Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

Yakibest.com : Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are zevia zero calorie soda features?

  • Taste every zevia soda flavor: cola, ginger root beer, ginger ale, cream soda, grape, black cherry, lemon lime twist, orange, mountain zevia, dr. Zevia, caffeine free cola, and grapefruit citrus
  • Zevia is committed to reducing sugar consumption by offering a variety of zero calorie beverages that are naturally sweetened with stevia.
  • Zevia uses plant-based ingredients that you can feel good about consuming without sacrificing flavor and fun.
  • Zero sugar, zero calorie: zevia offers a platform of naturally sweetened products that include a variety of flavors across soda, energy drinks, organic tea, mixers, kidz drinks, and sparkling water
  • All zevia beverages are non-gmo project certified, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and clear in color.
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Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

How many mg of erythritol per serving?

We’ve removed erythritol from all of our products! All of our products are now solely sweetened with stevia!

How much salt per serving?

Evansville jill: i have 4 flavors of zevia. The black cherry & grape has 20 mg of sodium per 12 oz can, the orange & strawberry have 0 mg per 12 oz can. (i’ve read these off the cans so know that should be accurate.)rh

Are the cans bpa free?

Doubtful. According to a 2012 thread on their facebook page started by someone named audrey elizabeth, zevia admitted last year they still use bpa.

They also will not give the exact amount; just says it’s lower than fda approved amount. They said they have decided the ‘trade-off’ is worth it. Sorry, but my health is not up for trade!

Someone also said that refuse to use glass containers, though i have not seen zevia respond to that. But that coupled with their callous response about human health being a trade-off leaves me really disgusted with them. As far as i’m concerned they’re greenwashed and i have dumped my last three cans of zevia energy down the drain!

I tried posting a link to the facebook post but amazon rejected it. To find it simply search ‘zevia and bpa’. I believe it was the third result for me.

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Are these sodas sweetened with stevia leaves or the sweetener processed from the plant? Typically, if it says stevia, it is the processed version.

Our stevia leaf extract is extracted using a hot water extraction process!

Are the cans recycleable?

Yes cans are recyclable

Wha t exactly are the natural sugars or natural sweeteners ingredients?

We sweetened solely with stevia!

Are all the flavors caffeine free?

The confusion comes from the description on their page. If you happen to have the caffeine-free cola on the screen, it says, 17 flavors: caffeine-free cola. That makes you think all 17 are caffeine-free, (which they aren’t.)there are 3 boxes. If you click on the next box, which is cherry cola. The label says it has caffeine. So it’s kind of an oversight on their part. Caffeine-free cola is caffeine-free.

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Are any of the flavors sweetened with just monk fruit?

We’ve since removed monk fruit and erythritol from our products. We now sweeten solely with stevia!

What is the packaging for these? Are they in a box, or in the plastic rings?

Plastic ring and the cans were placed in a cardboard box

Does the ginger root beer contain real ginger?

Yes! We use real ginger in our ginger root beer and our ginger ale!

What is the best flavor?

My guess is none of them. I ordered the strawberry flavor. For some reason strawberry soda is hard to come by, and this sounded like a healthier version of my favorite soda. I enjoy stevia flavored items. That being said, this product is, by far, the worst tasting soda (of any type or flavor) that i have ever tried. Hands down. I would like to note here that i am not a ‘negative’ reviewer; until this product. I am always able to find the positive; and amazon is amazing. Apparently the seller does not check the reviews of their product(s) as they have not reached out to me after my negative review, as i would expect of a reliable seller. I strongly advise you to spend your money elsewhere.

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Is this product popular with consumers?

Not a good choice. Doesnt taste like ginger ale at all

Why is this 300% (literally) more expensive than coca-cola? Does it really have to cost more to be healthy?

Chemicals in coca-cola must be cheaper than real flavors.

How tocancel my inscription

If you mean cancel your subscription, just go to amazon.com. There’s a place to do that.

Does anyone know why amazon will not ship zevia to alaska?


