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ZEVO: The zevo flying insect trap uses light to continuously attract flying insects (house flies, fruit flies and gnats) and capture them on to an adhesive backing that you never have to touch. No odors or messes! Use in any room in your home where flying insects are seen. Replace refill cartridge when it’s full of insects. Check it every 15 days or as needed. For best results, keep zevo plugged in 24/7.

What are zevo features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • uv light: insect repellent are known to have chemicals. Say goodbye to an insecticide which can be harmful to your health. Zevo has no chemical insecticides, no odors, and no messes, so you can confidently use it at any room.
  • light bio-attractant: uses a blue and uv light mixture to attract insects that mimics the sun and moon’s navigational light patterns. It also mimics human body temperature to draw insects in; such as mosquito, bugs, fly, fruit fly, gnat, moth and any other flying insects.
  • attracts & eliminates: simply plug this trap and it will use an irresistible light spectrum and body heat bio-attractants to continuously attract and trap insects over time into a powerful adhesive backing you never have to touch.
  • 24-hour protection: conveniently works day and night to help protect your family from pesky flying insects. No need to worry about the last time you’ve applied mosquito repellent. No more frustrations from fruit fly with this powerful fly trap indoor. It works!
  • wall sconce: unlike the traditional catcher, zevo’s insect trap only needs to be affixed on your wall. Customers are loving this indoor wall mounted bug zapper.
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Yakibest.com : ZEVO : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Why is the exact same thing $10 less at walmart? Is amazon actually including shipping when i’m buying with prime?

This is $19.99 everywhere (target, home depot, walmart) and the refills are about $7. Amazon has it at double the price… Sorry no for me

How often do you have to change the sticky trap part?

Hello, cartridges can be replaced when they are full of insects. Check them every 15 days and replace as needed.

For best results:
• place in electrical outlets that are easily accessible and near common areas.
• use in an indoor electrical outlet where flying insects enter into the home such as garages and enclosed porches/patios (near entryways), and where they tend to gather, such as in kitchens, near fruits and vegetables, trash cans, houseplants, drains, etc.
• experiment and try other locations and electrical outlets if the trap is not attracting flying insects at specific locations.
• this product will not be effective if the trap is obstructed or placed behind doors, furniture, computers, tv’s, etc.

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Does it work well for mosquitoes?

Yes this product can work well on mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted to uv lights that have a cool, blue tone. Zevo uses a blue and uv light mixture to attract and trap insects over time.

Does it work plugged into a powerstrip when it is on its back?

Be weary of buying these. I’ve had mine (plugged into many different places) for over a month. It has 3 small gnats on the back. Meanwhile there are about 10 flying around my kitchen. I personally wouldn’t waste the money again.

Does it work on stink bugs and lady bugs?

It works on any bug that decides it wants to check out the blue light. Its just a pad that is sticky, bug get on and never get off

Does it work on flying termites?

It works on anything attracted to light.

Does it work on roaches??

Nope dont think so they do make roach traps

What are the rectangular strips w a white stripe included in the starter kit?

Yes one refill…this hes been the best product for catching flying bugs

Why is this $35. I bought the exact same thing for $19 at home depot

Sadly it seems they’re often more expensive on amazon. I would buy it locally if i could find it locally.

I just received my starter kit but no refill trap was included, shouldn’t i have received one?

Yes be careful as got a box of refills and they were full of bugs.
So they have been used and returned.
But very good about refunds.

Is this one or two devic

Hi! This is one device. Thanks for your question.

What brand/type of replacement bulb is required?

I do not know. I’ve only had the product for a week and it works very well.

Why is this $30+ dollars when it’s $19 at target with an extra refill ?

It is the exact same size at target for $20

Where can i get refill?

I ordered refill from amazon same as i did for the original kit.

Are zevo lights noisy?

No- they don’t make any sound. The light attracts the bugs and they stick to it.

Does it work on house flys?

Yes this works on house flys!

How many watts does it consume?

Don’t know, don’t care , i’m pretty sure it’s low about the same as your phone charger. But, it kills bugs!

Can you buy the refills via amazon? I cannot find them.

You sure can! Please reference the link below.

I just listed: zevo flying insect trap refill kit (no device) | repels against fruit flies gnats house flies mosquitoes and other insects | model 3 | 2 -pack (1) | device sold separately, for $13.95 via @amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b09yk6vyzk/ref=cx_skuctr_share?smid=ao623ipiqypmx

How well does this catch house flies?

