Yakibest Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required

What are yakibest smart thermostat – energy star certified features?

  • Smart upgrade – amazon smart thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage.
  • Save money – after purchase, amazon will send you an email with details about rebates that may be available from energy providers in your area. Explore rebates above.
  • Save energy – according to epa estimates, energy star certified thermostats save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills.
  • Automatic comfort – alexa can do the programming for you, updating the temperature to keep you comfortable.
  • On-the-go control – let alexa set the temperature, or set it yourself from anywhere with the alexa app.
  • You can do it – the alexa app will guide you through the installation process, but customer service is always available.
  • Reliable – made with honeywell home thermostat technology and backed by 130 years of experience.
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Looking for specific info?

Why would i need a c-wire adapter?

Pull out your current thermostat before ordering! Mine only had 4 wires hooked up (battery powered with heat and ac) but there were 4 other unused wires in the wall. In my case the unused black wire was the c-wire (common wire) which was not hooked up to my battery powered thermostat. So i didn’t need the adapter even though some of these “answers” said i would if i only had a 4-wire system.

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Can i use multiple thermostats in same house?

i just installed and set up 2 of these for my own house using only the alexa app on my phone.
I am a licensed hvac contractor in wmd area but it is pretty straight forward installation for anyone.

Take a picture of where the wires connected on your old thermostat, connect them to same ones on this one.
Two things;
1- just pay attention to the warning label on the wiring cover for heat pumps about w terminal.
2- for heat pumps only, o/b is pre-set for o(energized in cooling) some heat pumps, ruud, rheem, mr. Cool ducted mini split, carrier ducted mini split, etc. Units use b(energize in heating) make sure to check your heat pump..

To set-up for multiple heating cooling systems, you just have to pick a name for each one from pre selected list or create a custom one based on your heating/cooling system. You can then adjust the time and temperature schedule for each day of the week based on your schedule.

It works with steam or hot water boiler and combi boilers, but you need at least 3 thermostat wires.
Red to r terminal for hot on 24volt side of the control transformer inside the heating system.
White to w terminal for heat.
3rd wire to c terminal or common side of the 24 volt transformer, you may need a professional to do this if you don’t have an existing one.

As always; turn power off to any appliance runs by electricity.

I hope this was helpful.

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Will you be able to use remote room sensors?

The lack of remote room sensors is what is keeping me from switching from nest to this. I would love to have the better integration of this with my other alexa smart devices but i have to have remote room temp sensors. I have a split level home and the ability to have different room sensors and schedule when to switch to them at different times of the day is fantastic with nest. Dear amazon add this and you will have me as a customer.

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Can i set the thermostat to change to different temperatures at different times of day on different days of the week?

Something to consider if you want more than 3 temperature options (home, away, sleep) is to set up routines. Set the routine(s) to a schedule (days of the week and times of day) and tell it to set a specific temperature on the thermostat. You could run all your thermostat schedules via routines or (i assume) in addition to the basic (3 tempt) thermostat schedule. It’s more work than i’d prefer but it is an option.

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Can you use this without the internet?

You can not set up the thermostat without going through the alexa app which requires a connection to the internet. No connection to the internet means no setup and an unuseable thermostat.

Can you disable your energy provider from taking over your thermostat?

By default, your energy provider does not have any control on your thermostat and they cannot make changes to it. Energy providers can only adjust temperatures on your thermostat if you have signed up for energy saving incentives (often called demand response).

Will you be able to set the temperature between a certain range?

Yes. You can use the auto feature to make sure your home is maintained between a temperature range of your choice. For example, in auto mode, if you set your heat at 68f and cooling at 72f, your heating will start if your home gets cooler than 68 and your cooling will start if it gets warmer than 72 in your home.

Will this be integrated into ring?

The thermostat is integrated with alexa, and through alexa it also becomes integrated with your ring security system. So, for example, when the ring alarm is set to away, then alexa is set to guard mode, and the thermostat immediately sets itself to your away temperature settings. When you come home and deactivate your ring alarm, alexa also deactivates guard mode, and the thermostat changes to your at home temperature settings.

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Why does the display seemingly brighten then dim? Is there a setting to prevent this?

I have the same issue. Believe it has to do with the ambient light sensor. The inactive display, when set at it’s lowest brightness level, will fluctuate between that setting and the brightest setting if the room is dark. A bit annoying. Hoping a software update will fix that.

Is there a fan only function?

Yes. You can control your hvac fan control by selecting one of three different modes. In ‘auto’ your fan will automatically turn on when your home is actively cooling or heating. In ‘on’ your fan is always running. In ‘circulate’ your fan will turn on intermittently (for 20 minutes every hour) to circulate air in your home.

