YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap

YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap : YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap, Navy : Sports & Outdoors

What are yeti rambler jr. 12 oz kids bottle features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Yeti kids need a bottle that can keep up. Introducing rambler jr. – a small-and-mighty kids bottle over-engineered for your little wild ones
  • Dishwasher safe – as a well-deserved convenience to you, we made sure both the bottle and cap are dishwasher safe (because one less chore sounds nice)
  • 18/8 stainless steel – withstands all dents and drops and bpa-free so they can safely sip without a worry in the world
  • No sweat design – keeps their hands dry – critical when summiting the jungle gym, and the duracoat color won’t crack or peel
  • Straw cap – ultra leak & shatter-resistant ideal for impromptu rowdiness. Recess is no match for the straw cap
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YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap AMAZON : YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap, Navy : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

Is it heavy for a child?

The weight filled with water is approximately 1 pound 12 ounces. It depends on how young and strong your child is, also i am a short woman and i can get three of my fingers in the handle grip comfortably and the fourth is a squeeze. I would think a child five and up should be able to handle it, i included the weight of the yeti filled with water for a more accurate weight to go by. I hope that helped.

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Is there a yeti magnetic lid that would fit this smaller sized container?

Thank you for reaching out! While just checked with yeti and it does not appear they have a mag slider that will fit a 12 oz . According to yeti’s site, the only other caps that will fit are: rambler bottle chug cap, rambler bottle magdock cap, rambler bottle hotshot cap, rambler bottle 5 oz cup cap

What material is the spout made out of? Can’t find it in the description anywhere.

A hard plastic… It has lasted us quite a while. My son tends to bite the straws and we were going through the rubber straws like crazy on other brands. This one has been so much better for us

Can the child’s yeti be customized?

Any yeti can be engraved if that is what you’re asking. I have 3 kids and use yetis myself. I ordered these labels last summer for all 6 of ours with the generic message if found: my phone number. All 6 have gone through the dishwasher daily and still look new.

If you’re looking to get them engraved you’ll have to find a place that sells that particular model or purchase the kids lids for the 12oz adult mugs the lids are all interchangeable.

24 large personalized waterproof name labels. Press and stick multi use custom name labels. Customized 2 lines of text and color. Id identification na

Does it leak?

No, it does not leak.

Does it leak

The bottle certainly does not leak when closed but there isn’t anything that is stopping the water from coming out when the straw is open and the bottle is turned upside down.

Cup holder car seat

Not sure what the question is, but it doesn’t fit into my car seat’s cup holder, if that is the question.

Were can i order a replacement plug the little plastic thing by the straw ?

I would contact yeti as the bottle should have a warranty. I’m not sure what exactly the warranty covers but that would probably be the best place to start.

Does this actually have a straw, or does the top just look like a straw?

It has a straw inside.

Does it just pour out water when held upside down with the straw open? Does it dent easily from being tossed out of the car? Serious questions!! 🙂

It’s a yeti built for outdoors lol no dents and it does not pour out when upside down my kids throw them around all the time

Is it compatible with other yeti caps?

Yes for the ones that screw on.

Does it work with warm drinks?

I have not put a warm drink in this but there is no reason it wouldn’t work great. This bottle is the best. We bought 2 other bottles before this one but this is the one that works for our 5yr old. Does not leak but he can open it himself , keeps ice all day and tough enough to survive drops and mistakes that every 5yr old makes. Buy it.

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Where can i get a straw replacement, can someone kindly share links

I purchased a generic replacement straw kit on amazon had to cut for length

Does rambler straw fit rambler jr straw opening? I have 3 kids with jrs and constantly losing straws. Need replacement straws, generic are ok too.

Try using it without a straw. But they do sell replacement straws.

Can a 12/18 month old drink out of these?

If they can drink out of a straw. They aren’t light weight though. I would think for ages 4 and up.

Trying to see if this will fit in our car seat cup holders- anyone know the diameter of the base?

They don’t, but honestly this is a very heavy cup and would be a devastating projectile in a crash. I would choose a lighter weight bottle for use in the car.

Where can i buy extra straws?

Its com with two if you need more you can gat it at and bass pro shop also

Comparing the 12 oz rambler bottle and the 12 oz rambler jr. Kids bottle: is it safe to put hot drinks in the kids’ bottle in terms of the straw?

I drink hot tea from this all day. Hot drink will stay hot for almost three hours! Having said that, i would not put boiling hot drinks since you can burn your mouth. I always check the temperature of the hot water before i put it in the bottle.

Do you have a 20oz rambler with straw cap

With the straw no cap

Is the kids one spill proof?

Leak proof. Yes. Spill proof. No. If the spout is left open it will leak until it can’t any more. So if you don’t remind your child to keep it closed after use, you will have spills to clean.

YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap AMAZON : YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap, Navy : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This is the one that's held up the longest

Bought this for my 2.5 year old to use starting this summer, so we’ve had it in heavy rotation for 4 months or so. His contigo and zulu cups didn’t last this long. I was tired of replacing them every couple of months. He’s very hard on everything he touches and loves to chew on things. And he’s chewed on this one, but it’s still usable, i can still clean it, and it still looks reasonably good! Seems to keep his drink cold for most of the day, but we only use it for ice water. Oddly, the silver part of the bottle at the top, where it screws in to the lid, will sweat sometimes! I don’t care. This is a workhorse kid’s cup. It’s never leaked as long as the spout is closed, and it’s not really leak-prone even if it’s open, in our experience. The underside of the lid has lots of crevices and deep recesses which would make it potentially hard to clean. We put the lid in the dishwasher along with the straw and clean the metal part by hand, though the instructions say it can also be washed on the top rack. And the color has not chipped, though the bottom has dented a bit. It’s pretty heavy duty. I’m beyond pleased. I’m not going to bother with another brand.

