Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer

Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour – Chrome Silver : Sus

What are zippo 12 hour refillable hand warmer features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Includes easy fill technology
  • Improved fill cup helps reduce spills
  • Perfect for all cold weather activities
  • Sleek, thin design fits into the smallest pockets. The hand warmer needs to be filled with fluid and lit in order for it to work properly. This item does not come filled and the fluid is sold separately
  • Flameless gentle warmth provides 2.5x more heat than disposables
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Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer AMAZON Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour – Chrome Silver : Sus

Looking for specific info?

So, if you keep it in your pocket and it lays flat, will it catch on fire?

No, there is a fiber type material that soaks up the lighter fluid…you light the filament and it burns from the fumes. I’ve put mine in my coat pocket ‘upside’ down with no problems at all.

What’s the difference between this and the older version?

Hi joe! Thanks for your question. The only difference is the packaging. The older version was packaged in a plastic clamshell packaging, and the new version is packaged in a much slimmer plastic packaging inside a box, which looks much more presentable. The warmer itself and the accessories are still exactly the same. Both older versions and the new version are 12-hour, and there is now also a new smaller version that works for 6 hours.

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What is inside the warmer that makes the old used different than a new one? Can you diy fix it somehow?

The used ones are just fine. I have been using my used one constantly for three years with no problems. It’s just a metal case full of cotton to soak up the lighter fluid and a catalytic burner. Sometimes the catalytic burner may need to be replaced once every two years. Here is a big tip if it keeps going out take a pen or toothpick and pull some of the cotton up higher out of the fuel tank area to make better contact with the bottom of the burner for fuel transfer.

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How many uses do you get out of one of the replaceable burners?

Hundreds, i jave been useing the same burner for 2 winters and it is still going strong

Will this fit the older ‘jon-e’ brand hand warmer?

I have an old model jon-e hand warmerand these are too small for it. I don’t even use the old jon-e because i’m not sure where to get a replacement burner for it. Try ebay.good luck!

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Is this item made in the u.s.a? It is real zippo?

No, it’s made in china. If you don’t want to support communism, buy the better performing peacock hand warmer, made in south korea.

Will these fit the small 6 hr warmers?

Hi brandon! Thanks for your question. Yes, the zippo replacement burner is compatible with both the 6-hour and 12-hour warmers, as the burner is the same size for both versions.

Does this have the little easy pour hole in the center, or is it all covered with the foamy coal things like the last model?

The newer models have the easy pour hole in the center.

Why $4.99 shipping for each cayalyst? If i buy 4each still $4.99 shipping for each? Is that right?

We offer free shipping

How is this different from regular zippo lighter fluid?

I think that it is more refined. The package label does not explain it. It is hard to find in stores. I bought some at cabelas.

Can you fill it so it will burn less than 6 hours?

The more fuel you add the longer it will burn, so it all depends on how much fuel you add to it.

How does this operate please?

After using your plastic filler, and adding the fuel let it sit a min or 2, and attach the burner , light for 10-15 sec on each side, attach the top and put into little bag included and gets to full temp after around 3-4 min.

Can these be taken on a plane? Obviously not active, but for visits to cold areas. Thanks!

You can take the handwarmer with you as long as it is empty of fuel. You must carry it on you or put it in a checked bag. Carrying a lighter is the same, except you have to have a dot approved container that you can carry up to 2 lighters in checked baggage, or as above, carry it fueled on your person. Check for more information.

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Would you recommend the older or newer style unit and why?

Don’t know about older/newer. I do own the 6 hour and 12 hour models. Both work great. I would recommend the 6 hour for shorter periods of time and if you want a warmer experience. If you want it to last 12 hours or more go with the 12 hour model.

Does it smell

There is a little bit of lighter fluid smell. I don’t notice the smell at all when it is in my pocket but when it is out you can just slightly.

Can we turn this on and off on demand, another word, can we turn it off once we light it up?

Hi mr. Gadget,

we wish to advise you that the hand warmer will continually provide heat for 6 – 12 hours once turned on. If necessary, place hand warmer in the pouch and place on a fireproof surface until the fuel is exhausted.