I did not get lemon lime twist in my case. Is that normal? I got 4 ginger ale

You should have gotten 2 lemon lime twist as advertised. They might have had to sub the ginger ale for the lemon lime twist.

How many carbs per can in zevia soda?

All of our products contain 0g of carbs

Can i put this in an instant pot?


Are your products all peanut/tree nut free? Is anything made in the same factory with peanut or tree nuts?

We can absolutely confirm that there is no peanuts or tree nuts in any zevia product!

Im not a fan of diet soda. Does this have that weird aftertaste? Can i return it if i don’t like it?

I also loathe diet sodas and their aftertaste. No, these do not leave you with the ‘fake’ or ‘ugh’ aftertaste lol. I am not sure about returning it or not. For the price, this is a great variety pack that will allow anyone to try 12 flavors and see which ones they do or do not like. I don’t know of many edible or drinkable products that you can open, eat/taste, and return lol unless its something like you finding mold or rotten stuff after opening it. Enjoy!

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Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Zevia is a registered nurse approved good start towards a better lifestyle that does multiple classic soda flavors justice!

I want to start my review by mentioning that the taste and experience you have with zevia will have alot to do with the diet and food you surround it with. As a registered nurse who has modified their diet to decrease my intake of sugar and concentrated sweets for personal health reasons, i can say that i had a much different experience with the zevia line before i watched my diet and limited sweets, to now where i try to limit my intake of sugar to fruits only and to less than 20 grams total a day. That being said, i have broken down my review into two sections, the review of the flavors themselves, and the zevia product line overall. For non zevia drinkers, just know that the main issue to get over with any zevia product is the classic stevia aftertaste that can stay on your palette. How much that aftertaste bothers you is influenced by your typical sugar intake in your daily diet in my personal opinion. If i ate a diet like i used to, i know that zevia products would taste weird at best, and bitter and bad at worst.

(review of the tastes)

cola/caffeine free cola, 5/5- as mentioned in other parts of my review, i was and still am a huge fan of bottled mexican coke which uses real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Since starting my low sugar diet, the cola flavored zevia has been a much welcomed substitute instead. I know some people mentioned issues with the clear vs. Colored zevia, but i have only tried the clear cola and have enjoyed it on the several occasions i’ve tried it. If you need a healthy coke/pepsi substitute, this is a great flavor to start with. 5/5

ginger root beer, 4.5/5- growing up, i can’t say that i was a big fan of root beer, but i did have it occasionally or with root beer floats. I’m not sure if the root beer zevia will work for floats, but in terms of a root beer substitute the flavor is spot on. I know that if i was a big root beer person, the ginger root beer zevia would work fine for me.

Ginger ale, 5/5- not so much as a teenager, but more as an adult i’ve begun to develop a fondness for ginger ale. Having changed to a low sugar diet, the ginger ale zevia flavor has become my go to flavor of choice and the one i drink and order the most. Personally, the ginger ale flavor is the lightest in the zevia lineup in terms of a strong flavor, so to me this is the perfect carbonated drink to have with a big meal or dinner that most people can enjoy.

Cream soda, 5/5- let me start off by saying, that since having vanilla cream coca cola back in high school, i have not had any cream soda since in my lifetime. But since it came in the variety pack, and it was the only cold soda in the fridge one night, i gave it a shot and it tastes like classic cream soda. This may or may not be your favorite flavor, but if it is, to me it was spot on.

Grape, 5/5- in terms of fruit, my go to flavor is orange. Since the grape was available in the variety pack, i gave it a try one night and it wasn’t bad at all. If i had to say anything, i would say that grape zevia does more justice to grape than orange does for orange in my opinion. Grape has not been a big soda favorite in my life but if it is for you, the grape zevia wouldn’t be a bad substitute to try.

Black cherry, 4.5/5- tried it as part of the variety pack, can’t say i’m a fan of black cherry soda in general, but it does the flavor justice. If you like black cherry, the zevia flavor is a good substitute.

Lemon lime twist 5/5- one of my favorite flavors for personal reasons, the lemon lime twist has been a good substitute for sprite, sierra mist, and other lime flavored soda, so this is a great zevia flavor to get.