Cold air is pumping out when it’s supposed to be heating?

If you have a heat pump and you’re receiving cold air instead of hot air, update your reversing valve settings. To update, go to the alexa app, find your thermostat in the devices tab, select the gear icon to access settings, tap ‘thermostat configuration’, and select ‘hvac type’. Flip the reversing valve setting and follow the instructions in the alexa app. You will be prompted to press the mode button on your device to accept the change. This should reverse the heating/cooling for your system. If you still have issues, please contact customer service.

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How do other alexa users in my house get the controls to show up in their alexa app?

Update- we just spoke to amazon they state there is no way to allow your household access to the thermostat other than they have to sign in as primary (person who done the setup initially). So unless everyone’s signed into you account they can’t control it via alexa app . I will also add we have the kasa smart plugs and some other devices they are all viewable to our household. Amazon states there plugs are the same as the thermostat only primary can see so hopefully that will help anyone considering the plugs and thermostat if that’s an issue…. This needs corrected because it makes 0 sence who wants to allow everyone access to all their account info, what’s the purpose of the “household” setup?

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Can i switch from heat to cool mode using voice?

Yes. You can switch from heating to cooling by saying ‘alexa, set the thermostat* to cooling.’ here are other common phrases to try:
‘alexa, set the temperature to 68 degrees.’
‘alexa, what’s the temperature on the thermostat?*’
‘alexa, how can you help me save energy?’
‘alexa, can you change the temperature when no one is home?’

*this is what your device will be called until you rename it in the alexa app.

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Why does continuously turn on run for 2 minutes and turn off and then back on again?

It does not have the ability to set the swing temp yet which should be an easy app update really. Send amazon feedback and request that feature (i already did and got email back stating that the request would be forwarded to the development team but the more people that request this critical feature the more likely it will get added). Your ac compressor will wear out faster if it keeps turning on and off every 10 minutes trying to maintain a 0.5 degree swing!

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Does the amazon smart thermostat have an adjustable deadband setting?

It does not have the ability to set the swing temp yet which should be an easy app update really. Send amazon feedback and request that feature (i already did and got email back stating that the request would be forwarded to the development team but the more people that request this critical feature the more likely it will get added). Your ac compressor will wear out faster if it keeps turning on and off every 10 minutes trying to maintain a 0.5 degree swing!

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My info light stays on. How do i clear it? No notifications on the app.

This info light will clear when the underlying trigger is resolved. If you don’t see a notification in the alexa app and your info light remains on, you can manually clear notifications via a device restart. To restart, remove the faceplate from the wall plate, wait a few seconds, then gently reattach it. If this notification persists without any info in alexa app, please contact customer support.

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Does this have a built in jumper for the rc and r wires?

Yes. The wall plate has a built-in jumper for handling rc and r wire configurations. If you have a single r (or rc or rh) wire, make sure you connect it to the r terminal (and not to rc) on the wall plate with the r jumper switch in the up position. If you have more than one r wire, follow connection instructions in the alexa app to configure your system appropriately.

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If i currently have a nest thermostat, can i use this in its place?

Yes, but if your nest is installed without a c wire you will need the c wire adapter or provide power via the c wire. Nest allows for install without a c wire or c wire adapter and recharges an internal battery from the other wires when your hvac is running which is different than how this and most other smart thermostats power themselves.

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Does this have a wps button?

It does not. You connect it to your network through the alexa app.

Es compatible con ring

Es compatible con echo de alexa y este es a su vez compatible con ring

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Amazon smart t-stat honest review

I’m a big nest fan had it on my old house the problem that i have with them it’s the cost, and even with gas company great rebate didn’t justify the cost especially with my new home having a total of 5 thermostats (t-stat). I was excited when i found that amazon partner with honeywell to get this t-stat created as honeywell has been creating t-stat for years which make me feel better when making the purchase.
now let go over the details for cost it’s good and i got two of them which at the end of the day will be free due to the electric company rebate for a smart t-stat. I didn’t get a c- adapter and i will explain later (install session) why i purchase a 24-volt transformer for my first-floor unit.


