YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans

Buy YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans, Ice Pink: Thermocoolers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are yeti rambler 12 oz. colster slim can insulator for the slim hard seltzer cans features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The yeti slim colster is good for: 12 oz slim cans, spiked seltzers, canned vino, cabin weekends and beach days. Can and bottle fit may vary based on shape
  • The load-and-lock gasket only requires a simple quarter-turn to seal the deal
  • The colsters are insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold
  • The yeti thick gauge steel makes for stronger, more durable drinkware and the duracoat color is built for the wild with no cracking or chipping
  • The yeti slim colster is dishwasher safe and measures: 2.25 in x 6 in
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YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans AMAZON

Buy YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans, Ice Pink: Thermocoolers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will the coors light cans fit?


Will this fit the 12oz. Red bull can’s?

Any skinny can. My white claw seltzer’s and ultra beer can fit. Judge it from those as i don’t regularly drink red bull. A very good product

Is it too tall for the 7.5 oz mini coke cans?

Yes, it would be too tall for those cans. The yeti with lid on goes all the way to the lip of the hard seltzer and ultra cans

Does it float?

It will sink like a brick with or without a full opened or unopened drink in it.

Does a white claw fit in it?

Yes it will fit

Will it fit a celcius energy drink?

The inside diameter of canister measures 2.65” and inside diameter of lock ring measures 2.48” and has a rubber seal that could be flexed a little further.

Viene con codigo qr para registrarlo?

Hola! Si viene con código qr. Lo tiene en la parte inferior del yeti.

C i didn’t receive the load & lock gasket with slim can insulator

Return it and reorder.

What is the diameter in inches or mm of the can that this insulating sleeve is meant to hol? Not the name of the beverage.

Measure the brand of can and that will tell you the size of the container.

Do you carry white yeti colster insulators


Is there an adaptor to fit an 8 oz can like brumate has?

No adapters fits 12 oz slim cans is all no other size or shape

Will it fit stella cans

Not sure what size a stella is but it fits white claws and 12 oz redbulls

Will it fit a bud light bottle?

No. It fits the 12-ounce slim cans.

Looking for something to fit pepsi bottle. Will this work?

Will not work. I tried

Will miller 64 fit?

It fits white claws and 12 oz redbulls so if it’s that size

Can you fit corona glass bottle?

No, slim cans. White claw fits perfectly. Corona and slim mic ultra in the can fit.

Is there a lid that fits this so that you don’t have to use that locking gasket ?

Not to my knowledge. I couldn’t get the ring to lock properly no matter which tall beverage i tried. Complete waste of money in my opinion. I ended up giving mine away. You might want to try hydroflask’s. I have one for soda/beer & its ring is flexible so you just push it down. Keeps my drinks cold for a long time. That’s the only brand i’m buying in these from now on.

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Will this fit 8.5 perrier ?


Is it powder coated? I want to apply a custom vinyl decal, but need a smooth, non-coated surface. I can’t tell from the pictures

The surface isn’t smooth. It’s kinda grainy and color coated like a regular yeti bottle. I have custom vinyl stickers on mine without a problem.

Does anyone know if red bull 12oz cans fit snug in this?

It should fit any 12oz slim cans. It fits my truly and white claw cans perfectly. It keeps them cold forever.

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans AMAZON

Buy YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator for the Slim Hard Seltzer Cans, Ice Pink: Thermocoolers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great holiday gift

My sister-in-law loves hard cider, which always comes in those tall, skinny cans which do not stay cold for long when you’re out on the water boating. I already have the regular height colsters but didn’t realize that there was a tall version. Got one for my sil with some cans of her favorite hard cider for christmas and she could not have been happier! She actually tried it out immediately and her can stayed nice and cold. We can’t say enough good things about yeti – keep making allll the things and we’ll keep buying! 🙂

5Expert Score
For your white claw

That’s right. A yeti for your white claw and all other seltzers. Everyone will know what you’re drinking because only seltzers come in cans that size. But, at least they will stay cold until you get to the bottom.

