Zinus memory foam mattress

Zinus memory foam mattress is one of the bed-in-a-box companies offering free shipping. The mattress is compressed and arrives in a medium-sized box. You get to try the mattress for 100 days and if for some reason you don’t like it, you can return apply for a full refund and someone will come and pick up the mattress without charging you any fee. They also offer a 10-years warranty for their mattresses.

In this review, we will take a look at their best-selling 12′ inches Green Tea mattress.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Green Tea-infused Memory Foam With a Soft, Poly Jacquard Cover

Zinus memory foam mattress construction

Coming to the construction, it is made of different levels of foam. On the base, you got a 3.5-inch layer of support foam. On top of it is another layer of 3.5-inch high-density foam. Above that, you got the 2-inch of comfort foam and finally, the top layer of 3-inch is of memory foam.

Overall Experience

This has a traditional feel of memory foam, it mostly depends on personal preference. When you lie on it, you will sink in a bit. This is best for the side sleepers and also for those people who like their pressure joints being cradled by soft foam.

Memory foams are not good at regulating temperature. Different companies implement different layers to try to compensate for it. Zinus uses egg-crate foam to increase the airflow. And it’s easy to say by reading customer reviews that they have outdone themselves.

Overall, memory foam from Zinus is far much better than what other companies are offering.

Zinus memory foam mattress motion transfer and responsiveness

Zinus Green Tea mattress performs extremely well at limiting motion transfer. If you are a light sleeper who gets to wake up easily if your partner moves around. With this mattress, you no longer have to wake up randomly at night if your partner moves or gets out of bed.

As for the responsiveness, the top layer is 100% memory foam. It will take a good second or two to fully regain its shape.


Coming to the most attractive part and that is its price. Zinus is extremely affordable. It’s almost $500 to $800 cheaper than other average bed in a box.

Amazon is always running some sales or discounts, you may get it cheaper. Moreover, Zinus also offers different thickness models(10-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch.)

Final Verdict

Zinus memory foam mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses available on the market. It is very good at absorbing shocks and the person lying next to you will never get affected by your movement.

According to the customer reviews available online, it’s easy to say that it is a very good mattress.

Moreover, it is very affordable when compared to other brands available on the market. It provides ideal value for its price. This can be the next nice addition to your bedroom. Get yourself a peaceful sleep by clicking the link down below.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Green Tea-infused Memory Foam With a Soft, Poly Jacquard Cover

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