love the package it reminds me of the nest when it first starts came with everything that you needed the only additional tools, i need was a harmer, and drill but this is normal for these installations.
Now the biggest question that everyone has is the c (common) wire. This is where you need to do your research regardless of what company you go with when upgrading to a smart thermostat, due your homework on what you need. For me i have a spill unit (boiler & a/c) first for my second-floor unit it was super easy i had an extra wire and i use it for common the t-stat startup and finish within 30 min. Now for my first floor i utilize a 24-volt transformer because i didn’t have spare cables and i didn’t want to run a new cable which drove me to make the purchase again do your homework before and see what option best works for your use case.
I connected the transformer to the c wire and the other end to rc and that works like a champ. This is critical if you have a split unit since honeywell power their t-stat via rc only when you have two red wire (r (heater) and rc(cooling)) and the blue tab (internal jumper is down position. If you only have one red wire you are fine just keep the blue tab up and your t-stat will turn on without any problems. I did reach out to honeywell and explain to them they need to explain this on their site and white papers that when you have split units’ power for the t-stat will come from rc and not from r this is critical because my house previous owner installed a switch to keep the a/c unit down through the winter to avoid accident turning on the unit which is great idea. Please keep in mind this is not an amazon problem that is honeywell they did acknowledge their mistake and agree to update their site and documentation.
Running my transformer cable and installing the unit took me about 60 minutes because i wanted to look perfect with the transformer cable going through the wall this make the installation look cleaner.


once all wire were connected the setup of the t-stat was simply and when i say simple it was super didn’t have input the wifi password or anything else since it automatic joined my account that was amazing and simply just like setting a fire table that was a great experience. Amazon did an amazing job doing this some users this my not be as good, but i look automation the less click i must do the less chances of mistake a+

the t-stat looks great after the final install the wall panel (included but optional for install) made it easier for me since i didn’t have to paint (if you had a different color paint i would recommend adjusting before completing the install but that is just me)

—interface (gui)—-

for me the gui is great for some it my but i’m one of those people that like to have one application on my phone or tablet rather than 2 and this is where amazon did another amazing job. Please keep in mind that google who purchase nest is doing the same thing i see the nest application going away in the future all new nest is configure from google home and they also did a great job the gui it’s simple and allows you to setup multiple schedules and copy them to different days or week. Huge plus on my book because for the nest i had to do manually per day i can setup one day and copy to another. You can setup away and home schedule or utilize your current amazon device to tell the t-stat that you are home or away. Another item that i love from the amazon you can setup max cooling or heating this allows for mistake not to happen and getting your house too hot or cool really go option to have and you can set filter replacements without your assistance (optional) for me this is great no more remembering air filter as they will show up at my footsteps.

Energy saving incentives can also be done via the application. The dashboard its great too it tells you how much energy you utilize each day and where you can save.

Now the only downside for that i experience is only scheduling session on android because it forces close my alexa application all the time, i don’t have this problem with anything else on the application just the scheduling session. This option works perfect on my wife new iphone and ipad pro and new android phone. My old android is the one with this problem, but i experience this kind of thing on and off since it’s an older device.

——-final judgment —-

the device is good option for a smart t-stat and would recommend for anyone some of the problems that were reported it was on day one which is expected with any new launch overall i see this t-stat giving google (nest) and others a run for their money as now you have a great option for smart t-stat and you don’t require to break your budget to acquire one. In addition, love the one application for everything as previously mentioned all big companies are doing this model to stop the install of some many other applications. In a scale from 0 -10 this t-stat gets a 9 please note that the nest 3rd gen got a 9 from me. Hope this helps everyone make the correct decision and i will update this review in a few weeks to report back.

5Expert Score
Easy install (if you have the c-wire)

I ordered a pair of these for my upstairs and downstairs thermostats. My first challenge was to determine if i had a c-wire. I thought i did, but wasn’t sure. I ordered a c-wire kit just in case, but that was taking several weeks. Coincidentally i had a ac service tech come to the house and he confirmed that indeed i did have a c-wire. I cancelled the c-wire kit and waited for some time to do the installation.
With two units (not properly marked on my electrical panel) i had to turn off both units and both furnaces. With 100+degf days, i wanted to do this in the evening, as i wanted to minimize the heat accumulating in the house. I found some time just before dusk, and started the work.

With a drill , plyers and a screw driver i tackled the installation. The backing plate was big enough to cover the older outline from my previous thermostat. Downstairs i didn’t need the sheetrock plastic screw bases as there was 2×4’s beind the sheetrock; upstairs i did.

