Zulay Milk Frother for Coffee with Upgraded Titanium Motor – Handheld Frother Electric Whisk, Milk Foamer, Mini Mixer and Coffee Blender Frother for Frappe, Latte, Matcha, No Stand – Silver

Zulay Milk Frother for Coffee with Upgraded Titanium Motor – Handheld Frother Electric Whisk, Milk Foamer, Mini Mixer and Coffee Blender Frother for Frappe, Latte, Matcha, No Stand – Silver

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What are zulay milk frother for coffee with upgraded titanium motor – handheld frother electric whisk features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Make rich, creamy froth in seconds: we coffee lovers are serious when it comes to our coffee. The milk boss frother gives that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato or hot chocolate. Make delicious foamy creamer for your drinks at home with your own milk frother. The benefits of having your own electric drink whisk mixer are endless, you can make your own best latte, you know yours tastes the best. Also works fantastically as a matcha mixer.
  • Matcha whisking, coffee & more: works better than a manual matcha whisk for making matcha tea and works far better than fork or whisk for coffee. It works very well to mix nutritious protein powder drinks with no extra container, blender or bottle shaker to wash. Use our mini mixer for your whisking and mixing needs: give healthy shakes and smoothies a kick by adding powder or egg nog flavor and mixing.
  • Enjoy proven and trusted quality: we use only premium materials. The construction will last, backed by our zulay guarantee to not rust or break, ever. Our small and efficient frother works on all types of milk – creamer, soy, almond, cashew, hazelnut, whole milk, and other dairy such as butter or cream.
  • Easy to clean and store: cleanup for this matcha wisk & frother is even faster. To clean just put the whisk in hot running water and briefly turn it on – instantly clean! When stored on counter or table it sits nicely next to other coffee bar accessories. Our powerful and durable hand-held milk frother is powered by two aa batteries (not included) with a compact electric design that easily fits in a drawer.
  • No hassle, zulay guarantee: we love and take pride in our milk frother and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have the confidence that this frother will last, if there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations, guaranteed. If it does not make your foam exactly how you want it, we got you covered. Happy frothing.
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Zulay Milk Frother for Coffee with Upgraded Titanium Motor – Handheld Frother Electric Whisk, Milk Foamer, Mini Mixer and Coffee Blender Frother for Frappe, Latte, Matcha, No Stand – Silver AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

Looking for specific info?

Does it worm up the milk ?

I have not noticed any additional worms in my milk when using this.

What batteries does this require?

Two aa

Can i use this to make my body butters and mix my hair masks?

I don’t think this is powerful enough for anything thick so it depends on the consistency… Except for tuesday i guess that day anything is possible.

What metals are used in construction? Is it stainless steel?

The housing is plastic. The whisk shaft is not attracted to a strong magnet so appears to be stainless. The coiled wire portion of the whisk is somewhat magnetic so it’s hard to say for sure as some grades of stainless are. If not it is certainly corrosion protected by plating. I bought this frother because it comes with a lifetime warranty if you register it with zulay. Typically it is the motor brushes that wear out in units such as these so the warranty should protect against that assuming zulay is in business in a year or two which is how long the brushes are likely to last.

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How many rpms?

12,500 rpm’s – see product information

Can my baby use this product a lot?

Uh… No. No, i wouldn’t recommend giving this product to an infant.

How long can the product be used?

It takes two aa batteries. Just got mine so not sure how long the battery life is. I would think they’d last awhile.

How many watts does it have?

I’m not how many watts but i can say it was quite weak and only lasted a month before it stopped working

Not sure if i’m doing something wrong but i put in two double a batteries and it’s not turning on still.

My frother stopped working after 3 months. I emailed the seller and they replaced it immediately.

How would this do with making milkshakes?

I use mine just for mixing powdered drinks. It does good at that and at frothing milk but i don’t think it would have the power needed to make a milkshake especially with an ice cream base. You would probably be better off with one of the hand blenders they have considerably more power. They do have rechargeable battery powered ones available..

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How long can this product be used?

As long as you don’t mind putting new batteries in it every couple weeks it keeps working. It’s just a bit excessive when you only use it one minute once a day

What’s the motor speed?

Not sure the rpms but it’s definitely fast and plenty of speed to mix the coffee well

Is this product good to use?

I use this whisk to mix my powdered supplement in the glass. I used a spoon to mix the ingredients before and it took forever. Now i just use this whisk for about 10 seconds, and everything is thoroughly mixed. It’s very inexpensive and easy wash to boot. I like it.

How much rmp?


Cost of shipping?

Possibly $5.99? It can be calculated at checkout. I spent the 35 dollars total purchase on amazon and got free shipping.

Does this have enough power for making shakes and floats

Probably not! I bought one to make it easier for me to make the dalgona coffee it had veeeeeeereerrryyyy little power once the mix started to thicken.

Since being turbocharged… This does not work nearly as well. What happened?

I’m also disappointedly

Can we use it whisking for eggs!?

So i would need to understand this better to answer for sure. Here is what i will tell you… The amount of power that this device has is minimal. It bogs down when i fully submerge it into my water to mix the powder drink mix. If you are talking mixing eggs for a few seconds to scramble them… Maybe…. If you are looking to be at egg whites to a stiff peak…. Or make meringue… Probably not.

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Is there a stand for this frother?

My frother did not come with one. But i knew when i bought it. Also, i use it, run it under hot water, dry & put it away. Shop around & i’m sure you can find a frother with a stand.

Titanium engine ?? It sounds like a marketing trick or even a customer fraud!! Is it really a titanium engine?