We trust this information was helpful.

Kind regards!

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Can i run with it in my hand?

There’s no running. You light it, put it in its protective sleeve and the flint stays lit all day. It’s more like a chunk of slow burning coal keeping you toasty

Do you have to light this??

You do have to light this product . Please follow all the instructions that came with the product carefully.

I have a question: will any lighter liquid from the market do the job?

Yes it will. Regular zippo lighter fluid works.

How much zippo fuel do you go through with either the big or small? Basically wondering how many cans of fluid to buy?

Good afternoon,
it depends on how much you use it . But this is what you need for each fill . 12 hrs-7 ml 6 hrs- .35 ml

Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer AMAZON Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour – Chrome Silver : Sus

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Absolutely incredible

I lit this for work and it lasted me 24 hours. It was about 3/4 empty. I just refilled it and i’m so happy with it! Also to snuff it use the bag it came in to pull the wick off

5Expert Score
It fits the new warmers.

I bought some new warmers so i picked up spare burners. They fit.

5Expert Score
The best

Would purchase again

5Expert Score
Love them!

These work perfect for zippo hand warmers. Installed simply and work great!

5Expert Score
Well constructed.

Have not used this yet. Have a ice fishing trip in december. It’s is well constructed and appears easy to use.

5Expert Score
If you've got any sense, you leave it in that little pouch.

Over the years, i’ve purchased so many of these for myself and to gift to others. They’re easy to refill and it’s easy to replace the burner too. You’ll get more life out of the burner if you use the hand warmer fluid vs the zippo fluid. Keep it in the pouch or it will burn you (has happened to me more than a few times but it’s so much warmer without the pouch) keeping in the pouch helps it from burning up fluid and burner too soon, making both last longer.

5Expert Score
I think these will work great on an upcoming cold weather camping trip!

I’ve been using those disposable packet hand warmers for years but when these became available on a ‘today’s deal’, i decided to get two of them for my wife and i. We are planning for an upcoming cold weather camping trip and i figured that these would be a good idea to have. I remember a buddy of mine having one of these years ago that he took with him on hunting trips and he loved it. I choose the chrome one and my wife picked the blaze orange one. Each one came with a black pouch, plastic filling device, and instructions. The ones that we received are the 2015 models and it appears that zippo likes to make some adjustments/changes to their products quite often. When i purchased these, i also looked at replacement catalytic burners to see how easily available they were and the prices. Depending on how much you use these, the catalytic burners should last for quite some time. The included instructions state that the ‘burner lasts for many uses depending on how it is used and duration of use’. Researching different sites concerning these hand warmers and the results vary but most seem favorable. One site stated that you should be able to get about 70 uses with one before having to replace the burner. The real culprit is the replacements. Researching for those here on amazon and other places and you’ll see a lot of complaints concerning the quality, price and dependability. Quite honestly, it would seem to be better just to replace the whole unit! Anyway, i guess i’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

Currently, as of this review, we have used these four times now. I initially just wanted to test them out before the camping trip but it appears that we’ve found other uses for them as well. We’ve been going through some pretty cold weather here lately and they make a great companion for those cold days/nights when walking the dog. My wife has even taken her’s to work because she complains that the store where she works is always freezing. We had a big freeze last night and i fired them up to walk the dog, take out the trash, and scrape ice off the car. Letting these ‘cook’ inside your jacket pocket provides a nice bit of relief when you stick your hand inside. The first time we used them, it seemed to take a while for them to heat up, but after successive uses they appear to generating heat a bit more quickly. Outside of the pouch, they can be pretty hot after they have been running for a while, so the pouch certainly helps to regulate the heat. We’ve been getting about 10-12 hours with them depending on how much fuel we put in.