My wiring was already stripped (and color coded) to match the proper locations. Even so i took picures in advance to make sure i know where they were originally located.
Green to g, red to r, white to w , yellow to y and so on. Blue went to the c-wire spot

i went pack to the electrical panel and turned on all my breakers, thus starting the amazon theremostat for the first time. I went through the process of connecting to it via bluetooth with my alexa app. Be patient. It took a minute or so to establish contact but ultimately connected to my wifi. I answered t he question and named the device downstairs. Everything looks to be working so i started the process again with my upstairs. Even though my old thermostat was different from my downstairs, the wiring was the same colors. I connected it up and powered it back up… I was able to get it connected from downstairs! Had i turned on all the breakers it would have been uneventful install. The house kept getting hotter… That’s when i realized i’d not turned on all the breakers. Restting the breaker, and the temp headed down exactly as desired/intended.

I setup a routine and allowed hunches. So far so good.
Interesting things: there is an option to remind for filter changes, and have them shipped from amazon. And there is a section in the app for energy utilization, which will come in handy when talking to solar panel installers, or power providers.

I need to learn how to add the devices to my wife’s alexa app (we have two accounts). Until then, she uses her voice to control it or the touch areas.

5Expert Score
Once it was wired correctly, it is wonderful!

Mobile/manufactured home owners…
Read this! Read this! Read this!
If you live in a mobile home, have 4 wires running to your current battery operated thermostat and have a intertherm or like system and do not have a blue (common) wire hooked up: you will have to run a jumper wire from the commom side of the 24 volt transformer of your furnace. Use a meter to find the transformer. The red is hot and connects to the red thermostat wire. The other side is gray (sometimes black). This is the common. This is the side you have to run your new blue wire from. Or, in my case, put a jumper wire to the unused blue wire in the thermostat wiring bundle. Then wire your new smart thermostat according to the colors. White to white on base plate, ect. Put the new (or jumped) blue wire in the “c” port of the base plate.
This is for furnaces that do not have a circuit board. A good way to check if this is the correct wiring for you is to probe the red and yellow wires at your old thermostat. If it reads 24v, you are good to go.
I spent 5 hours hooking mine up including 2 calls to amazon tech support. Finally the good old internet gave me enough info to complete the installation.

5Expert Score
Basic smart thermostat functionality for a reasonable price

There are a number of negative reviews floating around about this device and frankly i cannot understand what they are complaining about. I wanted a smart thermostat that i could control easily from a phone and have the ability to setup some basic scheduling. I also wanted an easy interface for programming. I am tired of dealing with overly complex menus on this type of iot device.

Super, super simple pairing with alexa on my phone. Adjusting the temperature up and down is trivial. I have created a couple of programs which i use from time to time. Setting up these programs (think turn on heat every morning from 8am – 10am) is easy but a bit unintuitive. There is precious little documentation on how to do it and what documentation there exists is a bit out of date. I suggest looking through a couple of youtube videos to get an idea on how to proceed. Once you successfully setup a program it will be easy to create new ones. Also the programming options are fairly limited. You are only going to be able to setup a few different schedules. If you want to have complex scheduling options you should look elsewhere.

So for what it is and what my needs are i am very happy with it. When i look at the negative comments i almost universally see user error. If you are going to need to wire this from scratch i think it there could be plenty of room for error. Everything is clearly color coded and instructions are provided but i still think many of the negative reviews are the result of installation error.

In my case installation was trivial. I previously had a new model honeywell controller. All i had to do was pop off the old thermostat and snap on the alexa period! Took no more than a couple of minutes to install the unit and join it to my alexa app. Expect more installation headaches if your wiring is not up to recommended standards.

I use the app every morning and afternoon to (currently summer) manually turn the ac on and off setting it to the desired temperature. I currently have one auto schedule i use to keep the house cool for sleeping from 10pm to 3am. It then turns off. That’s all i needed and the alexa thermostat does all of that easily.

There are more robust smart thermostats on the market which are capable of far more complex operations but then you are paying far more money and getting a lot of complexity. I like the simple setup, ease of use and a very reasonable price.

5Expert Score
Love!! Easy to install and setup. Runs efficiently.

Love this thermostat! It was easy to setup with the app walk-through and included instructions. After figuring out which type of unit i had (furnace), and checking for the correct wiring, it was a quick changeover. I did 2 of these and the first one took longer, about an hour, but the second one only took about 20 minutes! It’s been chugging along since july without issues and has saved us money on our electric bill since it’s keeping a more consistent temp than our older/non-smart one was.

The app also works really well for me. We have great internet at home, and i think if you don’t the app probably won’t work very well. But that’s the case for any smart tech. I can tell alexa to change the temp, order filters, and turn the fan on or off pretty easily for each individual thermostat.

If there’s an cons to this, it’s that my husband can’t really access the app as easily since i can’t figure out a way to link it to his account. I thought i did, but it doesn’t show up for him. That’s not an issue for us though because i’m the one that sets the schedules for it and he works out of town anyways.