Orange 3/5- growing up, orange flavored soda was always in my top 5 soda flavors to have. As a big fan of the zevia flavor line, i was surprised to be slightly disappointed with the orange flavor zevia take. As i mention in my grape soda flavor review, i felt that grape flavor did more justice to grape that the orange flavor does to orange. Unlike the classic zevia aftertaste that you need to get used to, my issue with the orange was the citric acid taste that stayed in my mouth and just gives the soda to much of an artificial taste. Still tolerable, but not in my top 5 zevia flavors for sure and not one of the flavors i would pay for.

Mountain zevia 5/5- growing up, i was not a big mountain dew fan, but would have it occasionally if there was nothing else available or at parties. I have to say, that the zevia take on mountain dew was pleasantly surprising, and for any fan of the dew, the mountain zevia soda is an excellent substitute.

Dr. Zevia 5/5- growing up, i had my classic soda flavors that i would have more often than i should have for health reasons, and dr. Pepper was one of those sodas. When i tried the dr. Zevia flavor, i found it enjoyable and a great substitute to the real thing.

Grapefruit citrus 4.5/5- growing up, squirt was one of my favorite sodas, followed by the sugar free version from pepsi fresca. In terms of zevia flavors, the grapefruit citrus is a good attempt at interpreting those sodas. The grapefruit citrus is not one of my personal top 5 zevia favorite flavors, but if your a big fan of grapefruit sodas, squirt, or fresca, give grapefruit citrus a shot.

(review of the actual zevia product itself)
as a nurse, i deal with many patients that have multiple ailments and comorbidities, most of which having issues with either diet, or exercise. One of the most important topics that i can ever teach or talk to someone about is the danger of sugar (mostly fructose, but sucrose and glucose are included as well) and its impact on overall health, especially if your diabetic. This is a topic that i can really get into and has motivated me to become either a nutritionist or a diabetic educator in the future, but that’s another topic for another day. Anyways, i’ve realized that for many, decreasing sugar intake is a problem and difficult, but especially for those who carelessly drink concentrated sources of sugar daily, mostly in the for of juices or sodas. When educating patients, of course complete to 98% elimination of sugar entirely (15-20 grams or less is what experts have agreed upon) would be best for their overall health, this of course is not realistic for many for various reasons. Instead, i at least encourage the elimination of concentrated sweets. Because many have grown accustomed with having sugary beverages, or fizzy drinks with some or even all meals, i usually recommend zevia for those people. Though there have been studies on artificial sugars and their link to cancer, and though some diet sodas don’t have some of those cancerous ingredients anymore, the fact is that artificial coloring can have unwanted health effects, and artificial sugars besides the whole cancer thing, throw your body’s natural regulation of sugar and insulin off in the long run. So in researching better options for patients and for myself, i came across zevia. It has been noted that there is no long term research from the effects of stevia on the body in the long run (or monk fruit), but research that is available is promising (following taken from healthyeating.sfgate.com):

1) glucose control- the effect of steviol glycosides in type 1 and type 2 diabetics was evaluated in a study published in 2008 in the ‘regulatory toxicology and pharmacology’ journal. The results showed that post-treatment blood glucose levels were not significantly different from baseline measurements in the groups that were given stevia. Additionally, stevia was well tolerated by the subjects and had no side effects.

2) insulin sensitivity- a study published in 2005 in the ‘hormone and metabolic research’ journal evaluated the effect of stevioside, a glycoside in stevia rebaudiana, in rats fed a diet consisting of 60 percent fructose. Stevioside was found to decrease plasma-glucose concentrations, improve insulin sensitivity and delay the development of insulin resistance in the rats. Based on these results, the authors concluded that stevia may also be helpful for diabetics.