Filling them up with fuel is pretty simple with the included dispenser. Pulling the burner off, you’ll see a hole to pour the fluid into. Replacing the burner, i followed the instructions by keeping the device upright and allowing the fluid to soak into the burner for about 2 minutes. Holding it at an angle, i held it over a flame for about 10 seconds. I didn’t see anything begin to glow red, so i held it for an additional 10 seconds and then noticed the edges of the catalytic burner begin to glow. It’s kinda hard to know if you lit it or not in the light. I noticed that if i cup my hand over it, you can see the burner begin to glow red and spread throughout (just be careful not to burn you hands!). Can i tell a difference between the chrome one and the blaze orange? Not really. They both produce quite a bit of heat, especially when they’ve been going for a while. I’m pretty pleased with their performance thus far and will have to research more concerning replacement catalytic burners for these considering all of the mixed reviews. When compared to the disposable hand packets that i have used, these zippo warmers do put off more heat and are reusable. So far, they are working great and i think they will work well for us on our upcoming camping trip.

5Expert Score
Very good value

If you work outdoors you must have one or two. Keeps your hands warm for sure. For the price worth buying

5Expert Score
Keep you very warm and needs no electricity

My experience after a recent camping trip when the night time temperature dropped below freezing:
(1) setting it up. It is pretty easy that you just pour the fuel (ronson) in. To start the heater, the biggest issue is there is no good way of knowing whether the heater is on as it is flameless. The only way i could tell whether it is on is to touch it to see if the heat is persistent. I think it is better to light it using a candle light lighter so the heater can remain upright keeping the fuel inside. (no leak has been seen though)
(2) timer. You time it by the amount of fuel added and in general the provided measuring cup seems very accurate. Thus you fill it up to the 12 hr mark and it will last about 12 hrs, and half to give you 6 hrs, and so on.
(3) warmth. It is very warm for its size, and a pouch must be used if you plan to use it directly against the skin. Or you can put it in your pocket — a chest pocket is the best to keep your core warm, as i found out during camping.
(4) is it safe? I put it on top of my chest while in the sleeping bag, which is full synthetic. Since this is flameless, it won’t burn anything even when it is sitting horizontally. There is a slight smell when use it this way since it is buried inside the sleeping bag and right down my nose. I don’t see if co will ever be a problem considering how slowly it burns, unless you use it in a small environment that is completely sealed at which point lack of oxygen is more of a concern.
(5) compare to an usb warmer: the usb warmers that i have that fit in my palm gives out the same amount of heat but the heat seems to be more concentrated at one spot, while the zippo spreads out the heat more so it is more effective in keeping you warm. The usb warmer obviously requires re-charging, which is not always available when camping. On the other hand, the zippo needs the fuel, measuring cup, and a lighter, more stuff to carry. Furthermore, the usb warmer has different setting for warmth and there is some kind of a meter to tell how much charge it has left. Despite this, i found the majority of the ‘cheaper’ usb warmer unreliable. Thus zippo will always go with me camping but the usb warmer is considered a back up.

5Expert Score
Five stars

I can’t believe i never heard of this before it works and is absolutely awesome.

Update: after 2 weeks, i bought my dad one because he’s a welder in northeastern usa and it gets cold in the winter.

After a month of use in this nj winter, i don’t leave home without it, it’s the best in the morning when i get into my cold car. I also tend to put it near my lower back when it gets a little achy, although it does get hot and i personally need to make sure my undershirt is between the hand warmer and my skin so it doesn’t burn me. It also fits in between the stretch material of my lower back support brace so i get heat and support. My back tends to knot up from tension that i create on my muscles when i get cold chills/drafts since i’m a very thin person and tend to always be cold, i tend to shiver easily, and its annoying. This warmer has added an extra layer of constant heat production and it works for me. I swear i’ve been showing it off since i bought it to everyone. I fill it every morning before i leave the house takes less then a minute to fill and if you want to really be stickler for rules it takes 2-3 minutes to properly prepare it based on instructions, but honestly extra time only comes into play if you overfill or spill, if not less then a minute and your on your way. There is no active/visible flame instead picture a metal case with a burning unit which is a coal like cotton fabric that absorbs fluid and slowly smolders in the center of the metal case, fluid at bottom half and oxygen/ventilation holes at top half. The fluid lasts longer then it suppose to based on the included plastic filling canteen’s markings, i put 6 hours in i get 8-9 hours of use. Also 6 hours of fluid is not a lot of fluid in my opinion, it’s been 3 weeks of constant use and i have not put as major of a dent on my 12oz. Zippo lighter fluid as i expected it would use.