5Expert Score
Looks good but needs some feature updates

Installation was easy for me, simply plugged into where my old honeywell thermostat was, and let alexa set up the internet connection. I then mostly skipped alexa after that and used the gear menu to set the thermostat parameters. Looking good except i have the same complaint as dennis r. Hyatt:
“changing the fan setting is more difficult than it needs to be. To change the fan mode on the alexa app you have to dig into the thermostats settings menu. It’s just as annoying on the unit itself because you only have one button to cycle between cool/heat modes as well as the fan mode, so you end up pressing the button until you come around to the option you want.“

another annoying point is i can’t easily get my echo show to directly display the thermostat functions. I have to ask it to set the temperature or display my devices and then push the button to display the thermostat. And then the only control is the temperature +/- buttons. Amazon should have the full setup/control menu available on the echo show. I’d also like to see the thermostat (indoor temp) displayed on a small window at the corner of the show’s screen.

One other nasty annoyance, i received several fraudulent robocalls from “olivia at amazon” about a “suspicious $749 order in my amazon account”, immediately after i installed my new amazon thermostat. This suggests amazon has a spyware bug. I contacted amazon security and asked them to investigate. I basically never (before) received such calls about amazon from spambots. This is clearly linked to the new activation of my new amazon thermostat. Hopefully amazon can plug the leak.

5Expert Score
Easiest thermostat install ever!!!!!!

This was the easiest install of a theremostat i’ve ever done and i’m a contractor. I litterally unsnapped my old one, filled in the questions on the setup app and snapped the new one in place! It uses the same wall plate as many other honeywell thermostats and if you have an existing honeywell you might have this same easy install!!!!!!! I’ll explain how to figure this out before you buy this at the end of this review.

I absolutely love the thermostat!!! It is great to be able to change it and set funciton by voice and the alexa intigration was super simple! The tstat has a nice and easy to understand user interface on the unit itself and it is easily adjusted by physical touch and doesnt take a degree to figure out how to do it. It looks beautiful and modern on the wall and the led display brightness can be adjusted to your liking so that it is not obnoxious. The auto feature is wonderful if you are coming from a thermostat that doesnt offer that. Meaning that if you set a temp range from 68-71 and have it in auto mode, then it will call for heat or ac as needed without you having to switch from heat to cool modes manually!!!! This is great during transitional times of the year where you need ac during the day but still need heat at night. No fussing, just set it and forget it.

It also has a very easy to use program that you can set preferences by the day, week, weekends in the app….even if you want saturday and sunday to run differently!!!

Have i mentioned how much i love this tstat?!?!?!? I do, i really love this thing and wish i made the decision to switch to a smart tstat earlier. It’s not a necessity but its so nice to have!

Yes i would recommend. Yes i would buy again, yes yes yes, to everything. Plus at under fiftey bucks….really its a no-brainer!!! It was actually cheaper to buy this and be ‘with the times’ than it would be to go and buy the honeywell digital tsat again that i just took off the wall!!! That’s nuts!

Now, if you have a honeywell existing tstat and you want to know if you have a simple swap install like i did, all you need to do is open your alexa app, click more in the bottom right and add a device. Then choose thermostat and next choose amazon. Follow through the set up guide like you already own it and look for a blue sentance that says ‘do you already have a honeywell thermostat’ or something like that. When you see that blue sentance, click on it….it will put you into a new ‘sub setup’ sequence and ask you question and give you pictures of the thermostats that are basically a ‘pull it off the wall and snap on the new smart tstat, conect it to a network and done’ type install.

There you go! This tstat is wonderfull and i wholeheartedly would recommend to anyone, especially given the price and how much of an upgrade you get to your system if you are just now switching to smart tech for your hvac system.

I bought this with my own, over taxed, self employed, hard earned money! I did not get anything for free or any offer from anyone in exchange for anything. These are my honest opinions as i see them being a full price paying customer!

If you found this to be helpful, please do me a solid and click that ‘helpful’ button under my review and let amazon know how awesome this review was for you! Thanks and good luck with whatever you choose!

5Expert Score
'alexa turn the thermostat to 72'

All ready to go to bed, under the blankets, lights off in the house, tv off about to close my eyes… Then remember that i forgot to turn the thermostat down as we like it a little cooler at night… Get out of bed go to the thermostat move it down and try to fall back asleep. Well i don’t do that anymore, alot of the ‘alexa do this or do that’ we don’t really use around the house but with this thermostat we do it all the time. Quick and easy install through the app too!

