name it air conditioner 2. I didn’t group them. I set them up as separate devices. I did not want them both to operate at the same time in a group. They are both working with these commands. This is so awesome. My thanks go to angel in alexa tech support for telling me about this smart plug.

5Expert Score
Best smart plug on the market!

When my really old amazon plug stopped working, i bought a different brand this time. It was a good deal it seemed. I tried to set it up for days and it would almost be working, but then stopped. Hours with tech support, but they (it was a 2 pk) both could not work with alexa. I returned them and bought another amazon smart pug and within 5 minutes it was on and working. I like to have alexa turn on my bedroom lamp as i walk in the room…or from my phone in the living room. This works great! I can’t say enough nice things about amazon! I have always trusted their products and will buy them 1st from now on. If they had a 100 star rating…i would give it!

5Expert Score
Looking forward to more amazon smart devices

I had a smart plug that required another app to set it up. Honestly, it was fine, i had zero issues with it. A year or two later, for reasons i don’t know, it stopped working wirelessly (the button still worked) and i couldn’t re-pair it. I tried everything up to and including giving the standalone app carte blanche on permissions. Time to replace the plug.

I found this one and omg. No other apps needed, the alexa app totally knows what to do. Gives you a qr code scanner mid-setup to scan what i assume is the item-specific qr code.

Now, as i write this, i realize this other thing may already exist. But if it doesn’t, i hope it will (i’ll probably search shortly after i write this review): led bulbs with the zillion different colors. I have no problem with companies that need their own apps in order to integrate with alexa, but i mean come on, an option to just handle everything through one app? Here, take my money!

5Expert Score
A must-have accessory for a college dorm room or any room at home!

The amazon smart plug is the most useful item i have ever bought, it really makes my life easier. I live in a college dorm and have a pedestal lamp 2 meters from my bed to light up the whole room. Before i bought this smart plug i had to get out of bed or off the furniture to turn off the lights on the lamp so i could sleep, but now i can lie in bed watching tv and just ask alexa to turn off the smart plug and all the lights turn off quickly and conveniently. I like that the smart plug comes with an off/on button because when the internet fails i can turn it off and de-energize everything directly without having to unplug it. Connecting and setting up the smart plug with alexa was very easy and only took less than 5 minutes.

5Expert Score
Should have used these to start with!

I’ve had an alexa since 2017 and went through both wemo and kasa smart plugs. These were by far the easiest to set up – scan the qr code and you’re good to go. My only bitch is i had to rename the living room lamp “living room lamp” instead of just “living room” (i mean i get why) but i’m going to set up a routine which will fix that problem. These are so simple to set up and use i’m kicking myself for not doubt it sooner.

5Expert Score
Easy set up!

They work! Set up was as easy as scanning the qr code through the alexa app, it found my router and added the plug to my network, all i had to do was edit the device name and add a routine. Done. I have had less expensive, other brand (not so) ‘smart’ plugs that required me to download and install their app and setup an account with them then have their app talk to the alexa app, what a pain in the _ _ _ they were, and when i had to buy a new router i finally threw them in the trash after spending 2 hours trying to get them set up again. Save yourself the stress and aggravation and spend the extra money for these amazon plugs, we can all use a little less stress these days.

5Expert Score
Quick and easy

Plugged it in, opened the alexa app on my phone, scanned the qr code, and that’s it for setup. It connects to the wifi on its own and everything. I guess if i had to pick an issue it is large, about the size of a 1-to-3 plug adapter, on a standard surge protector with horizontal outlets it covers the plugs right next to it. Super happy with this will get more.

5Expert Score
So cool!