Once it’s on you can’t really turn it off based on instructions but if you (1) carefully protect your fingers from burning by using a cloth or something throughout this whole process (i take no responsibility for burnt hands) , you can (2) remove the top cover which unveils the burning unit, (3) then with same protective cloth remove the burning unit, (4) ‘let the fluid base sit upright’ for a couple minutes and it will cool down because the burning unit cannot collect anymore fuel, (5) place the burning unit on a non flammable surface till it cools down also. And boom it is off before it has wasted all its fuel. It’s not difficult or in my opinion dangerous but disclaimer i only do this if its truly necessary to turn it off, i have a safe place to do it, and the time to wait and supervise while the cooling happens (usually 5 minutes). I repeat i take no responsibility for burnt hands or anything else burning.

I love this hand warmer

4Expert Score
How to check if you have the newest model+more! Is your lid loose? How to fix it!

**update jan. 29. 16** huge update here!
If you’ve tried everything, and it’s still not getting hot, pop off the catalytic burner. Are the two contact point really dark? If so, take a needle/safety pin and gently poke around within the two contact areas. It will help create a better contact point for the burner!

**update jan. 25. 16** it is advertised to last up to 80 lights before replacing the burner on top. Here is to the 80th ‘advertised’ light up! The catalyst burner is still going strong! No need to replace after relighting 80 times. At least for me! It gets warmer than ever!**

**update jan.05.16**: i can confirm the chrome heats faster and is overall more efficient because of the reflective surface.**
**the chrome finish is a fingerprint magnet (see pictures)**

pro tip: to check if you have the 2015 model, just take off the burner and see that the middle hole is empty and is used to fill with the included nozzle (lifesaver!). The older models had cotton throughout making it a hassle to fill and easy to spill. (hey that rhymes!)

pro tip: if you’re lid seems to be loose, simply give it a squeeze! And it will fit like o.j. Simpsons gloves should have! (same with the catalytic burner, just give it a squeeze if you think its too loose!)

pro tip: it won’t seem to be getting hot at first. Fill it fully the first time, and after the first 5-10 hours of using the catalytic burner, it will get hotter, within 20 hours or so it should be at its full potential. So don’t get discouraged 😉

pro tip: you can use the handwarmer without the pouch the first time, and it will prime much faster!

Pro tip: use ronsonol (see pics*. And probably any naphtha fuel will do) brand lighter fluid (it comes in a yellow bottle) to save $. Noticed zero changes in the performance/smell.

So this thing is really cool.

It will last for at least 12 hours given, you fill up the fill-container to the 12 hour mark and you use the provided pouch to regulate oxygen. Now, it can last longer. It all depends on how much oxygen it is exposed to = burn hotter(more oxygen, lower heat times)/cooler(less oxygen, more sustained heat times)

some basic tests i conducted
-i kept it inside the included pouch, inside my pocket, and it lasted for 15 hours. (not very warm)
-i put it in the pouch itself outside, it lasted around 12 hours (same thing without pouch, in pocket) (nice, cozy warmth)
-by itself outside, it will last 7-10ish hours maybe more maybe less its hard to tell (hot)

you can put it out.
As mentioned, oxygen is what makes this thing go, so putting it in the pouch, and putting that in a ziploc bag zipped (or any method to cut off air supply), will extinguish the embers, causing it to go out. And you can re light it! Please note: the fluid will eventually evaporate so use it soon or refill!

there is a slight smell which is inevitable in these devices. It can get irritating sometimes. You won’t notice it 87.99999% of the times p:

only replacements you need to worry about!
The only thing necessary to replace would be the burner on the top. It is about $6 (a bit steep in my opinion almost half the price of the device itself) but still cheaper in the long run over disposables. The catalytic burner has tiiiny pieces of platinum (yes the rare earth element!) and it really does last long. Much longer than advertised.. They advertise 70-80 times but the older models catalyst burner lasted at least 100 times without a doubt. I used it the entire year cause it was a really bad winter.