5Expert Score
Not bad at all.

Got this for my elderly mothers house. The thermostat is upstairs and she can’t climb the stairs. I wanted something simple and she has a amazon show downstairs so i thought i’d try this. Worked great. It was easy to install other than having to climb into the 100+ degree attic to hook up the c wire. App was helpful in installing/hooking it up. Works great with the show. I just wish the alexa app let you put a shortcut for the thermostat on her phones home screen. She can’t remember how to go to the alexa app, find the thermostat, and then deal with it from there. It’s too many steps to get to it. Didn’t need any tech support so i didn’t rate it.

5Expert Score
Simple and effective

Simple and effective: hardest part of installation is the base plate for those of us who are drill challenged.

Have a heat pump/geo-thermal and needed tech support -didn’t have to wait 45 seconds for amazon to answer and had to be passed onto the manufacturer for whom i did t have to hold for 5 seconds and voila! Problem solved in 5 coached through minutes. Got a follow up call from amazon an hour later. Great support and seamless app integration.

4Expert Score
Good for a first try but could be better

Tldr; a great start for amazon getting into the thermostat business but needs improvement all the way around.

i’m coming from an original nest thermostat which i’ve been using for over 6 years — yes, it still works. So, why did i decided to switch? Well, i like new tech and i decided about 8 months that i really hate having multiple eco-systems of smart products. So, i selected amazon a while back. I’ve been replacing my cams from wyze and ring to ring. We’ve got about 10 echo devices. You can say we are almost fully vested.

this was a great deal. For about $50, you get a fully functioning smart thermostat. I didn’t have a proper c-wire (supplies constant power to thermostat) so i had to get the honeywell c-wire kit. This is the kit that costs about $20 more which is auto selected if you choose the ‘no c-wire’ model at the product page.

the easiest part of the installation was opening the box. Overall, it took one hour to install including the c-wire adapter. 30 minutes of that was trying to put back on the furnace covers (@#$@!). Again, you don’t have to worry about the c-wire adapter and opening the furnace if you already have a c-wire ran. You can check for the c-wire by popping open your current thermostat and seeing if there’s a connection to ‘c-wire’ or looking for an extra unused wire if you currently have a ‘dumb’ thermostat.

Amazon says there are stickers to label your wires but there was not! I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked. I’m so glad that my 6 year nest came with some because i had already taken the time to label the wires. This was a bummer. It may make hooking up the wires to the new thermostat a real pain in the butt for some. Oh, and the honeywell kit also said it had labels. Guess what? Nope. 🙁

only if you don’t have a c-wire run….they have you install the c-wire adapter first so you can have constant power running to the thermostat. That part was pretty easy but you have to be comfortable taking apart the furnace doors and rewiring to an adapter. Always take pictures of wires before doing any sort of of this type of work. You always want a reference.

Let me complain about the alexa app a bit. Amazon tried. They really tried but damn. I can see this a deal breaker for many. So, check this out, you use your alexa app to setup the thermostat. You crack open this app first before doing anything else so it can guide you through the entire process. Before you do anything you want to also make sure you have the latest app version installed as well. Go to your app store and make sure to download the latest version.

That being said, the alexa app itself guides the user through the process. No videos. It’s just text and picture. While it is laid out nicely, it can get confusing for some people. There needs to be more clarification on some of the steps. Perhaps a video?

One of the most annoying parts of the app is that while you put your phone down to do some steps, you come back and the app quits the process. You are at the main screen! No joke. You have to literally go through all the steps again to get back to where you left off. I had to do this about 7 times. It was super annoying. Amazon, you must do something to correct this. It is super annoying.

As far as the rest of the installation, it was pretty straightforward. If you wired a thermostat before, you’ll get through this. Again, super annoying with the app reverting to the begining due to timing out.

I noticed that the wires in the closure were a super tight fit. At one point i closed the latch and the small closure bulched out. I had to re-open and re-position cables. That took a bit to re-adjust.

The optional decorative plate (presumably to hide wall holes or imperfections), i could not get flat. It seemed thin and flimsy. When looking from an angle, you can tell a bit. 🙁

the thermostat itself snapped real easily to the connection plate. No issues there. Pretty solid.

the thermostat fired up once i turned the power back on to the hvac. The alexa app took about 2 minutes to talk to the thermostat to connect and configure it. This part was automatic.

Physical functionality
if you look at the thermostat itself it can be confusing even though it’s simple. The arrows dissapear. The arrows i think need to be there so that anyone can understand where to press the buttons to turn up or down temp.