Very good i didn’t think it would work but one day just plug in and a few days later went to check
it out and saw lots of flies and fruit flies were caught inside good for 45 days and still working
we open the back door a lot we have a small dog that goes out and in so fly come in but no more

Why is the exact same thing $10.00 less at walmart?

I don’t know, but my guess is that it’s a cheaper model


Yakibest.com : ZEVO : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It works! Bright blue light

This product really works! I received it on 09/15/22 and immediately plugged it in to start using it. I checked it again 5 days later on 09/20/22, and it had caught at least a dozen little drain flies, which is what i bought it for. I’ve had an issue with these flies in my apartment every summer due to excess moisture from cat litter and spilled dog water (and some other sources). I wasn’t sure if this would work, but the photos prove it! It absolutely helped with my issue and i recommend it for others who may have a problem with small flying insects. I don’t know if it works with larger flies because that doesn’t pertain to my situation. The only downside is that the light it emits is very bright blue. I don’t mind it, but my fiancé has to turn away from it when he’s trying to sleep. I decided to move it to a corner so it wouldn’t light up the whole room and bother him. Placement is important, so keep that in mind. All-in-all, i recommend it! It’s definitely worth the money. Give it a try and you’ll be happily surprised with the results.

5Expert Score
It works great!

I noticed the odd gnat, usually zooming past my nose when i was working on the computer. I had seen an ad for this, and decided to try it. After about a week, it only had a couple of gnats. You know that, for every gnat you see, there are at least half a dozen more. I was pretty disappointed. Then i went away for five days. When i came back it had 17 gnats stuck to it! Yay! That might be all of them. I’m going to leave it in place for at least another week and see if it catches more. I’m going to get the refills, too, now that i know it works.

5Expert Score
It works

After buying a cheap brand of potting soil, my two bamboo plants became infected with tiny black gnats! I bought one of these, plugged it in next to one of the plants, and honestly — the gnats were attracted to the blue light it gives off. The filter in the zevo was full of gnats after only two days so i had to put in a new one, it worked so well! I have since repotted my plants with descent soil and so they took care of my gnat problem, but before replanting, the zevo took care of any and all gnats that were there! I highly recommend this product! As an aside, it also gives off a cool blue light that looks great in the dark!

5Expert Score
Don't think twice

I got this for the occasional fly that got into the house.. But after a few weeks from the first plug in.. I can’t believe how many little critters somehow make it into my apartment! The only thing that i’m not crazy about is the bright blue light.. It’s fine. But if i wanted it in a bedroom or something that would likely be a disturbance to my sleep. But for sure.. 5 stars. No poison.. Sure it’s not overly humane (like a mousetrap) but if you don’t care about that.. It’s a great buy! I bought a refill, but assume i wont even replace it unless it’s full..this picture is after a month

5Expert Score
Mighty but deadly…for insects

This works!! I have a countertop composter that attracted a lot of gnats, fruit flies and other flying insects. It got tiresome (and gross) to clean because of the larvae. I got this light to attract the bugs and oh wow, those suckers didn’t stand a chance!! I’ve had this light for about 6 weeks and i’m so happy with the purchase. The adhesive is sticky (be careful to not get your fingers stuck) and the replacement pad is easy to install. This device deserves all my stars!!

5Expert Score
This works!!!!!!!

This item really works. The plan is to plug it into the wall and slide in the sticky insert. That’s it. No touching anything with insecticide on it or anything else that could cause harm. It’s safe around animals. It’s got this blue light that serves as a really good night light and the gnats are attracted to it, get stuck and that’s it. I had a problem with gnats that would annoy the hell out of me. This solved it. The occasional mosquito i get in the house are attracted to it also. I luv this product.

5Expert Score
Love this product!

We have fresh fruits in our home laying around and sometime we get fruit flies. We also have people come in and out of our house all year round so flies come in buzzing around.

In the spring and summer get those nats, mosquitoes and moths and it was getting annoying.

This was a good item we found and it was easy to assemble. The blue light is really bright and i too was sometimes staring at it. Come towards the light…

We found a place in the hallway outlet that was out of sight and was not annoying for us to see it yet it was doing its job!