The only negative thing i can possibly think of is the color. I got the ‘blaze orange’ and the inside kind of looks like spray paint. I don’t see the finish lasting very long. And if the paint chips, i don’t know if i’d feel safe using it with 350f of heat (110f with pouch). I would opt for the chrome or the black.

Pro tip: someone here asked as to why it takes longer to heat up than reviews stated. I believe the chrome one is reflective so it heats up faster! So get the chrome color! I only got orange because my gf likes it. Lol.

I take a lot of time with these passionate reviews,[…] thank you for reading :d !

4Expert Score
Review for both 6/12hr models

I was indecisive about which size to get, so i ordered both. I also ordered the chrome color choice for both. Tldr: see summary at bottom of review. 🙂
iphone 12 mini included in photo for size reference only (sold separately)

my first impression is that the smaller one gets hotter than the larger one. But it might just take the larger one longer (more burn cycles) to break-in. I have only used them 3 cycles each so far.

the smaller one is a perfect size for my hands. It is about the size of a regular zippo lighter. I like to think my hands are average sized, but they are probably a little smaller than average (at least for a male), hopefully the pictures are a good reference for size. If they made a larger/longer model with the same width and thickness of the 6hr model, it might be perfect.

The larger one is a little bit too big/wide for use in a single hand. I thought it might be perfect to use to warm both hands at once and the size is perfect to hold between both hands. But so far, the larger one does not seem to produce enough heat to consistently warm both hands at once. Occasionally it gets hot enough to warm both hands, but it does not sustain that temperature.

the smaller one can get really hot. Maybe even hot enough to burn you if you don’t use the pouch and keep it gripped in one spot for too long. At peak heat, you can put it in the pouch and still warm your hand through it.

The larger one feels noticeably less hot, probably because of a larger surface area. It does get hot enough to feel like it might burn me, but it doesn’t stay at that temperature long enough to actually cause harm. When i put it in the pouch, there is not enough heat to warm your hand through the pouch.

For both sizes, the heat does slowly fade as the fuel starts to run out. It also seems to take a few burn cycles to break-in the burner. By ‘break-in’, i mean that the first couple burn cycles do not produce a consistent temperature. The temperature of the warmer would go up and down through use and never reach a really hot temp. This might just be that i didn’t fully light the burner the first couple times, and it gets easier to light after ‘breaking-in’.

i cannot yet provide a definite review of the length of time that they last. So far, they don’t seem to last the full amount of time, but i also have been overly cautious as to not overfill them. So i probably haven’t gotten them completely full to do a solid time test.

i am impressed at how hot the 6hr model gets, and is perfectly sized for my slightly smaller-than-average hands. I will probably purchase a second 6hr one to have one for each hand. For most people i would recommend the smaller 6hr model. I would only recommend the larger 12hr model if you have large hands; or if you really need it to last longer than 6 hours without refilling and are ok with a milder/lower heat output.