Digital/gui functionality
the thermostat function seems buried in the alexa app. I know you can set favorites, but there should be a way to have it up as soon as you open alexa app. I know the entire purpose is to use alexa via voice but still.

How about some dedicated widgets for the thermostat? Something we can throw on the phone home screen so we can easily adjust temperature?

Another note. My wife also has the alexa app with her own account. She is part of the household. She cannot see the thermostat to adjust in the app. 🙁 i’ll have to investigate this more.

great start. Would i buy it again? Sure. Why? Because it’s nice and simple. There really isn’t anything that can’t be solved with a software update on this one.
Be sure to check with your local utility company as you can essentially get a rebate for it making it ‘free.’

4Expert Score
Have to reconnect after updates

The install was so easy. We had a honeywell thermostat, and all we had to do was plug this one into the receptacle from the old one, then set it up in the app. The app is the problem, we had no problem for several months, but were away for a couple of weeks, so wanted to override the schedule. The app would not let me turn off the schedule. I could change the temperature, but changing and viewing the schedule would not work, and i was away from home, so couldn’t reset. When we got home, i did a reset and reinstalled on the app, still didn’t work. I did a chat with amazon support, they had no answer, and directed me to a 3rd party. A few days later there was an app update, and that fixed the problem. A few weeks later and the thermostat was no longer showing in the app. Tried to add it, on a phone with android 13, and it couldn’t find the thermostat. I used a phone that had an older version of android, and it connected, but it still doesn’t show up in my main phone. I’m sure i’m just waiting for an app update, to fix this, but it’s frustrating. The other problem with this, is you lose all your history, that shows how much time the hvac was running. Just gone. Not a huge issue, but this was part of the reason i wanted a connected thermostat.

Wanted to update, and say that after another recent app update, i am able to turn of ‘schedule’ mode, and see and edit my schedule from my phone, and i can view and change it from multiple devices.

4Expert Score
Decent low-cost option

Looking to ‘upgrade’ your hvac control? The amazon thermostat is a decent choice.

Installation was pretty easy, after contacting tech support multiple times. Turns out my system needed to have a wire connected to a slot that was different than the instructions. After being put in touch with the manufacturer support it was diagnosed and fixed quickly.

Controls are easy to use and alexa integration is top-notch.

My two main gripes are:

1) no ‘cushion’ on temperature control. As soon as the temp drops above or below the set temperature the system turns on. It feels more aggressive than other controls. I wish it would wait a degree or two before turning on. I’m finding myself constantly adjusting up or down as i might be a little chilly or warmer than the ambient temperature.

2) no way to run only fan. Other thermostats allow you to turn on fan to circulate air, without turning on ac or heater.

4Expert Score
Minimalistic look!

Bought this as our energy provider is giving a rebate on installing smart thermostats.
My furnace had a c wire outlet in the circuit board but it wasnt wired to the current thermostat, so had to do that, which was straight forward. Remember to measure the voltage between r and c and it should be about 24 volts ac. Installation is a breeze, its basically plug and play as i already had the connector (base plate) installed, so no screws or anything.
With regards to adding the thermostat to alexa, that has a potential issue. To add the thermostat needs to be plugged in ( as the app says in the step by step instruction), then the next step asks to scan a barcode which is on the back of the thermostat, so you need to take it out, but then again the next step is that it needs to be powered on (so connected) to be able to continue with the step.
As far as controlling it goes, its made to be controlled by the alexa app/voice. Some limited functionality can be achieved with the 3 touch buttons on the thermostat.

4Expert Score
Reported temp doesn't match room temp

After years of thinking about getting a smart thermostat, my decision was made for me when our old programable honeywell unit decided to completely die last week – lucky for me it was comfortable the two days i waited for this to arrive via prime.

Installation was simple – we had a c-wire not connected but tucked back in the wall on the thermostat side, and on the furnace, in the basement, i just had to locate that same cable and connect it to the common terminal on the furnace itself. Total install time 10min

after getting set up via the alexa app i set it to cool and everything fired up as expected (tested heat as well). After running cool for a couple of hours the house felt great (set to 73) but i noticed the temp on the actual unit still said 78 and the a/c was still running. We have some govee temp/humidity sensors around the house (including one on the wall right next to the thermostat) and each one of them reported between 72-73.6.

The unit is located in a hallway free from the sun or other heat/cool sources yet now about 6 hours after installing it still says 78 and a/c is still going!

So i think i might have a defective unit. If it always thinks its 78 in my house the a/c is going to run forever and that means $$$. I’ve reset the unit probably 3 or 4 times with the same result.