3) weight control- stevia has no calories. In contrast, a gram of sugar contains about 4 calories, and there are about 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon. If you put 3 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, that’s 48 calories for just 1 cup of coffee. Using stevia in place of sugar can help you maintain and achieve a healthy weight. That’s important because more than 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

Besides diabetic health and sugar regulation, the ingredients are definitely more natural derived than those in other sodas. I recommend zevia as a nurse to many people i meet and have become a big fan of it myself over the last 6 months. Though the taste may be lacking in certain flavors compared to a 30-46 gram sugary soda (mexican coke bottles are my favorite and perfect example), it all depends on the food you eat/drink around the zevia. As someone that has really watched sugar intake in all forms as part of their diet, zevia is very sweet and gratifying, but i know that if i were to eat/snack like i used to, drink soda, eat frosted flakes for breakfast, have a high sugar protein bar as a snack, and eat at yogurtland 3-4 times a week like i used to, zevia would probably taste alot worse. Take it from someone that knows how tempting, delicious, and dangerous sugary foods/drinks can be, trying to be a healthier person starts with making the right decisions every day, and zevia can be one of those decisions.

5Expert Score
Zero sugar! Zero carbs! Try them all and see, i did.

Let me start by saying that i haven’t had real soda in over 5 years due to the high sugar content, so my review could be thrown off by my cravings for some soda that tastes like my favorite flavors, vice 50g of sugar. Before quitting soda in its entirety, my favorite flavors were dr. Pepper, coca-cola, and sprite.

I bought the variety pack in an effort to give the fullest review possible for zevia products! Here are my findings, no flavor left out but starting with my favorites(note: all flavors are the new “clear” versions):

soda like flavors-

ginger ale: 9/10, great mixer for my favorite cheaper whiskeys, jameson, bulliet, etc… It’s a great authentic ginger flavor, as zevia actually used real ginger and citrus oils so it’s also good on the stomach like real ginger ale. It’s definitely a flavor that i keep on hand for all occasions, get togethers or afternoon refreshment.

Dr. Zevia: 10/10, pleasantly surprised! In the past dr. Pepper was my everyday drinker so letting go of these sugary and carb loaded drinks were depressing to say the least. Now, the time has come that i discovered my old friend but dressed a little differently in packaging. Absouletly great and similar in flavor to the real thing. Perfect score for me!

Cola: 8/10, deliciously refreshing! I’ve noticed a lot of negative feedback on the cola flavor but i don’t see the problem that others talk about. Bad aftertaste? Have you not realized the aftertaste of real cola?? It’s the same thing, all soda leaves an aftertaste so get used to this after taste or let your teeth rot and drink your daily intake of sugar in one sitting with coca-cola. Now, for me the flavor is spot on and i really enjoy the similar flavors brought out zevia in the cola flavor!

Ginger root beer: 9/10, bubbly than ever but great flavor. This is actually the first zevia flavor i tried and what turned me on to buying the entire variety pack and trying them all. Flavor is perfect in all aspects, reminds me of drinking a&w root beer. Now all flavors of zevia are quite bubbly bit this flavor in particular felt like it needed to ‘rest’ for a moment before drinking or else it felt like the liquid you sipped up turned into pure bubbles in your mouth! Aftertaste, again you just need to accept that all soda has an aftertaste so if it’s not the same as your normal root beer then continue to rot your brain.

Cherry cola: 9/10, big fan after stepping out of my comfort zone. I haven’t been a big fan of cherry cola, ever, but this flavor enabled me to have a change in heart towards cherry flavored refreshments. Not overly sweet like the real deal, so this could be a turn off or a turn on. Give it a try and decide for yourself!

Mountain zevia: 9/10, big flavor and right flavor! I really enjoyed this one and believe it relates to mountain dew but i actually like it better than what i remember from the actual soda. Flavors of orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit run through my veins with this drink, but wait maybe that’s the caffeine! This one has a nice boost in it for some reason. Maybe have this one like a pre-workout, or before you hit this slopes this winter season.

Caffeine free cola: 8/10, didn’t taste the difference between the cola and this caffeine free flavor so that’s a plus! Not much to say here except that its good for that late night craving without the caffeine involved.