4Expert Score
Zippo vs peacock hand warmer

I have purchased 2 zippo hand warmers (returned one) and one peacock hand warmer. I mostly use them indoors and on walks outside. Inside, nobody notices the smell; you have to practically put it next to your nose. I even had a big lighter fluid spill and wasn’t too smelly. Smell is gone when it dries. My wife however, can smell it a foot away and complains.
Here are my comparisons between zippo and peacock:
fueling: (first remove the burner for both brands) both brands have a plastic measuring cup that you fill first, then empty into the hand warmer. The zippo’s looks like a tiny fuel can with a small opening to fill it and the a spout to put into the hand warmer. Its easy to spill filling the measuring cup and easy to spill filling the hand warmer. The peacock measuring cup is much better as it acts as a funnel. The funnel fits into the peacock hand warmer and when you’ve filled it to the line you twist it and it drains. I have yet to spill fueling the peacock. I mostly spill with the 12 oz supply canister at the end of filling but here’s a *trick; squeeze the lighter fluid supply canister to get a steady stream and hold pressure until you reach your desired fill level, then relieve pressure at the same time that you return the canister to an upright position (sucks in air and avoids spillage).
Lighter fluid: i have both 12oz zippo brand lighting fluid and a generic 12oz ronsonol lighter fluid. Both work to same, burn the same smell the same. Supposidly zippo fluid smells less but my wifes and i think it smells the same. Ronsonol can be found locally for half the cost. *tip; go with ronsonol.
Lighting: (replace the burner); holding the warmer at a light angle apply flame to the catalytic burner pad. The zippo takes longer to light (10 seconds) and more often then not takes several tries. The peacock takes, literally, less than a second of flame to start. This is due to the burner being ‘harry’. You can see that the catalytic pad is fuzzy and when the flame touches it the red glow quickly spreads from the tip of the fuzz to inside the pad. *tip, some people wait ten minutes before putting it in the pouch. I find it a good idea for the zippo as it sometimes goes out (wait a few minutes at the very least). The peacock does not go out and is pocket ready immediately after lighting.
Warmth level: both brands get very hot when inside the pouch or pocket -sometimes i just go pocket and no pouch-, but its only very hot within the pouch or pocket because its heat is slowly transferred and therefore allowed to build up. When you take it out of the pouch or pocket (or even pick it up after it sits alone on the table) and hold it barehanded it is very hot at first-sometimes too hot and you must switch hands every half second -hot potato style. But the heat its been building is transferred to your hands and the metal hand warmer becomes lukewarm. The too hot to hold phase lasts 5 seconds. The zippo hand warmer tends to be wishy washy sometimes hot sometimes lukewarm. The peacock tends to be more consistently hot. *tip for both brands; hold the hand warmer by having your hand in the shape a a ‘c’, the point is to not smother the breath holes on either side, leave an 1/8 of an inch gap on your palm side. Hold it this exact way without adjusting and it gets hot! Sometimes i have to let go!
Smell: my wife can smell both and complains, but says the peacock is not as bad as the zippo.
Craftsmanship: from the start i suspected that the zippo’s catalytic burner lets some unburned fumes out through a small gap along the edges of the pad and also a gap at the inner copper colored tray thing.thus the reason i got two; i thought the first one was be a fluke but the second one had the same gap. I even ordered a spare catalytic burner and it also had the same gaps. The peacock catalytic burner is very similar, the mini size peacock almost fits on the bigger zippo. But the gap is no there. I think this is why the peacock burns hotter and smells less.
Overall i prefer the peacock. I think the catalytic burner is the major difference; the zippo has a gap and the peacock doesn’t have a gap, and the fuzzy pad of the peacock burner is awesome to light. But the peacock its like 3x the cost of the zippo. I have been modifying the zippo a bit with my dremmel (cutting air holes into the edges of the cap so that it gets access to the air along the edges when in the pocket. It works a little better now), and i may try to get the peacocks burner onto the zippo somehow, it almost fits but won’t. I may also try to cut a bigger opening to use the peacocks funnel. It would be cool to somehow get 2 burners onto one hand warmer! So if i had to choose one i’d pick the peacock, but the zippo is a good one to start with to see if you like this type of hand warmer since its cheaper. It’s really nice having two; one in each pocket, it really helps to stay warm.

4Expert Score
For those that are always cold!

Highly recomend to those that are always cold. Use it like a necklace and put between underdershirt and top layer.

For me its not a handwarmer. Its a personal heater. I put it on a longer loop so i can wear it as a necklace between my tshirt layers. And it doubles as a hand warmer for me and i just hold it to my belly and it heats me and my hands. It hangs right above my belly button witch is oddly relaxing. This helps me because i have really bad circulation to the point that it feels like i cant generat my own heat unless im running.
But with this i feel more like a normal person. I can walk my dog and go to work and wear dress code.
With a jacket on i get hot when wearing it between my shirts/jacket or coat.
I get this started before i get dressed in the morning haha.