I really don’t know if it has a titanium engine, it works for what it was designed, for the price i’m not going to take any time to investigate if it has a titanium engine or not.

Zulay Milk Frother for Coffee with Upgraded Titanium Motor – Handheld Frother Electric Whisk, Milk Foamer, Mini Mixer and Coffee Blender Frother for Frappe, Latte, Matcha, No Stand – Silver AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love my frother !

I’m so glad i made this purchase as my previous one did not last long not to mention it was not powerful at all. This one has good power and is easy to clean. I also had a little hiccup and thought it had stopped working and reached out to support via the website. They were so quick to get back to me and offer me a replacement with no questions asked, but luckily i was able to get it working and didn’t need it after all. Great customer service ! Would definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
Kick ass

My gf convinced my to buy one of these after she had seen it on tiktok.

I’m not sure how much she has used it but i use it on literally everything. I even will use it over the ninja on blending some of my powders. It’s not as quick but i can use any glass and it’s fun for me to watch. So far everything has held up but be wary that it can send liquids in every direction! Keep that in mind and you’ll enjoy yourself.

5Expert Score
Great powder mixer

I wanted something reasonably cheap to mix powder bone broth, or collagen powder into my morning juice.

I found this and it does the trick very fast. So it does just what i need and then i rinse it off.

It also creates froth if that’s what you like (for me i could do without froth but doesn’t bother me as long as powder gets mixed).

5Expert Score
Quality coffee blender

This is just what i was looking for. I don’t need something that will do mashed potatoes, i wanted a small machine that would blend various nutritious powders in my coffee that are hard to mix in by hand. It does this perfectly and quickly without making a mess by being too powerful. Very pleased with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Best one yet

I have purchased a few of these online before and they all were terrible. Most of them are so powerful they spill the coffee out of the mug. This one has just enough power to get the job done and not so much to make a mess. Also it does have an on off button but you can also just hold it down and release to turn it off which i find to be much more convenient

5Expert Score
Gets the job done

So i bought the silver one. It was around $5 cheaper. I think it works great. Now maybe you want some special color, but i felt that for the price i paid, it was worth it. $5 more and i would not think so. It only has one speed and you cannot remove the whisk. That is fine since i use it to make iced coffees.

5Expert Score

Seems to be of good quality. However, i did not use it bc i’m sending it back due to it not coming with a stand. It’s totally my fault as it does state in the description but i missed it

5Expert Score
Love this!

I make an almond milk chai beverage in the mornings and was looking for something to blend and froth that didn’t take up much space. This works perfect and i like the froth it produces. A great purchase and i recommend it.

5Expert Score
Works perfectly !!

This thing works perfectly for what i needed. I froth my no sugar caramel machiota cream for my coffee each morning. Works exactly as i had hoped. Easy to use and clean. I clean it by running it in a coffee cup with water for a few seconds.

5Expert Score
Great frother

I love this frothed. I just started to use it today and it did exact what it was supposed to. Provides a nice substantial froth. Be careful that you don’t put too much milk in because your container could overflow. This would make a great gift for the coffee drinker in your life.

4Expert Score
Gets the job done

After my other frother quit working, i decided to just go a cheaper route. My other one warmed my milk if needed and had several settings. I loved it. This frother has been good, even though it does leave my milk as thick as i’d like. But this is easy to use and easy to clean. I literally just run it under hot water. I’ve seen people say it was difficult to clean but i don’t see the need to do more than run the metal part under the water. Great product for the price!

4Expert Score
Somewhat awkward to use and cleaning is a pain.

First the good- this works okay and isn’t loud- i didn’t use it for milk though but mixing oils and powders together.

Now on to the rest of why i’d never buy this again.
#1 it’s a pain to clean, i didn’t look first but you cannot remove the blending part from the top. I really don’t like this design.
#2 the motor is pretty weak overall.
#3 i wish the button was on the side, not the top of the mixer. It’s hard to hold and use well for some of us with various grasping issues, so you almost have to use two hands.

Bottom line- you can get something that is easier to clean and easier to use for about the same price or a few dollars more. It will also likely have a better motor. You get what you pay for and while this works, i wish i had bought my old brand that finally died and worked much better.

4Expert Score
Simple & effective

The housing is plastic & cheap, but this little gadget does a great job. You have to hold down the button on top while frothing so it take a little coordination. I wasn’t paying attention the other day and was talking to my husband while frothing and ended up making whipped cream instead of just foam with 2% milk. So yeah it’s pretty powerful. I always clean mine right away in soapy water (i just clean the creamer container and frother at the same time) and that works well. You can’t just throw it in the dishwasher, so there is some minimal effort required to maintain it in good condition. I think it was worth the $. We’ve used it every day and it’s still plugging away.

4Expert Score

It’s literally just for frothing. It doesn’t mix my collagen into my coffee the way i’d like. But it works great for frothing cream for iced coffee.

4Expert Score
Works well, feels delicate

It works well for frothing milk. It feels a little under powered when using it for scrambled eggs. It feels a bit delicate. It is working well for what i use it for.

4Expert Score
Silver is slippery

Great frother. Bought the silver color as it was the cheapest. Very slippery! Stuck some velcro to it to permit a better grip.

4Expert Score

Definitely makes a good froth. I’ve had it for a month and it’s still going strong. I wish it had a stand but that is my only complaint.

4Expert Score
Great for coffee

Love how easy this is to use and clean

4Expert Score
Love this.

Works great for any type of drink mixing. Great value too.

4Expert Score
Works as a milk frother great

Froths milk well but isn’t great to clean.

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