Cream soda: 6/10, this one is personal. Not a cream soda fan so i could barely stomach 3 sips to get the flavor. If you like cream soda then this might be for you!

Lemon lime twist: 4/10, cleaning product? Very disappointing flavor, especially if this is the sprite equivalent. I thought i was drinking something from underneath my kitchen sink. Sorry zevia, better luck next time on this one.

Fruity flavors-

grapefruit citrus: 10/10, my favorite of the fruity’s! I was actually pleasantly surprised by this flavor and would but it over and over again. It is a great mix of grapefruit and lemon lime flavors that meet perfectly in the middle. Not like a juice, not like a soda, but just right! Also, caffeine free!

Black cherry: 8/10: another flavor great flavor! Honestly wasn’t expecting much of this one but it was delicious. A good berry soda without the old normal flavors involved. Again, not juice flavors but soda with strong hints of black cherry. Caffeine free!

Orange: 8/10, if you’re a orange soda fan then this flavor is great! Haven’t been an orange soda in the past due to such a thick flavor feeling hitting my taste buds this flavor has just the right amount of flavor and classic soda feeling. Again, caffeine free!

Grape: ??/10, wow couldn’t drink this one to give it a review, but hey it smelled like grape juice! Not a fan, try someone else to get this review.

Strawberry: 7/10, strawberry just isn’t a flavor that goes with bubbly soda to me but i could see this being a great mixer with your liquor of choice! Or if you have kids, this could be a great non-sticky fruit drink. Caffeine free!!

These are just my opinions and tastebuds so before you let people’s negatives reviews get the best of your “add to cart” click, just think of how many people come on just to complain because they have been drinking real soda “all” of their life. These drinks are by far the closest thing to real soda without the terrible health side effects. I don’t know about you, but these will stay stocked in my fridge!!

Note: i still drink these daily so i will check back in to update my review if i have a change in heart.

5Expert Score
No weird ingredients or additives!

I went ketocarnivore recently but never heard of this product. Why? Because there are many, many opinions, videos, books etc. On the whole keto and keto carnivore way of eating but an awful lot of this info is conflicting and is strictly someone’s un-educated opinion. To be clear, you need to do your own research and only trust those people who are credible and have done research on what they are telling you, do not blindly follow and believe just anyone, we are talking about your health here. If their opinion sounds really far-fetched, beware.
Anyway, for myself i have pretty much settled on the advice of several professionals i follow on you tube, dr. Ken d. Berry, a family physician, and dr. Sten ekberg, olympic decathlete & holistic doctor, both also have books for sale on amazon. I recently watched a video by dr. Ekberg and he mentioned zevia. I listened and watched his facts presentation and was very impressed with them. The only sweetener in zevia is stevia. I am well acquainted with stevia since i have used it for many years. And, since i am determined to not buy any more p***i soda i was looking for a carbonated beverage that would meet my requirements for my eating plan. Did a search on amazon and up it popped. I liked the ingredients and promptly ordered a case.
For those of you who don’t like the taste of stevia, well, i’m sorry. It does have an aftertaste but i am so used to it it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t consider it bitter or bad, it’s just there. Others may try it and say yuck! Our perceptions are different! For the price, this multi-flavor case is the best way to try several flavors. Some i found were overpowered by the stevia but i am mainly after the fizz and sweetness. Good luck!

5Expert Score
Great variety pack

I was never a soda drinker, i might drink a couple of sodas per week when i want something bubbly and refreshing. The zevia sodas are the best zero-sugar zero-calorie drinks i have tried, with natural sweeteners (i personally really like stevia). They’re not too sweet, not too bubbly and the flavors are nice without having an aftertaste.

I purchased the variety pack because i love to have variety, i’m not the kind of person that couldn’t drink or eat the same thing everyday. I like the compact but protective cardboard packaging the sodas come in; from the 24 cans i think only one was very slightly dented.

The 24 cans variety pack is worthwhile purchasing once the price goes down to $13-14, lower price per can than any sale in physical stores.