I have had one of these handwarmers before. I gave it 4 stars because they work better than any hand warmer that i have ever used mostly because i can wear it like a necklace to heat my body and the run time is amazing. Ive used the hotsnaps, the electrical warmers, and the disposable dirt bags.

● 12 hour run time confirmed.
● reusable.
● doubles as body heater when worn on necklace. Warning do not put on bear skin. Wear between layers. It does get hot hot when used this way. Expecially if you repack your own burner with platinum catalyst used in fire places as bright coles.
● little fuel needed to run long times.
● good heat, good product not a heafty price to keep in constant use.
● portable.

Cons: most of these dont bother me because ive learned how to deal with them properly.

● best lit with zippo lighter. I say this because if you spend an extra 20 seconds using a lighter to heat the warmer then you dont need to wait 10 min for it to get going. They work best at operating temp.

● fuel can give of slight smell but little if not none when its burnning.

● only reason why i didnt give 5 stars.
Is for handwarming use outside 32°f and bellow it will need to be in you pocket to prevent your hands from cooling faster than it producess heat through the fabric bag.
Though in the same conditions i prefer to wear it like a necklace to heat my core witch works pretty dang well because you retain way more heat without it blowing away.

● should not be overfilled. But should be safe to comonn sense people.
If you turn it upside down and fuel comes out. Thats about two + times to much fuel as needed!!!
This is not a fuel bottle. The cotton inside is designed to be as to a lightly/mostly soaked but not like a dripping spong.

Details on how not to be dumb with filling.
Based on my 4 years of experiance.

Overfilling tipically results in it wetting the burning and snuffing out.
The main danger is having fuel full to the top when ligting it. If you light it then, then you will emediatly see flames. Easy fix is blow out the flame. Then go outside and fling out excess fuel. Wipe off excess fuel.
Then seperated the burner, if the burner catalist is wet you will then need to set on concrete and light on fire till it dryies itself out. Only had this happen twice in 4 years. 1st time was a novice mistake. 2nd time, i wanted it as full as i could get it xd but i was ready to deal with it.

4Expert Score
It’s great

This is a great little hand warmer. My only problem with it is that it’s quite a pain to light if you don’t have a zippo. But other than that it’s great it doesn’t last the 12 hours but it’s super easy to use and refill

4Expert Score
I like it, but it has some minor flaws.

I like collecting zippo lighters so when i see the heat warmer on sale i had to get it. Living in nyc it can get really cold during the winter and this heater comes handy when you are going to be outdoors.

In order to use this heat warmer it need to be filled up with lighter fluid. I usually pick up ronsonol fluid at walmart and it’s pretty cheap, plus it burns slower so it last a long time. Once the fluid is in you put the cotton top back on and light it. This is where many people have problems. I usually go to a dark room and hold the lighter on the cotton wick burner for a while. You will know you have it lit when the lighter is away and the burner is lit. You can only see this in a dark room. When it’s lit put it in the bag it came in because it gets too hot to hold by itself.

There is no flame when it’s on so it won’t start a fire. Please keep in mind that the fluid does have a smell to it at least what i’m using. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s present.

I like that it comes with the funnel to let you know that halfway is 6 hrs and almost full is 12hrs. It has a line for the 12hr.

I decided to switch to this because i was tired of causing lots of waste throwing out those one time heat warmers. This has also saved me some money in the process. All my expense toward this product has been two lighter fluid containers. With that being said it depends on how much the average user decides to use the product that will change and you might need more lighter fluid than others.

The main reason why i gave it one less star is because the heat can’t be controlled so it can get really hot without the bag on it. Then there is no way to turn it off if you want to use it at a later time. Last the smell might turn some away from the device even though it’s not a big deal, to some they may decide against it for that reason.

If your in the market and comparing this to the usb heat warmers go with this one, because it will last you a lot longer. Most of the usb warmers only last around 3hrs and then it needs to be charged up, but if your outdoors a lot this is the right warmer for you.