I got this because i saw the 99 cent promotion for it while shopping for other things. I’m so glad i used that promotion to check out this plug!! It’s so cool. I use it to control my wax warmer. I love being able to turn it on/off using my alexa app or using my voice with my alexa echo dot. I originally used the plug for my fan but since summer is ending i switched it to the wax warmer.
Even though i love this plug, i will likely not buy another due to the original price for one single plug being about $25. That seems very steep for only one plug, i would be more okay with that price if they came in packs of 3 or 4. But if money is not an issue for you with these, then honestly i would recommend getting them for all your household appliances!!

5Expert Score
If you dont have them your missing out

Middle of the night your laying there. Get a little warm, you’re foots already hanging over the bed. You ask alexa to turn on the fan. She says ok turns on the fan but then starts talking to you in the middle of the night about set a routine about your fan. You’re like f** off alexa and let me go to sleep. Oh yeah the plug thing in awesome and alexa is like a chingy girl that you want and dont want in your room

4Expert Score
Easiest brand to setup and they stay connected! Note:just had one burn up! Quality issues? Unsure.

I have many different brands of alexa-compatible switches and these are hands down the easiest to setup.
They are reasonably priced when they are on sale (high priced otherwise). I get them when on sale and i love them.

However, i recently had one burn up and i now question whether they might have quality issues.

The switch has been installed in my shop for between 6 – 12 months and it typically gets used twice a day to control a small led shop light fixture (.32 amp 37 watts). Recently it did not respond to the alexa on command along with all the other switches in the shop. I examined the switch and found black soot on the unit at the plug/cord interface. (see photos)

being concerned about the cause of failure, i carefully opened the case and confirmed the failure was from within the switch and had nothing to do with the light plug/switch interface (dirt, contamination, etc.). There definitely was a component failure within the switch itself.

A 37 watt load is definitely not overloading the switch, so there definitely was a premature component failure in the switch. Quality issues or just normal statistical probability failure? I can’t say…only that i’m a bit disappointed with it. If i have another similar failure in the future i will be more closely examining all my other amazon switches and contacting amazon about it. In the meantime, like i said, these switches are the easiest of all i have purchased to setup and none of them have ever disconnected or failed to respond as long as my network is up and running properly (which is more than i can say for other brands that i have!)

4Expert Score
Does not work with electric kettle but works with a light

I bought two of these, one to work with my electric kettle as it is one of the appliances advertised in the description. With the kettle, the smart plug would only work to turn it on if i told alexa to turn off the smart plug, put the switch on for the kettle, then tell alexa to turn on the smart plug. Once the kettle boiled and automatically shut off, it would not come back on unless i was to do the same thing all over again. Maybe it would work with kettles without auto shut off? A bit disappointing given it’s advertised as working with electric kettles. It does work with the light in my room

4Expert Score
Makes me feel lazy

I have this plugged up to a lamp, and i cannot tell you the amount of times i’ve gone to flip off the light switch only to stop in my tracks. I’ll be standing right next to the switch and have to call out to alexa to turn my light off for me. It’s funny to me, personally, and i can’t help but laugh. It’s the fact that i have to walk past the light switch every time and take an extra few seconds to ask alexa to do it that gets me.

Of course, you can have it plugged up to something other than a light, this is just from my personal experience. The downside to having it connected to a lamp (or at least a lamp that’s connected to the plug with a light switch) is that if you accidentally turn it of… Which i’ve done plenty of times… Is that there’s a delay to when you can have alexa turn on the light. So, when i accidentally turn off my switch (a habit that i’m having to learn to break) i have to give it about 10-15 seconds to reestablish the connection back to my alexa. This is mostly because i have it connected to the outlet with the switch connection though, so anyone not facing the exact same thing as me probably won’t have that issue at all.

4Expert Score
Setup could be easier

I have amazon’s flex and like it very much. I decided to add a couple of smart plugs because i am disabled and sometimes getting up to turn lights on or off can be difficult.