Below i review each individual flavor, but i never wasn’t into the original sodas they try to replace (and some i haven’t taste in 10-20 years).
* cola – classic sweet cola flavor, definitely not the exact coke or pepsi taste, but still enjoyable
* caffeine free cola – i would have expected this to taste just like the cola flavor, but it’s a more mediocre taste
* lemon lime twist – perfect blend of lime and lemon, quite sweet but refreshing, a classic soda flavor
* grape – tastes just like any other grape flavor juice, fortunately is a more mild flavor
* mountain zevia – sweet lime flavor
* dr zevia – a sweeter version of the cola with a twist of cherry, very nice flavor
* ginger ale – a nice sweet ginger flavor, better than other ginger ale drink i have tried (but i still don’t like ginger)
* orange – the classic artificial orange flavor, maybe resembling fanta or mirinda
* cream soda – taste like a vanilla cupcake foam, not my cup of soda
* grapefruit citrus – a blend of grapefruit and sweet citrus, i wish it had more of the grapefruit bitterness
* ginger root beer – i don’t know how ginger root beer taste, but i love this drink; somehow i don’t taste ginger at all in this
* black cherry – i love anything black cherry and this is absolutely delicious… It’s dark cherry with hints of both sweetness and sourness

5Expert Score
You will like them . . . Eventually.

Making the switch to drinking zevia sweetened by stevia leaf-extract for the first time is like making the switch to diet soda from regular soda. There is a distinct flavor that you might not like at first, but it will eventually grow on you. But you gotta do it for the health reasons and before you know it, your palete will adjust. Here is my rundown of the different zevia flavors. This is after years of drinking diet soda.

Cola – doesn’t taste like any other cola i’ve had. I could be wrong but, it’s more like a sarsaparilla with notes of bubble gum.

Root beer – this flavor marries well with the stevia sweetener. If you’re a root beer aficionado though, you might miss the caramel/molasses flavor.

Ginger ale – very strong ginger flavor here. This one is a winner if you like ginger ales. It even slightly tickled my nose the way old-fashioned ginger ales do.

Cream soda – i’m not sure what makes cream soda creamy but this one is lacking it. On the plus side, this flavor profile (like the root beer) masks the stevia well.

Grape – nice grape flavor. I don’t have much expectations from a grape soda and this version didn’t disappoint.

Black cherry – winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Best flavor of the batch!

Lemon lime – this one was just ok. Not much to complain about, but not very exciting either.

Orange – maybe it’s because i love orange soda, but this flavor didn’t do it for me. It tastes like eating one of those smarties candies.

Mountain zevia – not what i expected and like the lemon lime flavor it just wasn’t memorable.

Dr. Zevia – my first impression was that this tastes like medicine. Yuck! But after a few cans, it has kind of grown on me and actually reminds me of a red ice tickles freezer pop. Not my first choice, but if it was in my fridge, i would drink it with no complaints.

Grapefruit citrus- this one was not bad. It was kind of lacking in grapefruit flavor when compared to a can of squirt zero sugar, but it will do in a pinch.

One complaint i do have is that there are just way too much bubbles. I always have to temper it before it is drinkable. But overall, i’m very satisfied with these zevia soda drinks. In the end, i just pray that they don’t find some adverse side effects of stevia leaf-extracts. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board again!

5Expert Score
Best 'soda' around

If you’ve done your research, you’ll drop the sodas with aspartame, splenda and of course, sugar. Taste is good and the best alternative to the name brands. Stevia is by far the safest sweetener, now.

5Expert Score
Great price

Love zevia! Healthier alternative next to diet drinks with aspartame sucralose etc. That have studies showing linked to cancer. It takes 30
days to break a habit so hang in there.
It’s a acquired taste … It’s not going to taste like what you were drinking before but you will get used to it! We did …the price is high in the grocery stores. The lowest i have found on sale is $3.99 per 6 pack. Buying this on subscribe & save gives additional savings, saves gas, and the headache of finding a sale. I wish a seller would offer individual flavors at this great price but until then we will continue to have this delivered monthly as long as the price remains reasonable.