5Expert Score
Our 1 year old approved!

We bought it for my 1 year old son. We never have him use a sippy cup and let him use a regular cup or use a straw to drink water or milk. He can hold it while walking without any problem. But our concern is if he end up dropping it on his feet, that’ll hurt him because there’s no detachable rubbber at the bottom. Cleaning is not really an issue since we primarily uses this to hold water. I just wash it with hot water or let it sit to a soapy hot water before rinsing and scrubbing the areas my brushes can reach. He’s teething right now so that was our buying factor since he won’t be able to bite the straw if he dares to compared to other straws where he had bit off the top and we’re concern he will choke with that silicone part. This is our first yeti product and we might buy more of it depending how this one holds.

5Expert Score
Great quality

Got a set of these to replace the plastic camelbacks because 1. I’m starting to feel iffy about plastic water bottles and thought stainless steel would be safer and 2. My kids chewed up the straws in the camelbacks. The straws on the yetis are a hard plastic, not chewy. I also like the nice solid color choices. Just beware the base is bigger than the camelbacks and didn’t fit in the graco car seat cup holders. Not a deal breaker for me though

5Expert Score
Spoiled kindergartener loves it

My daughter uses it in school and loves it because she can have ice for most of the day, while just refilling it with water at the fountain. Doesn’t have a large capacity but great for her situation.

5Expert Score
Perfect cup for anyone

This yeti is perfect for any child/adult. I wanted a yeti that i could put in my backpack pockets that wouldn’t spill. This cup is perfect for that. I use it everyday. It’s not too oversized or bulky.

Great for kids who walk to school or play sports. There is a place for a clip so it can attach to with ease and it’s not too heavy.

5Expert Score
Awesome for toddlers

I wish i had bought sooner. I love that my toddler can carry this and on hot days his water stays cool. Super easy to clean and heavy duty obviously being yeti.

5Expert Score
Super durable

I have the adult version and feel like these are some of the most durable, easy to use, and clean bottles out there. They are however not leak proof. If turned on it’s side, water is gonna get out… Not a ton, but it will leak. But for ease of cleaning and lack of mold building up in spout (these have far less soft rubber crevices than say a contigo)- these are worth the investment.

5Expert Score
Built like a tank

My son loves this water bottle. He repeatedly drops it on the floor (inside of his backpack) when gets home from school and it takes the abuse no problem. My only complaints are that if the straw is in the ‘open position’ and you knock it over, the lid can spill out, and it is a bit heavy. But i would definitely buy it again.

5Expert Score
Perfect size

I bought this for myself so that i didn’t have to tote around a large, heavy water bottle and this works perfectly for that! I enjoy that it fits in my backpack side pocket without falling out. I highly recommend this for anyone who isn’t interested in toting +20 ounces of fluid around at a time.

5Expert Score
Easy for my grandkids to use

Easy for my grandkids to use

4Expert Score
Leaks with the straw top open.

The whole point of buying this was so that my one year old could have a dishwasher safe water bottle but when he leaves the straw open (you know, because he’s a toddler) it leaks right out of the bottle. Not leak proof. Frustrating.

4Expert Score
Leakproof but the handle breaks

my daughter likes it very much.
This is a big bottle that could carry water for the entire day for toddler.
It’s leakproof when the sprout is closed, if you leave it open simply water will pour out.
It keeps water cool for around 4-5 hours.
We have had it for 5 weeks now. If it breaks will update the review.
when she dropped it on hard surfaces outside, it definitely got dented.
It’s difficult to reach out the entire part of sprout and scrub it.

(this is the second buy on amazon, i think this one lasts longer bc was original. The other one broke after two weeks. Looked genuine but since it didn’t survived more than two weeks was returned).

4Expert Score
Son loves his new water bottle

There’s already a few scratches but sons not exactly nice to his bottles. It’s easier to take apart than water bottles found at walmart and it’ll last much longer. Easy to clean if you have a bottle brush set and doesn’t leak much.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t keep as cold as other yeti products

I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t keep water as cold as other yeti products. I put ice in and it’s melted in a couple hours. I expected it to be more like my other yeti products that keep ice all day.

4Expert Score
Adore! Perfect, with only 1 flaw.

I adore everything about these cups! Metal cups, leak proof, temperature holding, a handle. These have been the only cups i’ve used for my 4.5 year old extremely rough & constantly on-the-go son, after trying many others. The only design flaw i’ve found, is the difficulty in cleaning the top- where the spout folds down & the little rubber air vent gasket. Over time the gasket mildews & there’s no way to clean the gunk out of the spout area. I’ve just had to replace the tops. Other than that, perfect! I’d buy them a hundred times over.

4Expert Score
A prueba de derrames

Que no se riega los líquidos, cierre hermético y mantiene frío o calor

4Expert Score
Yeti for the littles

So far great water bottle for our 8yr old. I was hoping it would be a little larger based on measurements but it will do. She likes that it keeps her water cold all school day.

4Expert Score
Good quality but heavy!

This is a great water bottle, but it’s too heavy and bulky for my almost three year old daughter. I decided to use this for myself.

4Expert Score
Solid water bottle

My kiddo has no complaints using this bottle. Keeps water cold. It’s a bit heavier then her other bottles which is not super ideal when carrying a bunch of stuff but that’s the only downside. And she doesn’t complain about it so no issues 🙂

4Expert Score
Does leak

Bought this for my daughter who loves to throw her water bottles and just completely swing them all over the place. If you do tip/tilt/or turn it over it does leak through the air hole.

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