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Uncap, fill, light

I’ve used iron oxide disposable hand warmers before (a couple bucks for a pack of 8 tiny ones at the local japanese dollar store), but i wanted something that would last a good while, didn’t end up in the garbage, and wouldn’t cost much to use. Enter a certain camping manga/anime that suggested a reusable type. I got the gift pack that comes with a lighter and some fuel.

What’s happening is that there’s a little platinum in the metal wool atop the warmer, which acts as a catalyst when it’s warmed in the presence of fuel fumes and oxygen, breaking the fuel down and releasing heat slowly. I saw this demonstrated in one of the platinum videos for the youtube channel periodic videos.

What i’ve learned so far:
1. Don’t soak the metal mesh in fuel, pop that part off, then fill the chamber underneath. Otherwise you have an unsafe fire on your hands and you’ll have to either wait for the fuel to dissipate or put the thing on a fire safe surface and burn off the fuel. Tl;dr, read the manual.
2. Lighter fluid for this lighter brand is the same as the hand warmer fuel, despite the different labels. Thankfully the price seems to be roughly the same.
3. You might want to upgrade. I got the portable fuel carrier on a keychain (way better than the little plastic bottle; best part, they’re the same capacity) and a butane lighter insert for the lighter so i’m not burning through fluid there. The lighter that comes with the set is a standard size, so this was an easy upgrade. The blue butane flame is perfect for lighting this up.
4. Don’t lose the drawstring bag, because when this thing gets going it’s actually quite hot. The bag helps retain heat to keep the reaction going, and it insulates the warmer so it doesn’t burn you. If you keep the warmer in a pocket, it will warm you more than the cold air.
5. You will smell the fuel as it burns. I’m fine with it, but if you don’t like the smell, stick with hot water bottles or disposable warmers.

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Be aware of return policy

So i ordered a large (orange) and a small (pink). I drew the measurements to imagine my preference but some things you never know until you actually hold it in your hand. I liked the size of the smaller one and kept it but wanted to return the large one. Turns out, the pink one can be returned (if i hadn’t used it) but not the orange one (different seller i guess?). Amazon is customer-centric and refunded me immediately but just be aware when shopping! In terms of the product, i only tried it once to see if it worked, and the pink one did. I was going to use it for a trip but realized it would be too much trouble with also getting the lighter fluid (airplane liquids limit and safety). I followed the instructions and it worked as described and lasted pretty much six hours on the dot. This is my first time using this so i can’t compare to other renditions.

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I ordered these for hunting season, they shipped late and got here the last day. I only got to use once hunting and once working in the barn. My impression is it give a nice warmth to keep the cold off your hands. It won’t heat a small shelter, but will keep your body warm if you place inside your jacket. I found the 12 hour one a bit two large to fit comfortably in a glove, so i’m going to try the 6 hour ones. I also found the 12 one didn’t work for the full 12 hours, but i am also thinking this could be due to the first fill, so i would recommend carrying a small bottle of fuel with you to refill.

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Works well but finicky

I have one of these to keep in my pocket while working outside for the winter. The warmth from this product is amazing. At times fuel might not last as long as expected, depending how exposed the hand warmer is to oxygen. Duration of fuel is not really a problem as i keep a bottle of ronsonol in my vehicle. A quick refill gets me through the rest of the day no problem. A lot better than the electrical alternatives.

The only gripe i have about this product is how delicate it can be at times. Dropping one from 2′ up is enough to shake up the catalyst, rendering the product inoperable. The replacement burners go for $6 a piece which are a total rip-off, considering how delicate they are imo. Messing with the catalyst material in anyway can also render the whole product inoperable. The strip of material in the burner is way too thin to be dependable in more active environments.

Instead of ordering replacement burners i ordered platinum bright embers to rebuild the burner part of the warmer. I can see why maybe they regulated how much catalyst material they used. I used a small pre-cut piece of platinum bright embers and it gets really hot. Platinum bright embers ignited a lot faster and is more dependable. I recommend buying a bag with this hand warmer and immediately replace the material on the burner, right out of the box.

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