5Expert Score
Zevia soda sample package

I purchased this so my daughter and granddaughter could try all the flavors to see which, if any they liked. You get two of each flavor which is very nice. I thought the price was also a good value for what you received. I would recommend if your curious about the different flavors. We found several very yummy and are now staples in the house hold.

5Expert Score
These are so good!

My husband who doesn’t care for anything that remotely seems ‘healthy’ or for sure nothing without sugar- loved these and kept taking them to work! While i was annoyed, i was happy that i tricked him into liking something that wasn’t harming his health!

5Expert Score
Great taste

This soda is the best ever no sugar soda drink ever. Also it’s clear so it’s ok for people like myself with kidney disease. Try it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Also, if you’ve been drinking regular diet soda, it does take a few of zevia to let your taste buds adjust. No different than any other diet change. Enjoy!

4Expert Score
Low calorie soda substitute

Okay this is a bit of a mixed review for me because i thought i was buying flavored club soda these have stevia in them and i’m trying to get rid of all artificial sweeteners or even non artificial sweeteners that are like alcohol sweeteners and just club soda so if you drink too many they will make you gassy i tried to drink one a day just to get rid of them but i wouldn’t purchase them again but if you’re trying to transition from diet soda to water or club soda i would definitely recommend these as a stopgap but only temporary i don’t like the gassiness

4Expert Score
They are ok

Here’s the skinny. If you are trying to avoid sugary drinks and can get past the taste, these are great. Some of the flavors are better than others. But, if you drink these expecting them to taste like a regular soda you are going to be disappointed.

4Expert Score
Good way to test out different flavors

I have been drinking zevia for several years. It is zero calories and sweetened with stevia which is good for the keto diet and should not spike blood sugar. It is quite sweet so i suggest diluting it with plenty of ice. Some of the flavors have caffeine (which i prefer to not have) and some flavors i like better than others. The price is discounted compared to other 24 packs, so it’s a good deal. One star removed as one of the cans was puffed up on top.

4Expert Score
Good alternative to sugar sodas

I like them. They are a good alternative to all the sugar in regular soda. Better than i thought they would be. I figured they would be bitter with stevia but they aren’t. All i can say is try them for yourself because everyone is different. ! Update…they have doubled in price and aren’t worth the new asking price i m o. I don’t know the reason why zevia but you just lost a customer till the price drops!

4Expert Score
Pretty good for what it is!

I liked the variety of flavors to try in this package. The flavors were very accurate. Stevia certainly tastes very different than aspartame, so these sodas do not taste exactly like standard diet sodas. I find stevia overly sweet so i cut them with sparkling or other water. I like that they don’t contain artificial coloring too! Will definitely buy again 🙂

4Expert Score
Surprising favorite!

Really trying to cut out diet sodas as the artificial sweeteners are horrible to my health. I’m a calorie counter so drinking my calories is not something i want to do! Enter zevia – a “healthier” alternative to diet sodas. At $13 for a 24 pack, i couldn’t resist. However, my favorite flavors really surprised me! I generally drink diet coke and sprite zero, but both the cola and lemon lime flavors did not impress me. I tried more flavors that weren’t bad, but also weren’t great. I was defeated thinking i would just have to revert back to my unhealthy diet soda ways, until i grabbed grapefruit citrus. Wow! So delicious and refreshing. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and citrusy. I also enjoyed black cherry and ginger ale, but grapefruit citrus really stole the show. My husband enjoyed the orange flavor. From now on, i’m going to purchase the individual flavors in bulk even though they are a little pricier. I’m so happy to have found a drink to replace the diet crap!!

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Even the kids drank it

Looking for a sugar free alternative to just drinking soda this fit the bill. I also didn’t want an artificial sweetener so stevia was a great alternative.

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Great way to try most all of the flavors

I sprung for a 6 pack in the local store once and didn’t much care for it (the stevia was pretty strong), and given how expensive it is i wasn’t really planning on trying any other flavors.
Until i found this 12-flavor pack. Some of these are pretty good and something i would much rather drink than a diet soda. And the variety pack is a pretty decent value too as long as you like most of the flavors.