4Expert Score
Flexible, easy to install, easy to use

I’m very pleased with this smart thermostat! It was very easy to install and, importantly, it supports my heat pump setup.

I really like the integration with alexa. I can change temperatures with a voice command and monitor or change temps and programs from anywhere there’s internet access using my phone.

The thermostat allows different programs for each day, which is important because i don’t have a standard five days on / two days off workweek, which is all my previous programmable thermostat allowed for.

I was disappointed to find this smart thermostat only supports four scheduled temperature events per day. I wanted two more because i come home for lunch. However, a great workaround is to use an alexa routine to fill in the gaps, have alexa ‘set the temperature to 70’ fifteen minutes before i come home.

I would like to be able to set the thermostat to ‘away’ or ‘home’ modes with a voice command to alexa; however, this is sadly not supported.

Lastly, i have to say that the display is boring. It’s functional, it’s understated, but it’s boring. The entry-level google nest thermostat that costs the same has a much more attractive interactive color display.

4Expert Score
Sumple design

I like the simplicity of the thermostat, i think the one in my home was probably about 17 years old, so a wifi connection was a huge upgrade, the price was what i was looking for, okys the thermostat is built by a reputable company in the thermostat business, the only tough part was connecting it, had a hard time looking for a video, that showed how to connect a 6 wire system, my original thermostat had 6 wires, buy finally found a video that explained how to install. Works great, now see the ac go off and on like it should, i believe my old thermostat was malfunctioning by not reading the inside temp correctly and would run for long periods of time, now it goes on and off as ot should. Very happy reallyxsimple to install once you have the connection setup.

4Expert Score
I managed to make it work with a 24 volt transformer c- wire adapter

I am writing this review to hopefully help out those that end up purchasing 24 volt transformer c- wire adapter rather than honeywell c-wire adapter.

First things first, amazon cannot help you with hvac, they will have you contact resudio / honeywell and they were no help.

The 24 volt transformer c- wire adapter comes with 2 wires one will go into the c terminal, and the other will go into your rc.

Anyways, i have 4 wires (red, green, white, and yellow, along with a jumper wire connected to rc & rh terminal on my battery operated thermostat). What i ended doing was i followed along the instruction on the alexa app, the only thing i did different was i ended up combining both the rc and r wire together and put them in the rc terminal port. Did i possibly sacrifice heat? Maybe, but i dont care, i live in florida

4Expert Score
Limited in temperature settings.

I live in phoenix and we have some funky power plans. I’m on a 3-6 rate plan where between 3pm and 6pm i get charged the most. Unfortunately this thermostat only allows you to schedule like 3 temperature values… Home/away/sleep… This might work for most people but i find this very limiting so i’m giving it only 3 stars in temperature control. I like to pre-cool my house before 3pm so when i set it to away mode from 3-6pm it won’t really kick on until very late. But since i use the home/sleep settings already for other times. I can not do this with this thermostat. So scheduling temperatures are very limited. I even tried setting up alexa smart home routine’s to check the temps and set them lower at this time, but they didn’t seem to be working as well unless i manually ran them. So everything i tried so far has failed. I would love to be able to add more temperature values and they should implement something to allow you to do this or maybe i just haven’t figure it out yet. Also, once you’re set to schedule and you go on vacation you have to go turn off the schedule and set a hold temperature. It would be nice to set an away vacation temp and just turn on vacation mode or something. My sensi wifi thermostats had this feature and i loved it. They also had more temp settings which i could control easier as well. I may switch back but hoping to see some updates come down the line.

Otherwise, the thermostats work with my alexa very well obviously. And i’ve had no problems with them since installing them. There were some install problems but that was mostly some bad wiring labels but once i got that sorted out, they were good.

4Expert Score
Cheaper than most, limited customization

It’s meh. There is currently a known bug with setting thermostats schedule on android 12, so i have to use my ipad to change its settings. It looks nice and it’s customizable. However, it must be noted that with the scheduling feature, you are only allowed to set 3 temperature threshold and 4 times of day. However, there is a way to circumvent that limit.

The way that i used to circumvent the limit is to use the routine feature. In routine, you are able to set the temperature hour by hour with virtually no limit to the number of temperature settings you can have. It must be noted that the schedule feature code the settings directly onto the thermostats, so when wifi goes out, the thermostats will still change the temperature at the scheduled time. However, with the routine feature, the temperature is controlled by alexa cloud, so if internet goes out, you will have to change the temperature manually on the thermostat itself. So yeah, pick your poison.

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