The first plug i got i used for the lights by my bed. Sometimes when i’m tired and ready to sleep the activity involved in getting up to turn off a light wakes me up enough i *can’t* sleep, which is really annoying. This has solved that problem. I just tell alexa, ‘lights off,’ and they’re off. I love it. But. Setup was not intuitive at all. It took me about a half hour to wade thru the hassle of persuading alexa that there actually was such a plug and getting her to name it. Part of the problem was that alexa doesn’t recognize the term smart plug, which is what i was ignorantly calling the smart plug. I finally figured out that i should be calling it plug 1.

Once that was going, i thought i would add an extra plug for a lamp i sometimes use. Plugging it in and turning it on wasn’t sufficient for alexa to find it, even tho i remembered to call it plug 2. After searching thru the alexa app on my fire tablet i finally found a way to get bluetooth to add it. Then alexa was willing to rename it for me and it now works. All this took me over a half hour, but i’m almost happy with it.

Almost happy? It’s theoretically possible to pair the two up so i can turn both on or off at once, but bluetooth doesn’t seem to know what the devices are so alexa doesn’t know, so it’s going to take another half hour, or more, to get that feature turned on.

I recently read an article by a smart-home tech expert who says he’s going with another brand (google?) because alexa can be too finicky. I don’t want the stuff he was having problems with, like a curtain opener, but the hassle with setting up these two plugs makes me feel he’s got a point. Still, things are easier for me than they were and i am largely pleased with the results. It just seems like it should be simpler to get it going. If their e-readers and fire tablets were this hard to setup, no one would buy them.

4Expert Score
Smart plug makes my day easier

It took me a couple of minutes to set it up but it walks you through the instructions to set it up.
Love that i can use the voice control to turn on the lamp as soon as i enter my room and this prevents me from stumbling or accidentally bumping into furniture. Also, just as easily turn off the lights with my voice and this helps me save electricity when i am not in the room.

The one downside i have experienced with this product is that the smart plug becomes unresponsive one some occasions. I disconnected once this week and i had to reconnect it by doing the setup once again. This may have occurred because the wifi disconnected for a bit. Also, it disconnected a second time but the wifi was stable that time which confused me. I wish the set up was more simple.

Overall, i am still pleased with this item since it makes my day easier.
Would recommend this product to other people since it does what it claims. I am considering buying another smart plug in the near future.

4Expert Score
Nice product

I have not used this one, but i have used others. I love these and are generally easy to setup and easy to use, if you’re a little tech savvy. And since this one connects to amazon’s alexa, it should be a lot easier voice commands. If anything goes bad, i will change my review, otherwise, i do recommend.

4Expert Score
Can’t rename the plugs

I’ve been using 2 smart plugs for a few months and they’re incredibly convenient. I’ve been using them to turn the light on in my room so i’ll ask alexa “turn on the lights” which turns them on no problem. But if i want to turn on just 1 plug i have to say “turn on 1st plug” i haven’t found a way to rename the plugs and it’s pretty inconvenient

other than that, i’ll gladly give amazon my energy usage data for this convenience.

4Expert Score
Great – until your internet goes out

This is a great plug – i love being able to get it for sunset instead of a set time. I love being able to tell alexa to turn it on or off as needed. But – if your internet goes out, there is no way to turn the plug on. No external switch to manually turn it on. Due to a snowstorm i was without internet for several days, and had to plug in my old school manual pin timer to use my light in the mean time. This seems like a weird oversight. I still recommend it (especially if you get it at a discount), but be aware that you might need a backup plan.

4Expert Score
It works, but sometimes disconnects

It was a good price and wanted to try it! The plug works and it will get the job done. It is a little bulky (i wish they made a slim version of this) but it works for the plug spot i used it in. I don’t know if it randomly disconnects from my internet or my internet it is just special but sometimes it will take a little while for the commands to work.

All together worth the buy for the price.

4Expert Score
Great device but not for network or heating/refrigerator equipment

It’s everything described. Just be aware that if power is disrupted it will come back in the “off” state. Network connection or refrigeration/heating should not be connected to this.

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