This is how i rank the flavors:
mountain zevia–better than mountain dew imo…a bit smoother
grapefruit–reminds me of squirt, tastes good and the tartness hides the stevia well
cream soda–different than a&w or mug but not in a bad way. This one surprised me since i didn’t notice the stevia as much as i had anticipated
cola–not anywhere near as good as coke but not too bad. Caffeine-free version was about the same maybe actually a little better.
Dr. Zevia–i am not a dr. Pepper fan but i actually like this better
ginger ale–pretty good
ginger root beer–ok but the stevia and ginger combined leaves kind of a weird aftertaste (which wasn’t a problem with the ginger ale for some reason)
lemon-lime twist–ok again but not near as good as sprite
orange–decent but not as good as sunkist
black cherry–normally one of my favorite flavors, this was disappointing..the stevia just stands out too much.
Grape–this one was terrible imo. It did remind me of those little tiny barrel-style drinks, which tasted so fake.

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Good taste

All the flavors were good except cola

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An all-natural soda with stevia sweetener!

I purchased this variety pack of zevia sodas to find a way to purchasing non-perishable items on the internet to save time to purchase foodstuffs during the international pandemic. The sodas are all without artificial sweetener, artificial flavor, or artificial color. The result is a collection of sodas with a new & responsible line of sodas that are generally very tasty (this is my opinion- you may have a different taste experience). I must alert you to the fact that i am a fan of stevia sweetener!!

Since there are 2 of each of 12 different sodas, my wife chose 9 of the flavors to sample for herself, so i ended up with 2 each of the 3 flavors she was not interested in drinking. Below are my impressions of each soda flavor:
cola- this flavor was ok, but nothing to write home about
ginger root beer- this has an interesting flavor for a root beer
dr. Zevia- this has an intriguing flavor not quite like any i’ve tasted before
caffeine free cola- same taste as cola
black cherry- a delicious black cherry taste
grapefruit citrus- a nice grapefruit taste
grape soda- a more natural grape flavor compared to the artificial flavor i’ve tasted before
orange soda- a good orangish flavor
mountain zevia- a mountain dew-like flavor
lemon lime twist- a nice lemon/lime flavor
ginger ale- a real ginger flavor
cream soda- has a very nice creamy flavor

not included in this variety pack are 3 flavors of soda that zevia also produces- strawberry soda, fruity punch, & cherry cola, so i can’t definitively rate them (although i suspect that they probably follow pattern & are probably pretty good). These sodas were in12 oz. Cans, but 8 of them (cola, grape, black cherry, cream soda, cherry cola, lemon lime twist, ginger ale, & ginger root beer) are also available in 16 oz. Cans (only from amazon, not from zevia themselves). Cola, cherry cola, dr. Zevia, & mountain zevia have caffeine added to them.

Zevia also produces zevia sparkling waters (2 flavors, blackberry & cucumber lemon in 12 oz. Cans- presently not available from amazon), zevia energy drinks (4 flavors, grapefruit, raspberry/lime, mango/ginger, & kola in 12 oz. Cans), zevia mixers (3 flavors, ginger beer, lemon lime w/ bitters, & tonic water in 7.5 oz. Cans), zevia organic teas (8 flavors, earl grey w/ blood orange, black tea, green tea, hibiscus tea w/ passionfruit, black tea w/ peach, black tea w/ lemon, black tea w/ raspberry, & caffeine free black tea w/ lemon in 12 oz. Cans), zevia kidz drinks (4 flavors, fruity apple, orange cream, strawberry lemonade, & fruit punch in7.5 oz. Cans).

I plan to regularly supply myself with ginger root beer, dr. Zevia, black cherry, grapefruit citrus, ginger ale, & cream soda. I am also considering some of the energy drinks, organic teas, sparkling waters, & even some kidz drinks (though i’m over 65 y. O.)

update: i have now sampled the cherry cola flavor- it has a delicious cherry/cola taste!!!

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