5Expert Score
Yeti fan!! Super satisfied

Customer service for this product is amazing!!! Ordered gift for holiday, one item was wrong, contacted and immediately had correct item sent and they let me keep the wrong one!!! Super satisfied

5Expert Score
Can’t go wrong with a yeti

Had this shipped to my sister out of state for christmas. She recently came home and loved mine. She’s a happy girl.

5Expert Score
Does the job!!

Was a gift to my beautiful wife, she loves it, keeps a can cold and her hand warm! Thank you yeti!

5Expert Score
I think my beers are getting colder in this thing.

The only way i can explain is that there is an inner metal wall that absorbs the cold that normally would be lost to the room. That then regulates the temperature of the can. I was skeptical of this and it’s benefits but i am so glad i took the chance. Feels great in the hand, is stylish, and most importantly…keeps a drink frigid!

5Expert Score
Nice insulator

I chose this hoping it would fit the keystone cans but it does not, had to return. Purchased the regular yeti beer huggie for beer can.

5Expert Score
Love yeti nation!

I am a huge fun of yeti products. Durable, functional and well designed. This item will keep your beverage nice and frosty!

5Expert Score
Christmas gift

Gave for a christmas gift. The recipient was surprised yeti had a rambler for slim can. Very happy with it! Easy to place cans and kept cold.

5Expert Score
What's not to like about yeti

I love yeti, especially on amazon deal of the day he loved it!

4Expert Score
Keeps canned drinks ice cold, but collar is flimsy

This is my second one of these. I bought this one to fit the skinny cans. It does the job in that it keeps the drink ice cold. However, i’m concerned about the durability and longevity of the collar that screws on the top to hold the drink in place. It’s made out of very thin, flimsy plastic. For what yeti charges for their products, i expect more. I have a number of their tumblers, and i’ve noticed that the quality of the older ones seems better. Hopefully, this plastic piece won’t break. At this time, i would still recommend it. I will update this review after i’ve used it for awhile. If it proves to be durable and doesn’t crack or break, i will add a star.

4Expert Score
Love the color (pink)

I love the yeti products. These colsters keep drinks cold. The only thing i would change is the black plastic lid that screws on after you insert the drink…it’s a little hard to get tightened down over the can. It may just be my particular cans tho.

4Expert Score
Hard to get can out

Threw away the ring at top because it did not work very easily to take off and put on to get can out.

4Expert Score
Quality yeti product

I absolutely love this product! It fits *most* of my favorite slim-canned beverages (cayman jack, simply spiked) and i’m sure white claws, if you’re into that. They don’t fit the 12oz red bulls, however, which is a little bit of a bummer. I can slide a cold drink inside and take as long as i’d like drinking it. I’ve had drinks stay cold for well over 8hrs.

The white can that comes with it is actually super cool. I have no idea what i’d put in it as the opening piece, whatever its called, is just for decoration. The top does come off so it can be opened, but not practical for drinking out of. Perhaps can be used for snacks or other goodies – iykyk.

I did dock one star because i tried to cancel this order before it’d been shipped out as i’d seen and purchased an all-black one from a sporting goods store near me. They ended up sending it anyways which is a little annoying, but now i have two!

4Expert Score
Great gift!

Gave as a gift as a birthday gift and was a success!!

4Expert Score

Does it’s job very well

4Expert Score
Nice cup insulator

This cup insulator is definitely nice for drinks (especially my white claws)! It does help to keep the drinks cold longer than a regular koozie (and a lot longer than having no koozie at all). I like my yeti mug a lot better, but this is definitely nice for outside summer parties! I bought a pink one for me and a green one for my husband and we’ve already used them several times at our softball games and at friends’ parties! It’s nice to know ‘which can is mine’ too! Definitely nice to have and it would be a good gift for someone!

4Expert Score
Okay, not great

Lid is flimsy and hard to cinch on mic ultras.

4Expert Score
Keeps drink cold

I love the rambler, only giving four stars because mine arrived damaged. It had a chip out of it on the rim of the bottom. It keeps the drink cold, great for the pool and beach.

4Expert Score
Amazing but too heavy

It works amazing for the purpose of keeping you drink cold but it’s so heavy you don’t realize your drink is almost gone until it’s gone

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