I bought a 2nd adhesive plate as a backup in case the first one that came with it is filled up with bugs. So far so good for a month…

It’s also a great night light too.

We keep it plugged all the time and i will know if i’ll have to replace the adhesive plate if i see unwanted bugs for two days straight lol!

But right now, i don’t have that problem anymore!

Yes, definitely i would buy this product again!

5Expert Score

This thing is awesome!! It really works at catching gnats, fruit flies, any of those annoying little flying creatures. It’s easy to use, you can even flip it so that it’s horizontal or vertical in your electrical outlet for space. I’ve added a couple of photos to show the amount that it catches. It got this full, and needs the refill cartridge after about 1.5 summer months, when there’s lots of fruits and veggies in the kitchen and moisture in the trash can. It’s disgusting, i know, but if it weren’t it wouldn’t be working.

5Expert Score
Great product which is very effective.

If you purchase the plug in with film, it is very effective and very easy install. It’s most effective when all other lights are turned off at night and the device is the only light source. It has no odor, it’s very easy to use and change out about every 15 days. I bought the spray as well – for additional assistance – it works, but the lights are the best. This was the first year that i had ever had nats. It was a wet summer and cat food is left available during the day so they can eat at their convenience. Unfortunately, the nats thought that was perfect for them. I’m so glad that the traps were so effective in catching them. Good luck!

5Expert Score
Works great. Catches lots of bugs

Used for the last three weeks since i had new plants in the house which brought some new bugs. This thing caught all kinds of bugs and they seem gone now. The blue light is really bright at night so put it in a bathroom as a night light. Works well!

4Expert Score
Fly trap

Ordered the base set and 2 extra filters. This actually works fairly well, but the bugs have to go to it for them to get onto sticky filter. So simple to use tear packaging off filter and plug in.

4Expert Score
So far, so good

So far, it is working. I plugged into an outlet next to a bowl of apples. My problem is not completely solved yet, but there are gnats on the adhesive.

4Expert Score
Yes, it works!

After about 3-4 hours of being plugged in, this product started working. I plugged it into a socket indoors next to my patio door which is used often. I wanted to catch the critters right when they came into the house. To my surprise, when i peeped down inside the zevo cover, there were already bugs stuck to it. I bought this zevo for mosquitos, but it catches flys and gnats too. I’ve been sleeping better at night knowing that zevo is working for me while i sleep. The blue light that attracts the bugs is fairly bright. It casts an eery glow over the room when it’s dark…kind of spooky. But it does the job.

4Expert Score
Gets rid of the pests

We put one of these in the kitchen to get rid of the little bugs that fuss with us when fixing supper. We live in the country so we still have a few gnats every now and then but this thing has caught probably 50 so far.

4Expert Score
Works well, light is a little odd

The only minor complaint i have is that the light is a little strange, especially since it needs to be somewhere easily-accessible and visible for the bugs to get to it. It’s not quite my interior design vibe.

However, it’s well worth it to us because it works so well. We get an occasional fly that won’t go in, but we never see gnats anymore because they’re all drawn to the light and get stuck.

4Expert Score
It differently has cut the naps down by a ton!

I love the product and happy we purchased it. It was driving us nuts with issue and now we can actually eat without being swamped by them

4Expert Score
No refill, just a fill once. But, works.

The product stats that it’s one device and one refill. Maybe it’s translated from chinese or something, but to me, it’s one deviceand one sticky insert. To me, a refill is to replace the one thats already in there. That’s just filling up the empty device you bought. So… Long story short, it comes with only one device and one sticky insert for the device.

4Expert Score
Good product

Does attract bugs but light is really bright(which i understand is to attract the bugs)

4Expert Score
Still unsure

Within the first hour it nabbed tons of young fruit flies while the adults were too smart to get caught. I guess with the young getting caught is a good thing since the adults only live a short time.

Hopefully that will break the cycle ’cause i have a b.s. Hoard of fruit flies in the summer.

Will update if it does break the cycle and ends the invasion.

Update 22.8.22 – haven’t seen even one fruit fly for a few days now. This is definitely a keeper.

You should buy it, it is a great buy!!!

4Expert Score
So far so good…beware of animal tails!

This working so far with the bugs that get in during the summer months. The only thing that’s happened is our long haired cat walked by and it stuck to her tail. She took off like a crazy person and we had to peel it off her tail.

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